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Anorexic will answer your questi

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									  Anorexic" will answer your question . Some-          time for you to catch your breath . Who wants                                                                  make an album" (including songs released on
 thing just too squeaky-clean about it, although       to? (PO Box 148010, Chicago, IL 60614-8010)            SHIFT'D-From The Pages Of Chad                          comps, 7-inches and previously unreleased) and
 the lyrics for "Anything Is Fine" and " My Opin-                                                             Muskoka (Crack)                                         the final Sicko show ever is a necessary addi-
 ion" reveal a good amount of anger under the          SECOND COMING-In Denial Of Our Im-                         The pop and the punk and sticking to a fast         tion . You haven't lived until you hear their ren-
 sunshine . So does the tougher hardcore of            permanence (Breakout)                                  'n cuddly sound. From Canada, but the blind-            dition of Van Halen's "Panama" or read about
 "Blanket Of Stars," so out of place with the rest         A second coming of the NYHC style, I sup-          fold test would make one believe Southern Cali-         the hells they encountered on the 1994 tour.
 of the material that one wonders if it 's a piss-     pose, although this band are from the west coast       fornia. Maybe a little more aggressive than that,       (5010 NW Shasta, Corvallis, OR 97330) (Scott)
 take, considering the fluffy lyrics are a com-        and have been around for quite awhile, accord-         but still squishy. Not too savory, either. Quot-
 plete counterpoint. On second thought, I'm not        ing to the press info (I wasn't really familiar        ing "Country Roads, Take Me Home," as they              SILENT MAJORITY-You Would Love to
 that curious . (PO Box 20836, Park West Finance       with them before) . Vocals that are a cross be-        do for "Twenty-Two ." ain't exactly winning             Know (Initial, EP)
 Station, NY, NY 10025)                                tween Ray Cappo and John Joseph and offer-             them coolness points . John Denver? Puh-leeze!              Interesting cross between tough-guy
                                                       ing a bludgeoning mix of thrash and heavier            "News At Noon " does flirt with metal riffs for         hardcore and the Jawbreaker style of post-HC
SAVES THE DAY-Through Being Cool                       riffs . Crunching hardcore in short doses for          a passing moment, but they quickly revert back          crunch . Even though the vocalist bellows his
(Equal Vision)                                         those who enjoy the tougher style, while not           to the jackrabbit pop . The acoustic song, "Jen-        pain, it's free of the hateful, misogynist attitude
   An obvious extension of Saves The Day ' s           wanting to foresake the faster-paced roots . ($6       nifer In Love," that concludes this disc greatly        the tough-guy bands usually have . But it still
rust album, "Through Being Cool" is hook-              ppd, PO Box 1464, San Ramon, CA 94583)                 increases the gag factor. Earnest and eager to          wants to kick your ass . (PO Box 17131, Louis-
laden pop with wicked Kevin Seconds-like vo-                                                                  please, but flying in one ear and out the other.        ville, KY 40217) (Scott)
cals . It's really too bad Equal Vision and the        SECRET HATE-Pop Cult Vomit (Corner-                    And the picture on the cover, of a 12-or-so year
band decided to dummy down their presenta-             stone RAS)                                             old boy, is also creeping me out, because it looks      SILKWORM-Lifestyle (Touch & Go)
tion with a silly teen party motif, which only             The return of this early 80s SoCal punk band,      like Ricky Abel, a kid who used to bully me                 Let's get rid of those Pavement and slacker-
gives off the creepy vibe of 20 year olds trying       with most of the original lineup and two guitar-       mercilessly in my childhood . Argh! (PO Box             rock comparisons once and for all . Silkworm
to act as though they are 14, complete with            ists replacing the late Reggie Rector. Mike Davis      29048, Eaton Place, Winnipeg, MB CANADA                 may sound "lazy" but no more than the Velvet
awkward scenes from a teen house party. Is this        still sounds like he's wound a bit too tight and       R3C 4L1)                                                 Underground or Bedhead sounded "mellow."
hardcore or fucking Seventeen magazine?                there's a dark undertow at work throughout.                                                                     Silkworm, like the other two bands, rocks like
That 's what I ' d like to know . Musically, this is   Maintaining the classic sound, although there          SHIFTERS-Shattered (Radio)                              a motherfucker. Never has laziness sounded so
infectious and wonderful, glossy as all hell, and      are some poppier and balladesque tracks here               A decent blending of garage and '77 style           tight and rocking . This band has been doing this
would be right at home on TV beside whatever           and that makes things drag a little . .. the murder    punk, with a strong melodic sense . Not that the        for over ten years and if you had any brains
pop punk band is kicking ass in the airwaves           ballad "To Speak Of Love" does have some cre-          Shifters can't get nice 'n nasty when they want         you'd pick up their later material . Did I men-
these days . Really, I can't keep track of that        ative imagery, though . Several listens through        to—"Let's Get Cross. "You Ain't Got It" and             tion this band rocks like Oedipus? (PO Box
off. Actually, come to think of it, something          and I'm still finding it uneven, but this is far       "Girls Killing Me" all convey a good amount             25520, Chicago, IL 60625) (Scott)
here just reeks of Green Day. (PO Box 14,              from lightweight fluff . The sense of danger re-       of snarl and attitude, while maintaining the tune-
Hudson, NY, 12534) (Jason)                             mains and that 's appealing. (16572 Burke Lane,        fulness . Definitely a sense of deja-vu, as the         SINKHOLE-Retrospectacles (Dr. Strange)
                                                       Huntington Beach, CA 92647-4538)                       Shifters' style has a long pedigree but, played             Listening to Sinkhole on this compilation of
 SCALPLOCK-On Whose Terms? (Sound                                                                             at the adequate volume, that's not a detriment.         material from their albums, plus 7 unreleased
 Pollution)                                            THE SERVICE-Who's Criminal (GMM)                       (PO Box 1452, Sonoma, CA 95476)                         songs recorded in '97, it's possible I underrated
    When I saw this cover I knew what it was               Having no prior knowledge of this band, I                                                                  them a bit when they were around. Not that
 going to be like, well sort of . The cover is amaz-   really didn't know what to expect when I re-           SHOTWELL/MIAMI-Split (No)                               much, because I was a fan and they played some
 ing; a mosaic of resistance to state and corpo-       ceived it . That is, until I noticed it was on GMM         Mission punk! The home to SF punks, poor            hot sets over the years . But with all the watered-
rate powers . Scalplock have had a few previous        records. Then I knew exactly what to expect.           and working class folks and other wayward               down, soulless punk-pop that's out there these
releases. I've heard a couple of them, but this        The Service is from Milwaukee and play                 souls and the area has been under attack from           days, Sinkhole were certainly one of the better
one is the best yet . Grind speed at times and         decent,competent street punk with the catchy           the forces of the pigs and gentrification. Any-         bands plying that style. Geeky and aching songs,
then tempo changes to give you break from              sing-along chorus that you 'd expect from that         way, these two bands decided to fight back by           dealing with life's little letdowns, but bursting
shaking around and thrashing in the pit long           style of music. Lyrically, they embrace the typi-      grabbing generators and extension chords and            with a frenetic, restless energy and some knock-
enough to realize that they're saying something        cal areas . Beer, friendship and the working class     doing "illegal" punk shows in doorways, pub-            out melodies . Never smarmy, either. The newer
important (though you won't realize this be-           are what these guys are all about, so stay out of      lic transit stations, abandoned fields, etc . .. Both   material doesn't sound like half-assed outtakes
cause the vocals are harsh an unintelligible) . The    their way or you might get a taste of one of           Shotwell and Miami play with a tuneful, seat-           or a band floundering at the end of the line, ei-
lyrics are well written and each song has an           their slap jacks . I like this style of punk rawk.     of-the-pants fervor and joyfulness that hasn ' t        ther—still punchy and catchy. The remainder
explanation to put it into a context to be better      Especially, when downing a few with the lads.          an ounce of contrivance. Miami's vocalist Ivy           features one ear-catching zinger after another,
understood . My biggest complaint is that the          My only complaint is the songs being listed out        has enough raw, raspy soul to wake the passed-          and will have you pondering just what the hell
band offers no way to get in contact with them         of order in the jacket. It makes reading along a       out drunks, before they get rousted. Comes with         is a "Spooge ;" anyway. (PO Box 7000-117, Alta
if you were someone who wanted to get more             pain in the ass. But, then again, so am I . So, the    a booklet telling the whole DIY story and it's          Loma, CA 91701)
information about the content of the lyrics, so I      next time you and the punks are bored, grab            an inspiration . Plus the music is plenty rockin'.
guess you'll have to be satisfied to just rock out.    your pints, hoist em in the air and throw in The       (PO Box 14088, Berkeley, CA 94712)                      SINNER'S CLUB (Mismanaged, EP)
(PO Box 17742, Covington, KY 41017)                    Service . They ' ll have you singing all night long.                                                               Righteous garagey rock 'n roll from Provi-
(Jonathan)                                             Oi! Oi! Oi! (PO Box 15234, Atlanta, GA 30333)          SHUTDOWN-Something To Prove (Victory,                   dence/southern Mass . Snotty/detached vocals
                                                       (Pat)                                                  EP)/Few and Far Between (Victory)                       and mixing up a punk attitude and snarly riffs.
SCISSORFIGHT-New Hampshire (Tortuga)                                                                              A four song EP and a new full-length by this        Would be at home on Estrus or Rip Off . I've
   He-man rock born in the Granite State . The          7 SECONDS-Scream Real Loud . . . Live!                Brooklyn band and showing growth. Full-                 often lamented the fact that this area doesn't
bucolic scenery on the cover art creates a cover,       (Side One Dummy)                                      throttle hardcore played for all it's worth, in-        have many bands playing the raunchier garage
afa£ade for the darkly sinister nature of the tales         I swear, Kevin Seconds must ingest a couple       corporating blistering speed, heavy breakdowns          stuff. .. well, looks like I was wrong. Bassist John
told here . Blood, guts, serial killers, tax pro-       of pots of coffee before he performs because          and a hint of catchiness into a seamless combi-         Darga is a former member of the late, great
testing and it's a volume-soaked hoot.                  he sounds so chipper and hyper. Talking faster        nation. I critiqued the drumming on their first         Wrecking Crew . (319 Union St ., 3N, New
Scissorfight have polished their sound over the         than the Nuge, for chrissakes, but, instead of        album and that's improved dramatically, as well.        Bedford, MA 02740)
course of their tenure as a band. A recreation of      poontang talk, it's about treating women with          Mark Scondotto's bile-filled vocals complement
those hard rockin' sounds they heard growing           respect and watching out for each other.               things perfectly. Made me think of Tim Ensign,          SIXER-Busted Knuckles & Heartbreak
up in their environs, with a healthy dose of Zep-      Awwwww. . . Anyway, here's their second live           at times, and it's cut from a similar muse. And         (TKO, EP)
pelin along the way. "Granite State Destroyer"          album, the first in over a decade and a career        to make it a family affair, Mark's brothers Jon             A rock 'n roll romantic's heart in punk ac-
and "Injection Site" make the levee break, in          retrospective, although I only count a few songs       and Mike join in on a few songs (so does Freddy         coutrements or something like that. The back
particular. "Mountain Man Boogie," on. A funky         between '85 and '99 . Manic hardcore anthems           Madball on the title track of the album) . Con-         panel has 'em walking down a railroad track,
bito 'jammin ' with an almost rap-like cadence         that maintain their resonance and Steve Youth ' s      tinuing the bruising NYHC tradition . (PO Box           one of 'em plucking a guitar and with a Pabst
and ludicrous lyrics—"runnin' through the              bass-playing is the glue that holds it all together.   146546, Chicago, IL 60614)                              logo on his back . It's the sound of the heart-
woods with his dick in his hands" conjures up          All 'yer 7 Sex faves, including "Walk Together,"                                                               land, with Clash, Rancid, Replacements, Social
imagery that's simultaneously revolting and            "This Is The Angry," "In Your Face," "You              SHUTDOWNS-T-75 (Theologian)                             Distortion and Johnny Cash records all piled
hilarious. Scissorfight have turned into quite the     Lose" and still the best version of "If The Kids           An ex-member of the Grabbers in the ranks           up on the changer. Thing is sometimes this Rich-
musical force . (PO Box 15608, Boston, MA              Are United ." There are also a fair number of          and the Shutdowns have a similar approach.              mond band, with ex-Ann Beretta man Leer
02215)                                                 songs from last year's "Good To Go," which             Basic, guitar-driven punk rock 'n roll drawn            Baker on guitar and vocals, opt for sentimen-
                                                       was the back-to-the-roots album . One can pon-         from garage and nuts 'n bolts California                tality over fierce rockin'ness and that's to their
 SCREECHING WEASEL-Teen Punks In                       der why they're still out there treading the           stylings . Nothing complicated or fancy and the         detriment. They get it right for scruffy and me-
 Heat (Panic Button)                                   boards as middle age approaches, but one could         songs have an inherent catchiness to go with            lodic "Truth Hurts" and "Fallen Angel," both
  Ben Weasel is a tortured soul or, if not tor-        say the same thing about the editor of this here       the chordal attack. We don't have a lot of bands        also available on a 7." Overall, though, this band
tured, he still has a lot on his mind and will tell     'zine (ahem!), so we'll put those thoughts aside      doing this sort of thing in Boston and they don't       doesn't really connect with me . (PMB #103,
you what he's thinking in no uncertain terms.          and start the pit . Go! (6201 Sunset Blvd ., Suite     come through town a lot, either. Wish that could        4104 24th St., SF, CA 94114)
A grumpy 30-something man, obsessed with his           211, Hollywood, CA 90028)                              be reversed. S&M-styled cover might annoy
obsessions—women, life, punk rock photogra-                                                                   some. (PO Box 1070, Hermosa Beach, CA                   SKULL KONTROL-ZZZZZZ . .. . (Touch &
phers—and has advice to the young 'uns to not          SHAI HULUD/ANOTHER VICTIM-A                            90254)                                                  Go, EP)
get bogged down in dead-end life . The                 Whole New Level of Sickness (Trustkill)                                                                           Fuckers. Once again, Chris Thomson is in-
soundtrack for these ruminations is a selection            Heavy, post-HC Black Flag/Deadguy                  SICKO-A Brief History Of Sicko (Mutant                  volved with a band, they put out some brain-
of irresistable, gut-punching pop/punk tunes.          downtuned, in-yo-face rock. Lyrics (especially         Pop)                                                    grabbing recordings and then the band folds
Still a master of the craft, with a buzzing and        by Another Victim) rip apart enforced hetero-              One of the few pop-punk bands that deserved         before I can see them live. Fuckers. Anyway,
high-energy take on classic melodic punk . A           sexuality and misogyny and mindless consum-            the ink that was written about them. This Se-           here's the second EP for Skull Kontrol and it
crack lineup, with Teen Idol Phil now on board         erism, always a nice touch, especially for all         attle band combined mature (that's meant as a           provides a torrent of jarring, against-the-grain
as a guitarist, joining Jughead, Lumley and            the macho fuckheads who tend to like this mu-          compliment) songs with true fire and guts, un-          rock punctuated by Chris' sing/shout vocals,
Mass Giorgini . I think this is my favorite al-        sic without reading the lyrics . SSD, Bad Reli-        like the SoCal cookie-cutter Fat Label bands.           helped out on occasion by bassist Kim Thomp-
bum by them in awhile, although its predeces-          gion and NOFX covers are on here too but I bet         The band broke up a few years ago (guitarist            son and they do harmonize quite raggedly—if
sor "Emo" wasn ' t any slouch, either. 20 songs,       you won't be able to recognize them. (23 Farm          Ean Hernandez is now in Tales From The Bird-            you can call it harmonizing, that is. Accompa-
the bulk under two minutes long, leaving little        Edge Lane, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724) (Scott)             bath) and this collection of "stuff that didn't         nied by squalling guitar leaving trails of feed-
back, powerful drumming and enhanced by a
                                                                                                                                                                  SOLEDAD BROTHERS (Estrus)                                  male
hot, trebly mix. Used to be that certain forms of                                                                                                                                                                            sour
music loosely termed indy rock were challeng-                                                                                                                        There's history in the name, with a refer-
                                                                                                                                                                  ence to black men incarcerated in Soledad                  with
ing, abrasive and confrontational. Skull Kontrol                                                                                                                                                                             at ke
possessed those properties and fuse it with a                                                                                                                     Prison in Calfomia (specifically George Jack-
                                                                                                                                                                  son and two other revolutionaries in the early             cop-
punk surge . The disc is over too quickly and                                                                                                                                                                                and
this band was over too quickly. FUCKERS!!                                                                                                                         70s, according to John Sinclair's liner notes)
                                                                                                                                                                  and two white cats from Ohio have adopted the              oche
(PO Box 25520, Chicago, IL 60625)                                                                                                                                                                                            that
                                                                                                                                                                  name and play the blues . Play the blues quite
 SLEATER-KINNEY-All Hands On The Bad                                                                                                                              well, in fact, with a gritty urgency and varying           the 1
                                                                                                                                                                  beteen uptempo boogie bum and laid-back                    to tt
 One (Kill Rock Stars)
                                                                                                                                                                  workouts. Guitar, harp and drums make a nice,              whir
     Firmly entrenched in indie-land by now, S-                                                                                                                                                                              bane
 K's new one hits all the right notes, though the                                                                                                                 lower-fidelity ruckus here . (PO Box 2125,
jump in maturity isn't as evident as it was be-                                                                                                                   Bellingham, WA 98227)                                      does
 tween "Dig Me Out " and "The Hot Rock." A
 bit more of a to-fr sound here—never a bad                                                                                                                       SONIC DOLLS-Bionik (Star Star/Ox)
                                                                                                                                                                      It 's been a few years since I've heard new            SPI
 thing—and "You're No Rock and Roll Fun" has
 a dissonance that reminds me of Polvo—for sure                                                                                                                   stuff by this band and they 've toughened up                   T
                                                                                                                                                                  quite a bit in the interim . The Sonic Dolls re-           punk
 a very good thing. It ' s kind of weird, though,
                                                                                                                                                                  main punk traditionalists, but there's an increase         into
 while no songs really stand out, I seem to al-                                                                                                                                                                              gent
 ways have this feeling after listening to S-K that                                                                                                               in the rockin ' , rollin' quotient . Grittier, without
 the album as a whole doesn 't live up to it 's hype.                                                                                                             abandoning the melodic part of the equation.               class
                                                                                                                                                                  "Bomb Blast," "Stop & Go" and "Watching                    envii
 Nonetheless, S-K do live up to my expectations,
                                                                                                                                                                  You " all kick it out nicely, with rip-snortin '           mg t
 and that's become increasingly harder over the                                                                                                                                                                              Kiss
 years . (120 NE State St., #418, Olympia, WA                                                                                                                     chords and hooks . The Sonic Iguana mix (it was
                                                                                                                                                                  recorded in Holland, though) means that it never           Toni
 98501) (Phil)                                                                                                                                                                                                               The'
                                                                                                                                                                  gets that nasty, but the Dolls sound edgier on
                                                                                                                                                                  this album . More power to 'em. (PO Box                    eithc
SLOPPY SECONDS-Garbage Days Regur-                                                                                                                                                                                           thee
gitated EP (Nitro)                                                                                                                                                 143445, D-45264 Essen, GERMANY)
    Affectionate cover songs by this longtime                                                                                                                                                                                Spltf
Indy punk stalwart and not going for the obvi-                                                                                                                    SPARK LIGHTS THE FRICTION-Cocaine
                                                                                                                                                                  Honeymoon (Hanging Like A Hex, EP)                         than
ous choices . If anything, it's on the kitschy side,                                                                                                                                                                         Ave.
with a tune from the " Times Square" soundtrack                                                                                                                      No fucking idea what the name means . .. kind
called "Damn Dog," "I Won 't Grow Up," which                                                                                                                      of vague, I guess . And the lyrics have that per-
                                                                                                                                                                  sonalized approach, although there's no miss-             SPL
is Peter Pan via the Fools (who were from
                                                                                                                                                                  ing the search for life's meaningness in "Will            (Dios
around here and still exist as a lame comedy                                                                                                                                                                                     N
rock band), and songs by Holly & The Italians,                                                                                                                                            "
                                                                                                                                                                  Die And Be Forgotten . SLTF generate a swirl-
                                                                                                                                                                  ing, surging rock sound that has a lot more jab,          enou
Dee Dee Ramone, obscure UK band Alberto y                                                                                                                                                                                   4 sati
Los Trios Paranoias and winding up with Black                                                                                                                     punch and drive than a lot of the "emo " type
                                                                                                                                                                  bands I'm hearing lately. Quicksand are a start-          an as
Flag's "TV Party." Played with their usual gusto                                                                                                                                                                            I've I
and tough to dislike . The Metallica cover parody                                                                                                                 ing point and, while there 's a pronounced ac-
                                                                                                                                                                  cessibility in the arranging, the guitar is nice          true r
is humorous, too, but they'd better watch out,                                                                                                                                                                              to tin
considering the litigious mood Lars & the boys                                                                                                                    and loud . In other words, there's not an aban-
                                                                                                                                                                  donment of emo's hardcore influence . (201                bly p
are in, lately. (7071 Warner Ave., Suite F, PMB                                                                                                                                                                             9150
736, Huntington Beach, CA 92647)                                                                                                                                  Maple Ln ., N . Syracuse, NY 13212)

                                                                                                                                                                  SPEEDBUGGY-Cowboys & Aliens (Head-                         SPLI
SLOWCOACH-New Strategies are Neces-
                                                                                                                                                                  hunter/Cargo)                                              (Cap
sary, This is Not Solid Ground (Silver Girl)                                                                                                                                                                                      A
    Powerful emo-indie music recalling the post                                                                                                                       Some bands are able to capture the raw emo-
                                                                                                                                                                  tion and beautiful twangy melodies of country              Splor
Slint-outfits like Chune and early Sunny Day
                                                                                                                                                                  music and apply it to their punk roots (Hickoids,          band
Real Estate . A few songs have slight Mission                                                                                                                                                                                it's st
of Burma touches which show this band won't             you can just bang along to the spirited sounds.      foot tappin' upbeat number with a driving            Supersuckers) . Other bands call themselves
                                                                                                                                                                  "cowpunk, " dress like cartoon cowboys, and put            Scrag
be held down too easily . Could have done with-         That works, too. The split CD combines two           tempo-shifting display and some nice vocal
                                                                                                             work, the latter . a mid-tempo melodic romp          twangy leads over boring SoCal punk riffs.                 and,
out the two short experimental pieces but that's         10" releases by each respective band and the                                                                                                                        tigun
what the fast-forward button on a CD player is          Smogtown tracks were recorded before the full-       through tinsel town criticism, an introspective      Unfortunately, Speedbuggy are among the lat-
for. (PO Box 161024, San Diego, CA 92176)               length. Same idea, without the concept . Basic       glance into the high-concession-stand -price-        ter. Though very proficient at then instruments,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            the a
(Scott)                                                 and rockin ' . The Knockouts also look back-         paying movie critic in us all . A nice blend of      one gets the impression that the idea to mix
                                                                                                             old and new here, as poppier inclinations mix        country with punk hit these boys well after the           title
                                                        wards for their influence, with a chugging,
                                                        pubby rock 'n roll mix–echoes of the Dolls           with shards of old school punk style in a pleas-     genre became fashionable . (4901-906 Morena               "Swi
SLOW FORE-Oil (Espo, EP)                                                                                                                                                                                                    Meat
    What Sunny Day Real Estate would sound              and Detroit and fairly catchy. (Disaster: PO Box     ant whirlwind of tongue-in-cheek antics and           Blvd., San Diego, CA 92117) (David)
like if they couldn't write good songs and had a        7112, Burbank, CA 91510/Dead	 Beat : PO Box          (somewhat less) aggression . Not bad. (PO Box
weak vocalist who strained every time he was            283, LA, CA 90078)                                   419092 . SF. CA 94141) (Mike)                        SPIDER CUNTS-Stuck Up-N-Mean (Beer
forced to emote on his vocals . It was VERY                                                                                                                       City)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            the ci
painful having to listen to this CD. Sounds like        SNAPCASE-Designs For Automation (Vic-                SNUFF-Numb Nuts (Fat)                                   Vicious punk from this Brooklyn all-female
                                                                                                                                                                  four piece, as vocalist Amyl Nitrate lets out the         as lik
4 college-age Bostonian musicians trying to             tory)                                                    Still LOUD and showing their British devil-
                                                                                                             may-care punk style though thankfully it isn't       rage and is backed by a raw, blistering fast-paced        Box
bridge both the emo and indie-rock worlds and               Snapcase go rock and, in the process, put
not succeeding at either. (PO Box 63, Allston,          out their most listenable album to date . Seri-      as silly as previous releases . Some parts are       assault. She has a right to be pissed—on the              ENG
MA 02134) (Scott)                                       ously! I never thought much of their previous        actually mid-tempo . . . a slight 1983 Huskers in-   sleeve foldout, there's a photo of her with a four
                                                                                                                                                                  inch gash across her cheek, the result of a knife        SPRi
                                                        recordings .. . found their brand of hardcore to     fluence, boys? The lack of overt ska songs is a
                                                                                                             big improvement too . My only complaint about        attack from a sexual harrasser and some of the           Of It
SMOGTOWN-Ftihrers Of The New Wave                       be sloggish, at best . The discovery of the groove
                                                        helps them, here . I'd even say the term acces-      this CD, as with other Snuff releases, is that the   songs here deal with that incident, starting with            H
(Disaster)                                                                                                                                                                                                                 meta
SMOGTOWN/TEENAGE KNOCKOUTS-                             sible applies more now than in the past . The        songs and overall sound never really varies so       "Rage ." "Hey" is about unwanted advances
                                                        rejiggered approach does encompass a large           by the time you reach the end, it just feels like    from strangers . It's not all dour and serious,          Sprer
Split (Dead Beat)                                                                                                                                                                                                          genes
    "Fiihrers " is some kinds concept album . ..        degree of Helmet worship and it ' s a case of the    one long song—in a fast-tempo, of course, but        though, not with songs like "Brooklyn Lager,"
                                                                                                                                                                  "Liquor, Heavy 'n Hard" and they deserve credit          some
although I wouldn 't exactly call Smogtown's            sound of '92 in the year 2000 . I'm accepting it     long. (PO Box 193690, SF, CA 94119) (Scott)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           sue ri
music new wave, at least in the current lexicon         for what it is and it caught me by surprise. A                                                            of some sort for coming up with a title like
of things. Back in the so-called day, though, new       pleasant one, at that. (PO Box 146546, Chicago,      SOMEDAY I-Look Up and Live (Owned and                "You ' ve Got Two Faces (& They 're Boston               tape.
                                                                                                             Operated)                                            Fucking Ugly) ." Tough and in-your-face,                 ise R
wave was the "polite " way to say punk rock, to         IL 60614)
paraphrase the late, great Claude Bessy . The                                                                    A deep-seated melodic emo rock barrage           throughout. (PO Box 26035, Milwaukee, WI                 off in
                                                                                                             comprises the twelve tracks here, yielding little    53226-0035)                                              of tie
musical contents hammer home a '77-influ-               SNFU-The Ping Pong EP (Alt . Tentacles)                                                                                                                            per re
enced approach, making me think a bit of the                Five new tracks leaning towards a melodic        that proves exceedingly memorable or standout
                                                                                                             soundwise, or in musical delivery . Still, the       SPILLS/HEARTDROPS-Split (Stiff Pole,                     can't
Adverts and Vibrators, albeit with a tougher            edge from aging punk rockers SNFU. Not ex-
                                                        actly groundbreaking, yet the driving, slightly      tunes found on this release are all quite acces-     EP)                                                      the n
shell . Pogo-happy tempos, jab 'n slash guitars                                                                                                                                                                            Ontai
and a propulsive rhythmic bash . All that and           off beat melody that rings out from the start on     sible in their subtle radio-friendliness, comple-       Three songs apiece to tip a glass to . Punk
still sounding modern . The conceptual premise          the opening "Questions, Questions, Questions"        mented at times by hints of abrasion that add        rock 'n roll with a journeyman ethic and a
is someone or something named'Bodie 601"                does satisfy in all its mid-tempo rocking fer-       an extra hard edged kick to the music . Varying      powerchord/hook tandem . The Spills aren ' t
                                                        vor, complemented nicely by the comparatively        between mid-tempo bursts of melodic rock, and        quite as poppy and I like their tracks slightly          Sprier
has been sent to Surf City to wipe out the "new
wave calamity." Something like that. A rebel-           aggressive "I'm Your Carpet" complete with a         slower loosely bound, spacey art rock clamor,        better. They do a pretty decent Tom Petty cover
lious force on the run, defiant in the face of          spiraling guitar solo, and snotty chorus parts       complete with crooned, harmonic vocals, this         too ("I Need To Know") . Nothing to fault here,          STAI
                                                                                                             release by Someday I can fits comfortably into       even if neither band grabs you by your shirt and             A
oppression. Ratted out by the drug-dealing              interspersed throughout . "Slavedriver," by far
                                                        the tightest, most-together track on this ep rocks   the "college/indie rock" mold . Enjoyable            gives you a violent shake. (PO Box 20721, St.            the 't
neighborhood brat, shot full of radiation and,                                                                                                                                                                             plies
even if the authorities win this round, they'll         far harder than its counterparts with great, sear-   enough, but the hooks and melodies don't re-         Pete, FL 33742)
still have to deal with "teenaged psychos " after       ing early '80s style sensibilities and some reso-    ally stick, and the depth and overall impact of                                                               their
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           their 1
the fuhrers are gone . If this is confusing, the        lute drum pummeling throughout . "Zipperhead         the tunes seem lacking and stale . Decent, and       SPINE/PRIMATE-Hope Versus Realisation
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           fast f
title track gives a quick synopsis . A punk rock        Club " and "Quentin Tarantino Can't Act " fin-       quite listenable, but not overly impressive . (PO    (Blackfish)
fable? You can approach it on that level. . . or        ish this one off, the former being an untiring       Box 36, Ft . Collins, CO 80522) (Mike)                  Two UK hardcore bands on this split CD,
             rising up from a decent scene that 's starting to       measure, and a few under a minute straight up        the plate . A hearty '77-era punk influence,         is how we should live." You know what? I think
             make a name for itself over here in the US . Spine      shout-along rippers . In general, the tunes are a    scrappy rock 'n roll and early 80s Southern Cal.     I 've had enough of this sort of muscleheaded
             sounds a lot like earlier Strife or Earth Crisis,       bit hackneyed in the face of so many similar         punk . Rough-hewn, yet tuneful . Gritty, even,       hardcore . (PO Box 146546, Chicago, IL 60614)
           • with some new twists . They 're also pretty good        releases, but tracks like the driving, straight      particularly in Tim ' s sandpapery vocals and the
             at keeping the music away from the death metal          ahead sing-along nature of the opening track         buzz-shock guitar. Worth a few listens, anyway.      STITCHES-8 x 12 (Vinyl Dog/American
             cop-out. "Raven's Path" is fucking awesome              "One More Year," the straight up full speed          (354 W 100 N, Logan, UT 84320)                       Punk)
             and it reminds me of Alone In A Crowd, and              ahead melody of "The Situation Will Come                                                                      Actually a reissue of a 1995 album and a
             other late '80s NYHC . Spine may not be all             Online,",and the humorous "Mom" ensure a             STICKS IN THROAT-Move On Zeroes (HG                  fun fun fun punk album . Snot and attitude in
             that groundbreaking, but they know how to rock          pretty well rounded listen to rock out to. (PO       Fact)                                                the vocals and a chugging pogo punch in the
•            the house . Primate's got more of a metal sound         Box 1473, Santa Barbara, CA 93102) (Mike)                A Japanese hardcore band that have a pen-        arrangements, as well as being catchy . The gui-
•            to them, and their singer has a wheezy rasp                                                                  chant for rocking out as much as they thrash, at     tar just flails, here—not a wall of sound, but a
             which makes them sound like a lot of other              STARMARKET-Sunday's Worst Enemy                      least on a few songs here . "The Depressed           relentlessly pumping engine; same for the bass-
             bands . Nothing really outstanding here, but it         (Popkid)                                             Heart " is pretty rock 'n roll-sounding, as is the   playing . "True Stories " and "Amphetamine
             does the trick . (Box 15, Ledbury, HRB IYG,                 This is a domestic re-release of their album     intro for "Don't Talk Nonsense ." The opening        Girl " just rock like crazy. The cover of Boston
             ENGLAND) (Snotty)                                       on Dolores Records minus one track but with          chords for "Game Of Paradigm" made me think          punk legends LaPeste's "Better Off Dead" gives
                                                                     three new ones added . Starmarket is hands down      of Love's "7 and 7 Is," before the wall of thrash    them plenty of PunkCred points, as well . An
             SPITFIRES-In Too Deep Again (Junk)                      the best band out of Sweden and this record          wiped that notion away in a split section . These    album that shouldn't be overlooked . (802 S.
                Timeless 70s style rock 'n roll mixed with a         needs to be heard by anyone even remotely in-        various impulses come together in a pretty pow-      Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231)
           • punk influence, every riff well-worn, but it falls      terested in melodic, emotional punk rock . The       erful combination . (401 Hongo-M, 2-36-2
           • into place . I'm not exactly sure how old these         production is top flight, and while they don't       YAYOI-CHO, NAKANO, TOKYO, 164, JA-                   STORMSHADOW/FANSHEN-Split (9 Volt)
             gentlemen are, but they must have had a great           re-invent the wheel or anything, "Sunday's           PAN)                                                     Two Jersey bands, one current, one defunct
             classic rock station playing in their Canadian          Worst Enemy" is powerful, tuneful and the                                                                 and each offer their own take on politicized
•            environs (British Columbia, to be exact) dur-           songs will stay in your head for days . I hear,      STIGMATA-Do Unto Others (Victory)                    punk . Stormshadow have a style that can be
             ing their formative years. Shamelessly mining           Braid, Jawbox, Jawbreaker and maybe even                 NY-style tuff-guy core, mixing in thrash with    harsh and abrasive or add melodic touches, all
             Kiss, AC/DC and, on the final song "Downtown            Samiam in there . Do yourself a favor and get        chunka-chunka metal riffs and, unfortunately,        withing a thorny framework . Their approach is
           • Tonight," the Rolling Stones for all it's worth.        this . (15 Raleigh Ln ., Wayne, NJ 07470) (Marc)     some lunkheaded lyrics . I was actually enjoy-       a little more straight-forward than the now-de-
             The "Detroit Rock City" lick didn 't get past me                                                             ing some of the musical elements of this disc,       funct Fanshen, who opted for a spazzier style
•            either. They ' ve got the touch, though, as was         STATIKS-Dead Ends And Decadence (Unity               reminiscent of the Cro-Mags on some tracks,          with sounds as though it 's ready to fly apart (and
             the case on their debut album a few years back.         Squad)                                               until I got around to reading the words . 1 real-    it turns out many songs were improvised in the
             And while there's a whiff of familiarity, the              If the ransom note lettering on the cover         ize how mean the streets can be and all that, but    studio) . Hyper-kinetic and unpredictable and
ne           Spitfires add an edge and drive that make it more       makes you think retro, or the line "turn back        the vigilante justice/death penalty-endorsing        including a few spoken word pieces, as well as
             than just a tribute to their roots. (7071 Warner        the clock" on "Some Things Never Change ."           "Life 4 A Life" is just reactionary and, unfortu-    a quotation from "Wild Thing ." Comes with a
ind          Ave ., F-736, Huntington Beach, CA 92647)               well, that's not a completely inaccurate assess-     nately, what I've come to expect from this end       glossy, collage-style lyric booklet . Uneven, yet
or-                                                                  ment . Actually, the Statiks bring a few things to   of the hardcore spectrum . "Eve for an eye/This      intriguing material by both bands. (PO Box 169,
ss-          SPLASH 4-Shame, Shame, Shame                                                                                                                                      Edison, NJ 08818)
Ji l l       (Dionysus, EP)
irl-            No shame .. . just powerchords. Can't get                                                                                                                      THE STORY SO FAR (Hopeless, EP)
ab,          enough of the buzzsaw garage swill and Splash                                                                                                                          Denis Buckley, formerly of 88 Fingers
             4satisfy the urge once again . Lill Zeller remains                                                                                                                Louie, is the vocalist in this band and it ' s a case
3 pe
art-         an axe wizard and the songs hit hard and fast.                                                                                                                    of catching the emo/pop bug . At least there's
ac-          I've been thinking that bands of this ilk are the                                                                                                                 no acoustic crap and it's not overproduced.
ice          we descendents of the spirit of '77, the return                                                                                                                   There's also a certain drive provided by lively
an-          to the basics . Wall of fuzz time, with brash, tre-                                                                                                               drumming and warm guitar chords to make it a
?01          bly production . (PO Box 1975, Burbank, CA                                                                                                                        tad more paltable than the watered-down emo
             91507)                                                                                                                                                            I 've been bombarded by, of late . Of course, that
                                                                                                                                                                               doesn't mean it does all that much for me. Not
ad-          SPLODGENESSABOUNDS-I Don't Know                                                                                                                                   much punk rock recklessness, here . (PO Box
             (Captain Oi)                                                                                                                                                      7495, Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495)
no-              Apparently a new recording for Max
ttry         Splodge and his merrymakers . Part punk rock                                                                                                                       STREETWALKIN ' CHEETAHS/BELL-
ids,         band, part comedy troupe, part cabaret act and                                                                                                                     RAYS-Punk, Rock & Soul (Coldfront/Sin
ves          it's subtitled "A Musical Journey Through The                                                                                                                      City)
put          Scrap Yards Of Mongolia." A concept at work                                                                                                                            Split disc between two popular LA bands.
ffs.         and, without a libretto or lyrics, it's tough to                                                                                                                   The Cheetahs are emerging as one hell of a
lat-         figure out what the fuck it's exactly all about.                                                                                                                   rockin ' force . Doin ' that Deetroit/bad-ass punk
nts,         Musically, drawing on a '77 punk style, with                                                                                                                       'n roll sound and they ' ve refined it (if that's the
nix          the addition of sax and ultrafuzzy guitar . The                                                                                                                    word) into a piledriving implement. "Gettin'
 the         title track sounds as though it could be a                                                                                                                         Sick" cranks mightily and their version of the
ena          "Swindle" outtake . The energized "Truncheon                                                                                                                       Flamin' Groovies' "Slow Death " is cool, as
             Meat Squad " lives up to its title, fusing an ass-                                                                                                                 well . I'm not a big Bellrays fan. I don't quite
             whupping punk attack with crash 'n wallop co-                                                                                                                     get the hype with this band, although they 're
eer          medic elements . Produced by Dave Goodman,                                                                                                                         not complete crap either. Their version of
             who actually worked with the Pistols, so there's                                                                                                                   Humble Pie's "I Don't Need No Doctor" isn't
tale         the crest. Not without its charms, although just                                                                                                                   bad, but the rest of the material is fairly pedes-
 the         as likely to leave you scratchin' yer 'ead . (PO                                                                                                                  trian hard rock . Lisa's vocals have presence, yet
red          Box 501, High Wycombe, Bucks HPIO 8QA,                                                                                                                            can get overbearing and overpower everything.
 the         ENGLAND)                                                                                                                                                          Just not my thing. Check out the Cheetahs,
 our                                                                                                                                                                           though . (PO Box 8345, Berkeley, CA 94707)
rife         SPREAD THE DISEASE-The Sheer Force
 the         Of Inertia (Eulogy, EP)                                                                                                                                           STRIKE ANYWHERE-Chorus Of One
vith            Ho hum. Another short four song CD of "evil                                                                                                                    (Red Leader, CD-EP/No Idea, 12")
ices         metal " hardcore . Notice the quotation marks.                                                                                                                        Richmond strikes again, if you'll pardon the
 )us,        Spread the Disease throw in some computer                                                                                                                         pun. Surging, melodic hardcore coupled with
 er,"        generated noise to provide the illusion they are                                                                                                                  politicized lyrics. Impassioned vocals and ar-
 edit        somehow original. Quality control is a real is-                                                                                                                   ranging that blends fieriness with subtlety.
 like        sue right now as the CD-EP replaces the demo                                                                                                                      There's definitely an Avail influence in there,
 >ton        tape . The same factory that pumps out the Prom-                                                                                                                  but these guys also draw on mid-80s DC
 Ice,        ise Ring soundalikes has obviously branched                                                                                                                       hardcore, late 80s youth crew and early Samiam,
  WI         off into manufacturing metalcore bands, and all                                                                                                                   to name a few things I hear. An influence, a
             of these clones have a maximum of six songs                                                                                                                       touchpoint, but they make it sound new again.
              per recording session . I betcha my life that you                                                                                                                Played with a hard-driving verve and heartfelt
ole,         can't tell the difference between this band and                                                                                                                   emotion . (Red Leader : PO Box 20836, Park
              the million others, most of whom are from                                                                                                                        West Finance Station, NY, NY 10025/No	 Idea:
Oink         Ontario for some strange reason, who play this                                                                                                                    PO Box 14636, Gainesville, FL 32604)
ad a         overdone style. Let me reiterate: Metalcore is
en ' t       officially boring. Move on . (PO Box 8692, Coral                                                                                                                  STRUNG OUT-The Element Of Sonic De-
htly         Springs, FL 33075)(Jason)                                                                                                                                         spair (Fat)
over                                                                                                                                                                               8 songs—mini LP? EP? I don 't know any-
sere,         STARING BACK-Many Will Play (Lobster)                                                                                                                            more . Strung Out have just kind of been there
 and            A respectable endeavor, though I'm not sure                                                                                                                    in recent years and this is the third release of
, St.         the'hardcore' in 'melodic hardcore' really ap-                                                                                                                   theirs in a row that hasn't really inspired these
              plies in regard to this release . As a followup to                                                                                                               ears . Something so slick and processed-sound-
              their EP on Lobster, Staring back hit home with                                                                                                                  ing about it. First off, the click-click of the
    tion      Iheirfirst full length, a smattering of hook filled,                                                                                                             drums has got to go. That drives me nuts.
              fast paced melodic punk rock with the occa-                                                                                                                      There's certainly some talent in the playing and
    CD,       sional youthcrew influence thrown in for good                                                                                                                    catchy arranging . The harmonic guitar riffs are

    a dead giveaway of someone ' s metal back-              good and almost uniformly catchy, worming               seem to be railing against the standard targets.         moments of clarity, it doesn't work . These com-          Suns
    ground. but that's not necessarily a bad thing.         their way into your head with our without your          Derivative? Hell yeah. but I'd be lying if I said        plaints are fairly minor though when consider-
    Opening cut "Mission To Mars" does have a               approval . "Moon-Love-Gravity " and "Hero               I didn't enjoy this form of pure punk . (4901-           ing the relative groove and power these songs             TILT
    fair amount of aggressiveness, at least, and             '78 " are two of the best tracks but it's really a     906 Morena Blvd . . San Diego, CA 92117)                 display. In other words, Three Penny Opera are             (Con
    there 's a dark burn to "Savant," as well . Intri-      pretty solid set overall . If you' ve ever suspected                                                             still a hell of lot better than most of the shit out       LP)
    cate and muscular, but still not leaving that           that Wayne Kramer and Dave Gahan would 've              TERMINUS CITY-Justice Isn 't Always Fair                 there right now . (16 Willow St .. Bayonne, NJ                T
     strong an impression, overall. (PO Box 193690,         been great collaborators, then Sunshine is very         (TKO)                                                    07002) (Jason)                                            name
    SF. CA 94119)                                            likely right up your alley . Otherwise they still          Tuneful streetpunk by this Atlanta band and                                                                    Is Ar
                                                            offer a pleasant enough trip through familiar, if       the Ozzy "Crazy Train"/oi-oi intro is humor-             THREE YEARS DOWN-Texas : Confidential                     nothi
    STRYCHNINE-Born Too Loose (Maximum                      dated, waters. (325 Huntington Ave. #24, Bos-           ous . As per industry standard, it's the plaint of       (Offtime . EP)                                            my c
     Rock 'N Roll. LP/Industrial Strength, CD)              ton, MA 02115) (Chris)                                  the working class, pointing the finger at those             They're not even from Texas, but from Cali-            coral
        Straight, no-chaser butt-kickin' stuff, here.                                                               who attempt to invade "My Castle " (crack ad-            fornia. There's a nifty photo manipulation of             than
     Strychnine's latest merges aggressive, fast-            SWINGIN' UTTERS/YOUTH BRIGADE-                         dicts, car thieves, etc ..) or middle-class kids         Lee Harvey Oswald's murder on the inside                  Tribu
    paced punk, a little wank-free speed metal and           BYO Split Series Volume II (BYO)                       slumming by spare-changing, but also com-                cover, featuring Lee jamming with Jack Ruby               ful. I
    a subtle dose of country that becomes less subtle           A pair of west coast veterans pair up . . . half    menting on the inherent unfairness of the jus-           and some law enforcement official . As for Three          Quin
    when they do Willie Nelson ' s "Gotta Get                a dozen songs by each band and, while not ex-          tice system. The band possess solid songwriting          Years Down, they play hard-driving punk and               damr
    Drunk" as a nightcap . Beefy guitars, beefy vo-          actly their greatest-ever work, both the Utters        chops and keep it loud and ringing throughout,           rock mixed together . Powerchords, a bit of the           ment
    cals and provocative . sarcastic lyrics.                 and the Brigade remain viable units . The Ut-          with a classic rock 'n roll sensibility a part of        boogie and done with a rag-tag enthusiasm.                obvic
    "Mulekick :' for instance, pisses on the macho,          ters follow up their hot 7" on TKO with an en-         the equation, most obviously for "Backseat ."            Been doing it for a long time, too, and there's           or on
    tough-guy mentality. Loud and furious . The CD          joyable grab bag of streetwise punk poetry . A          (PMB #103, 4104 24th St ., SF, CA 94114)                 no reason to fuck with the formula . (PO Box              avail;
    has 4 live bonus tracks and three are covers—            way with a title, such as "Angels Pissing On                                                                    479176 . Chicago, IL 60647)                               state:
    The Sonics' "Strychnine "—and if you wonder              Your Head" and they back it up with a surging          THIRD HARMONIC DISTORTION-Ex                                                                                       not q
    why, you're not paying attention!—plus Poison            arrangement . Bassist Spike Slawson proves             Animo (Morphius)                                         THROTTLEFINGER (Scooch Pooch)                             at 2)
     Idea's "AA " and Kiss '"God Of Thunder," dedi-          himself a capable songwriter and vocalist for              While the songs tend to be on the long side              Three ugly white trash-lookin' guys . but it's        andfi
    cated to Chelsea Clinton and the best of the three       "You Haven't Seen Yourself In Years" On the            (only one comes in at under four minutes) and            a power trio to be reckoned with . Proud to rock          OK.
    here . Jimi Haze does a mean Gene Simmons                other hand, while Queen's "39 " (from the same         a tad more brevity could sharpen the impact.             and with more than a little boogie in their sound.        sideri
     impersonation . (MRR : PO Box 460760 . SF. CA           album as "Bohemian Rhapsody") is a cool song           there 's something to this band ' s throb. Math          The songs are nice and loud, both in medium               limp
    94146-0760/Industrial	 Strength : 2824 Regatta           to cover, I wish Darius had left the violin home.      rock with an aggressive pulse, favoring a                and quicker tempos . although they mainly stay           cal, it
    Blvd ., Richmond, CA 94804)                              As for Youth Brigade, there's a sense of reflec-       charged tandem of guitar/bass/drums and ex-              away from the high-velocity that some of the             here-
                                                             tion as middle age (?) approaches, but they don't      pressive vocals . Includes a fairly good carbon-         current crop of back to basics rockers utilize.          knocl
    SUBMACHINE-Fresh Out Of Give-A-Fucks                     spare the venom for "Fuck You " or the lament          copy of Television's "Marquee Moon ." which              It's not a detriment, though . "Snaggletooth"            Iodic
    (Radical)                                                of "Where Are All The Old Man Bars," Still,            remains a great song and, at ten minutes plus,           isn't the Motorhead song, but it connects with           Least
        Submachine have been around forever and              there's a contentment with life expressed for          certainly qualifies as an epic . Comparable to           a similar locomotive intent . "Look Around"              Hymi
    continue to ply the venom . Alex Lewinger is a           "Let Them Know," although it ' s the weakest           the likes of Unwound, with a little Jehu and Slint       makes damn good use of a cowbell and "Got                certai
    cantankerous, bile-filled lout and these songs           track musically . On a more positive note,             thrown in . Just when the mind starts to wander,         The Itch" just moves . The trappings are cer-            loud
    are an effective conveyance of pure, fuck-you            "Alright Then " has an attention-grabbing vocal        a propulsive passage will jar the synapses . (PO         tainly familiar and there seems to be a big re-          buzz
    attitude dished out with absolutely no regrets.          harmony on its bridge. Still fighting the good         Box 13474, Baltimore, MD 21203-3474)                     vival of pure rockitude that comes around ev-            of hog
    This is the expression of defiance that comes            fight and with the amps turned up . (PO Box                                                                     ery so often . Still, when the riffs make you want       wave
     after too many years spent working in crappy            67A64, LA, CA 90067)                                   THOSE UNKNOWN-Malice and Misfor-                         to pump your fist or shake your moneymaker,              To A
    jobs and generally getting treated like shit be-                                                                tune (TKO, EP)                                           what's wrong with that? Nothing, fuckhead.               That':
    cause you dare to think for yourself and talk           TANTRUMS-Motels (Cheetah's, EP)                            I know a lot of folks 'round these parts can't        (5850 W. 3rd St .. #209, LA, CA 90036)                   lines-
    hack to those assholes. Born from a time when              Rootsy rock with a female vocalist and,              get enough of this band (one friend called their                                                                  early
    punk and hardcore were one and the same . .. fast.      while competent, it just doesn't grab me at all.        full-length the best punk album ever), and I             THROWAWAY                   GENERATION-                  bit of
     unrestrained aggression unafraid to show off the       Maybe it's the countryish inflection in the vo-         enjoyed their show at the Rat in '97, but this           Tomorrow's Too Late (Cyclone)                            integr
    occasional metal lick or even some classic rock         cals that turn me off, maybe it's just the fact         four song EP just isn't that special . Those                This Utah hand's second album features su-            take
     (nice job sneaking in Edgar Winter's "Franken-         that it sounds like bar music, but if you have a        Unknown's first new material in several years            perior production to the debut . Tuneful guitar          Santa
     stein" riff during "The Beer Hunter Bong               name like the Tantrums, I 'd expect screaming,          and the folksy/rootsy/SLF-inspired rock doesn ' t        punk coming on with scrappy street fervor,               8240,
     Meister " ) . To paraphrase the Nuge, anyone who       hell-raising punk mania and that's not the case.        have all that much punch to it . Sharp lyrics and        punctuated by Mick Jones-ish guitar peals and
     wants to get mellow or emo can turn around             Oh well . (PO Box 4472, Berkeley, CA 94710)             playing but not anything that shakes one up and          ragged backups. Sharing similarities with such           TOM
     and get the fuck out of here. Submachine are                                                                   down. And, dammit, that's what I want to hap-            west coast brethren as the Utters, Workin' Stiffs        (Sche
     hack in town . (77 Bleecker St., NY, NY 10012)         TEMPLARS-Biaus Seignors Freres (TKO,                    pen . (PMB #103, 4104 24th St., SF, CA 94114)            or One Man Army. Pealing guitar licks and an                 To
                                                            EP)                                                                                                              underdog verve . Maybe a little similar-sound-           back
    SUBURBAN THREAT-American Punk                               Not a new Templars recording, but stuff from        THRONES-Sperm Whale (Kill Rock Stars)                    ing over the long haul, yet still enjoyable.             "math
    (TKO)                                                   '94 and '95 . half of it unreleased and half from          Joe Preston (ex-Melvins and Earth) with a                                                                      songs
        High energy punk, to be specific, a good            a long out of print compilation. The first four         record that combines heavy bass and guitars              THUMBS-All Lesser Devils (Adeline, EP)                   Goes,
    punch in the gut provided by these Sacramento           songs are done in conjunction with members              (what is he downtuned to anyway?) that shows                Thumbs up? Hell yeah. . . a brief EP of LOUD          the ov
    oi-oi-boys . The buzzcut influence merged with          of such bands as the West Side Boys, Asociale           his tenure in those two bands hasn't been lost           pop and punk . Pourin' their hearts into it, with        pellin
    a faster approach ala the Randumbs . Blistering         and Yesterday 's Heroes and feature some lyrics         on him and electronic synth, especially in the           ragged harmonizing and plenty of burn and                forwa
    guitar, agitated vocals, catchy singalong cho-          in French and Italian . Kind of dodgy sound             voice, that will have your neighbors climbing            gnash, particularly for "Ribbon Men ." Includes          sive, c
    ruses and steering clear of polarizing lyrics.          quality, but it 's their basic, melodic oi style. The   the walls if you don't do it first . The CD closes       a rough and tumble version of the Smiths'               Tomo
    Cool version of da Broozas, er excuse me, The           five comp tracks are superior, both musically           with a 46-minute song I have yet to be able to           "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want ."         tunes
    Bruisers ' "Bloodshed ." A music brick to the           and sonically . The simple arranging makes me           make it all the way through . (120 NE State St.,                                                                 final r
    face. (PMB # 103, 4104 24th St., SF, CA 94114)          think of early Kiss doing pub rock on a few             #418, Olympia, WA 98501) (Scott)                         THURSDAY-Waiting (Eyeball)                              has a
                                                            songs, here . Seriously—it's got the same taut                                                                      An awkward-sounding release falling some-            too: E
    SUGAR SHACK-Get Out Of My World (Es-                    guitar sound and catchy rock 'n roll approach.          THROWDOWN-Drive Me Dead (Indecision,                     where on the plate near Ashes, Inside and other         to the
    trus)                                                   (PMB #103, 4104 24th St ., SF, CA 94114)                EP)                                                      non-descript one word name bands. The nine              a Clo
        Over ten years going and nowhere near out                                                                       Throwdown batter their songs into a bloody,          songs on "Waiting" are written with ample               „The
    of gas . Irresistably rockin ' garage rave with         TEN STAR GENERAL-Hog Fort (One Way                      metalcore pulp . Double-bass drum clicks, a              sprinklings of chops and hooks, but an over-            each c
    snarly vocals, two guitar dishing out some hot          Productions)                                            lurching tempo, low-tuned guitars and harsh              whelming sense of awkwardness is heightened             a liste
    licks and a pumpin' backbeat . A sense of deja-             Personally, I try not to concentrate on what        vocals . Lyrics about sXe, drunk drivers, reli-          by the Kermit-like vocals and accompanying              travel
    vu? Been done before? Sure . sure . .. and I don ' t    bands people used to be in but since it 's men-         gion and a particularly nasty diatribe ("Sincere " )     lyrics . Geoff's vocals bring to mind The               execu
    mind when it has such a dead-on kick . Hearing          tioned umpteen times in their press kit and still       against a band they feel have sold out the scene         Weakerthans' John K . Sampson, normally a               1463(
    bands like Sugar Shack and others on the Es-            again on the actual CD, I ' ll tell you that TSG        (and if the title "What Will Remain " means              cool thing when accompanying folk rock, but
    trus imprint makes me realize Boston doesn ' t          consists of members of Left Nut and The Eels.           anything to you, it ' s easy to figure out . If not, I   not to the groove hardcore sounds of Thursday.          THE
    really have many scorching trad-rock units like         Anyhoo, this combo plays some choice rock 'n            believe they're talking about Strife) . An im-           The song "Ian Curtis" (yes, the ill-fated Joy           ken)
    Sugar Shack .. . it's either wimpy jangle pop or        roll with a strong Beantown feel to it . At vari-       provement over their album and there's a crazed,         Division singer) culminates a collection of awk-            Ca
    sparklers formalists . Sugar Shack get at the core      ous points I hear the Real Kids, the Nervous            frayed element, but it's still the standard metal        ward lyrics: "In time we heard Ian Curtis kill          ska pe
    and bring out a groove and drive that make it           Eaters, and the genuine boogie of Thundertrain.         slog, for the most part . (PO Box 5781, Hun-             himself again in your bed ." Awkward is the key         ety, sc
    impossible to sit still . (PO Box 2125,                 Not that these guys are copycats . The                  tington Beach, CA 92615)                                 word here . [I noticed!-A1] Thursday are like the       domir
    Bellingham . WA 98227)                                  songwriting is strong and catchy. In a perfect                                                                   musical and poetic equivalent of having two left        time i
                                                            world I could turn on WBCN (Boston rock sta-            THREE PENNY OPERA (Troubleman Un-                        feet. (PO Box 1653, Stuyvesant Station, NY,             Thatcl
    SUNSHINE-Velvet Suicide (Big Wheel Rec-                 tion) and hear Ten Star General cuz they de-            limited)                                                 NY 10009) (Jason)                                       sonali
    reation)                                                serve it . (324 Broadway, Somerville, MA                    The band most known as sporting the ex-                                                                      course
        This Czech trio favors a sound which was            02145) (David)                                          drummer from the now seminal Shotmaker have              TIGER ARMY (Hellcat)                                    althou
    much more common to these shores twenty                                                                         made a definite improvement production-wise                   Hearty punkabilly from the Bay Area . In           ously
    years ago . Drawing upon the standard first gen-        TENSION-War Cry (Grilled Cheese/Cargo)                  over their first album . The ten songs on this self-     their favor, Nick 13's vocal approach is a little       pop in
    eration influences (MC5, Stooges, VU, Bowie                  Complete immersion in early 80s UK punk,           titled album are strong anthemic post-punk, but          different from the hoot, holler 'n yell of many
    et, al .), and making liberal use of fairly primi-      with a little oi to go along with it (the cover of      I heartily disagree they are even close to the            bands doing this style . He has a rangy, quavery,       TRAP
    tive synth sounds and studio electronics, Sun-          the 4 Skins' "On The Streets" is a dead give-           mightiness of Shotmaker. Three Penny Opera               emotional style . The energy also seldom flags           Later
    shine would fit neatly into any "Back to the            away) . This three piece from Ontario are good          have the tendency to meander, and the vocals             and it's not slavishly traditional . This still isn't       Jar
    Eighties," New Wave radio show format.                  at it, though. Guitarist/vocalist Jim spent some        and delivery are monotone in parts . Lyrically,           a style of music that engenders raving mania           and I
    There's always heavy reverb and/or delay on             time in the revolving personnel door of the Ex-         Matt uses cliche phrases and metaphors which             for yours truly, but it does get to the source of       are an
    the (overly) impassioned vocals and the sim-            ploited and he brings a good chunk of that              try to build on his "we have the tools to start the      rock 'n roll and is faithful to its spirit . "True      with a
    plistic . melodic guitar riffs are similarly treated,   band 's influence to this one . Fast, roaring songs,    machine" days in Shotmaker, but only comes                Romance" gives a nasty bit of lyrical spin, as         tive-li]
    adding to the bright, to-fi vibe typical of that        agitated vocals and mainly indecipherable lyr-          across as trying too hard to piece together words         well—"a knife up to your throat for the one you        Box 6
    era . That said, the songs are often pretty damn        ics ; the lack of a lyric sheet is no help, but they    to say something profound . And, expect for odd          put through my heart ." Pretty dark shit . (2798
om-       Sunset Blvd ., LA, CA 90026)                         TRAVOLTAS-Modern World (Coldfront)                   somber guitars and anguished vocals, occasion-          some of these song titles do : "Another Three
der-                                                               Gee. I wonder if these guys listen to the        ally emerging into an eruptive focus. A mixture         Cheers To Japanese Capitalistic Regulation
mgs        TILTWHEEL-Hair Brained Scheme Addicts               Beach Boys in their spare time . To say that they    of emo and math rock, minus the pop. Not too            Troops," "Quitting A Job Three Times In A Year
a are      (Cool Guy CD/Attention Deficit Disorder             consider them a major influence would be an          old to engage in this sort of emotionalism, ei-         To Drink From 4 PM," etc. . . If this was over-
.out       LP)                                                 understatement. Yup . I 'd say that's an accurate    ther, as they state on "I Get Lively" : "Why the        produced, it 'd likely suffer from fluff-syndrome.
  NJ          The fact that guitarist/vocalist Davey Quinn     description . Except for maybe the "infectious"      teen angst at twenty-five/aren't we supposed to         The rougher sound quality works in its favor.
           named a song after me (the illustrious "Al Quint    part . Picture this : If Mike Love and Brian Wil-    he over this by now" The melodic quotient isn ' t       (PO Box 460402, SF, CA 94146)
           IsAn Emo Pussy," a tune with lyrics that have       son fronted a generic Fat band, it would sound       obvious—the hooks, if there are any, are bur-
atial      nothing to do with this writer) won't prejudice     exactly like these guys . Hell, on the song          ied deep in the texture . At their best Twelve Hour     UNCURBED-Keep The Banner High (Sound
          my opinion of this album one bit . Nope, I'm         "2000," when they started with the "bah-bahs,        Turn pack a mighty surge and create a certain           Pollution)
 ati -    completely incorruptible. Besides, it takes more     I expected it to lead right into "Barbara Anne"!     catharsis. There's a bleakness, a seriousness, a            Detonating the fury, as always . Uncurbed
n of      Van such a tribute to earn a good review in SV.      Yuck! I did, however, like the song "Like To         sound generated from overloaded, high-strung            have a sound and that sound is loud, aggressive
side      Tributes of the green variety are way more help-     Walk Around," but the rest of this disc, I just      mental circuits and not always easy to listen to.       and in your face hardcore. Been doing it for
 uby      ful. Okay, enough wiseassery, although Mr.           couldn 't stomach . Boring, mid-paced pop-punk       Eliciting a conflicted response . Interesting cover     some time and keeping up the feisty Discharge/
hree      Quinn would probably appreciate it—this is a         with too many Ooo-Wah-Ooo's . Not my thing           artwork, by the way. (PO Box 14636,                     Extreme Noise Terror onslaught going . I won ' t
 and      damn good album that doesn't require cash pay-       at all . Oh yeah, it was also produced by Marky      Gainesville, FL 32604)                                  even try to pretend it sounds like anything other
 the      ments to make me state that point . It becomes       Ramone . According to the big ugly sticker on                                                                than those bands and that 's okay. Whether mid-
Ism.      obvious once the disc is placed in the CD player     the jewel case! (PO Box 8345, Berkeley, CA            UDO-Holy (Nuclear Blast)                               tempo or thrashing, it 's a hammering combina-
 re's    anon the turntable (and I ' ve got both options       94707) (Pa()                                              Hard to believe that this is actually Udo          tion of dual vocals, blazing guitars, crashing 'n
Box       available) . From-the-gut, honest lyrics—Davey                                                             Dirkschneider's 7th solo album . Along with all        bashing drums. Able to destroy, even at low
          states "I'd be the first to say that something's     TURNEDOWN-When Things Go Right (Ses-                 the albums from his days in Accept, that ' s quite      volume . Will NOT appeal to 99% of emo fans
          not quite right about me," looking in the mirror     sions)                                                a long history . Let's face it—not many folks who      and that's another reason to love it . (PO Box
          a2 AM and admitting to being "lonely, drunk             A wholly more melodic sentiment from a            have ever been into heavy metal haven't heard            17742, Covington, KY 41017)
[it's     and fat," but, as Stuart Smalley would say, that's   cast of west coat bruisers including ex-mem-          Udo ' s one of a kind vocals . Meat 'n potatoes
 ock     OK. Sure, these are what could loosely be con-                                                                                                                      UNIDA-Coping With The Urban Coyote
and.     sidered emo-type lyrics and if it were done with                                                                                                                    (Man's Ruin)
i urn    limp musical accompaniment and a whiny vo-                                                                                                                              Brain-blowing thunder rock. Vocalist John
stay     caLitmight be intolerable . That's not the case,                                                                                                                   Garcia formerly plyed his wares in Kyuss, as
 the     here—those words are piggybacked with a                                                                                                                             well as the short-lived Slo Bum . Kyuss have
Nee.     knockout musical surge . Hard-edged and me-                                                                                                                        built up something of a legendary reputation
ith'     lodic and drawing on their admitted icons,                                                                                                                         over the past several years as one of the pro-
with     Leatherface, and turned up a notch . "Battle                                                                                                                       genitors of what is now lacksidasically referred
nd '     Hymns For The Recluse Youth Part One" is                                                                                                                           to as "stoner rock." Well, if weed makes you
Got      certainly a "Mush" descendent . Gruff vocals,                                                                                                                       lethargic, this music was inspired by something
cer-     loud guitars that pack melody, feedback and                                                                                                                        more than that because Unida' s sound is lively,
  re-    into in one beautiful package and no shortage                                                                                                                      heavy and rocks like a motherfucker, especially
 cv-     of hooks . They can even turn a cheeseball new                                                                                                                     for "Dwarf It" and "Black Woman" The latter
vant     wave song, Icicle Works ' "Birds Fly (Whisper                                                                                                                      track is one of the better metal songs I've heard
Itch     To A Scream)," into something worthwhile.                                                                                                                          in some time, a full-bodied roar of guitar, bass,
cad.     That's another influence, especially in the bass-                                                                                                                  drums and soulful vocals that just moves like
         lines—the poppy joys that lay at the core of                                                                                                                       crazy. Even the lengthy, slower-tempo "You
         early New Order, Cure, etc .. . Tiltwheel grab a                                                                                                                   Wish " has an expansive float, reinforced with
)N-      bit of that in their own muse and it becomes an                                                                                                                    brutal powerchords and a fuzzed-out lead line,
         integral part of what they do . A sound to over-                                                                                                                   instead of relying on an immobile plod . To para-
 su-     lake your senses . (Cool Guy: PO Box 2361,                                                                                                                         phrase Grand Funk Railroad (albeit on one of
star     Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670/ADD : PO Box                                                                                                                            their worst albums), good singin ' and good
vor,     8240, Tampa, FL 33674)                                                                                                                                             playin' . An album that begs to played at ear-
and                                                                                                                                                                         shattering volume. (610 22nd St., PMB 302, SF,
uch      TOMORROW-Build a Brand New Sky                                                                                                                                     CA 94107)
tiffs    (Schematics)
Ian         Tomorrow sound a LOT like early Fugazi                                                                                                                          UNION 13-Youth Betrayal And The Awak-
 nd-     back before the band's forays into sampling,                                                                                                                       ening (Epitaph)
         "math" and other, more experimental forms . On                                                                                                                        Union 13 ' s latest follows a similar pattern
         songs like "Overture" and "What the Sky Says                                                                                                                       as their previous two albums, although the
         Goes," the vocalist is a dead ringer for Guy and                                                                                                                   SoCal punk bass drum pedal dickies are more
UD       the overall sound has that familiar, and still com-                                                                                                                prominent to these ears than before . Still, it's
vith     pelling, blend of emo, hardcore, and straight-                                                                                                                     manic punk with bum and melody and socially
and      forward hard rock . Crunchy guitars and aggres-                                                                                                                    aware lyrics in both English and Spanish . This
des      sive, driving rhythms bristle with energy, while                                                                                                                   isn't some trifling pop/punk by any stretch.
hs'      Tomorrow's taste for melody makes for catchy                                                                                                                       (2798 Sunset Blvd ., LA, CA 90026)
nt.      tunes which linger in the mind long after the
         final note sounds . For what it's worth, the CD                                                                                                                     UNITE/DECEMBER-The Nato Project
         has a bit of a thematic/concept thing going on                                                                                                                      (Blackfish)
ne-      too: Every song but one makes direct reference                                                                                                                         Unite listens to a lot of Slayer. Everyone lis-
her      to the "sky" with lyrics taken from "Sky Above                                                                                                                     tens to a lot of Slayer these days . I guess it's to
ine      aCloud" by Jeremy Gloff. It's not "2112 " or                                                                                                                       Slayer ' s credit that they were ahead of their
ple      "Tic Wall," but that's just as well . Pretty much                                                                                                                  time, but it doesn't say too much about the bands
er-      each of the six tracks on this brief EP are worth     bets of Strife, Downset and (since this full         power metal with lots of guitar, solos, thunder         who rip them off. I guess it's the flavor of the
led      a listen and, although Tomorrow treads a well-        length ' s recording) Joe of Fury 66 on vox can      drumming and a general air of heaviness . Udo           day to put a Rick Ta Life impersonator on top
ing      traveled path, their conviction and confident         be found on Tumedown 's debut full length.           may be in his 40s, but this is one little ball of       of a Slayer cover act, add some danceable beats
 he      execution makes for an enjoyable trip . (PO Box       Layered melodies swing more in a straight up         fire that seems intent on burning for some time.        and call it hardcore . December are from Ne-
va        14636, Gainesville, FL 32604) (Chris)                later Descendents-esque pop punk vein than a         (PO Box 43618, Philadelphia, PA 19106)                  vada, and they also mine the heavy metal ore,
but                                                            more abrasive Dag Nasty melodicore DC style          (Andy)                                                  but with a vocalist that sounds like he should
ay.      THE 'TONE-Wide Eyes & Nonsense (Bro-                  or spirit of '88 Gorilla Biscuits style, though                                                              be singing for a Black Metal band. There ' s re-
 oy      ken)                                                  hintings of both flavors surface throughout the      THE UNIFORM-33 Revolutions + Some                       ally not much to recommend about this CD.
.k-        Catchy punk with an occasional reggae and           tracks herein, supplementing the sugar coated        Other Minor Skirmishes (Morphius)                       (Box 15, Ledbury, HRB 1YG, ENGLAND)
;ill     ski pulse, but it ' s the Two-Tone (bad pun) vari-    sing-along mid-tempo verve . The layered                 Powerful angular and jagged Big Black style         (Snotty)
  ey     ty, so it doesn't make me gag. And that's not a       sound, and extra guitar edgy crunch adds a kick      slash 'n' burn rock (in fact, they even cover a
[he      dominant factor, either. These Brits have logged      that sets this apart from the bland SoCal 1-2-3-     BB tune, "Colombian Necktie .") This CD is a            UNITED-Distorted Vision (Howling Bull
 eft     the in such bands as Schwartzeneggar and              4 pop punk fodder heap, and some smooth vo-          compilation of a split LP, a full-length and com-       America)
 i Y.    Thatcher On Acid but the lyrics take on a per-        cal work (courtesy of Mike Fernandez—now             pilations . Aggressive, mean and you can't dance            Hailing from the land of Pokemon and Hello
         sonalized point of view instead of political dis-     having been dethroned by Joe) help such sing-        to it. Best song titles I've seen in a while : "Heard   Kitty, United are self proclaimed old-school
         course . "London Calling" is a starting point,        along hook coated numbers like "If I Had My          that Same Crap From Patty Hearst " and "Need-           Japanese metal meisters. What they lack in lyri-
         although these guys don ' t ape it quite as obvi-     Way," "As Well As I Do," "Another Way," "Re-         less to Say I Pleasured Them All ." (PO Box             cal complexity they make up for in instrumen-
         ously as others . Well-written tunes with strong      mind You" and othersw. They ring true with a          13474, Baltimore, MD 21203-3474) (Scott)               tal effort. I liked the last cut,"Revenger"; it has
         pop instincts . (PO Box 460402, SF, CA 94146)         certain power that seems lacking in so many                                                                  the power and conviction that the CD as a whole
                                                               pop punk albums these days . If sugar-frosted,       THE URCHIN-Fragile Songs In Lukewarm                    is missing . Reminded me of my SSD days at
         TRANS MEGETTI-Soon To Be Seeing You                   syrupy, occasionally whiny hook filled personal      Dreams (Broken)                                         the Channel in Boston .) Still, worth a go if you
         Later (Art Monk Construction, EP)                     issue pop meets energetic abrasion is for you,           Mildly engaging poppy/punk from Japan.              are a Japanese metal fan . (PO Box 40129, SF,
           Jarring, jagged rock with helium-ish vocals         get this . (15 Janis Way, Scotts Valley, CA 95066)   The vocal presence isn't particularly strong,           CA 94140) (Jane)
         and I immediately remember why these guys             (Mike)                                               struggling to be heard over the bright
         are an intriguing band. Energetic and nervous                                                              soundburst, but it's the music that carries the         UNRUH-Setting Fire To Sinking Ships
         with a jittery guitar sound and solid, locomo-        TWELVE HOUR TURN-The Victory Of                      day, here. Sunny, without being saccharine or           (Pessimiser)
         tive-like rhythm. Where you been, boys? (PO           Flight (No Idea)                                     making you feel like you have to clean off the             Rather complex thrash (that's power vio-
         Box 6332, Falls Church, VA 22040)                        An abrasive, gyrating soul-letting . .. Twelve    residue afterwards. And while they don't match          lence to you young'uns) somewhat akin to
                                                               Hour Turn 's music favors shifting rhythms,          Dillinger Four in the pure punch department,            Dillinger Escape Plan, Neurosis et al . Lots of

                                                                                                                       fr- on ' JAL Lid                                             tim

                                                                                                     1~ ri    :t,_       'Cltt~tt.'
                                                                                                                                 •    1    1   1                           I   r

                                                                                                    Wit g                       ludo  la

                                                                                                                 e ! ut[t'  ~L

                                                                                                       od. , : i — la d uttll he                                                    but

                                                                                                          -         s .[t(       11 d tit          i[LiL .~            1

                                                                                                     he v,t r of   1            tt         <<I~Itll` :
                                                                                                                                                              1 { tl                wit

                                                                                                       t 'Ratan              they N:I.                                              rihl


                                                                                                                     IT I~ (_[ \rr B    IF                                          VA

                                                                                                          I        r W . 11r F L II r1f J                                           bra
                                                                                                               t   tt                                                               Kid
                                                                                                         1 .IJJJ        1                                                           age
                                                                                                                                                                                    in s

        PSYCHO . THERAPY.                                                                                                                                                           VE


                                                                                                                                                                                    is sl


                                                                                                                                                                                   for t
                 OROIMIn YGMAN Iplcd "Rock and Rd Killing Macldne"                          6MIEf ACE Iplcd "Always On"                                                            fath
                 Nine new anthems for the emotionally bailu'upt- mitred with arglcal-       You know who they we, and you know you love 'em . One of the                           ing
                 grade, math metal rinage, breathtaking rock Inlectlons and razor sharp     most talented and hardest- working usdte to ever come out of                           on t
                 wit, cutting Into your heart In the way only alr owni groan can. Tile Is   grange Comity, SA . Thei r brand new album shows a maturation                          fron
                 the Rock And Rol IOnng Machine.                                            that can only come with experience.                                                    303.
                 Available September 12th.                                                  Available October 17th.

time shifts, with Bill Fees' drums seemingly             high-falutin sidemen here—Wayne Kramer of             ing it out much the same way they always have,      ing a bit of The Queers' thunder. If bubblegum
always up front . Unruh does adhere somewhat             the MC5, Captain Sensible from the Damned             maybe a bit more polished than in the past, but     pop punk in your thing, then support one of the
to convention. . . . enough to keep things from          and the Ashetons from the Stooges and the thrust      you know what to expect . (2798 Sunset Blvd.,       five hundred bands doing this in your own town.
falling apart mid-song . Hailing from the land           is on slashing, driving Detroit-inspired rock 'n      LA, CA 90026)                                       (5010 NW Shasta, Corvallis, OR 97330)
oflohn McCain, Unruh's anger is an oasis of a            roll with a wizened, done-a-lot-of-livin' per-                                                            (David)
storm in the desert of twee alternative music,           spective . Pretty fuckin' loud all the way through.   VOICE OF REASON-New Beginnings
especially in Mike Edwards' angry vocals . (PO           (PO Box 30727, Long Beach, CA 90853)                  (Triple Crown)                                      THE WANT-Greatest Hits Volume 5 (South-
Box 1070, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254) (Phil)                                                                         A solid mix of '88-style posi-core and           ern Lord)
                                                          VINDICTIVES-Hypno-Punk (Coldfront)                   melody intertwine . Contrasts exist here, as can         Heavy duty hard rock and, if the Led Zep-
IANDALS-Look What I Almost Stepped In                         Deep breath for the big lead : After more than be seen on the opening track "Still The Same,"        pelin and Captain Beyond (a band few of you
(Nitro)                                                   a decade which saw the release of nine singles, with a by-the-books "still true" theme ham-              have ever heard of) pilferages are shameless,
     These guys have been around for a long time,         a de-Weaseled remix of same released on and mered out in a token youth crew style, but                   well, more power to 'em . While things get a
Mt for some reason I've never given them a lis-           then pulled from Lookout! Records, a double complemented with poppy "whoa-oh " vocal                     little sloggish towards the end, there's enough
ten . They play poppy punk rock that would fit             10" cover record bootlegged by the band itself backups and a melodic chord progression.                 looseness and crank-it-up power to hold this
well on the Epitaph roster, and I'm sure that             before being pulled from the label who paid for Straying from preachiness or songs of unity and          headbanger's attention. Big riffs, space in be-
they have hoards of fans out there in Cali . be-          the recording and "legally" reissued on Libera- togetherness, a more personal relationship-fo-           tween and even somewhat catchy . Quite cred-
cause of it . Personally, I wasn 't very impressed        tion, a Ramones cover LP dittos, Chicago pop- cused songbase seems to make up the lyrical                ible retromongering . (PO Box 291967, LA, CA
with this release . For one, the song "Behind The         punk founding fathers The Vindictives have fi- content. Melodic guitar parts, and sensitive in-          90029)
Music," that starts the disc off, is fucking ter-         nally released their debut full-length . There will terpersonal lyrics are punctured by shout-
rible. It has funny lyrics about trying to make it        be two schools of thought about this album: alongs, and changing tempos on tracks like "The              WARREN COMMISSION-Rendezvous
sthe music industry, but musically, it's not my           outstanding artistic statement about mental ill- Most Beautiful Girl In Town,", "Always The              With You (Espo, EP)
bag. Cheesy radio friendly crap that sounds like          ness—or just mentally ill? I'm standing with Other Guy," "One For One," and "To Be Alone " .                 Remember Velocity Girl'? They had a pretty-
Stink-182 and has the lamest vocals I' ve heard           both feet in the former camp, although there An upbeat take on a very stylized, classic                   sounding female vocalist with an aggressive pop
in a long time .The rest of the disc is a mix of          are a couple moments on this album, not the hardcore style . An enjoyable, lively fusion of               stance . This band takes off where VG ended
fast and slow material that I didn't get into at          least of which being the Stephen King-like re- straight ahead fury and hook-laden pop-oriented            with an enjoyable (and well-designed) 5-song
all .The vocalist writes some funny lyrics and           prises and infinite loop at the end, that will leave rock. (331 W. 57th St ., PMB 472, NY, NY             EP. Sarah Dudek's singing "nyah-nyah-nyah"
the song "I'm The Boss Of Me" is a quick,                 you wondering about the true portrait of the 10019) (Mike)                                               is perfect as she has the right vocal pipes to get
catchy number, but, for the most part, I didn't           artist as a middle-aged man . Dunno, "medica-                                                            away with singing that line without sounding
like this very much. I like a lot of the bands            tion time" may not he of my world, but it's an VON ZIPPERS-Blitzhacker (Estrus)                          cloying. Too bad the Dead Kennedys and Lee
from the left coast, but I need some anger and            interesting glimpse at someone else's . Three           Pounding their way through the garbage can.      Harvey Oswald Band aren't still around, these
some lyrics that speak to me . Give me                   chord poppy punk rock delivered with a sneer The Von Zippers offer a stripped-down, infec-                three bands could tour together. . . (PO Box 63,
Pennywise, AFI or the new 98 Mute . Then I'd              by these peers of The Weasel . From zany piano tious brand of garage punk and do it with a               Allston, MA 02134) (Scott)
be a happy camper. Pass me a brew please.                camp to uptempo pop-punk with as many sty- whole lot of venom, arrogance and gut-punch-
(7071 Warner Ave., Suite F, PMB 736, Hun-                 listic and tempo breaks as a classic Queen al- ing catchiness . Nasty guitar swipes, punctuated           WATTS (Estrus)
tington Beach, CA 92647) (Pat)                            bum . Well conceived, constructed, and per- with a little feedback here and there and occa-                   New band featuring ex-Mono Men Dave
                                                          formed . If you want fluff, move along—this is sional organ, plus spirited drumming and pul-              Crider and Aaron Roeder and two new recruits.
 VARUKERS-How Do You Sleep?                               a serious piece of art . (PO Box 8345, Berkeley, sating bass-lines . Lean and mean, capturing the         There's still some of the garage rock thing, but
      Still loud and still pissed off at the world's     CA 94707) (T Chandler)                               essence of classic rock 'n roll . A slight tip of     the 70s-inspired rock 'n roll is a pumped-up
  Ils.Textbook UK-style punk and the Varukers'                                                                the helmet to Mister Childish and the occasional      attribute, as well . No wank, though . Any solos
 brand of pillage remains potent . Something              VIOLENT HEADACHE-Bombs Of Crust/ Who-ish sweep, but these guys are more mad                               are sharp and economical and the songs have
 about good 'ol angry thrash to get the juices            False Terminal (Six Weeks)                          than mod. Hits you right where it counts and          an abundance of bounce, boogie and the requi-
sorting, along with the mid-tempo ragers . Stay-              Two albums—one 19 song new one and then not an ounce of excess . Every chord counts. This             site nastiness, while also remaining catchy . Even
ing contemporary, at least in a lyrical sense, with      a 50+ track unreleased album (!)—on one disc disc is a collection of 7" and comp releases . ..             a tough-as-nails semi-ballad in "Out Of My
songs about school violence ("Gun Crazed                 by this Spanish band . Ravaging hardcore with and if this sounds tasty, the Zippers' 1999 al-              Mind," with tension seething under the surface
Kids") and racists using the intemet to push their       two vocalists (one male, one female) and both bum "Bad Generation" is equally worthwhile.                  and those drums still bashing mightily and some
agenda ("Modem For Destruction") . There are             a UK anarcho and Swedish-tinged thrash as- (PO Box 2125, Bellingham, WA 98227)                             tasty guitar work. "Tanratula" and "(C'mon and)
also the plaints about religion and reductions           sault . Better-excecuted on "Bombs Of Crust,"                                                              Drug Me" are good examples of their lean,
 in social benefits that are becoming a fact of          the new album, as there's more of a reliance of VOORHEES/DEVOID OF FAITH-Split                             mean, hard-hitting approach . Timeless rock
life even under the so-called "liberal " Blair/          blastbeat mania ala early Napalm Death for (Gloom/Coalition)                                               music, as well-worn as it comes and it sounds
Labour regime. The Varukers play it like they            "False Terminal ." Some weirder elements oc-             DEATH TO FALSE HARDCORE! Those                   just fine to me. (PO Box 2125, Bellingham, WA
fucking mean it and age won ' t mellow them.             casionally find their way in—acoustic guitar on words are exclaimed on Devoid Of Faith 's lyric            98227)
(Varukers HQ, 10 Sheldon Grove, Woodloes                 one song, DJ scratches and they incorporate bits sheet and they were certainly a welcome anti-
Estate. Warwick, Warwickshire, ENGLAND)                  of humor along with the more serious lyrical dote to the stale, static metal that stole                    WEAKERTHANS-Left and Leaving (Sub
                                                         elements. A lot for one sitting and occasionally hardcore's mantle for awhile . Unfortunately,             City)
VERSAILLES-The Great Axis (Boxcar)                       a hit and miss proposition . But moving away they called it quits during '99 . But the two bands               I'm impressed . I can't decide which
    Innovative math-style rock, for want of a            from grindcore was a good idea, as it increases on this split reclaim the music's brutallizing             Weakerthans album I like better, so I'll enjoy
better term, although these songs are imbued             the impact . (225 Lincoln Ave ., Cotati, CA roots and forge ahead with high-speed, punish-                 them equally for different reasons . This new
with an edgy, dramatic forcefulness. The mix             94931)                                               ing aggro. Harsh, angry and visceral and refus-       venture seems slower and in a way more solid,
is slightly distorted, as well. Keyboards are oc-                                                             ing to give in to society's conventions, even         as the songs seem to all relate to each other.
casionally added for texture, but the main fo-           THE VIRUS-Still Fighting For A Future when long past the adolescent threshold. De-                         Each song can be enjoyed on its own, but they
cus is on interplay between guitar, bass and             (Charged)                                            void Of Faith, in particular, were inspiring to       tie together to tell a story, or relate a complex
drams—vocals are part of the mix, but not the                 One of the better new spiked 'n studded this aging writer and I regret never having seen              emotion of life itself (the potpourri mix of hard-
main element . A mesh of Slint, Unwound and              bands I've heard lately, both live and now with them live . The Voohees are on track, here, with           ship and joy). The music moves smoothly from
Drive Like Jehu, which do provide pat refer-             their first full-length album (a solid 7" preceded a hard-charging, double-time 4/4 thrash assault,        one song to the next, demonstrating that it isn't
ence points for this writer, I'll admit, but it 's       this disc). From Philly and with a few ex-mem- as opposed to the grindcore in which they've               just a collection of songs . It's more thought out
from the same muse. Melancholy and with a                bers of Bomb Squadron and the Virus have a occasionally indulged on other releases and the                 than most records from the hardcore punk scene,
 simmering tension that bubbles from the sur-            pronounced early 80s UK punk sound. Two songs are the better for it. "Heavily Salted"                      which some people obviously wouldn't include
 face . "The System" provides a harder-driving           guitars blasting out the powerchords and ring- slows it down to an effective mid-tempo,                    this in . The Weakerthans sound might land them
 rush, while other songs opt for a lumbering             ing lead lines, catchy choruses strong harmo- anthemic pummel . Feel the power. . . (PO Box                in a more rock category for most people, though
 tempo to strong effect . (PO Box 1141,                  nies. Mike ' s gruff lead vocals sound like Choke, 14253, Albany, NY 12212)                                there are aspects of folk and jazz as well . A good
 Melboume, FL 32902-1141)                                at times, and he gets a good amount of assis-                                                              amount of it reminds me somewhat of Phil Ochs
                                                         tance from Dave (who sang in Bomb Squad- WALLS OF JERICHO-The Bound Feed The                               or a similar songwriter . Powerful songs, with
VIGILANTES-City Lights That Lead The                     ron) . Anthems for the punk rock youth, but also Gagged (Trustkill)                                        real emotions honestly conveyed . It's nothing
Ray (GMM)                                                some pointed societal observations along the             What a kick in the ass to (finally) hear a       to go crazy dancing to or to scream along with.
   Highly tuneful punk with sharp lyrics and             way. Simple, but potent . (PO Box 157, High woman's voice in the world of new school metal                It's a nice change if you want something more
catchy arranging . Jasper's vocals are distinc-          Bridge, NJ 08829)                                    hardcore. Almost entirely a white boy's club,        relaxed with lyrics that will stick with you and
toe—deep and crooning, occasionally a domi-                                                                   Candace Kucsulain's vocals are a welcome             you may find yourself relating to more than you
nating factor, but not overbearing . There's a           VISION-Watching The World Burn (Epi- change to the tradition of heavy hardcore. The                       may with much of the empty rhetoric or cliches
brightness in the riffs and hooks in those chords,       taph)                                                lyrics reflect a feminist approach in dealing with   of many contemporary bands. I even remem-
 as well as the vocal harmonies . "Another                    As one of my Massachusetts friends would the many problems of today, and her vocals are              ber a couple of these songs from when I heard
 Stranger, "The Only Way, " "Youth Of Today"             say, wicked average . Maybe slightly above screamy and intense. Unfortunately, the songs                  them played a year ago while the Weakerthans
 and "Us And Them" are all upbeat rousers . As           wicked average . I've played this album through themselves are still generic, metal miffing chugga         were on tour. This release benefits Art City in
 forthe words, "In His Eyes" deals directly with         a number of times and it comes and goes with- chugga hardcore done to death, brought back                 Winnipeg . A non-profit community center gar-
 the death of guitarist Fernando Strohmeyer's            out really eliciting a strong reaction one way or to life, and then driven into the ground again by       nering space for inner city youth to learn, expe-
 (other, while other songs are about eternal corn-       another. I 've liked previous releases by Vision the four white guys who play behind her. (23             rience and create art . (PO Box 7495, Van Nuys,
 ing of age issues . This young Boston band are          but, truth be told, I haven't played them all that Farm Edge Lane, Tinton Falls, NJ, 07724) (Ja-          CA 91409-7495) (Jonathan)
 on the right track and this album is a big leap         much in recent years . Fast, melodic hardcore son)
 from their first 7" . (PO Box 15234, Atlanta, GA        with crack musicianship, an east coast tough-                                                              WELFARE-On A Mission (Rocknroll Blitz-
 30333)                                                  ness, from-the-heart lyrics and "oozin'-ahs" WALLYS-Clean Up (Mutant Pop, EP)                             krieg, EP)
                                                         harmonies . Dave Franklin has improved as a             The Wallys blatantly rip off The Queers on           The sort of spirited punk rock 'n roll you
SONNY VINCENT-Parallax In Wonderland                     vocalist over the years and the twin guitar sound this four song ER They definitely get the sappy         could blast all day and if you don't want to,
(Devil Doll)                                             is full-bodied. "Predictable"? Yeah, to an ex- love song formula down perfectly but, then, who            then what's the fuckin' problem, anyway? Big
   US pressing of the album previously re-               tent it is, although that song does add a reggae doesn't anymore? In an attempt to get a more             chords, big riffs, big hooks, big attitude and
viewed as an import in SV #43, so check that             break (I don't much care for it, either) . The clas- objective view of the band I played this for sev-    power, power, power. Hell, they make a song
 out for the full story. In brief, this is a solid al-   sic "tweener" album—some of it ' s pretty good eral diehard pop punk fans . So far everyone               about suicide, "Merry Go Down," goddanged
 burn, as Vincent's surrounded himself with some         and none of it sucks outright . Vision are pump- thinks it is a rather uninspired attempt at steal-       catchy. For a moodier, feedback-laced turn, try
"Turn The Heat On" 6 songs spread over 12                Niewie)                                             ous fodder for a number of years and it remains       disc with, um, horns and occasional forays into          one.
inches of vinyl, making it nice and loud . Mis-               Obviously, I've been a naughty, naughty        quite enjoyable . (PO Box 204, Midland Park,          ska . .. Go figure . (PO Box 458, Kulpsville, PA
sion accomplished . (PO Box 11906, Berkeley,             boy because I'm being punished right now.           NJ 07432)                                             19443) (Chris)                                            ZEl
CA 94712)                                                Wlochaty are "anarcho punx" from Poland                                                                                                                                 7
                                                          who play really annoying and downright dull       WRETCH LIKE ME-Calling All Cars                        YAWP!-Progression (Kangaroo)                              who
WELT-Broke Down (BYO)                                    punk rock complete with bad translations in        (Owned & Operated)                                         Progression'? Must refer to the state of world        on tl
     Originally released in '98 on Dr. Dream              their lyric booklet. They actually have a song         Some big hooks here, delivered with a gut-        affairs and personal issues that Yawp! sing               char
Records, which went belly-up shortly after.              called "Meanness (the voice of animals),"          level dose of power. I believe I made some             about. They're hoping things will improve on              and
Clean-sounding, accessble pop/punk, although              which has a really good message but does          Rollins comparisons on their first album and I         all fronts . but the lyrics that castigate transgres-     boo!
with a tad more bitterness and emotionalism.              nothing to put a new perspective on a sub-        don't quite hear that this time . What I do hear       sions by the US, UK and Chilean dictator                  ing
Crystal-clear sound, courtesy of the Blasting            ject we've all read about a zillion times . Plus,  are a solid 1-2 guitar punch, raspy vocals and         Pinochet indicate that we have a long way to              sour
Room production team. Not too happy-go-lucky              "Meanness?" Translator please! To their           the standard LOUD Blasting Room production.            go, in that regard . It's not a musical progres-         over
sounding, as the lyrics deal with the frustrations        credit, Wlochaty spend a lot of time present-     A definite page from the Nirvana songbook and          sion but, rather, a good 'ol fashioned slam-bang         thro
of day-to-day life in a way everyone can relate           ing positive messages in their thick booklet      maybe a hint of Cheap Trick in there, particu-         hardcore effort. Not just a one-dimensional as-          "Mc
to . Similar to Shades Apart before that band             filled with info on the history of anarchist       larly for "Desperate," but it's the good Cheap        sault, though; along with the speed, there are           the
went completely 'mersh, right down to the vo-             thought, McLibel, an interview with a             Trick, not the treacly one . "Never Turn Your          tuneful elements and dramatic buildups . A de-           a bu
cals. A bit more depth than many bands play-              butcher, Anarchist Black Cross and info on         Back On Rock 'n Roll" delivers the promise of         cided mid-80s thrash style, without the metal            mint
ing in this style, although not really inspiring          your rights when you get stopped by the cops       its title with a punchy drive, while "MRR" also       tint . "Playground" even takes a ballad-y turn           mov
fierce devotion or anything . (PO Box 67A64.              in Poland . My suggestion is skip the music,       rocks convincingly, while stating the claim "I'm      without getting maudlin . Something about no-            to an
LA, CA 90067)                                             read the booklet and then pass it along to        a singer, not a political tool," "I'm here to en-      bullshit hardcore still does the trick, after all        ute
                                                          someone else . (PO Box 53, 34-400 Nowy            tertain; that's all I do" and "I'm just here to play   this time . (Middenweg 13, 1089AA                        path
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?-Hollow Victory                         Targ, POLAND) (Jason)                              some music," but "if you can get something out        Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS)                                  981(
(Not A Problem, 10")/Stand Fast Armaged-                                                                     of what I sing that's great " And while some
don Fighter!!! (Sound Pollution)                         WORKIN' STIFFS-Through Thick & Thin might take tremendous issue with such an atti-                        ZEKE-Dirty Sanchez (Epitaph)                             ZEE
    Bringin' it back? You bet—the "it" is un-            (TKO, EP)                                           tude and eschew this band for not having a deep           I was on an eGroup list for a certain band              E
adulterated, ultra-thrashing hardcore or "ban-               The title is a tribute to their drummer Eric, enough committment to one agenda or another,            that shall remain nameless (ah, what the hell—          abou
dana thrash," as they call it . "Hollow Victory "        who has been sidelined with a stroke . Thank- the personal lyrics do capture life's day to day            Rocket From The Crypt) and left because it was          garal
is a 10" EP released sometime in '99 and "Stand          fully, he appears to be recovering, but a return frustrations . If bands want to put across an ide-       getting too snooty ; a decidedly anti-punk bias.        ous-
Fast" is their newest album, their first "proper"        to the band is still questionable . Eric appears ology and do it creatively, there's nothing wrong        One person, in particular, caught my ire with           and t
full-length . Tight, powerful . ripping songs with       on 4 of the 6 songs here and, in the meantime, with that . On the other hand, not every band              their dismissal of Zeke, while lauding the great-       corn)
thoughtful lyrics on a number of topics, includ-         the Stiffs soldier on with another drummer. has to have such a manifesto to prove their wor-              ness of L7, a band whose peak arguably hap-             aesth
ing Samurai warriors, a reference to The Three           Spirited melodic punk that doesn't represent any thiness, at least for this writer. Catchy tunes and      pened about a decade ago . This same twit said          "Tall
Musketeers and a song sung in Japanese that              departure or major progression . The cover of volume—not a new concept, but it remains ef-                that Zeke didn ' t have one memorable song or           or an
attempts to explain vegetarianism and veganism           the Weirdos' "Solitary Confinement" doesn ' t fective . (PO Box 36, Ft. Collins, CO 80522)                anything worthwhile to offer . Fuck that shit!          eithe
to WHN? ' s fans in that country. The lyric in-          pack the full-bore rage of the original, unfortu-                                                         "Dirty Sanchez" is another installment of road-
serts for both releases also include personal            nately. but they fare just fine with their own XIII PFP-Redefine (An Object At Rest/                      tested, brain-burning rock 'n roll by these Se-         ZILI
observations on most of the songs . WHN? are             songs . (PMB #103, 4104 24th St ., SF, CA Double Down)                                                    attle hellions . "Let's Get Drugs," a highlight of
a "positive " band, yet there's nothing cheesy or        94114)                                                  The self-styled "Silliest Band in All of Beau-    their set when they opened for, uh, L7 during           thata
contrived about it, at least from where I sit. Four                                                          tiful Pennsylvania " seems to have some of that       the summer of '99, leads the pack with a high-          1'II to
guys get together and decide to play the hard 'n         THE WORLD IS MY FUSE-Good Inten- frat-band stink about them but it might just be                          speed onslaught. Equally effective at the speed-        can s
fast music they grew up listening to . A throw-          tions (Espo)                                        the .. . horns . I don't usually like ska and I've    limit-breaking barrage as they are at pure rock         spirit
back, for sure, but a welcome one . True and in-             This band's name always throws me . I an- never felt that Biohazard would benefit from                'n roll bash and any band that could make               whoa
your-face. (Not A Problem : PO Box 480802,               ticipate sound as frenetic and intense as Rites the Bosstones ' horn section but it 's hard to deny       Fleetwood Mac 's "Rhiannon " into something             bashi
SF, CA 94142-0802/Sound Pollution : PO Box               of Spring when, in fact, a more apt comparison that Xll PFP rock like crazy . Like I say, some-           listenable has powers greater than anything I           crack
 17742, Covington, KY 41017)                             might be The Foo Fighters . I don't mean that as thing about the performances strikes me as too           could possibly fathom. Raspy-voiced venom, a            know
                                                         an insult necessarily—TWIMF is nowhere near refined and collegiate for heavy hardcore but,                twin guitar blaze and a credo that states "I Don't      of co
WIPERS-The Power Of One (Zeno)                           as slick and calculating as Dave Grohl 's project. by and large, this is an aggressive and powerful       Give A Fuck ." Guarandamnteed to rip you a new          fucke
     The Wipers continue to be a unique and com-         They do, however, share the same sort of p oppy
pletely underrated entity . Essentially the vision       hooks and classic rock trappings infused with
of one man, Greg Sage, for over 20 years and             some punk sensibility. I'm reminded of how.
 it's an instantly-identifiable sound . I guess that's   back in the eighties, the occasional group of
a way of saying this album could just as easily          metalheads would show up to 10,000 Maniacs
come out in the early 80s as much as now, ex-            gigs expecting a heavy set of mayhem befit-
cept that Sage's lyrics now come from more of            ting the group ' s name only to encounter Natalie
a wizened perspective . Those look both inward           Merchant and Co.'s lite college pop. Anyhoo,
and outward, down to the most basic plaint of            TWIMF might not be what I initially expected
personal need for "Rest Of My Life," as in "I            but they're a very good band on their own terms.
 wanna be with you the rest of my life ." Wann,          Lead singer Elgin James's breathy rasp doesn't
yet somber tones and if a guitar can elicit a range       win you over by force or volume but, instead,
of emotions, Sage is a master of it . No one plays       creates an air of intimacy which is every bit as
guitar in a similar fashion and it's the center-         commanding . Well-thought out songs and pas-
piece of the Wipers' approach . His vocals are            sionate, convincing performances make this al-
 understated, but equally effective at adding to          bum a worthwhile listen . (PO Box 63, Allston,
the mood . Kind of a lengthy piece and the qui-           MA 02134) (Chris)
etude of the last few songs lessen the impact,
 slightly. Still, a credible effort from an icono-WORTHLESS-Slow City (Taang)
clastic artist, doing things his way, regardless      All in the attitude, baby, and the Worthless
of time or trends. (PO Box 97281, Phoenix, AZ     exude a wise-assed snottiness and also have a
 85060)                                           knack for bashing out some catchy punk rock
                                                  that mixes up '77-era punk, garage and rock 'n
WITHIN BLOOD (Resist)                             roll influences . And while I recognize New York
    Featuring ex-members of a plethora of Aus- City's contributions to punk's legacy, there ' s
tralian metalcore outfits, including Mindsnare, something gratifying about hearing these west
Within Blood exists as a more fast paced, old coast boys singing "fuck New York!" There are
school style HC outfit fronted by those with a some stinging guitar licks throughout, along
proclivity towards metal, and it shows . Belched with the arrogant vocals . Duane Peters pro-
Rick-Ta Life-style vocals encircle fluctuating duced and the Worthless are cut from the same
fast paced riffing, and thudding metallic sludge, down 'n dirty cloth. (706 Pismo Ct., San Di-
and ultimately this band comes off like more of ego, CA 92109)
a tormented speedier Hatebreed infused outfit,
than the posi, hoodie-touting, varsity lettered, WRETCHED ONES-We Don't Belong To
two-fingers-in-the-air style that the packaging Nobody (Headache)
might suggest . A genuine speed/tempo shifting        Ever hear the expression "keep it simple.
sense of savageness, with decent chord progres- stupid"? That could be the Wretched Ones'
sions, and some pummeling shout-alongs to credo. Harboring no illusions of being big rock
boot. Not especially invigorating in its innova- stars, making rock 'n roll their main career or
tion, offering little that is unusually hard hit- dining on steak, for that matter. They eat                                                                                                                                 I
ting or refreshing in the brutality category (vo- burgers, instead, got bills to pay and are settled
cally or otherwise), this release nevertheless nicely into their lives. A six-pack of Schaefer
holds its own throughout its half hour duration. (in cans!) is the reward. "I like drinking beer
Solid, vitriolic HC from the land down under, and rock 'n roll" is another motto. The
nothing mindblowing, but those rugged sludge/ Wretched Ones' music is equally direct and
speed changeups sure do satisfy . (PO Box 372, basic . Catchy punk with an of influence, with
Newtown NSW. AUSTRALIA 2042) (Mike)               nice loud guitars and gruff vocals . "Rules"
                                                  speeds things up to a ravenous tempo. This New
WLOCHATY-Droga Oporu (Nikt Nic Jersey foursome have been plying this boister-                                                                                                                                              CC
nto     one.. . maybe a couple . (2798 Sunset Blvd ., LA, CA 90026)
         ZEN GUERRILLA-Trance States In Tongues (Sub Pop)
           This band have been around for awhile but I never paid a
         whole lot of attention to them until hearing a 5" single released
srld     on the Allied label that featured a righteously-rockin' Little Ri-
 ng      chard cover. Anyway, turns out these guys have the rock bug
 on      and have it bad and that's a good thing. You follow? Bluesy,
es-     boogie with an abundance of powerchords and harmonica add-
tor     ing to the ambiance . That ambiance is also somewhat loopy-
  to    sounding, and I don't mean sound-loops or samples . There's an
es-     overarching buzz, a haze, an expansive float and the heard-
Ing     through-the-clouds vocals lend to that qualilty . Bowie's
 as-    "Moonage Daydream " seems like an odd cover choice here, but
are     the Guerrilla capture the spaceshot essence of the song, adding
de-     a burst of feedback to its conclusion. On their own "Pepper-
:tal    mint," "Slow Motion Rewind " and "Heart Attack," the songs
urn     move with locomotive-rock authority. Yeah, there's a retro feel.
no-     wan extent, but Zen Guerrilla know the difference between trib-
 all    ute and a starting point and their approach follows the latter
kA      path . Quite well, I might add . (PO Box 20645, Seattle, WA

        ZEROS-Right Now! (Romp)
Ind        Early LA punks the Zeros release their first new album in
        about 5 years and it 's a mix of no-BS rock, pop instincts and
was     garage and '77 punk roots . Some of the cover choices are obvi-
 as.    ous--the Sonics' "Strychnine," the Seeds ' "Pushin ' Too Hard"
,ith    and the Dolls' "Chatterbox," but I'd have to say they're handled
 at-    competently. There's definitely a tough, journeyman energetic
ap-     aesthetic here, especially on such tracks as "Handgrenade Heart,"
aid     lalkin "' and "Do The Swim ." Wouldn't say this blows my mind
  or    or anything, but it gives no indication they're washed-up fogies,
hit!    tither. (PO Box 7112, Burbank, CA 91510)
Se-     ZILLIONAIRES (Pelado/Unity Squad)
t of       "I warn hear some DUM rocknroll/Not a hunch of crap
ing     that speaks to my soul." Layin ' it on the line how they feel and,    A radio show featuring punk, hardcore, garage rock and other
        I' ll tell 'ya, the DUM rocknroll that the Zillionaires yowl about
        can speak to your soul . Or shake it up a bit . Arrogant, brash and
                                                                                       extreme music from the 60s to the present ...
xk      spirited rockin' punk . Not even D-U-M-B, as with the Ramones,                   Hosted by Al from Suburban Voice 'zine.
Ike     who they don't sound anything like, by the way. Primitive and
ing     bashing compositions with a minimum of chords and rarely               WED . 3:00-4 :30 PM on ALLSTON-BRIGHTON FREE RADIO,
it, a
        cracking the two minute barrier. Produced by Jeff Dahl, who
        knows a thing or two about this sort of ear-bending swill . A lack
                                                                                          1630 and 1670 AM in ALLSTON, MASS.
m't     ofcouth? Couth and rock 'n roll don't mix, anyway . Turn this            Info: www.abfreeradio .org (webcasting begins this fall!!)
sew     hacker up . (Unity Squad: 354 West 100 North, Logan, UT 84321)

          HELLBILLYS                                                                         CHRIST ON PARADE
          BLOOD TRILOGY VOL . 1 (CD/LP)                                                      INSANITY IS A SANE REACTION (CD/DOUBLE LP)

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