Make Letter 4 by vgamertch7


									TC HICKEY Mr. Al Dickenson Subscription Services Co. 657 Charlestown Road Phoenixville, PA 19460 Mr. Alex Daniels 529 Roosevelt Parkway W. Hempstead, NY 11552

Dear Mr. Daniels, IS IT A YEAR ALREADY? Yes, believe it or not, Mr. Daniels, time is running out! Act now to renew your subscription to Long Island Monthly. This is the FINAL NOTICE. We will not contact you again Please use the enclosed customer card to ensure that your subscription is renewed. Just check off the one, two, or three-year subscription offer. The longer the term, the lower the per issue cost! Or call 1-800-555-2200 to renew OVER THE PHONE. There is no need to send payments with your renewal! We will bill you later. Remember, this is your FINAL NOTICE. Call 1-800-555-2200! That’s 1-800-555-2200. Act now to avoid missing a single issue of Long Island Monthly. Sincerely,

Al Dickenson tch

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