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					                                          JULY - AUGUST 2010

                           VFW Post 280
                          Home of the Elite Honor Guard
                            Columbia, Missouri 65201
             Commander’s Notes                                    starting the first Saturday in September, the line offi-
                                                                  cers will rotate Saturdays to take your orders and serve
I would like to start off by thanking all of the volunteers       breakfast. This is an opportunity for you to meet them
that have help put on events since the last newsletter;           and to put a face to the name. So come on out for break-
including the Bingo volunteers, Wednesday night din-              fast and meet your officers. I will start things off. So
ners and Friday steak night. I have to say that is some           come on out and say hello and have a great breakfast
of the best fried chicken I have ever had. (Sorry mom)            too. We are also having a Garage Sale September 10 -
If it wasn’t for all of you volunteers; the post would be         12, so come check out all the treasures we have.
hurting. Thanks, again for your support.
I would also like to thank Denny Noie who was the                 I will be representing the Post at the National Conven-
Quartermaster pro tiem for the past sixty days per the            tion taking place august 21-26. So I will not be avail-
by-laws. As you may remember we were searching for                able. However, Joy Smith our Senior Vice and Don
a Quartermaster after the elections. Denny had de-                Briggs our Junior Vice will be in the area in my ab-
cided not to run for the position and be the Quarter-             sence.
master for this coming year. I want to thank him for his
hard work and dedication to this Post as the Quarter-             A reminder that we have also started our $100 club,
master. He has taken the Post from being in the red to            and newsletter booster at $25. We are also starting a
the black. His accounting skills and determination to             new chair fundraiser aside from the $100 club. With a
save and put this Post in a better financial place will be        donation of $100 you can have your name, or the name
missed.                                                           of someone else placed on the chair in memoriam. The
                                                                  chairs will go in the Canteen area. Your support is ap-
On that note, I want to congratulate Bob Wade for step-           preciated.
ping up as he has now been elected Quartermaster for
the coming year. Thank you, Bob and I am looking for-             I will be looking forward to meeting all of you at the
ward to working with you.                                         post or at the monthly meeting that is held the second
                                                                  Monday of each month at 1900 hours (7PM).
In the past two months I have met with the Ladies Auxil-
iary President and Men’s Auxiliary. The purpose is to
                                                                  Yours in Comradeship,
foster a dialog that will benefit everyone. Though I feel
                                                                  Joe Palazzo
I have had a good starting dialog with the two presi-
dents. In my quest to Bridge the Gap, I have also
learned that this dialog has to also transcend to the
masses. There is still doubt, distrust and resentment                                                Sep
among the parties. This is something that cannot exist                                                   tem
and I will work hard in turning these feelings around;               Garage
                                                                                                      10-1 ber
and for all that negative energy develop into a more                  Sale                                 2
positive focus. That will probably mean that at some
level, feelings will be hurt; but, the needs of the many
out way the needs of the few or the one. (Spock; The
Wrath of Kahn). We must move forward and set aside
our pettinesses’s and work as one. I will need all of
your support to make these changes.
                                                                                VFW Post 280
Also, I would like to remind everyone we will have a                              Pavilion
Labor Day Celebration at the Post on September 6th .
Your participation will be appreciated. As usual the
food will be great and the music just as good. Also,
                                               iary is not about numbers, though it           organization and our monies support
              Ladies Auxiliary                 takes many members to accomplish               veterans and / or their families at lo-
             Ladies,                           service projects, it is about serving          cal, state and national level. The ma-
                                               our veterans who gave so much for              jor source of our funds is Sunday Eve-
           By the time you get this            all of us.                                     ning Bingo. It is staffed by VFW Post
newsletter 2010 will 3/4 gone. Have                                                           and Auxiliary volunteers. It takes ten
you supported your auxiliary in any            The Post is sponsoring a Labor Day
                                                                                              people to run one evening of Bingo.
way this year? There is still time to          picnic and the Ladies Auxiliary will
                                                                                              If you would be willing to help with
support your auxiliary and serve               once again sell deserts as a fund
                                                                                              the Bingo please contact:
our veterans too. Volunteering at              raiser for the national PAC. VFW-
the VA Hospital is rewarding to you            PAC functions at the national level            Linda Bennett @ 573 442 4989
and to the hospitalized veteran. If            only. It is registered with the Federal        Diana Hatfield @ 573 999 9229
you have a few hours a week you                Election Committee and all funds               Rebecca Strauss @ 573 999 3666               or
can help brighten the day of a vet-            are kept separate from VFW funds.              Virginia Riehn @573 657 9463
eran and / or their family. If you             The VFW-PAC can educated and
would like to get involved in this             inform legislators on veteran’s
                                                                                              Virginia Riehn
way, please call Diana Hatfield 573            needs and military issues. An en-
                                                                                              LAVFW President
999 9229.                                      dorsement by VFW-PAC and /or
                                               monetary contributions is valued by                      Dates to Remember:
A letter went out with the renewal             candidates because they understand
applications requesting members                members of the VFW and Ladies                  Sept 6      Labor Day
to volunteer their time to help with           Auxiliary are voters. Sisters and                       VFW post 280
the projects the auxiliary under-              Comrades please bring your pies                Sept 24-26 C of A & Homecoming
takes. As of this date only one eld-           and cakes to the VFW post in time                      Capital Plaza, Jefferson City
erly lady, who is home bound, vol-             for the noon meal. Also if you could
unteered to help any way she can. I            label them with your name we would             Oct 15-17 Big Ten Conference
hate to see our great organization             like to know everyone who contrib-                     Columbus, Ohio
dying due to apathy. The veterans              uted.                                          Oct 22-24 National Home bus trip
and their families are the big losers                                                                 Eaton Rapids, MI
in this situation. The Ladies Auxil-           The ladies auxiliary is a non-profit
                                                                                                    Everyone is looking for help!!
                                                                                      If interested in helping with bingo on Sundays or Thurs-
                                                                                       days, contact the Bingo Chairpersons. If interested in
                                                                                        playing, your support in the game is appreciated too!!
                              October 30                  Halloween
                             8pm-Midnight             Party and D
                                                                  ance          September 6th
                             Prizes es
                                                 Fun And Games                  In Patriot Hall
                                  ostum Snacks
                           Best C
                                                     Doors Open Benefit the
                                                     At 7pm      Relief Fund         Dinner
                              Music by:                                                       12-2)
                              The Blues Slingers                                    (served
                                                        $10 per person                    hicken
                                                                                  Fried C
     Newsletter Boosters                         $100 CLUB                         Baked B ad                               Band
                                                                                           Sal                       (playing
  Terry Bickford          Stephen Sasse                                            Potato                                       ) 1-5pm
                                                    Terry Bickford
                                                                                              lad                   Jim Owe
                                                                                     Fruit Sa
   Ken Kormier            Donald Stewart
 George Ousley, Jr     Eileen and Bill Wolff
                                                 Jeanne Cunningham                                                         ns
    Joe Palazzo
                                                     Walter Horn
                                                                                        Rolls                        And the
                                                     Ken Kormier
                                                                                               Tea               Jammin
                                                                                    Coffee &                             Eagles
                                                  George Ousley, Jr
To become a Newsletter Booster, please
                                                      Joe Palazzo
send $25 donation to Quartermaster, Bob
                                                    Stephen Sasse
Wade. Your donation and assistance with
                                                    Donald Stewart             $12 per person
the publication of the monthly newsletter is
appreciated.                                       William Stucker             All inclusive  Canteen & Doors open at 11am
 Canteen Corner                                         September
     SUNDAY              MONDAY                 TUESDAY            WEDNESDAY            THURDAY              FRIDAY              SATURDAY
Canteen Opens                                  Sep 10-12      1 Brisket Dinner     2     VFW Post      3    Happy Hour     4      Breakfast
2pm Sun-Fri                                    At the            5:30-6:30                 Bingo             4pm - 6pm           8am - 11am
8am Saturdays                                  Pavilion         Shuffle Board           Bonanza 5:30                              Dance
                                                                 Tournament              Bingo 6:00         Steak Night          DeepWater
                                                              MCL meeting 7pm                               5:30pm - 7pm        8pm-midnight
5   LAVFW Bingo    6 LABOR DAY             7    MCL/40&8      8    Open Menu       9     VFW Post      10    Happy Hour    11   Breakfast
    Bonanza 5:00   CELEBRATION                   Bingo               5pm - 7pm             Bingo              4pm - 6pm        8am - 11am
     Bingo 5:30        DINNER 12-2             Bonanza 5:30        Shuffle Board        Bonanza 5:30                            Dance
                       BAND 1-5                  Bingo 6:00         Tournament           Bingo 6:00         Taco Bar       Jim Owens and the
                       $12/person                                                                           5pm-7pm          Jammin Eagles
                                                                                                            $5/person        8pm-midnight

12 LAVFW Bingo     13    Happy Hour        14 MCL/40&8        15 Beef and          16    VFW Post      17 Happy Hour       18     Breakfast
   Bonanza 5:00          4pm - 6pm             Bingo            Noodles Dinner             Bingo           4pm - 6pm             8am - 11am
    Bingo 5:30                               Bonanza 5:30         5:30-6:30             Bonanza 5:30                            Dance (PWP)
                   *Post & Auxiliary          Bingo 6:00        Shuffle Board            Bingo 6:00         Steak Night           Kenny T
                    Meetings 7PM                                 Tournament                                 5:30pm - 7pm        8pm-midnight
19 LAVFW Bingo     20    Happy Hour        21 MCL/40&8        22 Open Menu         23    VFW Post      24 Happy Hour       25     Breakfast
   Bonanza 5:00           4pm - 6pm            Bingo               5pm - 7pm               Bingo           4pm - 6pm             8am - 11am
    Bingo 5:30                               Bonanza 5:30        Shuffle Board          Bonanza 5:30      KARAOKE                Dance (TBA)
                                              Bingo 6:00          Tournament             Bingo 6:00      8PM - Midnight         8pm-midnight

26 LAVFW Bingo     27    Happy Hour        28 MCL/40&8        29 Fried Chicken     30    VFW Post
   Bonanza 5:00           4pm - 6pm            Bingo               Dinner                  Bingo
    Bingo 5:30                               Bonanza 5:30         5:30-6:30             Bonanza 5:30
                                              Bingo 6:00        Shuffle Board            Bingo 6:00
                                                                 Tournament                                                        Receipts

     SUNDAY              MONDAY                 TUESDAY           WEDNESDAY             THURDAY              FRIDAY              SATURDAY
                         Recycle!!                                                                     1    Happy Hour     2     Breakfast
                    Bring in your used                                                                       4pm - 6pm          8am - 11am
                   ink cartridges, laser                                                                                         Dance
                     toners, and cell                                                                       Steak Night         DeepWater
                          phones                                                                            5:30pm - 7pm       8pm-midnight
3   LAVFW Bingo    4     Happy Hour        5    MCL/40&8      6 Open Menu          7     VFW Post      8    Happy Hour     9      Breakfast
    Bonanza 5:00          4pm - 6pm              Bingo            5pm - 7pm                Bingo              4pm - 6pm           8am - 11am
     Bingo 5:30                                Bonanza 5:30     Shuffle Board           Bonanza 5:30         Taco Bar              Dance
                   *Post & Auxiliary             Bingo 6:00      Tournament              Bingo 6:00          5pm-7pm            Jim Owens
                    Meetings 7PM                              MCL Meeting 7pm                               $5/person          8pm-midnight

10 LAVFW Bingo     11    Happy Hour        12 MCL/40&8        13     Pork Steak    14    VFW Post      15 Happy Hour       16    Breakfast
   Bonanza 5:00          4pm - 6pm             Bingo                  Dinner               Bingo           4pm - 6pm            8am - 11am
    Bingo 5:30                               Bonanza 5:30            5:30-6:30          Bonanza 5:30                           Dance (PWP)
                                              Bingo 6:00           Shuffle Board         Bingo 6:00         Steak Night            TBA
                                                                   Tournament                               5:30pm - 7pm       8pm-midnight
17 LAVFW Bingo     18    Happy Hour        19 MCL/40&8        20 Open Menu         21    VFW Post      22 Happy Hour       23     Breakfast
   Bonanza 5:00           4pm - 6pm            Bingo               5pm - 7pm               Bingo           4pm - 6pm             8am - 11am
    Bingo 5:30                               Bonanza 5:30        Shuffle Board          Bonanza 5:30      KARAOKE                No Dance
                                              Bingo 6:00          Tournament             Bingo 6:00      8PM - Midnight         (Hall Rental)

24/31              25    Happy Hour        26 MCL/40&8        27 Fried Chicken     28    VFW Post      29 Happy Hour       30  Breakfast
   LAVFW Bingo            4pm - 6pm            Bingo               Dinner                  Bingo           4pm - 6pm          8am - 11am
    Bonanza 5:00                             Bonanza 5:30         5:30-6:30             Bonanza 5:30    **Pizza Bar**      *Halloween Party
     Bingo 5:30                               Bingo 6:00        Shuffle Board            Bingo 6:00        5pm-7pm         The Blues Slingers
                                                                 Tournament                               $5/person          8pm-midnight

This Newsletter is published monthly                                                           Visit     our    website     vfwweb-
for members of Post 280 1509 Ashley,                                     3            or check in the can-
Columbia, MO 65201 573-442-8413
                                                                                               teen for changes or updates.

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