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					 CABI Databases
                     Chris Ison
International Training Manager
CABI’s Publishing Activities
Abstract Journals: Print & Electronic
Books and Reference Works
Compendia (CD and Web)
CAB Full Text Databases
Knowledge for Development
CABI Databases
                 CAB Abstracts
                 & Global Health
CAB Abstracts
 “Current File” - 1973 to present
 Over 6 million records to date
 358,870 new records added in 2009 (+65 - a record year!)
 6,000+ core serials screened (7,176 in 2009)
 2,300 Cover-to-Cover
 385 new serials indexed in 2009
 28,902 Full Text records added in 2009
 Over 3,500 other documents, including journals, books,
 conference proceedings and some grey literature
 Material in over 50 languages from over 158 countries
 A Research database including references to papers reporting
 or reviewing original research
 Over 95% records with abstracts
 Search tools including the CAB Thesaurus and CABICODES
Database Numbers for Egypt

 Records in CAB Abstracts Current File:      33,881 (0.56%)

 Papers Authored in Egypt:                   46,548 (0.77%)

 Papers Published in Egypt:                  11,982 (0.20%)

 CABI would like to increase these numbers

 Collaboration with Egyptian Institutions

 CABI’s Full Text Database Project
Serials indexed from 116 countries

        Australasia      Russia     Africa        South East Asia
           3%             1%         2%                 1%          Middle East
 Central and South

  Indian Sub Continent                                Europe
           8%                                          47%

                Far East Asia
                     8%           North America
Non-English languages covered








Core Agriculture Serials
Out of 545 serials identified as “Core Agricultural Serials”:

Agricola indexed                                            259 or 47.5%

Biological & Agricultural Index Plus indexed                116 or 21.3%

BIOSIS Biological Abstracts indexed                         311 or 57.0%

CAB Abstracts indexed                                       498 or 91.4%

 “This study indicates that if CAB Abstracts is available for searching the
core agricultural serials, doing a literature search in any or all of the other
         three databases would represent a duplication of effort”
        Jodee L. Kawasaki, Indexing of Core Agricultural Serials.
CAB Abstracts
Subject Coverage:

Crop sciences               Human Medicine
Crop protection             Food and Nutrition in
Forestry, forest products    Humans
 & agroforestry
                             Economics and Social
Animal sciences
Animal health &
                             Leisure and Tourism
 veterinary medicine
Soil and Water              Environment/Conservation

Agricultural Engineering    Miscellaneous
  1910 to 1972

  Equivalent to 600 printed volumes

  1,860,000 records

  Re-indexed using the CAB Thesaurus

  Compatible with the Current file

  Unique access to long lost material

  One of purchase and lease options
Global Health -
a “Public Health” Database
       What is Public Health?
 “the science and art of protecting and
 improving the health of communities
through education, promotion of healthy
lifestyles, and research for disease and
           injury prevention.”

Global Health History
●   A key Public Health DB established in 2003

●   There is no existing dedicated public health database.

●   Medline covers only 52% of core public health serials
    (University of Massachusetts Medical School)

●   Health databases ignore developing country literature which
    is dangerous in this age of globalization

●   Public health is multidisciplinary and much relevant content,
    such as the sociological aspects, is not covered by existing

●   Began life a the Public Health and Tropical Medicine
    Database, published by the Bureau of Hygiene and Tropical
Global Health – Key facts
● Selective yet comprehensive coverage

● Collation of data from global sources

● Electronic capture

● Over 90% of records have abstracts

● Database coding and indexing, including
  CABICODES and CAB Thesaurus
● Abstracts for non-English material

● Standardisation of terminology

● Prepared by specialists
Global Health Database Numbers

● 2.37 million (1.58 in the current file)

● 120,000+ records per year added

● 140,000 records added in 2009

● 54,000 unique records added in 2009

● 1910 to current
Global Health –
Key Numbers Continued
● Indexed from 6000 serial titles from across the
  medical and biological sciences
● 3500+ core titles (5,921 total in 2009)
● Includes books, reports, conferences
● Serials from 158 countries in 50+ languages
● Open serials policy
● Approx. 75% derived from English language
● 26% of literature from N. America
● 95% of records have abstracts
Global Health –
Types of Literature

   ● Journals:          82%

   ● Conferences:       9%

   ● Grey literature:   5%

   ● Books:             2%

   ● Others:            2%
CAB Abstracts                          Global Health

    •Animal sciences         •Zoonoses            Human health:
                            Parasitology       •Bacterial diseases
        economics          •Water quality         •Viral diseases
     •Plant sciences    •Medicinal plants         •Epidemiology
   •Natural resources         •Medical             •Rural health
                         entomology and
    • Leisure tourism                             • Public health
    • Crop protection       Vectorborne         •Health promotion
  • Rural development   diseases of man       •Disease prevention
    •Food technology    •Human nutrition     •Occupational health
       •Agricultural      • Food science    •Environmental Health
Global Health Coverage
 ● Infectious diseases
 ● Human nutrition
 ● Parasitic diseases
 ● Toxicology and poisoning
 ● Non-communicable diseases
 ● Sociology and economics
 ● Community and public health issues
 ● Medicinal and poisonous plants
                            CAB eBooks

            CAB Abstracts
            Global Health   CAB Reviews
            Abstracting &
Full Text
              Indexing      CABI Maps

CABI Full Text Database
 Authoritative, hard to find third-party content
 Prepared in collaboration with Publishers
 International scope
 76,100+ articles to date (March 3rd 2010)
 Building by up to 20,000 new articles per year
 Journals, conferences, reports
 Abstracted in CAB Abstracts and Global Health
 PDF version of full article offered
 PDF created when none available
Full Text Select Journal
  Most start from 2005 volume

  Coverage aligned to CAB Abstracts

  Over 400 journals accepted from 68 countries and growing
   (January 2010)

  Small, but growing number of reports

  Over 80% of journals not Open Access

  Truly international – over 30 countries including: Italy, Switzerland,
   Spain, USA, Poland, India, Pakistan, Iran, Korea, China, Japan,
   Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Tanzania, Egypt…
   CAB Full Text –
   Subject Coverage

                                Leisure, Recreation
                                   and Tourism
                 Agricultural Engineering             16%
                           1%                                               Plant Science
                                  Biotechnology                                 22%
     Agricultural Economics            1%

             Food Science and Food
                      5%                                              Animal Science (including
              Soil Science

Forestry, Forest Products and

                                                                           Human Health and Hygiene
         Natural Resources & Ecology                                                4%
                     9%                                 Pathogen, Pest & Parasite &
                                                            Weed Management
Geographic Origin of
Full Text Journals (January 2010)
    ●   Europe 34%
    ●   Indian sub-continent 23%
    ●   Central and South America 14%
    ●   Asia 9%
    ●   Middle East 8%
    ●   Africa 5%
    ●   North America 4%
    ●   Australasia 2%
    ●   Russia <1%
Sample Journal Titles
 Proceedings of the Interamerican Society for Tropical
 Intas Polivet (back to Vol 1, 2000)
 Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology (Iran)
 Korean Journal of Crop Science
 Phytopathologia Mediterranea
 Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology
 Soybean Genetics Newsletter
 Polish journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences
 CAB Full Text –
 Conference Titles
 Nearly 500 Conferences to date (January 2010)

    British Veterinary Zoological Society Proceedings of the Spring
     2008 Meeting
    Proceedings of the 4th European Equine Health & Nutrition
     Congress, 2008
    Australian Poultry Science Symposium, 2007
    Egyptian Dairy Science and Technology Conference, 2007
    3rd European Equine Health and Nutrition Congress, 2006
    North American Veterinary Conference 2005/2006
    1st Arab Conference for Applied Biological Pest Control 2004
    World Rice Research Conference 2004
CAB Full Text Database
 Only available to CAB Abstracts and Global
 Health subscribers as a package

 Now live on CAB Direct, Ovid, WoK and Ebsco

 Works with key link resolvers such as SFX, and
 Article Linker

 We are aiming to support most widely used
 commercial and non-commercial link resolver
CABI Contact –
CAB Full Text Database

           Mrs Janice Osborn
      Full Text Projects Manager
               CABI, UK

CAB Thesaurus
● 2010 Update released in October 2009

● Now being used for indexing

● Updates planned for hosts

● 98012 terms (up by 2175)

● 65573 preferred terms (up by 1619)

● 32439 non-preferred terms (up by 196)

● Major updates of fungi, human health and diseases
Other CABI Database Resources
46 subject specific Database subsets
   Printed Abstract Journals
   Web only and Web/Print packages
Internet Resources
   Database subsets plus additional Web content:
   Agricultural Biotechnology
   Human Nutrition
   Animal Health and Production
   Leisure, Recreation and Tourism
   Organic Research
   Forest Science
   VetMed Resource
   Environmental Impact
Full text linking
CABI Compendia
Encyclopaedic reference works
Problem solving tools
Mixed media
Facts, Figures, Maps, Pictures, etc.
CD-ROM and Internet
  Animal Health & Production Compendium
  Forestry Compendium
  Crop Protection Compendium
  Aquaculture Compendium
CABI Full Text Databases
 A   suite of Full Text services:

   Reviews     (Current file 2003 plus, 100 p/a)

   Reviews     Archive (2,883)

   Distribution   Maps of Plant Pests

   Distribution   Maps of Plant Diseases

   Descriptions    of Fungi and Bacteria
Books and Reference Works
 Approximately    65 new titles each year

 Over   700 titles in back-list

 CABI   Publishing Online Bookshop

 CAB    eBooks Platform Launched February 2008
Books - print or electronic?

   CABI is committed to the print format

   CABI Publishing Online Bookshop - for

    buying print books

   CAB eBooks Service

   Netlibrary, MyIlibrary and Ebrary, Dawsons

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