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					PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of1 Nebraska - Lincoln                               No Frills 2010

                                 MACURH No Frills 2010
                   University of Nebraska – Lincoln: Lincoln, Nebraska
                                 PCC Boardroom Minutes
                                 Friday, February 19, 2010
        1. Call to Order - 7:35 PM
        2. Roll Call - 30 schools, meets Quorum
        3. PCC Introduction
        4. Approval of MACURH 2009 Minutes
           I.      Approved.
        5. Snap Cup & Parli-Pro Review
        6. First Year Experience Award
           I.      Nominations:
                   a. UNL opens nominations, seconded by Webster.
                   b. NDSU: Jaronda Williams (Seconded by St. Cloud)
                   c. NDSU: Closes nominations (No Objections)
           II.     Pro/Con (Jaronda Williams):
                   Pro: (Missouri State) Maintains good academics
                   Con: (NDSU) Inappropriate pictures
                   Pro: (U of Iowa) Energetic
                   Con: ---------------------
                   Pro: (UNL) Conference attendance
                   Pro: (U of Kansas) RHA
                   Con: Seems a bit thrown together
                   Pro: (UM-Twin Cities) Strong student
                   Con: -----------------------
                   Pro: Programs well described
                   Con: -------------------------
                   Pro: (UNL) Activity was good overall
                   Con: ------------------------
                   -3 unanswered cons
           III.    Discussion:
                   a. Kansas State: Wrote own bid, don‘t know how I feel about that.
                   b. Missouri State: Good, diverse organizations, bad, would like to see more
                       detail about what she does in these organizations.
                   c. Winona State: Some of the pictures were inappropriate.
                   d. UNL: Disagree with pictures comment, her at an event or her smiling with a
                       friend helps shows her character and reflects well in her bid.
                   e. U of MO- St. Louis: Theme seems bit unprofessional. Page 4, her butt is
                       facing the camera intentionally.
                   f. Kansas State: A lot of info in there but I want to know what she did in the
                   g. Pitt State: Like how she had future plans, how she wanted to go further in
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of2 Nebraska - Lincoln                                  No Frills 2010

                  h. Creighton: Letters of Recommendation, different and well written.
                  i. U of MN - Twin cities: Tie in student involvement with class.
                  j. U of I: Liked how she talked about how MACURH was an exciting adventure,
                      elaborate more.
                  k. Truman: All the organizations she is a part of she just jumps in.
                  l. U of NE - Kearney: Woman that developed a lot of passion goes a long way.
                  m. NDSU: She is involved in a lot but has also invested herself in community
                  n. Creighton: Some inconsistencies, hall senate, no policy information, and then
                      goes how she wanted to do senate to keep floor up to date, what is she
                      thinking, not clear?
                  o. Question: Everyone familiar with the qualifications for award?
                  p. Point of Info: Where can those qualifications be found? In Policy.
                  q. Iowa State: Specific essay, all an essay in entire bid.
                  r. SDSU: Should not have been in 3rd person in the first part since she wrote it
                  s. U of Kansas: Are we sure she wrote the first part?
                  t. NWMSU: I believe with the requirements and her residential life experience;
                      she could have put more of that in there. The first quote was something Tiger
                      says, not her.
                  u. St. Catherine: Could have ended it better than the random facts she had in
                  v. U of I: Could have put more of time and effort into organizing the
                      achievements, seems rather unorganized.
                  w. SEMO: Don‘t see any academic awards since enrolling.
                  x. Creighton: She talks about scholarship, as a potential for future successes, but
                      doesn‘t say anything else.
                  y. Kansas State: Times where she rambles and becomes confusing at places.
                  z. U of Kansas: Although the bid might be disorganized at time, I think she does
                      hit most of the points which are required.
                  aa. St. Cloud: I think she fulfills all the requirements but the structure of the bid
                      itself could be more structured so you could read it better.
                  bb. U of I: Does have requirements, but this is a regional award, could be better
                      and more organized.
                  cc. NDSU: Call to Question. No Dissent.
           IV.    Voting: No Award Given.
        7. Building RHA of the Year
           I.     Award Requirements Read and 5 Minute Bid Review Given
           II.    Nominations
                  a. Nominations opened by Webster, seconded by Winona State.
                  b. UNL: Grand View University (Seconded by St. Cloud)
                  c. Missouri S&T: Close Nominations. (No objections)
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of3 Nebraska - Lincoln                                  No Frills 2010

           III.   Pro/Con (Grand View University):
                  Pro: (St. Cloud) Program success with risky business
                  Con: Pages numbered incorrectly and that is distracting
                  Pro: (Pitt State) Works with several organizations
                  Con: (SEMO) Weren‘t many changes
                  Pro: ------------------------
                  Con: (NWMSU) Spelling errors
                  Pro: (NDSU) Diversity of programs
                  Con: (UNI) Bid said one thing
                  Pro: (MO Western) Attended MACURH all the years they were affiliated
                  Con: Bid got repetitive at times
                  Pro: (UNL) Many events on small budget
                  Con: (MO Western) No talk of RHA
                  Pro: (Kansas State) Close connection to floors
                  Con: Fee increases
                  Pro: (U of I) Events explained in detail
                  Con: (NWMSU) Abrupt ending
                  Pro: (U of Kansas) Student input sought
                  Con: (Pitt State) No regional participation
                  Pro: (NDSU) Revamped mission statement
                  Con: ----------------------------
                  Pro: (UNL) Recognized needs of improvement
                  Con: ----------------------------
                  Pro: (Creighton) constant theme with dividers worked well
                  Con: ----------------------------
                  -Three unanswered cons
           IV.    Discussion:
                  a. Webster: Theme was childish and looked unprofessional.
                  b. Kansas State: Really enjoyed when they talked about RA want to take that
                  c. Pitt State: Liked how they made an effort to find out what students problems
                  d. St. Thomas: Felt rushed with errors.
                  e. Iowa State: Core organization of being new was well met.
                  f. U of I: Liked how they talked about going out and connecting with students,
                      hear more about how they did it.
                  g. NWMSU: Worried about the general body.
                  h. Truman: How they worked with building RHA and making RHA more
                      prominent was good.
                  i. UND: Liked how they created an image for themselves, developed logo and
                      said what it is used for, etc, showed that they really wanted to do this and they
                      want their organization to be seen by the general community.
                  j. Kansas State: Annoying that they have a huge blank space at the end.
                  k. UNK: Program presented at national level; huge.
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of4 Nebraska - Lincoln                                    No Frills 2010

                  l. MO S&T: Kind of repetitive, would have liked to seen more about
                  m. MO State: Innovative idea about cars.
                  n. MO Western: Do talk about regional involvement.
                  o. Creighton: Mindful eating is a step in right direction for different kind of
                  p. St. Catherine: Increasing student activity fee is hard for students to be
                  q. Pitt State: Pretty repetitive, about tie dye and then again about tie dye
                  r. UNK: Mission statement and constitution, hadn‘t been touched in 5 years and
                      improved them; really liked this.
                  s. Kansas State: Found it odd to raise fees and then a portion to the RAs instead
                      of halls.
                  t. UNL: LIKED how they worked on homecoming bid.
                  u. U of Kansas: Liked how they came up with new approach to things, easy to get
                      stuck, new ways, people are always doing that.
                  v. Iowa State: Theme may be childish but also cute.
                  w. SEMO: PJs and got people out in community.
                  x. U of I: Leadership training, talk about diversity training but then they never
                      talked about how they really did that, didn‘t see growth and developed.
                  y. SDSU: mostly everyone was new and they brought them together.
                  z. UNL: Like how they have a full new exec board and turned it all around, build
                      it up.
                  aa. MSU, Mankato: Liked that they worked with bus company but how did that
                      help the RHA? Explain.
                  bb. UNK: Liked how they have made improvements but recognize that there are
                      more improvements to be made.
                  cc. MO Western: RA funding is tight and sometimes it is important to keep
                      relationship with RAs tight so that is good.
                  dd. Fontbonne: Most events took place during fall, there should be a balance. Not
                      just give up.
                  ee. Iowa State: Call to Question; No Objections.
           V.     Vote: Award is rewarded to Grand View University!
        8. Discussion Topic (MACURH University):
           I.     MACURH-U Evaluations Review:
                  a. ADP: Is it more appropriate to create sessions from previous years or open
                  b. Kansas State: Does it have to be one or the other? I have been twice and it
                      makes sense to give guidelines but definitely open up a couple of the slots to
                      anyone. I feel like there is a lot of good info on this side of the table in coming
                      up with the programs.
                  c. Kansas State: Less business reps than delegates might be the reason for less
                      evaluations? (There were about 30 or 40 business reps out of 160 that turned
                      in evaluations.)
                  d. UNL: Business reps were fist times delegates, pointed to more experienced
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of5 Nebraska - Lincoln                                No Frills 2010

                 e. ADP: Should we advertise ahead of time?
                 f. UNL: Exactly, I was a second time delegate
                 g. Kansas: Evaluations, or business people, might have more on their mind than
                     fill out evaluations. Give people more time at end of programs.
                 h. Creighton: Stressing to the business reps that before hand the importance of it.
                 i. U of MN-Twin Cities: We only had 3 or 4 business delegates but 13 students
                     but to spread out the experience in housing and try to get them involved in
                     regional stuff. I wonder if other schools do that as well, using MACURH and
                     NACURH as spreading the experience throughout the residence hall, that may
                     be the disparity between business people and random delegates
        9. Review Agenda for Saturday
        10. 9:11PM - Recess until Joint Boardroom 8AM Saturday

                                 MACURH No Frills 2010
                    University of Nebraska, Lincoln- Lincoln, Nebraska
                                 PCC Boardroom Minutes
                                Saturday, February 20, 2010
        1. Call to Order – 9:24AM
        2. Roll Call - Meets Quorum, 29 Schools
        3. Programmer of the Year Bids
                   I.    Award Bid Requirements and 5 Minute Bid Review
                   II.   Nominations:
                         a. Webster opens nominations (Seconded by Kansas State)
                         b. UNL: Nominate Laura Kraus from Missouri S&T (Seconded)
                         c. Creighton: Nominate Lindsay Schwab from St. Thomas (Seconded)
                         d. Kansas State: Close nominations. (No Objections)
                   III.  Pro/Con (Laura Kraus):
                         Pro: (NWMSU) Teaches others
                         Con: (SEMO) Hasn‘t been to conferences
                         Pro: (Hamline) Involved in multiple committees
                         Con: -------------------------------
                         Pro: (Pitt State) Won several awards
                         Con: (Creighton) Long list of events
                         Pro: (UNL) Multiple OTM wins
                         Con: (Winona State) Distracting background
                         Pro: (NWMSU) Good use of quotes
                         Con: Managing
                         Pro: (Creighton) Lots of alcohol alternatives
                         Con: (UNI) Campus full of nerds comment
                         Pro: (MO Western) Good program attendance
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of6 Nebraska - Lincoln                            No Frills 2010

                      Con: (Kansas State) Didn‘t follow theme
                      Pro: (MO State) Passes knowledge onto others
                      Con: -----------------------------------
                      Pro: (St. Cloud) Very innovative
                      Con: ------------------------------------
                      Pro: ------------------------------------
                      Con: -----------------------------------
                      - Three unanswered cons
                IV.   Pro/Con (Lindsay Schwab)
                      Pro: (Iowa State) Passion
                      Con: (NWMSU) All social programs
                      Pro: (Webster) Good delegator
                      Con: (UND) Letter of recommendations
                      Pro: (Pitt State) Stepped up when exec resigned
                      Con: (Creighton) Grammar errors
                      Con: (U of Kansas) Lack of theme
                      Pro: (MSU, Mankato) Good dedication
                      Con: ---------------------------------
                      Pro: (Creighton) Reflection on programs
                      Con: --------------------------------
                      Pro: (UNL) Summer planning
                      Con: ----------------------------------
                      - Three unanswered cons
                V.    Discussion:
                      a. NW Missouri: For Lindsay, it seems like a good amount of her
                         qualities are actually requirements for position and we all do that.
                      b. St. Thomas: Lindsay has been involved for all 3 years
                      c. KU: Laura shows strong leadership skills and delegates. Strong
                         programmer who can get a lot done.
                      d. Webster: Laura, it talks about how in Fall Fest, only the executive
                         board plans programs, but I think it would be a great time to get the
                         freshman involved but it seems they just took that over.
                      e. Hamline: I liked for Lindsey how it showed her as an innovated
                      f. UNK: Laura, truly passionate and knows what she wants to do and
                         shows dedication but don‘t think she understands full job description.
                      g. UNL: I feel Lindsay is a NRHH member and that shows all around
                      h. Creighton: For Lindsay, it talks about how she received a bronze pin
                         and she goes above and beyond.
                      i. MO Western: She transitions programs and that can be difficult.
                      j. MO State: For Lindsay, I like that she writes personal thank yous and I
                         only had a problem with the lack of detail
                      k. U of I: In Laura‘s bid, she had a lot of good programs but a lot of them
                         seemed annual. The descriptions were good but left me with a lot of
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of7 Nebraska - Lincoln                                 No Frills 2010

                            questions. Like the laser tag on page 3. They don‘t tell us where the
                            canned goods went.
                         l. Kansas State: Laura, talk about multiple times she did a good job with
                            advertising. More details to show what that was.
                         m. U of NL: Regarding Laura, she tries hard to get the freshman out and
                            involved and I feel like she micromanages.
                         n. Creighton: Dances and all this work, but then only had 75 people
                         o. MO State: For Laura‘s bid, I liked that they used quotes.
                         p. Kansas State: For Lindsay, I feel like she has a time management
                            issue. On page 4, every free moment she tries to help and I feel like
                            she can‘t say no.
                         q. UND: For Lindsey, I liked how it said she makes a detailed task list
                            that anyone can volunteer for.
                         r. KU: Lindsay, maybe instead of a time management problem, she can
                            just handle it?
                         s. Kansas State: The reason I say that about Lindsay is because in the
                            bid, it seems the writers are recognizing she has too much on her plate.
                         t. KU: I didn‘t get that vibe at all. She can allocate her time and she steps
                            up to help others.
                         u. Webster: Call to Question; No Objections.
                 VI.     Vote: Lindsey Schwab wins Programmer of the Year!
        4. Review of the Associate Director of Programming
                 I.      Discussion
                         a. ADFR: At this point, we are going to have a discussion on the ADP
                         b. Kansas State: I realized that Jacob really likes the forum, but I think
                            communication could better through chats, such as the grant. The
                            forum is great but it could be done differently.
                         c. Creighton: Although I do feel the chats took off a lot more, in the
                            beginning it was rough, but it got better. The chats went well and set
                            the pace.
                         d. UMSL: Did a great job with parli-pro demonstration.
                         e. ISU: I thought Jacob had the perfect amount of authority without being
                            overbearing (everyone snaps).
                         f. Missouri State: Really liked his email response time, keep it for next
                         g. Missouri Western: You can ask him anything and not feel like an idiot.
                         h. SEMO: I am really happy he did a mock boardroom. It gave me a
                            great idea of what to expect.
                         i. UMTC: I really liked his organization with MACURH-U and as
                            another new PCC, I thought it was helpful.
                         j. Webster: After boardroom was over, he asked me how I thought it
                            went. Personal.
                         k. Missouri State: With the programming grant, send them out before
                            conference to be reviewed. Put on website.
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of8 Nebraska - Lincoln                           No Frills 2010

                    l. Winona State: For the chats, I could never attend them, maybe if there
                        were a couple different times.
                    m. UNL: I really like the review sheets, really helped out.
                    n. NWMSU: I really like Jacob, but the problem with the chats is I don‘t
                        know when he is finished typing, I would like a dot dot dot to know he
                        is still typing.
                    o. K-State: Last semester, I was never really sure when the chats were
                        happening but it‘s better now and easier to follow.
                    p. Missouri State: At the beginning of the semester, send out a list of
                        dates of the chats for PCCs.
                    q. SDSU: I liked that he sent out the minutes a lot and I can read them
                        and catch up.
                    r. UND: I think he should have the survey out sooner and then calculate
                        it when people have availability.
                    s. Missouri Western: We talk about a lot right before conferences and
                        right after, but during the dead time, I feel like we could be talking
                        about something and we don‘t. We should change that.
                    t. Creighton: For the scheduling of the chats, maybe we could ask times
                        before people registering.
                    u. Hamline: I feel like I was more prepared for No Frills than MACURH
                        so a mock before MACURH would be helpful.
                    v. Kansas State: On the forum/chat, be able to send a proxy.
                    w. UND: I can safely say he is one of the most enthusiastic people to ever
                        have this position. He is willing to field any question. Sometimes, the
                        communication could be a little too much. Within an hour, I could get
                        three emails from him, though I do appreciate his level of dedication.
                    x. Missouri State: With the list serves and Google groups, sometimes we
                        get 3 emails of the same info, first from Jacob, then Howard, and then
                        from someone else. It is a lot.
                    y. Creighton: If we could maybe, before we get down to business in the
                        chats, take time to talk about program ideas and other people‘s issues.
                        Might be a benefit.
                    z. Kansas State: I feel like we have a lot of dead time, it would be a great
                        time to hear and ask questions during the dead time of the year. I want
                        to hear more about other‘s reports during this time. Ask each other
                        questions, et cetera.
                    aa. MSU, Mankato: For being a new PCC, some of the transition stuff was
                        hard but I could always could on Jacob in a timely manner.
                    bb. Creighton: In looking at the PCC handbook, I was noticing there were
                        a lot of things the PCCs should do that is also part of other positions.
                        This should be looked at and redone. For instance, it says we should
                        start an NRHH group but someone else already does that, so we should
                        discuss that perhaps.
                    cc. Missouri State: I like the agenda he had for boardroom.
                    dd. North Dakota: I liked the agenda but I would have liked it before I got
                        here so we could have gone over it on the way here.
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of9 Nebraska - Lincoln                                  No Frills 2010

                            ee. Kansas State: I feel like he has been running a really efficient
                                boardroom. I liked how he has been facilitating and making us discuss.
                            ff. SEMO: I liked how he has given us some room with review sheets. I
                                know Jacob made sure we all knew we needed to fill these out and
                                giving us until tomorrow to hand them in.
        5.   Recess for Five Minutes
        6.   Call to Order - 10:28AM
        7.   Roll Call - Meets Quorum, 30 Schools
        8.   RCC of Programming and Resources
                I. Position Requirements and Five Minute Bid Review
                II. Nominations (Opened and Seconded)
                            a. UNL: Nominates Rexann Whorton (Seconded)
                            b. Move to Close Nominations. (Seconded with No Dissent)
                III. Bid Presentation (Rexann Whorton)
                IV. Question and Answer Session (Rexann Whorton)
                            Q: (MO State) Seeing that the RBD has such a diverse group how will you
                            handle it?
                            A: I am good at conflict management. I think with the RBD, I will try to
                            do the best to work with them
                            Q: You said you are going to have scheduled office hours, how many?
                            A: 5 to 6 and increase around conferences and they will be at all different
                            Q: (MO Western) You talked about not liking being in charge; explain.
                            A: I meant I don‘t want to be the only one making the decision in certain
                            situations because I don‘t think that is fair. But if there is an executive
                            decision I need to make, I will do it but I will seek input always.
                            Q: How do you think those 5 or 6 office hours plus other things will affect
                            your academics?
                            A: I am only taking 12 credits each semester and I am good at time
                            Q: (UMTC) How do you plan on using your experience as a PCC in this
                            A: I want to make sure you don‘t struggle and I want to help people with
                            the things I had trouble with and help you move past it. I love how diverse
                            this position is and I want to get contributions from all you so that newly
                            affiliated schools can figure out how to form PCCs.
                            Q: (NWMSU) How do you feel about facilitating boardrooms with parli-
                            A: I have read the short book on Robert‘s Rules, so I feel confident
                            Q: (Creighton) What is your biggest strength and weakness?
                            A: Strength would be my communication and getting people‘s input. I am
                            very easy to talk to. My biggest weakness would be I can sometimes get
                            upset because I am too passionate about things.
                            Q: (UND) PCC chats have a history of minimal involvement, how do you
                            hope to better motivate and get people to attend these chats?
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of Nebraska - Lincoln                                No Frills 2010

                        A: I want to have a rough agenda sent out and I was thinking of some kind
                        of PCC spirit points type thing.
             V. Pro/Con (Rexann Whorton)
                        Pro: (UMTC) Strong application
                        Con: (NDSU) Senior Year
                        Pro: Extensive experience
                        Con: (UMTC) A lot of promises
                        Pro: (Creighton) Realistic goals
                        Con: (ISU) Easily discouraged
                        Pro: (SEMO) Defined goals
                        Con: -----------------------------
                        Pro: (UNL) Multiple awards
                        Con: (KU) Micro manager
                        Pro: (Webster) Eager
                        Con: -----------------------------
                        Pro: (Missouri S&T) Dedication to region
                        Con: -------------------------------
                        Pro: (Truman) Personable
                        Con: -------------------------------
                        -Three unanswered cons
             VI. Discussion
                        a. Iowa State: I really liked her ideas about MACURH-U.
                        b. UNL: She has proven herself over and over to be dedicated to region.
                        c. UMTC: Impressed with just about everything, just concerned that it is
                            her senior year.
                        d. Pitt State: I really like how she wants to help the new PCCs.
                        e. MO State: In her presentation, she talks about diversity and I think that
                            is an important quality.
                        f. Kansas State: I think she will be into the new technology.
                        g. SEMO: I like that she owns up to her faults.
                        h. Kansas State: Her letters of recommendations bother me because I
                            wasn‘t able to read very well.
                        i. UNI: Even though it is her senior year, she is taking fewer credits.
                        j. Creighton: Bid and presentation look great, but she seems
                            unprofessional at times.
                        k. MO State: She is going into student affairs, so she will be dedicated.
                        l. UND: Great excitement for the position and fully behind the changes.
                        m. Kansas State: OPE takes a mass amount of work right around a major
                        n. Missouri Western: I think she would be someone who would be able to
                            get the PCCs excited for conference and for chats. I think she might
                            break those kinds of barriers that sometimes arise.
                 VII. Vote: The next RCC of Programming and Resources will be Rexann
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of Nebraska - Lincoln                        No Frills 2010

        9. MACURH Programming Grants
               I.   Application Requirements and 5 Minute Grant Review
               II.  Nominations
                    a. Motion to Open (Seconded by Iowa State)
                    b. UMKC is nominated by UNL (Seconded by Hamline)
                    c. Missouri State is nominated by UMTC (Seconded by KU)
                    d. Truman State is nominated by Creighton University (Seconded by
                       Winona State)
                    e. Kansas State Moves to Close Nominations (Seconded by St. Catherine)
               III. Pro/Con (UMKC)
                    Pro: (Creighton) Educational
                    Con: (MO State) Designed for only 30 residents
                    Pro: (UNI) Introduces new residents into city
                    Con: (MO Western) Checklist isn’t checked
                    Pro: ------------------------------
                    Con: -----------------------------
                    Pro: (Creighton) Well planned out
                    Con: ----------------------------
                    Pro: -----------------------------
                    Con: ------------------------------
                    –Three unanswered cons
               IV.  Pro/Con (MO State)
                    Pro: (SEMO) Very educational program
                    Con: -----------------------------
                    Pro: (Kansas State) Well planned out
                    Con: (Creighton) Money would cover whole program
                    Pro : (UNI) Incorporates diversity
                    Con : ---------------------------
                    Pro: (UNL) Cheap
                    Con: ---------------------------
                    Pro: (UND) Follow-up assessment
                    Con: -----------------------------
                    –Three unanswered cons
               V.   Pro/Con (Truman State)
                    Pro: (Hamline) Community building
                    Con: ----------------------------------
                    Pro: (Iowa State) Word use of plethora
                    Con: (Creighton) Said they had issues
                    Pro: (MSU, Mankato) Looking for outside donations
                    Con: (SEMO) Plan seems shaky
                    Pro: (KU) Programming budget is only $242
                    Con: (K-State) Promotes drinking games
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of Nebraska - Lincoln                         No Frills 2010

                     Pro: (Creighton) Took program idea from MACURH
                     Con: (UMTC) Program description is unprofessional
                     Pro: --------------------------------------------
                     Con: (NWMSU) Unprofessional smiling faces
                     Pro: (Iowa State) Fun loving smiling faces
                     Con: (SEMO) Inconsistencies in application
                     Pro: (Creighton) The need for money
                     Con: (St. Thomas) Spelling and grammatical errors
                     Pro: (St. Cloud) Details wrap up of prizes
                     Con: (UNI) Dying root beer green
                     Pro: (Iowa State) Alternative to actual drinking
                     Con: ------------------------------
                     Pro: -------------------------------
                     Con: ------------------------------
                     Pro: (MO Western) Semi educational/cultural
                     Con: (UNI) Stereotypes the Irish
                     Pro: -------------------------------
                     Con: ------------------------------
                     Pro: -------------------------------
                     Con: ------------------------------
                     Pro: --------------------------------
               VI.   Discussion
                     a. SEMO- MO State tunnel of oppression has been a very effective and
                         popular program at multiple universities.
                     b. Pitt State: UMKC is reaching out to residents who do not have
                     c. Hamline: Truman demonstrates the need of a small budget.
                     d. UNK: MO State Tunnel of Oppression is sponsored by a passionate
                         group of students rather than an organization.
                     e. SDSU: Truman confuses me with their program description compared
                         to their list of prizes. Inconsistency.
                     f. Creighton: Mo State was very easy to read and very planned out. Look
                         very great.
                     g. St. Thomas: Mo State has a lot of advertising and lots of ideas to
                         make this an effective program.
                     h. NWMSU: Truman State didn’t seem to think much through on
                         publicity. Need more info. Was kind of vague. Didn’t put cost of
                         sidewalk chalking in bid.
                     i. NDSU: Truman is a great drinking alternative program.
                     j. UMTC: Truman has multiple grammar issues. Smiley faces make it
                         seem like it was just thrown together.
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of Nebraska - Lincoln                               No Frills 2010

                       k. UND: MO State is a tunnel of oppression which is a true diversity
                          education program and represents our values very well.
                       l. UNL: MO State does a great job with working with professors to
                       m. Pitt State: MO State is using their students as actors to teach them info
                          as well as those attending the program.
                       n. Winona: UMKC and MO State are very well planned out and prepared
                       o. MO State: Yield.
                       p. MO Western: UMKC bid, although they only allot for 30 residents
                          they will be encouraging others to attend.
                       q. K-State: Little confused by Truman‘s proposal. Talk about not having
                          a confirmed location. Not very defined. Time not defined so we don‘t
                          know how affective program will be.
                       r. Creighton: UMKC is paying $150 for a car and it is a little excessive.
                       s. KU: Truman bid is confusing concerning marketing. Say they will get
                          their posters printed at a pre-service and then having to pay for them.
                          Was confused about what they were doing for advertising.
                       t. UNI: Call to Question. (No Objections)
               VIII.   Vote: MO State and UMKC are awarded $250 grants.
               IX.     Motion on the Floor to Award Remaining Funds ($200)
               X.      Nominations
                       a. Iowa State opens nominations (Seconded by Winona)
                       b. Winona nominates Truman State (Seconded)
                       c. MO Western closes nominations (NDSU)
               XI.     Discussion
                       a. University of Kansas: I feel they might have a good idea but I don‘t
                          think they have put enough work into it and are ready to submit it to a
                          programming grant.
                       b. UNI: Echo her comments, but I think there might be other schools that
                          are more deserving.
                       c. Creighton: I feel the reason we present programs at MACURH is so
                          we can present them and take it back to their own schools, so I feel we
                          should encourage them and sponsor them.
                       d. Iowa State: It might be unprofessional but everyone will have fun at it.
                       e. Northern Iowa: It was the boarder buddy idea that was taken not the
                          actual program
                       f. They are being smart with their money.
                       g. Call to Question (No Objections)
               XII.    Vote: Truman is awarded a $200 grant!
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of Nebraska - Lincoln                                No Frills 2010

        10. Programmer of the Year Presentation/Discussion Topic
                  I.     Discussion:
                         a. Kansas State: Part of the criteria is presenting programs, places where
                            you see people going above and beyond will be shown at conferences.
                            If you are going to be programmer of the year nationally, you should
                            want everyone to be better.
                         b. Creighton: Are they fighting because only one other region has the
                            equivalent of this position?
                         c. ADP: No, they just don‘t put as much emphasis on programming in
                            general, perhaps. They are not making the transition of the importance
                            of programming which may be the problem.
                         d. Kansas State: I think it would be important to note that every
                            conference I‘ve attended does put an emphasis on programs and I
                            think getting top 40 at NACURH is a huge deal. I think they need to
                            realize they already put a big deal into programming.
                         e. MO Western: It seems to me they are starting to ask themselves if we
                            are a legislative body or just a programming body.
                         f. U of ND: Does the NBD even seem interested?
                         g. ADP: They liked idea but they would like to see a different approach,
                            to make different presentations for each region itself and then to the
                            national level.
                  II.    People Interested in Meeting to Help:
                         a. U of North Dakota
                         b. Kansas State
                         c. U of Kansas
                         d. ND State
                         e. Iowa State
                         f. Creighton
                         g. U of I
                         h. Missouri S and T
                         i. UN-Kearney
                         j. St. Cloud State
                         k. University of Northern Iowa
            *Name suggestion: Commitment to Programming Excellence (Rexann)

        11. Exciting news: Programming submissions forms available online for NACURH.
        12. NACURH Discussions (Roll Call/Dance)
                         a. We are looking for a school to host an idea.
                         b. UMTC: Just to make sure, this is for the roll call for the national
                             conference? (Yes)
                         c. UNI: MACURHRahna
                         d. Twin Cities--Def hands? --It would be really hard
                         e. Kansas State: Animal House, Shout. Everyone will know it and it is a
                             fun song. --Glee mash-ups –Togas
                         f. Missouri Western: You could use disco balls. It doesn‘t die.
                         g. University of Northern Iowa: Frat boy stereotype with Animal House
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of Nebraska - Lincoln                             No Frills 2010

                      h. Iowa-She loves Baby Got Back
                      i. UNL—We could rick roll (It is on Youtube)
                      j. Missouri Western: We should have a dance off between Iowa and
                         Jacob to see who has back
                      k. Pitt State: Seconding Missouri Western
                      l. UND: The whole idea where you move to groove, you could start it off
                         that way with the RBD starting off roll call
                      m. Jacob: Ferris Buehler‘s Day Off (roll call)
                      n. Missouri Western: Start off with the RBD doing a dance off
                      o. Twin Cities: move to groove idea, RBD up on stage, Buehler
                         University, and then the entire region (only 100 people) on stage, and
                         MACURRH could get up. Line dancing down the aisles and then
                         everyone does it.
                      p. U of Kansas: Song on Float? It is an upbeat song. We could use that.
                         Twist and Shout.
                      q. Northern Iowa: Pulp fiction
                      r. ADP: Time Warp?
                      s. UNI: Incorporate the audience, do the Shawn Wall. Look it up on
                      t. UNL: We could do a Fresh Prince thing
                      u. Twin Cities: we would need MACURH related puns
              I.  Schools to help with Roll Call
                      a. University of Kansas
                      b. Kansas State
                      c. Twin Cities (song writing)
        13. NACURH Discussions (Spirit Pack Items)
                      a. What items would you like to see in spirit pack?
                      b. Coffee mug, Similar (Not Same) Water Bottles from NACURH,
                         Messenger Bags, COWBELLS (Unanimous Approval), MACURH
                         Drum Sticks, Bubbles, Cow Print Bandanas
        14. NACURH Discussions (Shirt Designs)
                      a. Winona State: A bright color, like a neon obnoxious color
                      b. South Dakota State: Last year, they were kind of boring. I was a little
                      c. UNL: I like the basic shirts. I will never wear a crazy shirt again.
                      d. Twin Cities: Some kind of Christopher Walkin design, ―Hey
                         NACURH, want more cowbell?‖
                      e. MO West: We could get cow print shirts. Cow print bandanas?
                      f. Creighton: Maybe if we can‘t get a cow print shirt, maybe have a cow
                         design and have the lettering with spots. The states could be the
                         lettering/spots of a cow!!
                      g. Rexann: Cow tails, that would be awesome.
                      h. Decorate your own drum stick.
                      i. Missouri Western: Drum sticks verses clothes pin?
                      j. Hard for transportation
                      k. Bonnie will be holding a competition for shirt designs. Send in ideas.
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of Nebraska - Lincoln                                No Frills 2010

        15. NACURH Discussions (Banner)
                         a. Old spirit banners to make a new one
                         b. University of Kansas: Do it with old conference t-shirts; RHA and hall
                            shirts from own schools
                         c. Form the shape of the region
                         d. Schools to mail shirts to central location
                 I.      Schools Interested in Helping Out:
                         a. University of Kansas
                         b. Kansas State
                         c. MSU, Mankato
        16. PCC Discussions (What are PCCs doing at their schools?)
                         a. Webster: We are trying to do a program where people who brought
                            their old razor scooters to campus. We are thinking of doing a scooter
                            derby where people dress up and race. There would be an entry fee or
                            some way to raise money for charity.
                         b. SEMO: We did the coolest room contest which are actual PCC picked
                            up from someone at MACURH last year. We doubled the prizes by
                            having the rooms be used in publications for Res Life.
                         c. NWMSU: We have 5 committees instead of just one committee. One
                            we are really excited about right now is called a HATE Wall. We put a
                            dry wall up and we write all hateful things on it and then we hammer it
                         d. UNL: Legends of the Tunnels, like the Legends of the Hidden Temple.
                            We are going to do dodge ball and puppies too. Tournament and with a
                            local animal shelter.
                         e. Missouri S&T: We tend to do week long themed programs. We are
                            doing Res Hall Week. Competition based against our three residential
                            halls. Some last a couple hours, some are for the whole week.
                         f. U of K: KU Olympics. 8 Res Halls on campus but they are spread out.
                            Different event at each hall and people travel between halls.
                         g. SDSU: I am going to take the wall idea back to my own campus, thank
                            you. We are starting an against hate campaign at my school. This is
                            our first year having a PCC. Right now, I am just delegating.
                         h. St. Cloud: We had a football kickoff event. We have 9 residents hall
                            and they are competing for points. Dorm night, dance competition, and
                            game night, DDR and stuff, and then, we have one week apart
                            competitions and philanthropy and t-shirt design and non-hate
                            campaign, theme this year is pluralism. Dance at the end with several
                         i. Twin Cities: We have two people who count as one PCC. Our RHA
                            almost never does small programming. Break up a large budget of
                            about 500,000 total. Campus wide drinking awareness thing, a talent
                            show for SAVE (suicide prevention), and my job consists of running a
                            small committee of students.
                         j. KSU: Annual winter ball, a winter‘s tale, Shakespeare play and we
                            worked with a charity for underprivileged schools. We did passive
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of Nebraska - Lincoln                              No Frills 2010

                         programming. We created posters, 7 of them, that were all about Black
                         History month. Civil Rights, Politics, History of Black History month,
                         et cetera. They are in the lines of where people stand to go into the
                         dining hall. MLK important here because one of his last speeches was
                         at KSU and students reenacted the speech. We have some faculty who
                         are coming back to talk about what it meant to have him here. Night of
                         the Green Carpet as well which is a fashion show our school does.
                    k.   UND: On my campus, I am in charge of a board that consists of a
                         representative from each of our 13 campuses. Large scale community
                         involvement. Charity that is a coin-ware competition to benefit a low
                         income childcare center in town. It is difficulty to do a passive charity
                         program so we are working on a major marketing campaign for that
                         right now. We are working with something called NightLife, an
                         alternative to going out and drinking every night (Friday and Saturday)
                         things like dances, video games, and grocery bingos. Night Life
                         Extravaganza, a giant game of lazar tags and giant tricycles. Things
                         that were fun back in middle schools is ton of fun for college students
                    l.   MO Western: We just started hall councils on our campus. It is under
                         the Vice Presidents. I am helping starting these and getting these
                         moving. Mo West Best Dance Crew next week which will be fun and
                    m.   Creighton: We just got done with our 19th annual Price is Right we do
                         it just like a game show. Almost 200 people there. I have three
                         committee chairs underneath me. We are working on a day where
                         siblings get to come and visit campus. Movies that make you go
                         ―hmmm‖, movies that make you think outside the box; we are going to
                         screen Princess and the Frog, The Blind Side, and more. Anti-hate and
                         SICK programs.
                    n.   Truman: Our RHA is dying out on the campus. Our PCC didn‘t put a
                         lot of stuff out there. We did welcome back welcome mats and I am
                         working on a diversity program called ―closing the circle‖. We are
                         working on a Res Life Week in April, it will have a Truman Idol
                    o.   UNL: Another committee in RHA which has a program called Pulse.
                         Thursday nights, travel to all residents halls and have DJs. In light of
                         Haiti, our RHA is partnering with local governments, doing a date
                         with our quarterback for $600. We also had a kickball tournament.
                    p.   Twin Cities: How many are allowed to do Date options? About half (in
                         my opinion).
                    q.   Kansas U: We do double date auctions
                    r.   St. Catherine: We are smaller and all girls, so we did an iron chef and
                         then we are going to do a Katie‘s Got Talent. Our senate and our
                         programs sometimes get conflicted.
                    s.   Sell tickets to help pay for large priced speakers
                    t.   MO Western: Free organizations that fall under...senate did a program
                         to get all three branches together
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of Nebraska - Lincoln                                 No Frills 2010

        17. PCC Discussions (Effective use of online communication for advertising)
                         a. Creighton: Our president used video from the year before and we used
                            that when we advertised for the new one. We have a thing that goes to
                            all emails. We had a YouTube link.
                         b. UNK: We worked well with our media center to make Cribs like the
                         c. St. Cloud: We work with our TV channel to create advertising. Small
                            flyers to the RAs and CAs was helpful.
                         d. UNI: We have a program where we give every student a movie ticket.
                            First time, there wasn‘t a lot of time with advertising with paper and
                            second time we did it with Gmail. Our quota was filled within an hour
                            the second time.
                         e. MO Western: We make little print out posters on Photoshop and are
                            starting up hall wide list serves.
                         f. UNL: We have a big school, and we get bombarded by Facebook
                            events, and I‘ve shied away from Facebook events. We put posters
                            outside of dining hall and we send stuff out to directors who send it to
                            our RAs
                         g. Casino Night, we go into our union and we made a very big poster and
                            it grabbed their attention. We also made poker chips with the date,
                            place, and time and if they brought the poker chip, they put it into the
                            raffle and win a prize.
                         h. KU: How many schools are allowed to send out a mass email?
                         i. We are a small campus but we have a lot of residence hall. For every
                            program we do, we have to put a large publicity in each hall. We have
                            a resource center where NRHH funds through their fundraising stuff.
                            If you are apart, you can get the big butcher paper and bright colors
                            and shapes grab attention. Handmade things go over well on our
                         j. KSU: Naughty or nice. We went into all the community bathrooms
                            ‗Are you Naughty or Nice‘ and then we went back a week before and
                            put a date there. The housekeepers knew not to put it away. It was free.
                            It just took about two hours to do it. We have made plain t-shirts with
                            it. Naughty or Nice with a big question mark on their shirt. We have
                            also had open houses where we give out information about upcoming
                         k. Hamline: We put our logos on balloons and then fill them up and put
                            the balloons everywhere. We decorate the balloons too, example, a
                         l. SEMO: We have a campus TV station that we work with and we have
                            a main walkway that goes by an old power plant. Sections of the wall
                            are painted white and different organizations can rent out sections of
                            the wall and write things on it and paint your own advertisement on
                            there. At the end of the month, they just paint over it in white.
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of Nebraska - Lincoln                                 No Frills 2010

                         m. Creighton: For a diversity event, we had to create magnets and we put
                             them on door handles.
                         n. UNI: At our campus, we can‘t send out mass emails so we sent them
                             to a bunch of people and had them send it out to everyone.
                         o. UND: We try to think outside the box to do event specific advertising.
                             We have taped advertisements to condoms. Coffee cups.
                         p. Twin Cities: Because of campus issues, doors have been closed so we
                             use these locked doors as a place to advertise.
                         q. NWMSU: Works well if you do something really odd. One RA made a
                             huge arrow that pointed to a spot on the wall that had all the info on a
                             sticky-note type thing. Condom idea, we have done condom bingo, if
                             you tape them to the doors, if you tape the doors, the parents can
                             sometimes get upset. Be careful! Tape things on the back of bathroom
                         r. Winona: We have an emergency digital sign in but during normal
                             times we just have news cycling through it, like a power point, so we
                             can put ads in there.
                         s. SDSU: I don‘t advertise doing it, but at our school, if we have the
                             word SEX on it, people will look.
                         t. MO West: We want to duct tape someone to a tree and have them not
                             stop talking about the event...but against policy.
                         u. Hamline: We‘ve put ads inside a fortune cookie and then we put them
                             in dining hall. In December, we had candy canes with an
                             advertisement on them.
                         v. Truman: One effective thing I‘ve seen put little posters on trees with
                             fishing line. Grabs attention.
                         w. Rex: Something we do is 3d advertisements that were like TVs. Last
                             year, we marathon-worked on these advertisements.
                         x. UNL: A big ad that almost hits your face
                         y. UND: Butcher paper, write it big and basic and tape it to the floor.
                         z. Twin Cities: attach stuff to the front desk.
                         aa. Webster: Bubble wrap around.
        18. PCC Discussions (Explain your ‘PCC’ position on your campus)
                         a. Pitt State: One of 5 on our exe board. Each of us is in charge of a
                             committee. We come up with the ideas and plan them and we have a
                             publicity committee.
                         b. UNI: On our campus we have each hall senate and each hall is part of
                             a pro board. RLA instead of RHA and that has president and secretary.
                             We meet but we are non-voting members.
                         c. NWMSU: We have 5 committees with 5 different categories and as
                             VP, I am in charge of those committee chairs. They have to go through
                             me for any approval.
                         d. Iowa State: Director of Events of IRHA, we are on the executive
                         e. K-State: Ours consists of representatives based on population. They
                             are not required to serve on any committees but my job is to put all the
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of Nebraska - Lincoln                                    No Frills 2010

                            program on by myself. We have a general body that is not interested in
                            serving on committees.
                         f. Webster: Committee chairs and I am the committee advisor. They are
                            the ones in charge.
                         g. NWMSU: We force our general bodies into committees. Every other
                            meeting is a committee meeting. We have contests to get more people
                            come to these meetings and then we encourage them to bring others.
                         h. Truman: We have committees, but people don‘t really do anything on
                            the committee. I pretty much cannot get people to help do the big
                            programs I want to do.
                         i. SEMO: Our PCC is set up so that the NCC and PCC are exec. board
                            members, you have to be on a committee. We do a lot on our
                            programming committee. We do all the big events.
                         j. Missouri State: It is the same at our place. We incorporated the
                            committee times into regular meeting. People have choice of a
                         k. Missouri S&T: We have four committees and there is programming
                            which is smaller programs and then we have the big ones. More
                            passive stuff. I‘ve had the opposite problem. It grows outside of my
                            control. Not having enough for them to do.
                         l. Twin Cities: Like SEMO, each hall council has between 11 and 19
                            executive board members, have to have at least 5 members. Two reps
                            from each hall....I lead the educational committee. In a very public
                            location. We form subcommittees. We meet every two weeks. One
                            who focuses on notes and keeps track of finances.
                         m. Creighton: I am one of seven executives....
                         n. Winona: Each hall has ...and then all the presidents on one group, VPs
                            meet, secretaries, treasurers, et cetera. Simple and straightforward and
                            required and everyone does it.
                         o. U of I: There are 9 of us on exe board. We ask and get responses back.
                            It is a good liaison process between us and all the halls.
                         p. St. Cloud: They consist of president, vice-president, financial chair,
                            etc...we as a general body meeting only give funding if...they create
                            events. Problem with e-board is solved with stipends. For first offense,
                            you have a talk with advisor and the president. After, you get your
                            stipend cut. Then, you are done at the next offense.
                         q. Webster: It is kind of like a job for us, if you get paid, then it is like a
                         r. Iowa State: Everyone gets paid 250, president, vp, etc,
                         s. MO State: If you violate contract, you get kicked off.
                         t. SDSU: We get a stipend and we work hard for it... they reimburse us
                            for the lowest price housing.
        19. PCC Discussions (How do you get delegations involved?)
                         a. St Thomas: Forming close relations with your delegates is good
                            because they know you
                         b. UNK: We impose a 4 to 5 hour retreat
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of Nebraska - Lincoln                                  No Frills 2010

                          c.NDSU: We have our delegation get together.
                          d.St. Cloud: We have a retreat too and we give them responsibilities.
                          e.ISU: We are taking our delegation to a retreat.
                          f.KSU: I agree we need to give them a buy in. We need to split up
                         g. MO Western: we go through the application process, we only accept
                            voting members and we split them into committees.
                         h. Twin Cities: We send people to conference but we restrict it to people
                            who promise they will be returning the following year. We then rank
                            and determine who goes.
                         i. MO Western: with cheers, we make our NCC teach a cheer at every
                         j. St. Catherine: For us, we can‘t send as many people, we have them
                            write an essay.
                         k. Drake: Whoever‘s position is important for them to go, it is outside
                            our fiscal year so we aren‘t going to NACURH this year because it is
                            outside our budget.
                         l. We do it differently for MACURH and NACURH. We open it to
                            members of pro board and members of any hall senate. We ask them to
                            prepare some program and we meet before it and learn cheers, etc.
                            Students get excited about free trips.
                         m. For the exec‘s we pay for all of it, for the general body, has to vote on
                            it, and usually it becomes full percent.
                         n. Missouri S&T: We have apps and then we decide and go over cheers
                            and then we have them sign a conference contract. They get money
                            from local hall or hall council. They then have to do a presentation
                            when they come back or program to justify the free trip.
                         o. Fontbonne: I haven‘t been a member for that long so I was surprised
                            they asked me. We don‘t know what we are doing yet. We are coming
                            here and learning so we can fix the whole structure and build a base.
                         p. KU: Process of delegates getting partial fund or find it out on their
        20. PCC Discussions (Transitioning)
                         a. UNI: I haven‘t been a part of it...well I have... I just met with the girl
                            who had the position before me. Throughout the year, I‘ve been
                            collecting notes and articles.
                         b. Webster: we have a basically a new executive board around
                            February/March and we spend the rest of the year training them. We
                            meet with them and show them the ropes. Instead of getting elected at
                            the beginning of the year, you get elected in the spring and hold your
                            position over the summer.
                         c. St. Cloud: we practice with each other but it doesn‘t always work out
                            because last year our executive board kind of dropped out. They talk
                            and talk about the events we each did last year and tell each other the
                            details. We work together during the end of summer at a retreat to
                            learn the basic information.
PCC Boardroom Minutes: University of Nebraska - Lincoln                                 No Frills 2010

                         d. UST: I just got transitioned into this position because the other person
                            quit. We have computers in the office and we keep all the information
                            in the office about everything we have done.
                         e. St. Catherine: I was handed a binder and was said here. So the binder
                            was very outdated so I am hoping to update it.
                         f. Pitt State: Toward the end of the semester we have a mock meeting
                            and we tell them things they can do.
                         g. U of I: We have a meeting and 1:1 training with them. We have a
                            week long retreat before school starts. I was shoulder tapped because
                            the person who was going to do my spot became an RA instead.
                         h. NWMSU: Our transition process is non-existent. We have to wait
                            until selections for RAs and other paid positions are done before we
                            can do it.
                         i. Webster: we train the representatives too and we have a day where we
                            go through everything, like a day boot camp.
                         j. Mo state: 2 to 4 hour retreat but it wasn‘t effective. We have to do end
                            of semester reports and that really helps the next person.
                         k. Twin cities: Before me, the girl started the tradition of transitions. We
                            now have a huge binder of records. My position comes with several
                            mandatory programs and I have detailed information on the rest of
                            that. Our two advisors are completely new.
                         l. Creighton: The person before me handed me a binder and she was
                            really nice and went through the events with me and I had notes, but
                            that wasn‘t great. We are trying to create a training manual for my
                            position. We have a new binder too! We have receipts and timelines.
                            After every event, my committee chair and I fill out forms.
                         m. Missouri S&T: We do a fair bit of transitioning and training. We meet
                            with the person we are taking over for and we get outlines of what they
                            are done—very detailed. We have several joint e-board meetings with
                            old and new. We have something called drive-in weekend.
                         n. KU: We have a hard time since people move off after their freshman
                            year. The people aren‘t left to transition them. When I came, I didn‘t
                            know anything.
        21. Announcements
        22. Motion to Adjourn by UMSL (Seconded by KU)
                  I.     Adjourned at 4:59pm