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									Swim with Dolphins in a Jamaican Paradise

Many people dream of one day taking a vacation in an island paradise such
as Jamaica. Others dream of one day having the thrill of swimming
alongside dolphins. Those who visit Ocho Rios in Jamaica can have the
opportunity to do both at Dolphin Cove.

Dolphin Cove is currently the only place in Caribbean where you can get
up close and personal with one of these beautiful animals. There are a
variety of programs available which range from a simple “exhibit” type of
tour where you walk through a jungle type environment and can see many
exotic birds and animals as well as sea creatures, to a more thrilling
adventure where you not only swim with the dolphins but have the
opportunity of a “dorsal pull”. Some of the programs are age restricted,
for example to actually be allowed to swim with the dolphins you must be
over the age of 8 so if you have younger children in your party you might
want to consider this, and explain the restrictions to them before you go
to the cove.

As this is attraction is unique, and it’s an ambition of so many people,
if you want to join any of the dolphin programs at Dolphin Cove you’d be
advised to book up well in advance of your trip. Although there are 4
times a day when the tours take place, places are restricted and it fills
up fast – especially on the days when cruise ships dock in Ocho Rios!

For a packed experience day, combine a visit to Dolphin Cove with a look
at the incredible Dunn’s River waterfall which is a relatively short
distance away. If you are booked into an afternoon tour at the Cove,
spend the morning at the waterfalls, or vice versa. Whichever way around
you do it, it’ll be a day of exhilarating experiences you won’t ever

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