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Type of assessment


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									Type of          What will be assessed                      Purpose of assessment
Formative        Reflective thoughts about new              The “flog” will be used as an
Assessment-      learnings and demonstrations of work       on-going tracking tool to assess
Blog             products, including use of ICT tools.      students’ progress and document
                 These includes:                            their learning journey. It will
                     1. Insights on personal reactions to   also serve as a showcase for ICT
                         food advertisements                tools learnt, example making a
                     2. Results of food quiz                wordle, movie or uploading
                     3. Creating a balanced lunchbox        images.
                     4. Prior conceptions on
                     5. Making a wordle
                     6. Making a video
Formative        Discussions posted to wiki                 The Wiki will be used as the
Assessment-      Participation in activities                students’ guiding resource to
Wiki                                                        navigate their learning journey.
                                                            Links to pages like What is
                                                            healthy eating?-discussion and
                                                            word play allow students to
                                                            collaboratively learn.
Tests-              1.   Food crossword (Extension)         Standardised assessments will
Crossword,          2.   Nutrient Table (Appendix 3)        be used at checkpoints for
short-answer,       3.   5 Food Groups Classification       consolidation of declarative
classification      4.   Persuasion is All around you       knowledge. It will be used to
exercises                (Appendix A)                       inform students’ understanding
                    5.   Check the strategy(Appendix        and flag areas of confusion.
Self and peer       1.   Responses given in “flog”          This is to encourage reflection
assessment-         2.   Written responses in               on own learning and develop
Blog and                 observation sheet (Appendix G)     metalanguage and meta-
observation         3.   Comments posted on friends’        cognition in the process. Also,
sheet                    contributions                      the process of sharing responses
                                                            and information encourages
                                                            social learning.
Summative           1. Checklist
assessment-         2. Criteria sheet (Appendix F)
debate and

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