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									                                            Musical Instrument and Accessories Distributors
                                            Unit 4 Rosbur Park, Neptune Street
                                            Paarden Eiland, Cape Town,S.Africa
                                            P.O.Box 15971, Vlaeberg, 8018
                                            Ph: 021- 5107770 Fax: 021-510 7774
                                            E mail
                                            Cellphone 082-9006165
           AGENTS FOR:
          Gretsch,Vic Firth,
           BK Percussion,
          WuHan Cymbals,
          Montana Guitars,
      Cherub tuners,metronomes
        Kaces Bags & Cases.                PRICELIST SEPT. 2006
                                           Recommended Retail Incl.VAT











DVD,S (VIDEOS) & BOOKS – Page 15-20


LC1250       Accent “Combo”5pc Power Toms & Dbl Br.Hardware; also Jazz & Fusion                                R3595.00
LC2250       Accent 5pc Power Toms with Suspension Rims & Hardware;also Jazz&Fusion                            R4995.00
LC3250       Accent “Custom” 5 pc Power w.Suspension Rims &Hardware;laquered satin or                          R6995.00
             gloss finished shells; also Jazz&Fusion
LULC200      Accent 8”&10” Tom Set on Dbl.Br.Stand w Suspension Rings                                         R1995.00
BHF605       Gretsch “BlackHawk” 5pc. Fusion, Rock or Jazz No Hardware                  EXTRA SPECIAL         R2995.00
BHES825EX Gretsch Blackhawk EX 5pc White Diamond , Rock or Fusion No Hardware           NEW                   R5995.00
GRMF804      Gretsch RENOWN MAPLE SHELLS (10PLY) Jazz .No Hardware                                            R12995.00
Gretsch      Catalina Maple 6pc with 10,12,14,16 Toms                                              Price to be announced
GCER665      Gretsch Catalina ROCK 26” BD.13”,16”,18” Toms!!!!6,5x 14 Sn.Dr.No Hardw.   NEW                   R7995.00
CAS825       Gretsch Catalina BIRCH 5pc Rock,Fusion,or Jazz:Dark Walnut&Vintage                               R7995.00
GCES684      Gretsch Catalina Club JAZZ 4Pc Silver Sparkle 18” B.D.12”&14”Tom 14”S.D.                        R6495.00ea
5600/6600    Gibraltar Hardware Packs for Gretsch Kits Dbl.Braced                                      R1995.00R2595.00

BKM1000B BKPercussion 5pc Colours: WineRed, Black, White, Blue.                         No Cymbals            R2595.00
         w.Throne& Dble Braced Hardw.                                                   With Cymbals          R2895.00
BKJR     BKPercussion Junior Kit                                                                               R950.00

BH0810T           Gretsch BlackHawk 10” Tom black only                                                          R599.00
S5510/5512        Gretsch Piccolo Snare Drum 5.5x10 Steel or Wood; 5.5 x12 Wood                        R995.00&R1295.00
S0413SST/BWD      Gretsch Piccolo Snare Drum 4x 13 Steel or Wood                                       R995.00&R1295.00
S0514 & S5514FMP Gretsch Maple Snare Drum 5x14 & 5.5x14 Free Floating Natural           NEW        R2495.00&R2995.00
RM0513SDA/RM0514SDA Gretsch 5x13;5x14 All Maple Deep Amber                              NEW        R1795.00&R2495.00
LC354/364SN       Ludwig Birch Snare Drum Natural 5”x 14”; 6.5”x 14”                    NEW        R1295.00&R1395.00
BK14PSDM          BKP Piccolo Maple 4” x 14”                                                                    R995.00
BK14SDB           14”x5.5” Snare Drum Metal                                                                     R599.00
BK26MBD          26”Marching Drum w. Straps, Beaters                                                           R 995.00
BK14MSD          14”Marching Drum with carrying strap                                                           R499.00
BK10MSD          10” Junior Marching Snare Drum                                                                 R399.00
BKMTRL           Marching Trio Set with Carrier                                                                R1595.00
BKMASC            Marching Snare or Bass Drum Carrier Light Aluminium Quality                                   R899.00

BKBP100           Bass Drum Pedal Budget                                                                        R299.00
BKCS100           Cymbal Stand Double Braced H Duty                                                             R229.00
BKCSB             Cymbal Stand Single Braced                                                                    R179.00
BKHS100            Hi Hat Stand Dbl.Braced H Duty                                                               R299.00
BKSS100            Snare Stand          “         “                                                             R199.00
BKBCS100           Boom Cymbal Stand Dbl. Braced H Duty                                                         R299.00
BKBS-E             Bongo Stand                                                                                  R249.00
BKDT100            Drum Throne    Double Braced                                                                 R299.00

LCHDW/P         BKPercussion Hardware Bag 36” Standard                                                   R279.00
KPHD-36         Kaces Hardware Bag 36”                                                                   R450.00
KPHD38/46W Kaces Hardware Bag 38” or 46” with wheels                                            R650.00&R750.00
KKNF50/550      Kaces 5pc Drum Bag set Fusion or Rock Thick Padded Quality                    R1695.00&R1795.00
KPNEC110/120 Kaces Economy 5pc Drum Bag set well padded Fusion or Rock sizes                             R950.00
KCNG20/W        Kaces Conga Bag Standard Fits All without or with wheels                        R450.00&R550.00
KJEM            Kaces Djembe Bag ,small medium,large                                                  R350.00EA
CMB-02          Kaces Cymbal Bag Standard                                        SPECIAL              R169.00EA
GXCMB           Kaces Grafix Series Cymbal Bag                                     NEW                   R199.00
KDB-5514         Kaces Snare Drum Bag 5.5”x14” H Duty                              NEW                R350.00EA
SC-101NY etc     Kaces Basic Stick Caddy & Express Series Grafix Stick Caddy       NEW           R69.00&R109.00
KLSC-10          Kaces Large Near Leather Premium Stick Bag                        NEW                   R329.00
KGREGG-01        Kaces Greg Bissonette Seat Stick Bag                               NEW                  R329.00
KA/C/B/E         Kaces Acoustic ,Classic ,Electric & Bass Guitar Bags ,Padded.                        R149.00EA
KH246/320        Kaces El. Bass Case/ El.Gtr Case w round corners                                        R695.00
KH132/828        Kaces Classic & Acoustic Hardcore Guitar Cases (Vinyl Finish)                        R650.00EA
BKBB1            Bass Guitar Bag Electric Budget padded                                                  R129.00
BKGB             Guitar bags Classic 39” or Western 41” Budget                                         R89.00EA
KDB1010-1012 Kaces Tom Bag 10”& 12” H.Duty padded                                                     R349.00EA
KDB1113/1414      Kaces Tom Bag 13”& 14” H Duty padded                                          R379.00&R450.00
KDB1616/1618      Kaces Tom Bag 16” & 18” H Duty padded                                         R499.00&R599.00
KDB1820           Kaces Bass Drum Bag 18”x 20”                                                           R799.00
KCB100W           Kaces Pro Cymbal Bag w wheels                                                          R895.00

CC06       Classic Clear 6”,8”,10”                                                                      R79.00ea
CC12       Classic Clear 12”,13”                                                                        R89.00ea
CC14       Classic Clear 14”; 15”,16”                                                      R99.00,R109.00,R129.00
PF08       Performance2 8”,10” 2PLY EXTRA H.DUTY(LOW DEEP SOUND)                                          R99.00
PF12       Performance 2 12”                                                                             R109.00
PF13       Performance 2 13”                                                                             R119.00
PF14       Performance 2 14”                                                                             R129.00
PF16       Performance 2 16” &18”                                                               R149.00&R199.00
PF20/22    Performance 2 20”&22”                                                                       R229.00ea
FB22       Clear w. muffling ring 22”                                                                    R259.00
FR22BK Black w. muffling ring 22”                                                                        R269.00
TCC22BK Black Ported 22”                                                                                 R249.00
MOTCM       Modern Vintage (like Calfskin) 14”(also 10”,12”,16”)                                         R139.00
TC10        Satin White Coated 8”,10”,12”,13”                                                         R99.00 each

TC14       Satin White Coated 14”                                                          R99.00
TC15       Satin White Coated 15”,16”,18”                                               R149.00EA
TC20,22 Satin White Coated 20”& 22”                                            R159.00&R189.00EA
TC24,26,28 Satin White Coated 24”,26”,28” (good for marching bass drums)   R229.00&R249.00,R299.00
TCPF26      2Ply Coated 26” (extra heavy duty for marching bass drums)                    R289.00
HE14        High Energy Extra Heavy Duty 14”                                              R139.00
TCFX14 Satin White Coated with dampening ring                                              R129.00
SR1,2,10    Studio Rings (E) Rock 12,13,14,16”; Fusion, Jazz                             R99.00EA
SR3         Studio Rings 14”    (6 Pcs Per Packet)                                         R129.00
SN13&14     Snare Side Bottom Head 13” or 14” (also 10”,12” Snare Side)                     R99.00
KP1&DKP2 Bass Drum Impact Pad Single or Double for double pedals                    R39.00&R49.00
PHBK         Bass drum Port Hole for miking purposes                                        R59.00

DH10/12/13     10”,12”,13” 2PLY CLEAR (double ply like pinstripe)          R69.00/R89.00/R99.00 EA
DH14       14” 2PLY CLEAR                                                                  R109.00
DH16       16” 2PLY CLEAR                                                                  R139.00
DH22       22” 2PLY CLEAR                                                                  R229.00
DHA14C 14” MED.COATED 1 PLY                                                                 R69.00
DHA 16C 16” MED.COATED 1PLY                                                                 R89.00
DHA 22C 22” MED.COATED 1PLY                                                                R159.00
DHN022P 22” BLACK PORTED 1 PLY (W.DAMPENING RING)                                          R229.00
SWN022 22” 1 PLY NO OVERTONE( W.DAMPENING RING)                                            R199.00
TB14C      14” T.B. MED.COATED                                                              R89.00
SS14T      14” SNARE THIN                                                                   R65.00

BK10,12,13TP 10”,12”,13” ,16”Clear                                                      R59.00each
BK10,12,13PS 10”,12”,13 Double Ply (like Pinstripe)                                     R69.00each
BK14PS         14”Double Ply                                                                R89.00
BK16PS         16”Double Ply                                                                R99.00
BK22PS         22”Double Ply                                                               R129.00
BK12DT, 13DT 12&13”White Dot SINGLE PLY                                                 R59.00each
BK14DT       14”White Dot                                                                   R79.00
BK16DT       16”White Dot                                                                   R99.00
BK22DT       22”White Dot                                                                   R99.00
BK12,13,14SW 12”,13”,14” Smooth White SINGLE PLY                                        R39.00each
BK16SW       16”Smooth White                                                                R69.00
BK22SW       22”Smooth White                                                                R89.00
BK26SW       26”Smooth White for Marching Bass Drums                                       R129.00
BK14CT       14” Coated White                                                               R45.00
BK 14SN      14 “Snare Bottom                                                               R39.00
BK22BK       22”Black (Ideal for Front Head)                                               R129.00

4017 /4018   Toca Bongo Head Small &Large to fit Budget bongos                                      R 99.00&R109.00
27007/40007 Toca Bongo Head 7” to fit Player Series Bongoes      (Wood or Fibreglass)                     R199.00EA
27008/40008 Toca Bongo Head 8 ½”         “      “                  “           “                          R199.00EA
20110/40110 Toca Conga Head 10” to fit Player Series Congas         “          “                          R299.00EA
20111/40111 Toca Conga Head 11”           “     “                  “           “                          R299.00EA
NN12, 14,16,18” Natural Hide 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” for tambourines handdrums, djembes, banjo         R79 - R89 - R109.00
Conga +Bongo Hides Large &Small                                                                     R149.00-R199.00

BKMCSLDBK         Mic Boom Stand Black                                                                       R189.00
BKMCSLHDBK Mic Boom Stand Black L.H. Duty                                                                    R239.00
BKMCSLHDCR Mic Boom Stand Chrome L.H Duty                                                                    R269.00
BKKS2X           Keyboard Stand Double X-Style                                                               R259.00
BKKSB             Keyboard Stand Single X-Style                                                              R179.00
BKSSG302BK        Guitar Stand Black (Normal height)                                                          R69.00
BKGSDB            Guitar Stand Black (Double)                                                                R129.00
BKGSLC/EL         Guitar Stand Low Acoustic or Electric                                                       R99.00
BKSGWB            Guitar Hanger                                                                               R29.00
BKMSHDC           Music Stand H.Duty w. holes (best selling!)                                                R249.00
BKMSLHDC          Music Stand L.H.Duty w. solid top                                                          R189.00
BKMSLWB           Music Stand Three Section Chrome                                                            R99.00
BKMSLWTB          Music Stand Three Section Tubular Black                                                    R139.00
BKKT              Keyboard Throne                                                                            R279.00
BKFLSC            Flute/Clarinet Stand                                                                        R69.00
BKTSC             Trumpet Stand                                                                               R99.00
BKSSTC            Saxophone Stand                                                                            R119.00
BKWSBL&CL          Mic Windscreens Black or Col. 5 p.p.                                                       R59.00
BKGSN13            Mic Goose Neck 13”                                                                         R59.00
BKMCSH6A          Mic Holder Quality                                                                          R19.00

VFPAD6          Vic Firth 6” Practice Pad on wood                                                            R129.00
VFPAD12         Vic Firth 12” Practice Pad                                                                   R259.00
LPAD            Vic Firth Launch Pad w.sticks and book                                      NEW             R299.00
DB22            Vic Firth Headphones for ear protection when practicing                                      R229.00
SIH1            Vic Firth Isolation Headphones Studio Quality                                                R699.00
SC-LPP           Gibraltar Leg Practice Pad w.strap                                         NEW             R179.00
GBDP            Gibraltar 8” Practice Bass Drum Pad                                         NEW             R299.00
BKPRPADS        Sound Reducing Practice Pad Set for drum set 12,13,14,16,                                    R129.00
MutePP3         Vic Firth Complete Drumset Silencer Pack                                                     R599.00
DB01/02          Dadi Dum Practice Pad with Stand/ Bass Drum Pad w pedal                    NEW          R299.00EA

WST520C/GB          Cherub Chromatic Tuner or Guitar/Bass Tuner                                            R139.00ea
WMT-555C            Cherub Digital Metronome & Tuner Combination                                             R179.00
WSM-001A            Digital Metronome                                                                        R129.00
WST-550G            Guitar Mate Clip-On Guitar Tuner (Best selling)                    NEW                    R99.00
WST-550V            Violin Mate Clip on Violin Tuner                                   NEW                   R129.00
WRW-106             I Rhythm                                                                                 R499.00
WSM-260             Piano Mate                                                         NEW                   R399.00

“ISTANBUL” Hand made Cymbals from Turkey (High Quality Cast) Traditional and Radiant                          PRICE
6”     Splash                                                                                                R399.00
8”      Splash or Radiant                                                                           R450.00&R499.00
10”     Splash & Rock Splash&Radiant                                                                       R550.00 ea
12”     Splash or Radiant Rock Splash                                                               R699.00&R750.00
14”     Crash                 .                                                                              R750.00
15”     Dark or Rock Crash                                                                                   R899.00
16”     Radiant Medium&Rock Crash                                                                            R999.00
16”     Crash “Rock”,Dark,Medium.                                                                            R950.00
17”     Medium, Rock or Radiant Rock                                                              R1095.00&R1150.00
18”     Rock or Radiant Rock Crash                                                                R1195.00&R1250.00
20”     Custom-Dry , Heavy ,Rock ,Original Ride.&Radiant Rock Ride                                R1495.00&R1595.00
13”     Hi-Hats “Rock”                                                                                      R1495.00
14”     Hi-Hats Radiant Rock or Custom Rock                                                                 R1695.00
14”     Hi-Hats Regular, Rock, Heavy,Traditional                                                            R1595.00
Pack    Samatya 14”,16”,20” with Cymbal Bag                                                                 R2995.00
Samataya :      14” Hats; 16” Crash; 20” Ride separately                                     R1195.00;R795;R1195 each

BK16CRCB          16” Crash Cymbal                                                                            R169.00
BK14HB            14” Hi Hats                                                                                 R269.00
BK20R             20” Ride                                                                                    R379.00
HWHSET2          14”HH+16”CR+20”RIDE&BAG                   CHEAPEST CYMBAL PACK        NEW                    R899.00

WUHAN – High Quality Cast Cymbals@ lowest prices
WHSP8             8” Splash                                                                                   R149.00
WHSP10            10” Splash                                                                                  R199.00
WHCR14&14T 14” Crash & Thin Crash                                                                             R350.00
WHC15             15” Crash                                                                                   R399.00
WHCR16 &16F 16” Crash, Rock Crash &Fast Crash                                                                 R450.00
WHRCR17            17” Rock Crash                                                                             R599.00
WHCR18             18”Crash & Rock Crash                                                             R599.00&R699.00
WHCRR18            18” Crash-Ride                                                                             R699.00

WHMR20         20” Medium Ride                                                         R699.00
WHHH13         13” Hi-Hats                                    SPECIAL                  R599.00
WHHH14         14” Hi-Hats & Rock Hi-Hats                                    R699.00 & R799.00
WHS13HH        13” S Hi-Hats                                                           R699.00
WHS14HH        14” S Hi-Hats                                                           R799.00
WHSSP08         8” S Splash                                                            R199.00
WHSSP10        10” S Splash                                                            R259.00
WHSSP12        12” S Splash                                                            R299.00
WHSCR16        16” S Crash                                                             R499.00
WHSMR20        20”S Med-Heavy Ride                                                     R999.00
WHSBOX          S 14”,16”20” & Cymbalbag (Pack)               REDUCED                 R1995.00
WHSBOX2         S 14” Hats & 18” S Crash Ride (Pack)          NEW                     R1395.00
WHCHINA       12”,16”,18”,20” China Crash Cymbal              R299.00, R499.00, R599.00,R699.00
WH760/770/780 Gong (Tam Tam) 60,70,80cm with stand                  R2995.00,R3995,R4995.00ea
WH015/WH240 Wind Gong 55cm; Tibetan Singing Bowl 15cm diam.                 R999.00&R499.00ea

SC-TCWN6&8 Cymbal Toppers 6&8mm (4.p.p.) Tama Type                                       R29.00
SC-CFS-4       Cymbal Felts 4 p. packet                                                  R29.00
SC-CFL-4       Cymbal Felts Large 4.p.p.                                                 R39.00
SC-19B & 19A Cymbal Sleeves (4 pcs)                                                      R29.00
SC-MCW        Cymbal Washers Metal 4pcs                                                  R39.00
SC-HF2        Hi-Hat Cup Felts (2pcs)                                                    R19.00
SC-4420        Hi-Hat Clutch De Luxe                                                     R59.00
SC-DC          Hi-Hat Drop Clutch                                                       R119.00
SC-CLF-4orSCHF2 Hi-Hat Clutch Felts(4 pcs) or (2pcs)                            R39.00&R19.95
SC-4980-J      Hi-Hat Seat                                                               R39.00

SC-SBE    Butt End                                                                       R49.00
BKSDLB        Snare Drum Lugs (Normal snare drum)                                        R19.00
SC-4C         Snare Drum Tension Rods (42mm) 6 p.p.                                      R29.00
SC-4J         Piccolo Snare Drum T.Rods (35mm) 6.p.p.                                    R39.00
SC-PTO        Strainer Piccolo Type                                                     R129.00
SC-4385       Strainer with Butt End                                                    R129.00
SC-4467       Snares 20 strand (Snappy Snares)                                           R55.00
SC1406TT 6lug& SC1408BS Hoop 14” Batter 8lug                                        R129.00each
SC12          Nylon washers for snare drum                                               R12.00

SC-20&22M      Bass Drum Hoop Maple 20”or 22”                                        R499.00EA
SC 1BDB        Bass Drum Bracket Tama Type for.Tom Holder                               R199.00

BKZ122P        Bass Drum Steel Hoop 22” black or white                                                 R129.00
SC-3260/1         Bass Drum Beater (felt)                                                              R119.00
SC-3262        Bass Drum Beater (wood)                                                                  R 89.00
SC-DSAB        Bass Drum Beater (self-aligning dual surface)                                           R129.00
SC-LBDB        Bass Drum Beater light weight                                                            R99.00
SC-670BB          Bracket for Tom Arms (Pearl Type)                                                    R199.00
SC-BDTR/L         Bass Drum Tension Rods (4 per packet)                                                 R79.00
SC-BDKR/L         Bass Drum Key Rods (4 per packet)                                                     R49.00
SC-CH          Bass Drum Claw Hook (4 per packet)                                                       R79.00
BDLB           Bass Drum Lug budget                                                                     R19.00
SC-BS2         Bass Drum Spurs Budget                                                                  R199.00
SC-BS4         Bass Drum Spurs H.Duty                                                                  R299.00
SC-15C &0052 Bass Drum Pedal Spring (2 per packet)                                                      R29.00
SC0053         Bass Drum Pedal Tension Screw Ass.                                                       R29.00
BKCHB          Bass Drum Claw Hooks Budget Ludwig Type                                                  R10.00

SC-600HA       Tom Arm (fits many older & non-branded drum sets)                                       R159.00
SC-700HA          Tom Arm (Pearl Type)                                                                 R169.00
SC-BALRM          Tom Holder Arm with Ball Joint (Tama type)                                           R329.00
SC-SLRM,SSLRM Tom Holder w.Clamp for Gretsch,Tama 10.5mm or 12.7mm rod                              R249.00EA
SC-DP             Double Tom Holder Tama type without L-Rod                                            R399.00
SC-LBM,LBL        L-Rod with Ball (for SC-DP) 10,5mm,12.7mm                                          R59.00EA
SC-670TB       Tom Bracket (Pearl type)                                                                 R99.00
SC-TL1A,2A        Floor Tom Leg Set (3.pcs) 9.5mm or 10.5mm                                         R139.00EA
SC-TL2            Floor Tom Bracket chrome (All drums)                                                  R79.00
SC-STL2           Floor Tom Bracket H.Duty Black. w. mem. lock                                         R129.00
BKTLB             Tom Lugs (Nut Boxes) (Budget)                                                         R16.00
SC-1206TT      Tom Power Hoop 12 “                                                                     R129.00
SC-1306TT      Tom Power Hoop 13”                                                                      R129.00
SC-1608TT      Tom Power Hoop 16”                                                                      R149.00
SC-GTS10, 12,13     Gibraltar‟s “RIMS” Tom Mounting System 10”12”13”                               R249.00each
                  (Other sizes special order)

SC-ECLAC       Multi Clamp w.Cymbal Rod for small cymbals                                              R299.00
SC-4425B1         Cymbal Boom Arm                                                                      R299.00
SC-4425MB         Mini Cymbal Boom Arm                                                                 R259.00
SC-GCA            Cymbal Arm with clamp                          BEST SELLING ITEM                     R229.00
SC-MCSA6           Mini Cymbal Stacker 6” height                    NEW                              R59.00EA
SC-JMM            “Jaw” Mic Mount for hoop mounting                                  REDUCED          R199.00
GAB2&12           Two Post &Three Post Accessory Bar                                           R229.00&R259.00
GAB20             Five Post Accessory Bar                                                              R299.00

SC-268R          Cowbell Holder for Bass Drum                                                   R59.00
SC-WCM           Wind chime Mount Complete                                                     R249.00
SC-AM1           Single Post Accessory Mount                                                   R199.00
SC-WCC          Woodblock and Cowbell Holder for stands                                         R99.00
SC-4J,4C,4E     Tension Rods 35,42,58mm (6 per packet)                                      R29.00each
SC-LN            Lug Nuts 12 p.p.                                                               R39.00
SC-4248          Speed Key for Fast Tuning                                                      R39.00
SC-4244          Standard Drum Key (header packed)                                              R16.00
SC-4244/6        Standard Drum Key 6.pcs per strip                                              R99.00
SC-GTK          3 Way Drum Key                                                                  R49.00
SC-GDKH          Drumkey w stand clip                                  NEW                      R39.00
SC-DTK          Drum Tech Kit                                                                  R129.00
SC-13E&G         Wing Nuts 8mm& 6mm (5 per packet)                                              R39.00
SC-13F           Wing Nuts Large 8mm (4 per packet)                                             R69.00
SC13P2/P3        Wing Nuts Lagre 6mm or 8mm (2per packet)                                    R29.00EA
SC-0009          Wing Screw 8mm (2per packet)                                                   R29.00
SC-CBPM         Cowbell Bass Drum Pedal Mount                                                  R299.00
SC-4429          Three Way Clamp                                                               R199.00
SC-BGC           Multi Clamp 2 way shrink packed &Loose BGC                            R119.00& R99.00
SC-PC09,13       Rubber Feet Large Round 3.p.p. or for Budget Stands                         R49.00EA
SC-SH/SDH        Gibraltar Stick or Soft Drink Holder w clamp                               R129.00EA
SC-GCP & GDCP Gibraltar Single & Double Bass Drum Click Pad                             R29.00&R39.00

5606          Snare drum Stand Dbl. Braced                                                     R399.00
5607          Hi Hat Stand Dbl Braced                                                          R499.00
5609          Boom Cymbal Stand Dbl Braced                                                     R399.00
5610          Cymbal Stand Dbl Braced                                                          R350.00
6606          Snare drum Stand Dbl.Braced                                                      R499.00
6607          Hi Hat Stand Dbl.Braced                                                          R599.00
6609          Boom Cymbal Stand Dbl.Braced                                                    R599.00
6610          Cymbal Stand Dbl.Braced                                                         R499.00
9609          Boom Cymbal Stand                                                                R799.00
9607DL-LD     HiHat Stand with Movable Legs,Liquid Drive                                      R1195.00
9607ML-DP     HiHat Stand Liquid Drive, Upgraded                                               R995.00
9606          Snare Stand                                                                      R699.00
7606EX &7614 Concert (Orchestral ) Snare Drum Stand or Cymbal Cradle                        R699.00EA
9608      Solid Round Base Seat         NEW IMPROVED                                           R999.00
9608M         Oversize Motorcycle Seat complete                                               R1195.00
9608MB        Motorcycle shape w. oversize seat & back rest                                   R1495.00
5608           Double Braced Throne                                          SPECIAL           R399.00
6608           Double Braced Throne                                          SPECIAL           R499.00

7616/9516       Bongo stand & Bongo Stand De Luxe                                                      R499.00&R699.00
3700S,3700L     Conga Stand adjustable small or large                                                          R350.00
GDS/GDS-PRO Djembe Stand adjustable & Pro Djembe Stand                                                 R699.00&R995.00
GPRPS           Toca Percussion Work station                                                                  R2495.00
PSBS/PSDCS Toca Player Series Bongo Stand& Double Conga Stand                                          R450.00&R499.00
TBSA           Toca Bongo Mount Top for Double Conga Stand                                                     R299.00

9611DC        Intruder Single Pedal Duel Chain Cam Drive w.Carry Bag                                          R1095.00
9611DC-DB Intruder Double Pedal Duel Chain Cam Drive w.Carry Bag                                              R2595.00
5611          Prowler Single Bass Drum Pedal (sgl.chain driven)                                                R499.00
5611DB        Prowler Double Bass Drum Pedal (sgl chain driven)                                               R1395.00
6611          Avenger Single Bass Drum Pedal (dbl.chain driven)                                               R 699.00
6611DB        Avenger Double Bass Drum Pedal (dbl chain driven)                                               R1695.00
GDPB          Gibraltar Pedal Bag (Single & Double)

GRSP-V         Road Series V Rack w. Cymbal Boom Arms                    EXTRA SPECIAL                        R1895.00
GPR450         Power Rack 3 sides                                                                             R2795.00
GVRS           V Rack Station                                                     NEW    REDUCED             R3495.00
GRS350C         Road Series Curved Rack w. L&R Side ext.arms              BEST SELLING   REDUCED             R2595.00
GPRMC          Power Series Rack Clamp                                                                         R199.00
GRSMC/GRSSMC Road Series Rack Clamp& Super Rack Clamp                                                  R249.00&R349.00

 SYNERGY              Bongo Set Wood W Red or Blue                                NEW    LOWEST PRICE BONGOSR399.00
 2070BK              Toca Bongos fibreglass 6”&7” Black                                                       R599.00
 4070BK              Toca Bongos Fibreglass 7”&8” Black                                                       R899.00
 2400N               Toca Players Series Bongos Wood Natural                                       SPECIAL    R499.00
 2700N               Toca Bongos Wood Natural 7”+ 8”                                                          R699.00
 T2304/2306          Toca Windchimes 32 Bars on wooden bar w clamp; 16 Bars        NEW                R699.00&R499.00
 T-2511              Toca Rattler (Vibraslap)                                                                  R99.00
 T-2513              Toca Cabasa / Afuche                                                                     R329.00
 T-2514              Toca Piccolo Cabasa Shaker                                   NEW                         R179.00
 T-2512              Toca Claves Rosewood                                                                     R109.00
 T-3512              Toca Claves Hardwood                                                                      R49.00
 SYNERGY              Congas Wood W Red or Blue 10” 11” on Double Stand           NEW    SPECIAL             R1895.00
 2000BK               Toca Congas Fibreglass 9”+ 10”with Single stands                                       R1895.00
 4010                 Toca Congas Fibreglass 10”+ 11” w.Dbl Stand Red or Black           REDUCED             R2395.00
 2800N/NBS            Toca Congas Wood Natural w. double stand or single.stands          REDUCED    R2495.00&R2295.00

3911SET         Toca Traditional Conga set 11”&11 ¾” (SET OF THREE R7495.00)                                     R4995.00
3912 ½          Toca Traditional Conga 12 ½”                                                                     R2595.00
TFROG           Toca Ribbit Frog                                                                                  R129.00
4330-T          Toca Agogo Bells Chrome Hand Held                                                                 R229.00
4354-T         Toca Triple Fusion Cowbells with clamp                                                             R499.00
4345T           Toca Cowbell “Clave Bell” 3 ½”                                                                    R149.00
4424-T          Toca Cowbell White 4 ½”                                                                           R179.00
4425/6/7T        Toca Cowbell White 5 3/4”; 6”Bongo Bell; 7” Mambo Bell                                       R189.00each
4428T           Toca Cowbell White 8”Timbale Bell                                                                 R199.00
3325T           Toca Cowbell 5-3/4 Black “Players” series                                                         R149.00
3326-T          Toca Cowbell 6 7/8 “Black “Players “series                                                        R159.00
T-2101/2212     Toca 10” Round Metal shaker &12” Square Metal Shaker                                          R169.00each
T-2106          Toca Egg Shaker Multi-coloured                                                     REDUCED R10.00 each
T-2151B         Toca Shekere Large Black                                                                          R699.00
T-2526          Toca Guiro Fibreglas Black                                                                        R279.00
T-3106,08,10   Toca Shaker Small, Medium,Large                                                       R69.00,R79.00,R89.00
TGS            Toca Globe Shaker New Design             (!!!!!!!tray of 6 pcs R499.00)                             R89.00
T03130         Toca Maracas Small                                                                                  R55.00
T-3131         Toca Maracas Black Large                                                                            R85.00
T-2110         Toca Supertone Maracas White                                                                      R119.00
T-WM            Toca Wood Maracas (indigenous type)                                                              R159.00
T-2111         Toca Wooden Agogos w mallet                                                                        R129.00
TD-JHLMTP1      Toca 8” Black Wood Drumset Tambourine w hoop & clamp             NEW                              R299.00
T-2530         Toca Cast Finger cymbal set (2 pairs)                            NEW                               R129.00
T-2502         Toca Tambourine Superlight, Double Jingles                                                         R139.00
T-2602         Toca Half-Moon Tambourine Black                                                                     R89.00
T1075/1009     Toca Tambourine with head 7” and 9” single jingles                 NEW                      R89.00&R99.00
T1010H          Toca Tambourine with head 10” dble jingles                                                        R129.00
T-3207SE        Toca Players series Frame Drum 7” w. mallet                                                        R89.00
T-213          Toca Timbales “Players” series 13” + 14” incl. Stand                                              R1395.00
T-216          Toca Timbales Steel 14” +15” incl Stand and cowbell                                               R2495.00
T-315          Toca Timbales 14” + 15” Steel w.stand                                     REDUCED                R1795.00
T-2509         Toca Triangle 6” Bossa w. btr                                                                       R99.00
T-2508         Toca Triangle 10” w. btr                                                                           R129.00

ADPT/ADRC      Toca African Djembe sizes 7”,8” (Natural Teak or Chocolate Brown)                         R329.00&R499.00
ADPT/ADRC      Toca African Djembe sizes 10”, 12”,13”                                           R699.00&R1095&R1395.00
SYNERGY        Toca Djembes sizes 7”, 8”, 10”, 12” NATURAL & BLACK                       R299.00 R450.00; R699.00; R999.00
SYNERGY        Toca Freestyle Djembe 9”,10”. (Synthetic) powerful sound ,big bass        NE W           R399.00&R599.00
SYNERGY        Toca Freestyle Djembe 12”,14”(NEW)                                                            R850&R1095

SYNERGY           Toca Freestyle Doumbek 9”                                       NE W                    R299.00
SDMINI            Toca Mini Djembe 4”                                                                       R99.00
BBD12             Toca 12” Bamboo drum carved                                                              R109.00
TMBG/LBG          Toca Mini Bamboo Guiro/ Large Bamboo Guiro                                        R39.00&R69.00
DIDG              Toca Didgeridoo (various patterns)                                                       R199.00
T-Rain 24”&39”    Toca Rain Stick(Bamboo) 24” and 39”                                             R149.00&R199.00
T-SS              Toca Seed Shell Shaker on handle                                                          R99.00
T-GS              Toca Guiro Shaker                                                                        R149.00
T-DC              Toca Dream Chime 26 Bars                                        REDUCED                 R159.00
T-BRS             Toca Rattan & Ball Shaker                                                                 R69.00
T-CK              Toca Coconut Kalimba                                            REDUCED                  R79.00
T-CSGB            Toca Coconut Shekere                                                                    R119.00
T-GC              Toca Gecko Clacker                                                                       R109.00
T-FROG            Toca Ribbit Frog Guiro                                    NEW                            R139.00
Istanbul          Darbuka Plain or Hand Hammered Model 4 or 5                                     R359.00&R399.00
Istanbul          Darbuka Egypt Model Black Vinyl No:6                                                     R799.00

WB01        Dadi Wind Chimes 24 bar with stand                                    NEW                     R350.00
WB02        Dadi Wind Chimes 24 bar      (no stand)                               NEW                     R239.00
WRM004      Finger Cymbals Brass per pair                                                                  R39.00
WANG        Chickitas (mini maracas on handle) red                                                         R39.00
HA1179B/MA2 Maracas Wood/Soft Plastic                                                                   R99.00each
HA1109      Woodblock White wood w btr                                                                     R59.00
WANG        Castanets wood black & red                                                                     R39.95
WPRM005     Maple Claves                                                                                   R29.00
WPHB03      Hand bell 3 bells                                                                              R29.00
WPHDN08/10 8” &10”& 12” Hand drum (Maple)                                                R109.00&R129.00& R149.00
WTM0808B/1008B Tambourine w. head Blue Synthetic Head and Shell. Strong!!                        R129.00& R139.00
HAT6S/T8B 6” Tambourine w.head;single row & 8” Headless Wood single row                      SPECIAL       R49.00
HA1126       8” Tambourine w.calf skin head;single row                                       SPECIAL       R69.00
HAT10S      10” Tambourine w.calf skin head;single row                                       SPECIAL       R89.00
HA2115-S    10” Tambourine w.calf skin head; single row tunable                                           R129.00
HA2115-D    10” Tambourine w.calf skin head;double row tunable                                            R149.00
DAMT5        Dadi Kid,s Tambourine var.colours                                                SPECIAL      R29.00
DADT1        Dadi Drum set Tambourine black or red                                                        R129.00
WANG         Agogo Bells                                                                                  R129.00
DAMT4        Dadi Half MoonTambourine var.colours                                                          R69.00
DAMT1        Dadi Double Half Moon Tambourine                                                              R89.00
DAMT60102 Dadi 10” Dbl.Tunable Tambourine                                         NEW                      R99.00

DAMT6081       Dadi 8” Sgl Tunable Tambourine                                      NEW                 R79.00
DABLH03/LL04 Dadi Jam Block High (blue)                                                               R149.00
DABSB05        Dadi Sambago Bells (pair)                                                              R199.00
DABSH01&BSL02 Dadi Blast Block High(red) &Low(green)                                           R99.00 & 129.00
DA             Dadi Slide Whistle                                                                      R99.00
DA             Dadi Kazoo var.colours                                                                 R8.00ea
DA             Dadi Sleighbells 20mm & 25mm                                                    R79.00& R99.00
DAWRB420       Dadi Wrist Bells for children ( per pair)                                               R35.00
DA             Dadi 6” Triangle w.btr                                                                  R29.00
DA             Dadi Tri Tone Whistle                                                                   R19.00
BKP            5” Triangle w. beater                                                                   R49.00
WPC5RM         Rhythm Sticks Red coloured pair                     NEW                                 R19.00
BKGL17A       Glockenspiel 17notes black and white                                                    R399.00
WPGA30        Glockenspiel Orchestral 2 ½ oct.                         NEW         REDUCED            R995.00
WPGA300B Glockenspiel Orchestral 2 ½ oct. Professional                                        R7995.00
WPXYL-13S Xylophone Rosewood diatonic C2-A3 Soprano w.extra f # ,bflat.                              R1695.00
WPXYL-13A Xylophone Rosewood diatonic C1-A2 Alto w.extra f#,bflat.                                   R1895.00
WPXYL_13B Xylophone Rosewood diatonic C-A1 Bass w extr f#,bflat                                      R3395.00
WPGP440B Xylophone Rosewood 44 notes 3 1/2oct. for small orchestra in case   NEW                     R6995.00
WPWX370/WX440 Xylophone rosewood on portable stand 3 ½ Oct.            NEW                          R12995.00
WPWM049C Marimba Light Rosewood 4 octaves on portable stand                  NEW                    R19500.00
WPWM052C Marimba Light Rosewood 4 1/3 octaves on stand                                              R23950.00

AMERICAN CLASSIC Nylon or Wood Tip: 2B, 3A, 5A, 5B, 7A, Jazz, Rock etc (p.p.)                          R89.00
AMERICAN CUSTOM (Maple) SD1, SD2, SD4, SD7,                                                            R89.00
SIGNATURE: Weckl, Gadd, Hakim, Erskine, BuddyRich, WUV,Danny Carey ETC                                 R99.00
NOVA (GOOD 2         QUALITY) 7AN, 5AN, 5BN,ROCKN, 5AWOOD, 7AW.                                        R39.95
Steve Gadd, Jazz & Heritage Brushes                                                               R199.00each
Rute (Hot Rods)202,303,505,606; Jazz Rake; Rock Rake                                                  R199.00
SD6 Double Sided &WTPM Percussion Mallets Felt                                                        R199.00
GB1, GB2 Gong Mallets Large & Small                                                                   R499.00
T3CB &T1CB Timpani Mallets Staccato &General also for Toms & Cymbals                                  R299.00
AQUARIAN GRAPHITE “LITE” STICKS 3A,5A.with handle or without                 NEW              R129.00&R139.00
BKWB         Wire Brushes Telescopic Budget                                                           R129.00
BKMBTR       Marching Bass Drum Mallets Aluminium High Quality (Single)                             R99.00EA
BKMBBW       Marching Bass Drum Mallets Wood Pair                            NEW                       R99.00
BKMTB       Marching Tenor Drum Mallets Pair                                 NEW                       R79.00
Wang         Yarn Mallets for Cymbals,Marimba Soft,Med,Hard Pair                             REDUCED R249.00
Wang         Glockenspiel,Xylophone Mallets Soft, Med. Hard Pair                                  From R89.00

BKC16       ¾ Steel String Cheapest Guitar on the market                                      R259.00
BKC8         38” Steel String                                                                 R299.00
BKGCL       39” Classic Guitar                                            REDUCED             R359.00
BKGW         41” Western Guitar                                           REDUCED             R469.00
BKS1        38”” Western Guitar Cutaway var.colours                                           R359.00
BKS1EG      38” Western Guitar Cutaway w pick up                          NEW                 R499.00
BKC4EG      39” Classic Guitar Cutaway w pick up                          NEW                 R549.00
BKD26       41” Western Guitar Spruce Top Quality                                             R999.00
EB1          4 String “Jazzy” Electric Bass Guitar                                            R995.00
EB19         5 String “Jazzy”Electric Bass Guitar                                            R1495.00

CL11           30” Nylon String ½ size                                                        R299.00
CL34           36” Nylon String, ¾ size Cedar Top                                             R399.00
CL80           39” Nylon string, Cedar Top                                                    R499.00
CL85           39” Classic Concert Nylon String                                               R799.00
MT104-N        41” Western Natural Spruce Top                                                 R599.00
EAMT104N       41” Western Natural Spruce Top w. 4 band active EQ   NEW   REDUCED             R995.00
MT105          41” Western Flame Maple Top: Amber, S/Burst, Black                             R699.00
EM105          41” Western Cutaway Maple Top w.mult.1V/1T preamp                             R1095.00
EAMT105        41” Western Cutaway Maple Top w. 4 band active EQ    NEW                      R1295.00

BKTR        Sonata Trumpet with Case                                                         R1195.00
FT6419-IL   Sonata Flugel Horn                                                               R2495.00
BKTRO       Sonata Trombone with Case Alto or Tenor                                 R1295.00&R1495.00
FT737L       Sonata Tuba (Bass Tuba)                                                         R9995.00
FT732L       Sonata Euphonium ( Tenor Tuba)                                                  R4995.00
BKFL         Sonata Silver flute with Case                                                   R1295.00
FT6430L/FT6433L Sonata ALTOSaxophone ,SOPRANO saxophone                                    R2995.00 ea
BKFEN3/4,4/4 Sonata 3/4 Violin with Case; 4/4 with case                                       R499.00
BKSY         Sonata Violin with Case 3/4 or 4/4                                               R699.00
BKCEL        Sonata Trumpet , Trombone & F.Horn Mouth pieces                               R149.00EA

EG220         Electric Guitar 9 super light                                         REDUCED      R25.00
AG240         Acoustic Guitar Phosph.Bronze Light 12 in plastic bag                              R25.00
CG230         Classic Guitar Nylon                                                               R25.00
EB140,148,149 Electric Bass 40,45                                                             R79.00EA
J-Q-S1       String winder                                                                        R9.00
GPP1          Guitar Pitch Pipe                                                                  R19.00
GP006        Guitar Capo                                                                         R29.00
CP002/FP002 Dadi Capo Classic & Western Budget                                                 R9.00EA
R0-1         Rosin                                                                               R10.00
V130         Violin Strings; Violin Shoulder Rest1/4,1/2,4/4                                  R49.00EA
V118         Cello Strings                                                                       R69.00
DR-28        Recorder Baroque System                                                             R29.00
KA1          Kazoo Budget                                                                         R8.00
DPICK        Dadi Picks Loose                                                                  R2.00EA

CL1, CL2                Classic Guitar Nylon w.or without ball ends                              R59.00
CG10, 11                Country Gold Ph.Bronze superior quantity                                 R79.00
JK9, 10,11, 12,         Acoustic Guitar Phosphor Bronze                                          R59.00
R9,10, 11,RH10          Electric Guitar Nickel (includes free extra first string)               R49.00
RS6000                  Violin Pro Set                                                          R89.00
009,010,011,012         Single Guitar Strings                                                  R6.00EA
NRC4                    Nylon Single 4 th string                                                R12.00
RS65                     Banjo Swanee                                                           R79.00
RB40, 45                Bass Guitar Strings Budget                                             R169.00
RB45-5                   Bass Guitar 5 String Budget                                           R199.00
66LC, 66LD              Bass Guitar Strings Round wound 40,45                                  R199.00
665LC, 665LD            Bass Guitar 5 String Round wound 40,45                                 R269.00
666LC/LD                Bass Guitar Strings 6 string                                           R349.00
77LD, 88LD              Bass Guitar Strings Flatwound & Black Nylon                            R399.00
775LD,885LD             Bass Guitar 5 string Flatwound & Black Nylon                           R459.00
RDB66LC, LD             Bass Guitar Stings Double Ball End                                     R299.00
RDB665LC,LD             Bass Guitar Strings 5string Double Ball End                            R399.00
BS66,SM66,FM66          Billy Sheehan Bass Set Steel; Hybrid set; Funkmaster Set               R199.00
RSSTRI                  Guitar Strap Budget Black                                               R39.00
Leads                   High Quality Lead 10ft & 20 ft                              R99.00&R139.00 each
Leads                   Economy Lead Good Quality 10ft & 20 ft                           R49.00&R59.00


M0602DVD      21st Century Guitar Meth. No. 1 & CD & DVD &CHORD DICT.        BEST VALUE   R299.00
EL03842/43/44CD 21st Century Guitar Method No.1/2/3 &CD                                    R149.00
BK100CD        Ultimate Beginners Acoustic Guitar & CD BEST SELLING                        R129.00
BK101CD        Ultimate Beginners Electric Guitar & CD    BEST SELLING                     R129.00
WB0058CD       Beyond Basics Acoustic.Slide gtr                                            R149.00
WB0059B        Beyond Basics Acoustic Blues Guitar & CD                                    R149.00
WB0060B        Beyond Basics Finger Style Guitar & CD                                      R149.00
BK103CD       Ultimate BeginnersBlues Guitar & CD                                          R149.00
WB4587A       Jam with Hank Marvin &CD                                                     R299.00
WB4586A       Jam with Gary Moore &CD                                                      R299.00
IM6609A       In Session Korn &CD                                                          R249.00
WB9701A       Essential Acoustic Playlist Bk              BEST SELLING                     R149.00
WB9808A       Essential Acoustic Strumalong               NEW                              R149.00
WB9806A       Classic Acoustic Playlist Bk                BEST SELLING                     R149.00
WB9844A       Classic Acoustic Strumalong                                                  R149.00
WB0334B       Great Jazz Standards Anthology for Guitar & CD                               R199.00
WB0609B       Jazz Guitar Bebop & Beyond                  NEW                              R229.00
WB0654B        Classic + Fingerstyle Guitar                                                R229.00
MU00697282 Fast Track Guitar 1 & CD                       BEST SELLING                     R139.00
MU00697286 Fast Track Guitar 2 & CD                       NEW                              R139.00
WB0393B        Guitar Chord Casebook                       BEST SELLING                     R69.00
WB0394,5,6,7,8B Guitar Blueslicks,Rocklicks,Scales,Modes,Rockjams Casebook                R69.00ea
WB0669B        Guitar Left-hand Chord Book                                                  R69.00
WB0748B        Guitar Picture Chord Case Book 250 pages NEW                                R149.00
WBQC001        Quick Chord Guitar& CD                     NEW                              R129.00
WB673247      Steve Vai Gtr.Styles & Technique &CD                                         R229.00
WB695684      Steve Vai Ultra Zone &CD                                                     R229.00
WB695223      Steve Vai Alien Love &CD                                                     R229.00
WB695079       Rolling Stones Sig Lks                                                      R249.00
REHBK009CD Joe Pass on Guitar &CD                                                          R199.00
BK004CD       Robin Ford Playing the Blues &CD                                             R249.00
WB0349B       John Petrucci Wild Stringdom & CD                                            R179.00
1844920313    Crash Course Acoustic Guitar &CD                        NEW                  R129.00
184492016X Xtreme Electric Guitar &CD                                                      R129.00
DRM115        Moore Take it to the streets &CD                        NEW                  R299.00

905013DVD       Joe Pass “An Evening With” Guitar Concert,Clinic,   NEW                   R299.00
907269DVD       Joe Pass Jazz Lines                                 NEW                   R299.00
904154DVD       Petrucci Rock Discipline Guitar                                           R450.00
901908DVD       Hot Nashville Guitar                                                      R199.00
999043DVD       Ultimate Beginner Xpress Acoustic Guitar                                  R129.00
905665DVD       Ultimate Beginner Junior Series Guitar                                    R169.00
902596DVD       Ultimate Beginner Series Electric Guitar                                  R229.00
901904DVD       Ultimate Beginner Series Classic Blues Guitar                             R249.00
902597DVD       Ultimate Beginner Series Acoustic Guitar                                  R229.00
903626DVD       Beyond Basics Blues Guitar                                                R229.00
903627DVD       Beyond Basics Funk Guitar                                                 R229.00
903629DVD       Beyond Basics Rock Guitar                                                 R229.00
903630DVD       Beyond Basics Acoustic Blues Guitar                                       R229.00
903631DVD       Beyond Basics Fingerstyle Solo Guitar                                     R229.00
907122DVD       Yngwie Malmsteen                                    NEW                   R299.00
906729DVD       Laurence Juber The Guitarist                        NEW                   R299.00
904155DVD       Frank Gambale Chopbuilder                                                 R499.00
904225DVD        Frank Gambale Modes no Mystery                                           R450.00
904818DVD        Frank Gambale Monster Lks                                                R499.00
904819DVD        Frank Gambale Concert with Class                                         R450.00
905010DVD        Ultimate Beginner Series Blues Guitar                                    R249.00

902987DVD   Albert Lee Country Legends                               R359.00
908074 DV   Albert Lee Live from Mars                                R199.00
903957DVD   Steve Morse Essential Highlights                         R199.00
908106DVD   Al di Meola                                              R269.00
MU320377DVD 50 Licks Blues Style guitar                              R149.00
MU320380DVD 50 Licks Rock Style guitar                               R149.00
MU320379DVD 50 licks Jazz Style guitar                               R149.00
POL13013DVD Barney Kessel Rare Perf.1962-91                          R299.00
POL13064DVD World of Fingerstyle Jazz Gtr                            R299.00
POL13009DVD Legends of Jazz vol.1                                    R299.00
POL13033DVD Legends of Jazz vol.2                                    R299.00
POL13043DVD Legends of Jazz vol.3                                    R299.00
POL13067DVD Martin Taylor in Concert                                 R299.00
POL13073DVD Joe Pas The Genius Of                                    R299.00
320293DVD    Fender Get Start Elect Gtr Keith Wyatt 3 hours          R299.00
320294DVD    Fender Get Start Acoustic Gtr Wyatt                     R299.00
907756DVD    Herb Ellis Swing Jazz Soloing                           R269.00
903956DVD    Robben Ford Highlights                                  R199.00
904224DVD    Robben Ford Playing the Blues                           R450.00
908063DVD    Robben Ford Back to the Blues                           R299.00
900208552    No Excuses Guitar Guide DVD/CD              NEW         R299.00

BK0050CD       John Patitucci Ult. Play Along & CD vol.1             R249.00
BK0064CD       John Patitucci Ultimate Play-along1 &CD vol.2         R249.00
BK300CD        Ultimate Beginner Bass Basics &CD BEST SELLING        R129.00
EL9707CD       Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves &CD                           R229.00
WB0138B        Classic Rush Bass Anthology Series                    R299.00
MU00697284     Fast Track Bass Basics 1 &CD                          R139.00
MU00697294     Fast Track Bass Basics 2 &CD                  NEW     R139.00
WBBK0005CD     Jaco Pastorius Modern Electric Bass                   R249.00
WBBK0006CD     John Patitucci Electric Bass                          R249.00
WB0738B        Bill Dickens Funk Bass & CD                           R229.00
WB0449B        Classic Funk &R+B &CD                                 R199.00
WB0618B        Classic Jazz For Bass Vol.2                    NEW    R199.00
1844920348     Xtreme Bass Book &CD                           NEW    R129.00
F3389BGXCD     Bailey & Wooten Bass Extremes & CD                    R229.00
21982          Billy Sheehan Bass Basics Bk&CD                NEW     R99.00
21979          Billy Sheehan Advance Bass Bk &CD              NEW     R99.00

902598DVD       Ultimate Beginner Series Bass Basics                 R229.00
903159DVD       Pastorius Modern Electric Bass                       R399.00
905699DVD       Rufus Reid Evolution Bassist                         R299.00
907129DVD       Bass Extremes Wooten &Bailey                         R299.00
320336DVD       Bass Day ‟98                                         R299.00
320383DVD       Nathan East Business Of Bass Guitar                  R299.00
320306DVD       Wooten/Beauford Making Music                         R369.00
320422DVD       Prestia Live @ Bass Day „98                          R299.00
320425DVD       Patitucci Band Live in N.Y City                      R249.00
MU700260        Wooten live @ Bass Day 98 DVD                        R399.00
904911DVD       Bill Dickens The Collection DVD                      R329.00
900208569       No Excuses Bass Guide DVD/CD                         R299.00
21984DVD        Billy Sheehan Bass Basics                      NEW   R199.00
21981DVD        Billy Sheehan Advance Bass                     NEW   R199.00

BK200CD       Ultimate Beginner Keyboard Basics &CD                      R129.00
WB7178A       Take the Lead Jazz Piano &CD                               R149.00
WB9890A       Take the Lead Huge Hits Piano&CD                           R149.00
WB7716A       Take the Lead Rock‟n Roll Piano &CD                        R149.00
WB7441A       Take the Lead #1 Hits &CD                                  R149.00
MU00697283    Fast track Keyboards 1 &CD                                 R139.00
MU00697293    Fast Track Keybords 2 &CD                NEW               R139.00
MU00697292    Fast Track Keybords Chords & Scales with CD    NEW         R139.00
MU290486      Jazz Chord Progressions                                    R129.00
EL9706CD      Afro-Cuban Keyboard Grooves                                R229.00
SB73          Topics in Jazz Piano Improvisation                         R149.00
0606B          Jazz Pianist Left-Hand Voicing                            R229.00

902599DVD    Ultimate Beginner Series Keyboard Basics                    R229.00
904912DVD    Chick Korea Keyboard Workshop                               R399.00
904913DVD    Chich Korea Electric Keyboard Workshop                      R399.00
908075DVD    George Duke Volume 1&2                                      R299.00
900208576    No Excuses Keyboard Guide DVD/CD                            R299.00

IM0117B       Timbal Funk & CD                                             R399.00
BK0007CD      Steve Gadd Up Close&CD                                       R229.00
BK0027CD      Simon Phillips One & CD                                      R299.00
BK0030CD      Dennis Chambers In the Pocket & CD                           R399.00
BK0032CD      Simon Phillips Returns &CD                                   R229.00
BK0047CD      Chad Smith Red Hot Rhythms                                   R229.00
BK0004CD      Afro-Cuban Grooves for Bass & Drums & CD                     R299.00
BK0056CD      John Riley The Art of Bop Drumming & CD                      R299.00
BK0070CD      John Riley Beyond Bop Drumming &CD                           R299.00
BK0022CD      Dave Weckl Contemporary Drummer & One & CD                   R359.00
BK0013CD      Dave Weckl Back to Basics &CD                                R299.00
BK0014CD      Dave Weckl Next Step &CD                                     R299.00
BK0048CD      Dave Weckl Ult.Play Along 1 &CD                              R299.00
BK0063CD      Dave Weckl Ult.Play Along2 &CD                               R249.00
EL03959CD     Beginning Steel Drums & CD                                   R199.00
BK0043CD      New Orleans Drumming & CD                                    R299.00
IM3901A       How to Play Latin Instr. Book                                R149.00
BK001CD       Ultimate Beginner Drum Basics &CD           BEST SELLING     R129.00
HAB00010A     Latin American Percussion                    NEW             R159.00
HAB00014A     Authentic Bongo Rhythms Book                                 R129.00
HAB00012A     Authentic Conga Rhythms Book                                 R129.00
PERC9620CD    Essence of Afro-Cuban Percussion &CD                         R399.00
MU10358       Bodhran Hand Drum Book                                       R129.00
0111B         Changuito Master Approch To Timbales                         R329.00
AL20610       Drum Circle Guide to World Percussion & CD                   R259.00
AL20609       Drum Circle Guide to World Percussion                        R129.00
AL20617      All About Djembe & CD                                         R249.00
AL19328      Handdrums For Beginners & Cd                                  R229.00
AL19327      Handdrums For Beginners                                        R95.00
MU10019       Djembefola &CD                                               R249.00
AL017326     Hand Drum Essentials                                          R129.00
6620053      Polyrhythms The Musicians Guide                               R299.00
MU2500337    1001 Drum Grooves                                             R229.00
MU00697285    Fast Track Drums 1 &CD                                       R139.00
MU00697295    Fast Track Drums 2 &CD                      NEW              R139.00
AL17308      Progressive Steps To Syncopation for Mod.Drummers              R89.00
AL20427      How to Set Up Your Drum Kit                                    R69.00
AL20426      How To Tune Your Drums                                         R69.00
AL2427       Afro Latin Rhythms                                             R69.00

0112B          Buddy Rich Jazz Leg. 1917-1987                            R259.00
0570B         Jungle Drum & Bass For Acoustic Drum Kit                   R299.00
0465B         Savage Rudimental Workshop                                 R299.00
0560B         Marco Minneman Extreme Interdependence       NEW           R299.00
0725B         Marco Minneman Ult.Playalong                               R299.00
0752B         Virgil Donati Ult.Playalong                                R299.00
0681B         Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer                 R299.00
2500278       Conga Cookbook &CD                                         R299.00
317063       Art Of Tambourine & Triangle playing                        R149.00
317120       Primary Handbook For Snare Drum                             R199.00
50449429     Berklee Practice Method Drums.                              R249.00
50449513     Instant Drum Set                                            R239.00
50449458     The Reading Drummer                                         R159.00
6631619      New Breed Drum                                              R169.00
660125       New Breed II The Sequel                                     R179.00
6620016      Complete Drum Set Rudiments                                 R199.00
6620603      Complete Book of Drum Fills                                 R149.00
6620602      Art of Mod.Jazz Drumming ( Jack Dejohnette)                 R199.00
0730B        Unreel Drum Book                                            R349.00
EL03920CD    Essence of Brazilian Percussion                             R299.00
EL9602CD     Drum Set Soloist                            NEW             R229.00
0434B        Play Congas Now                                             R199.00
0444B        Horacio Hernandez Conversations in Clave                    R229.00
MU330257     Drummers Studio Survival Guide                              R129.00
1844920194   Xtreme Drums Bk&CD               NEW                        R129.00
1860744354   100 Tips For Drums BK&CD        NEW                         R249.00
1844920143   Crash Course Drums &CD          NEW                         R129.00

700271DVD    Mike Portnoy Liquid Drum Theatre      2DVD‟S              R599.00
700381DVD    Buddy.Rich Lost West Side Story                           R399.00
905668DVD    Ultimate Beginner Junior Series Drums           NEW       R169.00
999047DVD    Ultimate Beginner Xpress Drum Styles                      R129.00
902600DVD    Ultimate Beginner Series Drum Basics                      R229.00
902971DVD    Carter Beauford Under The Table & drumming over 3 hours   R599.00
903976DVD    Bobby Rock – Zen Of Drumming                              R429.00
904497DVD    Russ Miller Drumset Crash Course                          R299.00
904909DVD    Weckl Back To Basics                      BEST SELLING    R249.00
904910DVD    Weckl Next Step                                           R249.00
905653DVD    Marco Minnemann Extreme Interdependence                   R359.00
903792DVD    Buddy Rich Jazz Legend                                    R429.00
905854DVD    Ult. Beginner series Bongo Basics                         R229.00
905855DVD    Ult. Beginner series Conga Basics                         R229.00
905856DVD    Ult. Beginner Series Djembe Basics                        R229.00
904820DVD    Steve Gadd In Session                      NEW            R399.00
904821DVD    Steve Gadd Up Close                                       R399.00
906354DVD    Gene Krupa Jazz Legend                     NEW            R399.00
908066DVD    Babatunde Olatunji African drums            NEW           R249.00
904914DVD    Chad Smith Red Hot Rhythms                 NEW            R359.00
904156DVD    Dennis Chambers In The Pocket              NEW            R359.00
908067DVD    Drum Along Circle                          NEW            R229.00
908065DVD    Ed Thigpen Essence Of Brushes              NEW            R259.00
905858DVD    Russ Miller Drumset Tuning                                R199.00
320398DVD    Jeff Porcaro Instructional Drums             NEW          R199.00
320343DVD    Steve Smith Drumset History US 2DVD                       R699.00
320349DVD    John Blackwell Tech Groove Show Double DVD                R499.00
320391DVD    Drummers Collective 25th /BS Day 02 2DVD                  R699.00
320404DVD    Modern Drummer Festival 2003                              R699.00
320405DVD    Thomas Lang Creative Control 2DVD             NEW         R699.00
320335DVD    Classic Drum Solos &Battles                               R349.00
320424DVD    Salute to Buddy Rich                          NEW         R249.00
320434DVD    Billy Ward Big Time Drums                     NEW         R399.00

320440DVD    Mike Portnoy Progressive Drum Concepts                     R259.00
320445DVD    Steve Gadd American drum Achiev.Awards 2DVD    NEW         R699.00
320446DVD    Tommy Igoe Groove essentials Drums              NEW        R299.00
320470DVD    Ult. Drum weekend 10th Anniversary             NEW         R399.00
320471DVD    Ult. Drum weekend 11th Anniversary             NEW         R399.00
320479DVD    Smith / Paice Live Performance                  NEW        R299.00
320480DVD    Greg Bissonette Drum Different Styles   2DVD    NEW        R699.00
700183DVD    Modern Drum.Festival 2000                                  R499.00
700238DVD    Tommy Igoe Getting Started on Drums             NEW        R259.00
700458DVD     Snare Drum Basics                              NEW        R199.00
700579DVD    Akira Jimbo “Wasabi”                                       R469.00
700590DVD    Akira Jimbo “ Fujiyama”                                    R399.00
700700DVD    Rick Latham Adv. Funk studies                              R469.00
700326DVD    Classic Jazz Drummers Swing & Beyond                       R329.00
700623DVD    Weckl How to Develop tech                                  R469.00
700634DVD    Weckl How to Practice                                      R469.00
50448012     Basic Afro-Cuban Rhythms DVD                               R299.00
902925DVD    Supernatural Rhythm & Groove                               R399.00
LPV137D      Drum Solos Revisited                        NEW            R199.00
LPV140D      Luis Conte Studio Percussionist DVD        NEW             R199.00
LPV120D      Adv. In Rhythm/Close on Conga DVD           NEW            R239.00
LPV130D      Adv.In Rhythm/Close Bongo /Time DVD        NEW             R299.00
LPV115D      Drumming For Health &Happiness DVD         NEW             R199.00

1844920348   Xtreme Vocals &CD                     NEW                  R129.00
1844920038   Complete Vocal Workout                                     R229.00
MU00695407   Fast Track Harmonica Basics BK&CD                          R139.00
MU00695241   Fast Track Saxophone 1 &CD                         NEW     R139.00
7238A        Take the Lead Swing Tenor Sax & CD                         R149.00
9895A        Take the Lead Huge Hits Alto Sax &CD                       R149.00
EL96113       Eric Marienthal Comprehensive Jazz Studies & Excercises   R229.00
908073DVD     Walter Beasley Sound Production for Sax                   R229.00
908072DVD     Walter Beasly HipHop Improvisation                        R269.00
903369DVD     Ult. Beginner Series Flute                                R229.00
903367DVD     Ult. Beginner Series Alto Sax                             R229.00
903370DVD     Ult. Beginner Series Trumpet             NEW              R229.00
903372DVD     Ult. Beginner Series Violin               NEW             R229.00
903371DVD     Ult. Beginner Series Trombone            NEW              R229.00
903374DVD     Ult. Beginner Series Cello               NEW              R229.00
WB9987A       Sam West Vocal Workout DVD/CD                             R199.00
900208590     No Excuses Harmonica Guide DVD/CD                         R299.00

 Lead Huge Hits Alto Sax &CD                        R149.00
EL96113       Eric M arienthal Comprehensive Jazz Studies & Excercises   R229.00
908073DVD     Walter Beasley Sound Production for Sax                    R229.00
908072DVD     Walter Beasly HipHop Improvisation                         R269.00
903369DVD     Ult. Beginner Series Flute                                 R229.00
903367DVD     Ult. Beginner Series Alto Sax                              R229.00
903370DVD     Ult. Beginner Series Trumpet               NEW             R229.00
903372DVD     Ult. Beginner Series Violin                N EW            R229.00
903371DVD     Ult. Beginner Series Trombone             NEW              R229.00
903374DVD     Ult. Beginner Series Cello                NEW              R229.00
WB9987A       Sam West Vocal Workout DVD/CD                              R199.00
900208590     No Excuses Harmonica Guide DVD/CD                          R299.00


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