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Windsurfing through Jamaica


									Windsurfing through Jamaica

One of the images that is often seen in Jamaican tourist brochures is
that of windsurfing on a beautiful ocean just off a golden beach. It’s
almost a cliché. But the reality is that if the picture caught your
attention, not to mention imagination, you can be trying your hand
windsurfing almost as soon as you check into your hotel! If you arrive
on a day when there’s not even much of a breeze, you’d be better to do
something else that day and save the windsurfing for a day when the wind
has a little strength behind it. You also need to have a day when the
wind is blowing in the right direction – it’s not exactly a science, but
you will learn which are the ideal windsurfing conditions for the
location you’re staying in. Booking your vacation between November and
April is the best time of year if you hope to spend a lot of time
windsurfing as the winds are more favorable to the sport at that time of

Many of the major hotels in Jamaica offer windsurfing as one of their
activities and not only have the equipment, but also the experts who can
help get you started and keep you safe whilst you find your sea legs. If
your hotel doesn’t have facilities, they are bound to know where you can
find them – make sure you ask about hiring equipment if you don’t have
your own as this isn’t always easy to find in Jamaica. If you haven’t
windsurfed before, you need to get a little expert coaching before you
get started. If you are an experienced windsurfer, you’ll know how to
find the best wave/wind combination on the Island. Of course one of the
best places for established windsurfers is at the Silver Sands area, but
if you’re just starting out, or aren’t very confident in the water, this
is not the place for you.

Windsurfing is an exhilarating experience but it’s not something that’s
for everyone so if it’s something that you think you want to try, make
your accommodation reservation with a hotel that offers it on-site
amongst other activities. That way, you’ll have other options to pick
from if you decide this one isn’t for you.

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