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					ICT tools               ICT is used for                                          Links with framework

Learning activities:
Flog entries:           The food blog allows students to share new learnings     The Engagement Theory (Kearsley G. &
   1. Responses to      and reflections. Results to individual quizzes are       Shneiderman B., 1999) focuses on a social-
       food             posted up in their individual “flogs” to allow fellow    constructivist learning environment where
   2. Answers to        students to share and comment on each other‟s eating     opportunities are promoted for students to
       Food Quiz        styles.                                                  present their work to others and receive
                                                                                 critical feedback.

   3. Create a          Using Google Images or Flicker, students can find        In The Big 6 (Eisenberg M., Johnson D., &
      balanced          images of healthy food that will create a balanced       Berkowitz B., 2010) stage 4 of the approach
      lunchbox          lunchbox. In this activity, students develop basic cut   to information problem-solving entails being
                        and paste abilities and research skills.                 able to find useful resources and then extract
                                                                                 the relevant information.

   4. Responses to      With responses, the teacher can assess prior             The 8 learning management questions start
      questions about   knowledge and prior mis-conceptions. It will also set    with LMQ 1- what does my learner already
      advertising       the stage for the advertising element of the lesson      know? (Smith, R., Lynch, D., & Knight, B.
                        journey.                                                 A., 2007)

   5. Extension         The flog is used as a vehicle to extend the students‟    The thinker‟s keys aim to facilitate
      activities-       thinking and develop creativity and out-of-the-box       discussion and promote creativity and
      Thinker‟s Keys    thinking.                                                flexibility and thus it is very important that
                                                                                 student responses are shared. (Brady L.,
                                                                                 2006, p. 60)
   6. Showcase of        Allows students to see each others‟ advertisements     Exhibiting products allow students to
      advertisement                                                             bounce ideas off each other and emphasizes
                                                                                student-centred learning in whole class
                                                                                learning teaching. (Brady L., 2006, p. 124)

   7. Self-reflection/   PMI (de bono, 1994)                                    The PMI coined by Edward De Bono is used
      Evaluation                                                                as a reflection tool here. This allows
                                                                                students to evaluate their own learning,
                                                                                creating a platform for self-directed

Video clips:
   1. Food Gallery       Students watch a video of visually appealing food      This video is used as a hook in the start of
                         and record their reactions. The images are found on    the lesson to get the students interested and
                         the net and consolidated into a video with audio and   curious to investigate their eating styles.
                         animation to keep the students engaged.

   2. How to use a       Students watch videos that explicitly show how to      As stated in The Big 6, stage 3 (location and
      thesaurus and      use a thesaurus in Microsoft word and operate Movie    access) includes students knowing how to
      Movie Maker        Maker.                                                 access technology expertise both in person
      instructional                                                             and virtually. (Eisenberg M., Johnson D., &
      video                                                                     Berkowitz B., 2010)

   3. Culminating      Students use Movie Maker to make a video                 As stated in the Engagement Theory, the
      activity- making advertisement that is used in the Healthy Lifestyles     learning journey should have an outside
      a video          Event                                                    authentic focus with the objective to create
      advertisement                                                             something useful to donate to society.
                                                                                Learning has a real-life purpose. (Kearsley
                                                                                G. & Shneiderman B., 1999) Therefore the
                                                                                    advertisement is used in a Healthy Lifestyles
                                                                                    Event to promote healthy eating.

Learning objects:         Learning objects show how elements of the                 Marc Prensky, in a publication titled Digital
L1297 Garage Beat         advertisement (language, font, colour, placement,         Game-based learning (2003) advocates that
Advertisement             layout, sound) is used to „colour‟ the advertisement.     “highly effective learning tools are the
                          This would have been impossible to illustrate with        combination of most compelling and
L297 Fashion              pen and paper! Students choose and play around with       interactive design elements of the best video
Advertising               the above elements to see the difference it makes to      and computer games with specific curricular
                          the advertisement!                                        content”.

L6172 Ad Campaign-
                          This learning object allows you to identify the factual
Soft Drink
                          and opinion words in an advertisement.

Power point:              The power point allows the teacher to model and           As this is an English unit, the reading and
“Persuasion Strategies”   expose persuasion strategies.                             writing process (Pearson & Gallagher, 1983)
power point                                                                         recognizes modelling/demonstration as the
                                                                                    beginning to explicitly teach declarative
                                                                                    knowledge or procedural processes needed.
Search                    Students search for images and information using          Big 6 (Eisenberg M., Johnson D., &
engines/hyperlinks:       search engines like Google and information sites like     Berkowitz B., 2010)- Stage 3- Location and
Google                    Wikipedia. As these are school computers, controls        access- Students locate and use appropriate
Wikipedia                 are already set and therefore teachers are assured that   information technology resources available
Health related websites   students are not venturing into inappropriate sites.      through the Internet.

Woolworths                Health related websites are given to guide student‟s
choicefoodforkids         search.
Better health
Word document             Students open up word documents to fill in charts         Big 6 (Eisenberg M., Johnson D., &
                          and read spelling lists.                                  Berkowitz B., 2010)- Stage 4- Use of
1. Spelling words   information- Know and be able to use the
2. 5 food groups    software and hardware needed to view and
   table            open documents.
3. Nutrient table
4. Intensifying

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