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									                           AFRICAN NATIONALISM

History 355                                      Mac Dixon-Fyle
Spring, 2008                                     219 Harrison Hall
Harrison Hall 104                                Office hours by appointment
1-3:50 M

      The course will be taught in discussion sessions in the main. Weekly
papers by students will serve as the basis for lecturettes, in-depth
reviews, and analyses. We shall examine in detail African resistance in
defense of politico-economic sovereignty, which was imperiled by the
colonial incursions of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Carefully
selected case-studies will probe the patterns, personnel, ideological
underpinnings, and outcomes of various resistance efforts around the
continent, with a view to determining their effectiveness as movements of
proto-nationalism and nationalism, leading ultimately to independence
from European rule.

     Students are allowed only three excused absences. Any additional
absences, without documented reason, will place a student’s final grade
in some jeopardy.

     Students should consult on a regular basis for up to date
information on the continent the website of the British Broadcasting
Corporation (http://news.bbc.co.uk/). This site provides valuable
material of a comparative nature that is very useful in this course.


     The course will be graded as follows:

     Class participation, weekly papers, attendance..........40%

     Three exams.............................................. 60%

                                Course Reading

       Students should purchase the following books from the Fine Print

     C. Achebe, Things Fall Apart

     C. Achebe, Arrow of God

     D. Henderson, Histories of the Hanged


28 Jan.          Introduction

     Reading   C. Achebe, Things Fall Apart

               C. Achebe, Arrow of God

               Afigbo, vol. I, pp. 1-23

4 Feb.         Introduction to Theory

     Reading   T. Ranger, "Connexions Between Primary Movements and
               Modern Mass Nationalism" (Parts I & II), Journal of
               African History (hereafter JAH), vol. 9, No. 3, 1968 and
               vol. 9, No. 4, 1968

               J. Lonsdale, "Some Origins       of   Nationalism   in   East
               Africa", JAH, 9, 1, 1968

               R. Rotberg, "African Nationalism: Concept or Confusion",
               Journal of Modern African Studies JMAS), 4, 1966

               Afigbo et. al., vol. I, pp. 348-56

11 Feb.        The 1896-7 Resistance of the Shona and Ndebele

     Reading   T. Ranger, Revolt in Southern Rhodesia, pp. 1-226

               J. Cobbing, "The Absent Priesthood", JAH, 18, 1977

               J. Beach, "Chimurenga: The Shona Rising of 1896-7", JAH,
               20, 3, 1979

18 Feb.   Anti-German Resistance

               F. Becker, “Traders, Big Men, and Prophets: Political
               Continuity and Crisis in the Maji Maji Rebellion”, JAH
               45, 2004.

               P.M. Redmond, "Maji Maji in Ungoni: A Reappraisal..."

     Reading   J. Iliffe, "The Organization of the Maji Maji
                    Rebellion", JAH, 8, 3, 1967

               A.C. Unomah, "The Maji Maji in Tanganyika"

               J. Iliffe, Tanganyika Under German Rule, pp. 9-29

25 Feb.        Resistance in Nyasaland/Malawi

     Reading   B. Ray, "John Chilembwe and the Nyasaland Rising", pp.

               I. and J. Linden, "John Chilembwe and the New

               Jerusalem", JAH, 12, 4, 1971

               R.I. Rotberg (ed.) Rebellion in Black Africa,
               chapter 5

               Roger Tangri, "Colonial and      Settler   Pressures...in
               Nyasaland", JAH, 13, 2, 1972.

3 Mar.         Early Resistance in West Africa (Exam Week)

     Reading   J.B. Webster, "African Political Activity in British
               West Africa, 1900-40: in A. Ajayi and M. Crowder (eds.),
               History of West Africa vol. II (hereafter West Africa,
               vol. II) chapter 17

               K.W.J.   Post,  "British   Policy   and  Representative
               Government in West Africa, 1920-51", in L. Gann and P.
               Duignan (eds.) Colonialism in Africa, vol. II, chapter 2
               (Read up to page 52 only)

               (For background material, see Afigbo, vol. I, pp. 115-

3 Mar.         EXAM

10 Mar.        Early Resistance in Francophone Africa

     Reading   J. O'Sullivan, "The Franco-Baoule' War"

               B. Oloruntimehin, "French Colonization and African
               Resistance in West Africa Up to the First World War"

               G. W. Johnson, "African Political Activity in French
               West Africa, 1900-40", in Ajayi and Crowder (eds.) West
               Africa, vol. II, chapter 16

17 Mar.        The Impact of World War II

     Reading   M. Crowder, "The Second        World War: Prelude      to
               Decolonization in Africa",     in Cambridge History    of
               Africa, vol. 8, chapter 1

               M. Crowder, "The 1939-45 War and West Africa", in Ajayi
               and Crowder, West Africa, vol. II, chapter 18

31 Mar.        The Decolonization of British West Africa

     Reading   O. Aluko, "The Politics of Decolonization in British
               West Africa, 1945-60", in West Africa, vol. II, chapter

               E.E.G. Iweriebor, Radical Politics in Nigeria, 1945-

               1950. (on library reserve)

               D. Williams, "English-speaking West Africa', in M.
               Crowder, Cambridge History of Africa, vol. 8, Ch. 7

7 Apr.         Kenya (Exam Week)

     Reading   D. Anderson, Histories of the Hanged (Norton, 2005)

               F. Cooper, Africa since 1940, pp 71-74

7 Apr.         EXAM

14 Apr.        Anti-Portuguese Resistance in Mozambique

     Reading   J.C. Miller, "The Politics of Decolonization             in
               Portuguese Africa", African Affairs, 1975

               A. Hastings, "Some Reflections Upon          the   War   in
               Mozambique,", African Affairs, 1976

               Afigbo et.al. vol. II, pp. 277-81

               A. Matonse, "Mozambique: A Painful       Reconciliation"
               Africa Today, vol. 39, 1 & 2, 1992

               Herbert Shore, "Remembering Eduardo: Reflections on
               the Life and Legacy of Eduardo Mondlane", Africa
               Today, vol. 39, 1 & 2, 1992

               F. Cooper, Africa since 1940, pp 143-144

21 Apr.        Chimurenga in Southern Rhodesia

     Reading   N. Kriger, "The Zimbabwe War of Liberation"

               E. Dumbutshena, Zimbabwe Tragedy

               Afigbo, vol. II, pp. 268-9; 271-76; 281-86

28 Apr.        Black and White Nationalists in South Africa

     Reading   Afigbo et.al. vol. II, pp. 192-232

               D. Smith, Apartheid in South Africa

               C.R.D. Halisi and Patrick O’Meara, "South Africa".

               R. Ross, Ambiguities of Resistance and Collabora-tion on
               the Eastern Cape Frontier: The Kat River Settlement,

5 May        Essays drawn from Rethinking Resistance,(eds.) J. Abbink, M.
                  Bruijn, and K. von Walraven (2004)

        Reading   K. von Walraven, “Sawaba’s Rebellion in Niger (1964-65):
                  Narrative and Meaning”

                  G. Seibert, “The Vagaries of Violence and Power in Post-
                  Colonial Mozambique”

                  H. Melbar, “Namibia, Land of the Brave: Selective
                  Memories on War and Violence within Nation Building”

                  S. Diduk, “The Civility of Incivility: Grassroots
                  Political Activism, Female Farmers and the Cameroon

10 May            FINAL EXAM 8:30-11:30 am


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