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									Jazz Clubs

Jazz music is appreciated worldwide. If you are ever traveling and are
new to some countries, here are where some of the best jazz clubs are
located so that every place you go will be just like home.

Canadian Jazz Clubs

In Westminster, you can go to the Java Jazz Café & Bistro. Live jazz is
played served with Filipino cooking, with dishes like kare-kare, milkfish
and bangus. Every night there are different artists playing. Times are
from Tuesday-Thursday from 12p.m. to 2:30p.m. and 5:30 to 12:00a.m.
Friday it's to 1:00a.m., Saturday 3 p.m. to 1 a.m. and Sunday 5:30 p.m.
to midnight. If you want to attend jam sessions, they are each Saturday
3p.m. to 6p.m.

If you are ever in Victoria, go to the Hermann's Jazz Club on 753 View
Street. This club has been around for 25 years. You can enjoy good food
and international jazz music from the hottest musicians around.

In Vancouver, you can go to Capones Restaurant & Live Jazz Club. Jazz
music is played there every night of the week. The food is excellent food
and wine. Some of the dishes are pizzas, pastas, tapas and there are also
some signature entrees. The musicians that play here are literally chosen
to play there from the area and offer great west coast jazz music and
blues. You have to call and book in advance to get a table here.

Cuban Jazz Clubs

If you are heading to Havana, be sure to stop at La Zorra Y La Cueva Jazz
Club. Open every day, you can eat, drink, dance and enjoy the best jazz
music as only the best of musicians play here. Dress tropical for this

Chinese Jazz Clubs

In Bejing, you can go to The Big Easy. Modern jazz music and blues is
played there. Ted's Café plays traditional jazz on Saturday nights. In
Shanghai you can go to the CJW. The CJW is the Cigar Jazz Wine House. It
is on the highest floor of the fifty-story Bund Centre. The atmosphere is
very modern, eccentric with lava lamps, transparent beaded curtains. The
food is traditional western and Chinese fusion.

Israeli Jazz Clubs

In Binyamina, you can go to the milestone. The Milestone is set in a
beautiful park inside a Roman fortress. The times are from weekends
Thursday to Saturday. The jazz music is played by the best Israeli jazz
musicians. Gourmet food is served, and there is also an amphitheatre. If
you are in Haifa, go to the Hottentot. Performances are just about every
single day. The atmosphere is laid-back, there's good food, drinks and a

French Jazz Clubs
I had to save the best clubs for last. French jazz clubs. The French are
serious when it comes to jazz music. All kinds of jazz music is played
from standard to amateur. There are many, many jazz clubs here. Quite a
few American jazz musicians chose to live there permanently or
temporarily and have enhanced their lives all around. Here is a couple of
the best jazz clubs in France. In Paris 4th, there is Franc Pinot. Those
that love swing and bebop music should come here. This club has natural
acoustics, and is located in the heart of Paris. Times are from 7p.m. to
9p.m., but it depends on who is playing for the night. In the 15th, there
is Jazz Club Lionel Hampton where the best bands and artists play
contemporary jazz. If you want to enrich your spirit, go travel to other
places to appreciate jazz music.

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