; scam or not My Unbiased globat review
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scam or not My Unbiased globat review


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									                    My Unbiased globat review

Really consider choosing just host:
I have came across many different hosts, such as famous

webhosting GoDaddy which i had really bad experience with. Their

servers are EXTREMELY slow, so i switched my hosts to globat..

Well, first impression: pretty good. When i completed the payment, i

was offered loads of useless stuff such as private registrations etc. I

don't really need that for website that me and my friend will be

using, no, no, no.. Then an offer to have quicker, efficient server.

That moment i thought my domain will be slow like godaddy. Oh no.

Then i read the reviews about it.. It did not actually happen though.

However, When i typed into google "globat scam", not many results

showed up. Statistics show that about 80 pages about globat say

they are bad company, unlike many other hosting companies. No

problem with them yet.. Strongly recommend..Also you can get

promotion code from sign up here, enjoy it!

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