288-INFOSYS PAPER ON 29th JULY 2006 AT HYDERABAD by nuhman10


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Hii guys…

I attended infy test on 29th july in CBIT, hyd…..

I cracked it….all the questions were repeated….

If u jus prepare from previous papers its more than enough….

But do prepare urselves from shakunthala devi puzzles books 1 & 2,

George summers brain teasers….

And the pattern was

Maths ( Puzzles) : 60min ….10questions

Verbal : 30min…..45questions…..

I don’t remember the exact order of the questions but I’ll tell u all the questions….

1. There are 3 tribes - sororreans,who always speak truthfully,Narrorean-always false and Midoreans-truth and false alternatively.

Find who is who?

2.There are 6 people- W,H,M,C,G,F.they are Murderer,Victim,Judge,Police,Witness,Hangman.The Murderer Was later

Find who is who?( they asked only Who is



3.Consider the following Statements.

4.it takes a few seconds ( dont rem how mnat , 7 seconds i think ) , to strike 8 'o' clock ,, how many seconds will the gong be
striking for one whole day , ?

Ans , very similar to previous questions ,

say for 6 strikes it takes 30 seconds , then there is 5 seconds between each strike ,
now number of strikes in whole day is 2* ( 1+2+3.....+11) = 132
if there is one sec between 2 strikes then for 132 bstrikes it will

take 132 seconds ( this is the answer for this particular question & check this once again)

5.shakunthala devi puzzle no 45

6.one more question from shakunthala devi …

That archemelion…his age….he says his age is thrice his son’s age n his father’s age is 40 more than twice his age….and the sum
of all their ages is 1240….find archemelion’s age….

7.a clock takes 7sec to strike 8 o clock….in a day totally how much time it takes to strike…

8.a prob from shakunthala…..

A ten digit number in which 1st digit is number of one’s, 2nd digit is number of two’s n so on….tenth digit is number of 0’s….

Find the number….

9.one more repeated question about a professor, some subjects he teaches….if one is interested in eliot some conditions….

Sory guys…I don’t remember it exactly, but u can find the same question in previous papers….

10.oops I don’t remember but its repeated one n can get in previous papers…

N verbal had


Choosing correct & incorrect sentences….

Some phrases n what they mean….

Fill up the sentences using appropriate verbs…

That’s it..........

Tomorrow is my interview….plz pray for me that I shud become an INFOSYAN frnds…

All the best…..

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