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   By Madelyn
             Where Is Zambia?

Zambia is located in
  southern Africa, south
  of Angola and north of
 Basic Information About Zambia
Total area: 752,618 sq km
Population: Around 12 million
Life Expectancy: 38.63 years
Major Religious Groups: Christian
    (50-75%), Muslim/Hindu (24-
    49%), Indigenous practices
Type of government: Republic
Gross Domestic Product per Capita
    (GDP): $1500, ZK 7,012,500
TV Stations: 9
Military Expenditures: 1.8% of GDP
A Brief History of Zambia
             ►   First inhabitants were the nomadic
             ►   The first real contact with the West
                 was with Portuguese and Arab
             ►   The First Englishman to visit
                 Zambia, then known as Northern
                 Rhodesia was David Livingstone
                 (pictured at left) in 1851
             ►   Livingstone named the Mosi-ao-
                 Tunya waterfall after the queen. We
                 now call it Victoria Falls
             ►   In 1888 Northern Rhodesia was
                 declared an English colony
             ►   Gaining independence on 24
                 October 1964, its name was
                 changed to Zambia
                     Copper Trade
For the English, the single most
   valuable thing that the area now
   known as Zambia possessed
   was copper. By the 1930s,
   Northern Rhodesia produced
   around 2% of the world’s
   copper. Around World War II,
   the price of copper and other
   metals had increased by so
   much that the miners demanded
   more money for their work. A
   higher pay was granted- but
   only for the white workers of
   English descent.
     ► The  formal title: The
       Republic of Zambia
     ► Capital city: Lusaka
     ► Independence Day:24
     ► Suffrage: 18 years
     ► Current President:
       Rupiah Banda
               Victoria Falls
► Located   on the Zambezi river, between
  Zambia and Zimbabwe
► Officially called Mosi-oa-Tunya in Zambia
► Forms the largest curtain of falling water on
  the planet
► Has a width of 1.7km and a height of 108m
► Attracts millions of visitors each year
Victoria Falls
              HIV/AIDS in Zambia
►   More the one in seven adults in
    Zambia is living with either HIV
    or AIDS
►   Zambia’s first AIDS case was
    reported in 1984
►   Over 600,000 children are
    either living with or orphaned
    by HIV/AIDS
►   In 2004, President Mwanawasa
    promised to provide medicine
    for 10,000 Zambians in need.
    He more than surpassed his
    goal, and Zambia has one of
    the brightest futures of any
    disease torn nation on the
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