Solutions for fatty liver disease

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					                       The Solution for Fatty Liver Disease


    The Solution for Fatty Liver Disease
                                By Stem Meccoly
                                The Solution for Fatty Liver Disease

The accumulation of fat in liver cells is in medical terms referred as fatty liver disease. Liver is
responsible for the metabolism and burning the excess amounts of fat from human body.

If the ability of liver to metabolize fats is reduces and the fat starts to build up in liver cells, fatty liver
condition is diagnosed.

Alcohol and obesity are the main causes of fatty liver condition.
Fortunately, the recuperation of the liver is possible and fatty liver disease is treatable,
with some natural cure and well balanced diet.

Maintaining a healthy weight is the first step in the prevention and treatment for fatty liver. Intake of
calories and fatty foods should be greatly reduced, and some physical exercise would be
recommended to shed off extra pounds and maintain ideal weight.

Since alcohol is one of two main causes of fatty liver disease, refraining from drinking alcohol
beverages is a necessary step when treating this condition.

Some medications are known to cause fatty liver disease, as well. If possible, in consultation with your
doctor, try to reduce the use of medications since drugs can damage the liver.

The most important step in fatty liver treatment is, of course, changing your diet. High fiber foods
should be included in all meals, and fatty and processed foods should be avoided.
Vegetables and fruits should supplement cookies and candies.

The best way to fight nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is to loose extra weight and naturally reduce the
levels of fat in liver cells.
Once the fat is removed from the body, the liver will regain it normal metabolic functions.