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									    How to Hack a Facebook Account
You've reached this page because you are looking for how to hack a facebook account or password - well
today is your lucky day. Stop reading bogus information that either gets you infected with a virus or sending
your own password to some strange email account because thats what most kids are spewing out as how
to hack facebook. READ CAREFULLY, because this is the only real way to hack facebook and the best
information available.

        (fake facebook login pages)

The term Phishing translates to luring your lover to a fake Facebook login page in order to steal their login
information. This is commonly considered hacking. When the login info is entered, they get emailed to you
or saved in a .txt file to be viewed, depending on the setup. This is, by far, the most effective and stealthy
way of entering a Facebook account. You should have a higher than average knowledge of computers to
consider this, or face disaster. You avoid the need to install software on their computer and they usually
have no idea what has happened. This is why many people want to know How to Hack a Facebook
Account and I completely understand.

There have been a lot of ways to get the phishing page to the victim such as changing a Facebook layout
to look like a login page, invisible div overlays (invisible squares that cover a page and go to the fake login
page when clicked), and by sending a spoofed email (an email that looks like it came from Facebook). To
"phish", it takes a bit of chance and also skill with computers, so at this point you're probably wondering
how you can do this yourself. Since phishing is illegal (in most countries), there is no software or product
that you can buy and be backed by support. We HIGHLY advise avoiding "hacking services" also, but they
do exist. Almost anyone that offers to hack for money is going to take your money or even worse, tell on
you. This is why you must absolutely DO IT YOURSELF.

      Spy Software
        (keylogging, works everytime but cost money)

There are many spy software products out (and some free ones), but there is only ONE that will install
silenty without alerting the user they are being monitored - and this works well for hacking facebook
passwords. The only software that works (and i've tested it) is SniperSpy. This software remotely installs to
victims computer over email or instant messenger. No physical access to the remote PC is needed to spy
on the target computer. Once installed you can view stored passwords, logs of keyboard presses,
screenshots of daily acitivty, and all that is needed to hack facebook.
Easier said than done, i know. Well, the truth is, an honest partner will let you have their facebook
password, andif there is nothing they don’t want you to see you will get it still. The reason you should
ask is they might be forthcoming anyways and it will save you the hassle of hacking facebook. If your
partner refuses, it does not necessarily mean they are cheating, but it is a red flag and not normal of a
strong relationship.

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