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									                                  Faculty from the college
                          Govt. Homeopathic Medical College.Calicut
                       Karaparamba. P.O, Kozhikode. 673010. Kerala. India
                                 Ph: 0495-2370883, 2371989

Dr.Mansoor Ali BHMS,MD(Hom)                                                            Residence
Tutor. Department of Repertory                                                             Amna’s
Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College.                                                Kulangarpeedika
Kozhikode.10. Kerala .India                                                         Pokkunnu. P.O
Email : Mob : +91-9249337799                                     Kozhikode. 10

Educational Qualifications

          Course               Board/University                      College              Year
                                                            Govt.Homeo Medical
           BHMS               Calicut university                                           1996

          PGDPC                     IBMS                     IBMS Chitoor.India            1999

        MOH(UAE)                     UAE                      Ministry Of Health            2002

                                                           Govt.Homoeo Medical
      MD(Repertory)           Calicut University                                           2003
                                                             College Calicut.

                                                         Vazhikatty Mental Health
        MSc (Psych)          Tamilnadu University                                         Doing
                                                           Centre. Coimbatore
        Diploma in
                              Kerala University              Kerala University             Doing
      Health Science

Teaching Experience
Joined at GHMC. Calicut on 21st Jan 2006

                               Papers Published in Medical Journals

No   Topic                                         Journal                 Issue           Year
1    Homeopathic education-changing                Vital Informer          Vol.1 No.3      March 2008
2    Neurospinal disorders-Homeopathic             Homeopathic   Medical   Vol.15 No.2     July 2007
     approach                                      Panorama
3    Interpretation of rubrics in Kent's           Homeopathic   Medical   Vol.9 No.1      January 2001
     repertory- Part.1                             Panorama
4    Interpretation of rubrics in Kent's           Homeopathic   Medical   Vol.9 No.2      April 2001
     repertory- Part.III                           Panorama
5    Interpretation of rubrics in Kent's           Homeopathic   Medical   Vol.9 No.3      July 2001
     repertory- Part.1V                            Panorama
6    Interpretation of rubrics in Kent's      Homeopathic Medical   Vol.9 No.4     October2001
     repertory- Part. V                       Panorama

7    Interpretation of rubrics in Kent's      Homeopathic Medical   Vol.10         January 2002
     repertory- Part.VI                       Panorama              No.10
8    Interpretation of rubrics in Kent's      Homeopathic Medical   Vol.10,No.2    April 2002
     repertory- Part.VII                      Panorama
9    How to become an effective lecturer in    Vital Informer       Vol.14 No.2    Feb 2006

10   Comparative study of mind Rubrics        IHK News              Vol.21 No.5    Aug 2004

11   How to prepare for MD(Hom) Entrance      Vital Informer        Vol.3 No.11    Nov. 2005

12   How to become an effective lecturer in   Sarada Krishna        Darsan         2003
     Homeopathy                               Annual Magazine       2003
13   Improving the quality of homeopathic     Homeopathic Medical   Vol.14 No.1    April 2006
     education                                Panorama
                                                                    Vol.8 No.3     July 2000
14   How to prepare for competitive           Homeopathic Medical   Vol.13 No.2    July 2005
     examinations                             Panorama
15   Kidney disease – A homoeopathic          Annual Magazine                      2005
     perspective                              GHMC Bhopal
16   Management of acutes- A                  Homeopathic Medical   Vol.14 No.2    July 2006
     homeopathic approach                     Panorama
17   Allied rubrics in Kent's repertory       Homeopathic Medical   Vol.7 No.4     October 1999
18   Marriage – A psychological approach      Homeopathic Medical   Vol.7 No.3     July 1999
19   Organon the last moment revision         Homeopathic Medical   Vol.12 No.4    Oct 2004
20   Organon the last moment revision         Annual magazine of    Dimensions     2004
                                              Dr.Padiar Homeo       Padiar 2004
                                              College. Eranakulam
21   Interpretation of mind in                Homeopathic Medical   Vol.10 No.4    October 2002
     synthesis.Part.1                         panorama
22   Interpretation of mind in                Homeopathic Medical   Vol.11 No.1    January 2003
     synthesis.Part.1I                        panorama
23   Interpretation of mind in                Homeopathic Medical   Vol.11 No.2    April 2003
     synthesis.Part.1II                       panorama
24   Interpretation of mind in                Homeopathic Medical   Vol. 11 No.3   July 2003
     synthesis.Part.1V                        panorama
25   Interpretation of mind in synthesis.     Homeopathic Medical   Vol.11 No.4    October 2003
     Part.V                                   panorama
26   Interpretation of mind in synthesis.     Homeopathic Medical   Vol.12. No.1   January 2004
     Part.V1                                  panorama
27   Interpretation of mind in synthesis.     Homeopathic Medical   Vol.12, No.2   April 2004
     Part.VII                                 panorama
28   Interpretation of mind in synthesis.     Homeopathic Medical   Vol.12 No.3    July 2004
     Part.VIII                                panorama
29   Interpretation of mind in synthesis.     Homeopathic Medical   Vol.13 No.1,   January 2005
     Part.IX                                  panorama
30   Interpretation of mind in synthesis.     Homeopathic Medical   Vol.13 No.1    June 2006
     Part.X                                   panorama
31   Clinical application of miasm            Homoeo times          Vol.3 No.9     Sept 2006
32   Effective Power Point Presentations      Vital Informer        Vol.7 No.8     July 2008

33   History of Homeopathy in Kerala          Homoeo Times          Vol.5 No.8     August 2008
34        Homeopathic Education – Changing        Homeopathic Medical    Vol.15 No.4    March 2008
          trends                                  Panorama

35        Homeopathic Research Design             Homeopathic Medical    Vol.16 No.1    June 2008

36        Mind Rubrics for busy practitioners     Homeohorizon –         Vol.2 No.2     December
                                                  internet magazine                     2008

37        Management of Acute Conditions          Homeo Buzz             Vol.4 No.2     February

38        Oncology – Repertorial approach         Homeopathic Medical    Vol.17 No.3    March.2009

39        Homeopathic management of spinal        Homeopathic            Vol.34 No.3    March 2009
          disorders                               Heritage

40        Scientific Methodology of               Asian Journal of       Vol.3 No. 1    February
          Repertorisation                         Homeopathy             (6)            2009

41        Continuation of external MD – Is it     Vital Informer         Vol.17 No.6    June 2009

42        Scientific Methodology of               Links International    Vol.23 3/09    Sept 2009

43        Why Kerala Homeopaths on agitation?     Homeo Buzz             Vol.4, No.9    September

Constructed – the largest & extensive portal on Homeopathic medical
education & research in the world. Provides latest medical news, research articles and study
materials on Homeopathy. The aim of is to provide free service to academics,
researchers, and students working in the area of Homoeopathic & allied medical sciences. Other
silent features of this portal includes Latest medical news, Online Consultation, Online medical class
room, Online free medical journals, online games and events & opportunities in India and abroad.

This site also features BHMS,MD(Hom),PSC,UPSC,MOH(UAE) study materials & original question
papers, clinical tips, case studies research articles on homeopathy, links to useful medical &
Government sites , new drug proving and thesis from various PG centers. Notifications and Results
section deals with exams and opportunities in around India.

TOT(Training of trainers) conducted

    No.     Subject                              Organised by            Venue           Date
1          RADAR training programme for         Department of           Wayanad         29.11.06
           Govt. Medical Officers               Homoeopathy.
                                                Govt. of Kerala
2          RADAR training programme for         Department of           Calicut         28.11.06
           Govt. Medical Officers               Homoeopathy.
                                                Govt. of Kerala
3          RADAR training programme for         Department of           Calicut         22.11.06
           Govt. Mediacl Officers               Homoeopathy.
                                                Govt. of Kerala
4          RADAR training programme for         Department of           Kannur          21.11.06
           Govt. Medical Officers               Homoeopathy.
                                                Govt. of Kerala
5          MOST 2007 -Chief Coordinator of      Indian Homeopathic      10 centres in   June-
           Medical Officers PSC exam            Medical Association.    Kerala          November
       training course. Five months        Kerala                                   2007
       intensive competitive exam
       training course

6.     One day training programme on       ANSS Homeo College.      ANSS            14.02.07
       repertorisation                     Kottayam                 Homeo
7.     Work shop on Research               Indian Homeopathic       Trivandrum      14th -15th
       Methodology                         Research Centre (IHRC)                   June 2008
8.     Work shop on Research               Indian Homeopathic       Calicut         26th -27th
       Methodology                         Research Centre (IHRC)                   July 2008
9.     One day training programme on       Sharada Krishna          SKHMC           August 14
       Repertory for the students,         Homeopathic Medical                      2008
       teachers and internees of SK        College. Kulashekaram
       Homeopathic Medical College.
10     Training on Homeopathic             Department of            Malappuram      27th
       approach in Psychological           Homeopathy. Govt. of                     Nove.2008
       problems                            Kerala
11     3 day TOT at Lakshadweep            Department of AYUSH      UT of           2009
       Healthy Mother & Happy Child        & NRHM Govt. of India    Lakshadweep     Nov.10.11.12
12     Kerala State TOT on Healthy         Department of AYUSH      Trivandrum      7th Feb 2010
       Mother & Happy Child                & Department of
                                           Homeopathy. Govt. of

                  Workshops and Training Programmes attended

22nd August – 31st august 2009 – Training programme on Health Science research at Medical
College Campus Trivandrum organised by CDC

3rd- 8th December 2007- ROTP on Case taking & repertorisation under AYUSH at
Dr.M.L.Dhawale Homeopathic Medical College. Mumbai

8th- 9th June 2007 – Workshop on Repertory at Fr. Muller Homeopathic Medical College.

17th & 18th February 2007 Research in Homeopathy Organised by Fr.Muller Homeopathic Medical

17th – 18th March 2007 - Homeopathic Research Methodolgy Organised by CCRH

12th -13th April 2007- Training on HIV/AIDS & ART conducted by Kerala Aids Control Society at

14th May 2007 training on Hospital Infection Control by Malabar Institute of Medical Science.

08th October 2009. ROTP on Effective control of epidemics by RAECH Govt. of Kerala at Govt.
Homeopathic Medical College. Calicut.
28th August 2009 . Workshop on Computerised data management. at Medical College. Campus.
Organised by CDC Trivandrum

                                  CMEs/Papers Presented

                                         National Level

No.        Date         Organised by                     Venue            Topic
1      06.05.07         Indian Homeopathic Medical       Coimbatore       Scientific methodology of
                        association (IHMA)                                repertorisation
2      20.03.05         Indian Homeopathic Medical       Parbhani         1.Management of acute
                        association (IHMA)               Maharashtra      diseases
                                                                          2.Interpretation of mind-
                                                                          an easy method
                                                                          3.How to prepare for MD
                                                                          Entrance Exam
3      29.10.08         People Channel - Hello Doctor    Trivandrum       Cosmetology &
34     25.09.09         Department of AYUSH. Govt, of    CIRH.            Homeopathic approach in life
                        India                            Kottyam          style disorders

                                  State level presentations

No.    Topic                                            Organised by      Venue            Date
1      Management of acutes                             IHMA Kerala       Attingal         25.10.07

2      Homeopathic educations-changing trends           All Kerala        Trivandrum       24.10.07
                                                        Private College
3      Repertory for competitive exams                  IHMA Kerala       Calicut          15.07.07

4      Repertory for competitive exams                  IHMA Kerala       Kannur           27.05.07
       How to prepare for competitive exams

5      Repertory for competitive exams                  IHMA Kerala       Palakad          20.05.07

6      How to prepare for competitive exams             IHMA Kerala       Malappuram       13.05.07

7      Tracing mental symptoms from patient &           IHMA Kerala       Thiruvalla       25.03.07
       Converting into rubrics

8      Role of software in Homeopathy                   IHMA Kerala       Karunagapally    04.03.07
       Rubrics for day to day practice

9      One day training programme on                    ANSS Homeo        ANSS             14.02.07
       repertorisation                                  College.          Homeopathic
                                                        Kottayam          Medical
10     Interpretation of mind – an easy method          IHMA Kerala       Karunagapally    28.01.07

11     Workshop on repertorisation with special         IHMA Kerala       Thiruvalla       21.01.07
       emphasis on acutes
12   Management of acutes- A Repertorial approach     IHMA Kerala       Kollam       07.01.07

13   New trends in repertorisation                    IHMA Kerala       Perambra     02.07.06
     Perceiving the Mind

14                                                    IHMA Kerala       Ernakulam    25.06.06
     Target acutes - An integrated approach
     on repertory & materia medica

15   How to prepare for competitive examinations      IHMA Kerala       Calicut      11.06.06

16   Management of acute diseases by Homeopathy       IHMA Kerala       Iritty       04.06.06

17   How to trace mental symptoms & convert in to     IHMA Kerala       Alappuzha    21.05.06

18   Why & Why not Repertory                          IHMA Kerala       Malappuram   23.04.06

19   Target acutes - An integrated approach           IHMA Kerala       Kannur       2005
     on repertory & materia medica                                                   March 27th

20   Paediatrics- Homeopathic prospective             IHMA Kerala       Ernakulam    2004 Dec
21   Easy Repertorisation                             IHMA Kerala       Kasargod     2004 Oct
22   Chronic kidney- homeopathic perspective          IHMA Kerala       Calicut      2004 Aug
23   Psychiatry- The homeopathic approach             IHMA Kerala       Calicut      2004 May
24   Role of repertory in Homeopathy                  IHMA Kerala       Thrissur     2004 Feb
25   Interpretation of mind in repertories            IHMA Kerala       Malappuram   2003 Jan
26   Repertory for competitive exams                  IHMA Kerala       Ernakulam    05.08.07

27   Homeopathic Management of Neurospinal            IHMA Kerala       Kottayam     04.11.07
28   Workshop on Research Methodology                 IHRC Kerala       Trivandrum   14th -15th
                                                                                     June 2008
29   PG Entrance Coaching 2008                        IHMA Kerala       Calicut      17th
30   PG Entrance Coaching Repertory                   IHMA Kerala       Calicut      7th Sept
31   Everything for clinical practice                 IHMA              Malappuram   30.11.08
                                                      Malappuram Dt
32   Effective & Instant prescription through         IHMA Kerala       Eranakulam   29.03.09
     Repertory                                        State Seminar
33   Effective management of learning disorders       Department of     Thrissur     06.08.09
                                                      Govt. of Kerala
34   Homeopathic approach in gastro enteritis &       Department of     CIRH.        25.09.09
     dysentery and presentation of concluded          AYUSH. Govt, of   Kottyam
     studies                                          India
35   Miasmatic approach in interpretation of mental   KGHMOA-           Ernakulam    24.01.10
     symptoms                                         Kerala Govt.
                                                      Homeo Medical
                                  Seminars CMEs attended

No   Topic                            Organised by        Venue             Date
1    Meet Dr.Fredrik Schroyens        CASH                Ernakulam         3rd & 4th Feb 2007

2    All india Homeopathic Congress   IIHP                Hyderabad         11th & 12th March
     Homeopathic education,                                                 2007

3    Research in Homeopathy           Fr.Muller           Mangalore         17th & 18th
                                      Homeopathic                           February 2007
                                      Medical College
4    Psychosomatic disorders          IHMA                Coimbatore        6th May 2007

5    Homeopathic education in         AKPCTA              Trivandrum        24th November
     Kerala                                                                 2007
6    Meet Dr.Rajan sankaran           Fr. Muller Annual   Mangalore         9th & 10th
                                      Homeopathic                           December 2006

7    Materia Medica Live              IHMA                Thrissur          19th November
8    Dr.Praful Vijayakar’s team       HAPPHY              Ernakulam         7th & 8th October
9    Acute & emergency with           IHMA                Thirur            17th September
     Homeopathy                                                             2006

10   Homeopathic management of        IHMA                Ernakulam         2nd April 2006

11   Predictive Homoeopathy           IHMA                Kasargod          15th January 2006

12   Ptedictive Homeopathy            IHMA                Calicut           9th & 10th April
     Orgnum 05                                                              2005

13   Homeopathy for general           IHMA                Pharbani.Mumbai   2oth March 2005

14   An approach to pediatric         IHMA                Calicut           16th January 2005

15   Thyroid disorders &              KHMGA               Calicut           12th December
     homeopathy                                                             2004

16   Target Paediatrics               KHMGA               Aluva             5th December
17   Thyroid disorders &              KHMGA               Calicut           27th June 2004

18   Workshop on psychiatry           KHMGA               Calicut           9th May 2004

19   Annual scientific seminar        KHMGA               Trivandrum        4th April 2004

20   ECG & Lab investigations         KHMGA               Calicut           3oth Nov 2003

21   Target Acutes                    KHMA                Thrissur          12th October 2003

22   Role of Homeopathy in Cancer     GHMC & ISM&H        Calicut           17th & 18th june
23   National PG conference           NGRI                Hyderabad         29th-30th March
24   Research in Homeopathy           CCRH                Kottayam          17th-18th March
25     CALFIM 2008                        Medical             Calicut         10th -11th May
                                          College.Calicut                     2008
26     Neuroscience                       University of       Calicut         13th Feb 2008
                                          Calicut. Kerala
27     Geriatrics & Medicine              Department of       Taj Residency   9th – 10th February
                                          Internal Medicine   Calicut         2008
                                          Medical College.
28     Seminar on Paediatrics             IHMA Kerala         Kannur          27th April 2008
29     Workshop on Research               IHRC Kerala         Trivandrum      14th -15th June
       Methodology                                                            2008
30     Work shop on Research              Indian              Calicut         26th -27th July
       Methodoloy                         Homeopathic                         2008
                                          Research Centre
                                          (IHRC) Kerala
31     Oncology Seminar                   IHMA Kerala         Calicut         21st h December
       Prospects of Homeopathy                                                2008
       around world
32     Effective & Instant prescription   IHMA Kerala         Eranakulam      29th march 09
       through Repertory
33     ABO blood Group and miasm          IHMA Kerala         Payyannur       9th Aug 2009
       Management of acutes
34     Nux Vomica in daily life.          IHMA Calicut        Calicut         20Th November
       Trimaisamatic materia medica                                           2009
35     Homeopathy in advanced             Hahenmannian        Eranakulam      13 & 14 Feb
       pathological conditions            Homeopathy                          2010

                                 Papers Published in Internet
Interpretation of mind in Synthesis
Interpretation of conditions in Kent's repertory
Interpretation of conditions in Boger's repertory
Advantages and limitations of repertories
Prescribing symptoms
Methods and techniques of repertorisation
Classification of repertories
Clinical rubrics in Kent's repertory
Clinical rubrics in Boger's repertory
Clinical rubrics in Murphy's repertory
Clinical rubrics in Synthesis
Allied rubrics in Kent's repertory
Difficulties in taking chronic cases
Analysis of symptoms
Evaluation of symptoms
Card repertory
Steps of repertorisation
Medium of repertorisation
Process of repertorisation
Methods of selecting the rubrics
Evolution of repertories
Comparative study of mind in Synthesis
Repertory - The last moment revision
Mind rubrics - The last moment revision
Case taking - A developmental approach
Symptamatology - An integrated approach
AV Lippe's 1000 redline symptoms of the materia medica
Materia Medica
A study of Nosodes and Sarcodes
Sources of Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Family wise classification
Bach flower remedies
Bowel nosodes

Chronic Kidney disease - A Homeopathic perspective
Importance of diagnosis in Homoeopathy
A concise study of common psychiatric disorders
How to improve the lecture method
Schizophrenia - A new dimension
Sexual dysfunctions
Marriage - A psychological approach
Vaccination and Homoeopathy
Children psychology

Organon of medicine- The last moment revision
Marriage - A psychological approach
A concise study of common psychiatric disorders
An introduction to psychology
History of Homeopathy in Kerala
Serving the humanity our mission
How to improve the lecture method
Homeopathic education- Changing trends
RADAR 10 is now available
Tips for preparing competitive exams
Improving Homeopathic Education- A different method in teaching
Medical or Ayush University in Kerala
External MD in Homeopathy

Book Reviews
MCQs for UPSC & MD Entrance in Homeopathy
Reperire - Repertory simplified
Complete Repertory- 2008
A manual of Psychiatry
New Allen's key notes
Spirit of Homoeopathy
Homoeopathy and Minerals
Kent's Minor Writings
Materia Medica of Human Mind
Structure - Experience with Minerals
A reference to repertories for students
In search of later Hahnemann
Classical homoeopathy- repertory edition
1001 Small Remedies
Dissertation made easy
Research Methodolgy simplified

PG Thesis
Repertory on AV Lippe's Materia Medica
Constructed an extensive repertory based on AV Lippe's 1000 redline symptoms of the materia Medica as
a part og PG theis. The one and only authentic work in the history of Homeopathy.


Prof. Esmail Sait                                                       Prof.K.B.Ramesh
Former Principal                                                      Former Principal
Govt. Homeopathic Medical College                       Govt. Homeopathic Medical College
Calicut.10 Ph: 09846138964                                                     Calicut.10
                                                                    Ph : 0495 - 2377767

I hereby declare that the particulars given above are true & correct to the best of my knowledge &

                                                                    Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali


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