MA Day Conference 2009 - The Uni by pengxiuhui


									History Department MA Day Conference

27 May 2009

Titles of the papers given by MA students at the end of their research presentation module

   Second Wave Feminism and the Media
    Mongols and the West
   Coal, Community and Class: Sustaining the Miners' Strike, 1984-85
   Roman Aristocrats after The Roman Empire; New Roads or Old Paths?
   Masculinity, Emotion and Selfhood: Representations of British Men’s Responses to Literature and the
    Theatre, circa 1720-1830
   Settling Rhodesia 1890-1896: An Icon of British Imperialism?
   Blindness in Eighteenth-Century England
   Clearing the Historical Wilderness: Native Indian Agency in the Process of Manifest Destiny, 1830-1870
   The Political Trajectories of Zimbabwean Women - 1970-2007
   Mysticism and Authority in the Sixteenth Century
   The Presentation of Franco: Catholic Monarch, Fascist and Anti-communist
   Social Views and Public Reaction to Women's Conscription in Second World War Britain
   Media coverage of the Sheffield Blitz.
   Opposition to freemasonry in early eighteenth century France
   The Value of the Jack Rosenthal Archive as a Source for the Social, Cultural and Anglo-Jewish
   The influence of the revolutionary period on the thoughts of Roger Williams
   Aristocratic Paternalism and Familial Identity on the Chatsworth House Estate, 1880s-1920s
   British Educational Policy in Cyprus: Greek-Christian Schools in the 1930s
   Associations between Women, Credit and Notions of Femininity in Early-Modern New York
   For Peace Alone? Historical Significance and Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp
   TVA and the Birth of Grassroots Environmentalism
   Identities and Civil War: The Splintering of Southern Spain, 1936-1937
   The Late Antique Transition of Roman Cities in the Rhineland
   A Storm-Centre of Popular Radicalism: Sheffield in the 1790s
   Female Epistolaries: A Comparative Study between Quakers and Catholics in Early Modern Europe.
   The Jewish refugees and Cyprus: The Greek-Cypriot reaction towards the Jewish refugees between
    1933 and 1949.
   The Role of Women in the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement
   The Empire Strikes Back? Margaret Thatcher, Counter Culture and the Falklands Conflict.
   Mnemonics and Mysticism in Mid-Seventeenth Century England
   The Place and Nature of 'Ideology' in the First Anglo-Dutch war
   British imperial attitudes in the alliance with Japan during the nineteenth and twentieth century
   Patterns of prejudice and perceptions: society and the "other" in the high middle ages
   Franciscans in Thirteenth Century England
   British Perceptions of Jews 1938-1947; Mass Observation and the Shaping of Opinion
   Ghana, Pan-Africanism and Nationalism: a History of the Ideas of Kwame Nkrumah, 1945-1970

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