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					How to Hack MySpace Accounts
Many relationships have been broken because of places like MySpace and Facebook. It is extremely
easy to show your affection for a friend online. This can cause a lot of anger and frustration if there is
the any clue of cheating. Occasionally the envelope is pushed further and your spouse may setup a
“secret myspace” for hiding messages.

Here are some ways you can see what your partner is up to on online:

Install Spy Software (akaa Keylogger)

If you and your spouse live together and you have access to their PC, this should be somewhat easy.
For this situation, I recommend a monitoring software such as AceSpy. You can simply install it on a
computer that they use and it will log all activity on that computer, including capturing the MySpace
password for all accounts they login to. I recommend AceSpy because it has a unique MySpace capture
feature that saves a screenshot of every page visited on the site.

If you don’t live with your partner, it can be a little trickier. The only software that works (and i've
tested it) is SniperSpy. This software remotely installs to your computer through email. No physical
access to the remote PC is needed to spy on the target computer. Once installed you can view the
computer's screen LIVE from anywhere at anytime. You can also view text logs of chat conversations,
web sites and more, along with screenshots.

Phishing (aka Hacking/Cracking)

The term Phishing translates to luring your lover to a fake MySpace login page in order to steal their
login information. This is commonly considered hacking. When the login info is entered, they get
emailed to you or saved in a .txt file to be viewed, depending on the setup. This is, by far, the most
effective and stealthy way of entering a MySpace account. You should have a higher than average
knowledge of computers to consider this, or face disaster. You avoid the need to install software on
their computer and they usually have no idea what has happened. This is why many people want to
"Hack MySpace".

There have been a lot of ways to get the phishing page to the victim such as changing a MySpace
layout to look like a login page, invisible div overlays (invisible squares that cover a page and go to the
fake login page when clicked), and by sending a spoofed email (an email that looks like it came from
MySpace). To "phish", it takes a bit of chance and also skill with computers, so at this point you're
probably wondering how you can do this yourself. Since phishing is illegal (in most countries), there is
no software or product that you can buy and be backed by support. We HIGHLY advise avoiding
"hacking services" also, but they do exist. Almost anyone that offers to hack for money is going to take
your money or even worse, tell on you. This is why you must absolutely DO IT YOURSELF. You may
find the latest information about this at the official How to Hack MySpace site.

Ask them for it

Yeah, that wasn't what you wanted to hear. Well, the truth is, an honest partner will let you have it if
there is nothing they are hiding. By asking, you have an opportunity for your spouse to allow you to
free your doubt. If your partner refuses, it does not necessarily mean they are cheating, but it is a red
flag and can indicate they are hiding something.

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