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									Going Emo With Your Hair

Emo is a style grew out of the Washington, D.C. music scene. It is trendy and popular among
young people today.

Emo is a style of rock music that emerged out of the Washington DC music scene in the mid-
1980s. "Emo" is short for "emotional hardcore," describing not only the bands' emotional
performances but also their alternative, sensitive, or even angsty followers. While the Emo scene
developed amongst self-proclaimed "anti-hipsters" that rejected the trends of the mainstream, it
has been adopted by many teens and young twenty-somethings in recent years to fit in, rather
than to remain on the outside. Emo hair trends are a reflection of that development

An Emo guy or girl has a definitive sense of style, with both their clothing and their hair. "Emo
kids" usually wear mostly black clothing with very tight jeans (the guys might even wear girls'
jeans), tees emblazoned with the name of a rock band, studded belts, canvas sneakers or other
black shoes, and thick, black horn-rimmed glasses.

The Emo hairstyle has evolved over time. Most Emo kids have black hair, but this is less
important for the guys. The Emo guy is usually characterized with hair that is long enough to go
past the ears with fringe falling over one eye. Some guys also sport a shaggier Emo looks that are
purposefully made to look unkempt.

A popular look for girls is much like that for the guys, with the hair being down and pulled over
one eye. Some girls cut their own hair or have a friend do it, trimming their fringe straight
across. Other girls also wear their hair with clips. The Emo hairstyle for girls is usually with
black hair, but many girls with a more two-toned look, with one color on the top and another
color on the bottom.

While these are common hairstyles and styles of dressing, there is so much diversity across the
United States that all of the Emo look cannot be captured with just one or two types. For many,
it's all about the music, and for others, it's all about having great hair. Regardless, Emo hairstyles
and fashions are in and don't seem to be fading anytime soon

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