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Theatre Arts Department Theatre Arts Department Production Meeting Notes Production


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									                                            Theatre Arts Department
                                           Production Meeting Notes
Production:                 RENT
Stage Manager:              Laurie Kincman
Date:                       June 1, 2010

Director (Mary)
-Has added some additional ensemble members to #21 Christmas Bells and made some specific assignments. After
discussion, the following was agreed upon:
         Squeegee Man- Jake

         Vendor 1- Matt: will be on the lower level, selling videos at a table

         Vendor 2- Shannon: will be on the lower level, selling coats/sweaters, including a fur, from a box or foldout stand

         Coat Vendor- Christine: will be on the lower level, selling all coats at a table, including Collins’ coat

         Extra Vendor A- Lindsay: will be selling t-shirts from the upper level. Up to 3 can be printed by Joe to say “I
         NY” and draped over the railing, but the others would be in piles.

         Extra Vendor B- Nicky: will be selling bags and belts from the upper level. Some of the items should be able to
         drape over the railing

         Street Musician- Dan: playing a guitar, with a case into which money can be thrown. Gary will provide both the
         guitar and the case

-Mary asked if there could be some sort of “spot light” that Joanne can put on Maureen during “Over the Moon.” Mandy has
a few ideas, and Ed has 2 additional spot lights that might be smaller than our current unit, which might be available to us.
-The padlock and chain for the door should be on a panel of some kind that can be carried in and leaned up against the table.
As long as the panel will not fall over, its material is negotiable
-Confirmed she does want a cowbell for Maureen for “Over the Moon”

Musical Director (Gary Walth)
-Can provide the Fender guitar and amp for Roger
-Will begin thinking about the band setup & configuration onstage
-The band will be in rehearsal beginning June 23. We are expecting two keyboards, drums, bass, and guitar. There might
possibly be a second guitar as well.
-Will pass along “look suggestions” from Joe to the band members

Scenery (Mandy Hart)
-We have cut the thick extension cord in the apartment
-The pickle tub will be a 5-gallon bucket from the shop

-Is pulling the 23 chairs today
-The apartment key does not need to be in the leather pouch. We will not need the duplicate key as Mary will stage that
moment differently from the original “theatre magic.”
-We still need to schedule a time to test the projector on the sheet for the end of the show
-Will contact Roger Grant about the camera per Mary’s suggestion
-Has begun working with Vicky on ideas for the sculpture, and plans to work on samples for the brick texture soon

Technical Direction (Ron Stoffregen)
-The summer shop staff began working today
-The bottom level of the center platform will be in place by the end of today
-The two long tables will be available for choreography rehearsal on Thursday

Costumes (Joe Anderson)

-Has started pulling items
-He has ordered the police riot shields and Angel’s shoes
-Angel and Mimi will have shoes for rehearsal as soon as possible

-Reminded Mary that Mimi’s costume will not offer a great deal of padding if she is crawling around on the expanded steel
decks of the upper platforms

Sound (Ed Smerud)
-We will begin working with microphones on June 21
-Asked Gary about keyboard needs
-Confirmed that all cast members will have a mic
-Details about the wired mic on a stand for Over the Moon were reiterated

Stage Management (Laurie Kincman):
-The run through for lights has been scheduled for Wednesday June 16
-Is having difficulty reaching Mark Earleywine to discuss video needs, but hopes to have success soon and will pass along
schedule and equipment needs
-ADDED firewood on p. 21 to the props list
** realized while typing these meeting minutes that if there is a squeegee man, we should ADD a squeegee to the prop list as
well!! She will confirm this with Mary.
-Reminded the team that Future Problem Solvers will be using Toland on Friday June 11 from 3:30-5:30 and Saturday June
12 from 9-11 am. Their contract allows access one hour before the event. The plan is for them to use the apron with the
main drape in. Laurie is meeting the contact on Wednesday at 1:30 to walk her through the space. David Hartig is the tech
on duty for the event.

Our next meeting will be Monday June 7 at 1:00 pm in the publicity office.

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