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     Best interchangeable lens cameras
    By: GoodGearGuide Staff

     Interchangeable lens cameras are the middle road between an advanced compact digital camera and a full-blown
     digital SLR. However, because they give you the ability to change lenses, they are much more like a digital SLR than
     an advanced compact; the major benefit is that they are not as big and bulky as a digital SLR.
     The reason they aren't bulky is because they do away with the pentaprism and mirror that's found in traditional
     digital SLRs. Instead, interchangeable lens cameras save space by removing the need for a mirror and allowing
     light to hit the sensor through the lens directly.
     Not all of the major camera manufacturers have interchangeable lens cameras — Canon and Nikon are yet to
     test the waters in this market. The main brands to choose from are Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and
     Ricoh. Olympus and Panasonic make use of a Micro Four Thirds sensor, which is smaller than the APS-C-sized
     sensor that can be found in a traditional digital SLR; but Samsung, Sony and Ricoh all have models that feature
     the bigger sensor size. A larger sensor helps capture more light and offers better performance in dim conditions,
     but the reality is that all of the cameras we've rounded up can produce excellent image quality and they all
     perform quite well in dark environments.

     Samsung NX10 digital camera
     The Samsung NX10 can do the job of a digital SLR, but it's smaller and a little more affordable. It's an
     interchangeable lens camera that doesn't skimp on features -- you get a built-in flash and an EVF -- and it can
     take very clear and vibrant photos. We think it's perfect for users who want SLR-like functionality from a camera
     that's not much bigger than a compact camera.

•    What's Hot:
•    Small size, APS-C sensor, built-in EVF and flash, easy-to use menu system, snaps clear and vibrant images

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