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									SEP—08—2006 FRI 03:40 PM       HOFFMAN & HOFFMAN            785 233 2173                               P. 02

                               HOFFMAN & HOFFMAN
                                          ATTORNEYS AT LAW
                                           112 West Seventh
                                              Garden Suite
                                          Topeka Kansas 66603
      Donald R. Hoffman                                                    Telephone: (785) 233-5887
      Jason P. Hoffman                                                     Facsimile (785) 273—2173

                                      September 8, 2006

      The Honorable Joseph Johnson
      District Court Judge - Division 4
      Shawnee County Courthouse
      200 SE. 7th Street
      Topeka, Kansas 66603

                     RE:    Hal Richardson v. Claudine Dombrowski Case No. 96 D 217

      Dear Judge Johnson:

              I feel compelled to respond to the recent flurry of communication regarding this

             You have been made aware of the involvement of Ms. Dugan as Claudine
      Dombrowskis advocate/counselor. Frankly, I have lost count of the number of well
      intended professionals who have been drawn into Ms. Dombrowski’s sphere of
      influence. With each successive appearance, we hear of the egregious treatment she
      has received from the Court and opposing counsel. This lasts until these individuals get
      the real picture of what has been going on since 1996.

              These successive outbursts have reached the point of being vexatious and are
      frivolous when viewed objectively under the long course of this record. I have chosen
      not to engage in the expected diatribe this time because Ms. Dombrowski has once
      again failed to comply with the specific order of the court relative to her providing a
      psychiatric evaluation. Please refer to the letter of August 31, 2006 by Jill Dykes on this

           If the court feels otherwise about this matter, I will enter into discussions with Ms.
      Dugan as I have done with her many predecessors.
 SEP—08—2006 FRI 03:40 PM   HOFFMAN & HOFFMAN   785 233 2173   P. 03



cc:   Claudine Dombrowski
      Hal Richardson
      Mary Ann Dugan
      Jill Dykes

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