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           Hello again, I am Adam C. Miller from United Kingdom. I
am a reputed member at Warrior Forum. Thousands of people on the
internet know me for publishing internet marketing e-books which are
the MOST REALISTIC ONES. I never hurry while publishing an e-book.
I do research, find new methods, apply them, and if I am successful, I
tell others in my e-books. You can say that I write an e-book once in 6
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e-books earlier too, so here is another one. I hope you will like it as
much as you liked my previous e-books.
           If you have any doubts regarding this method or you face
any problem then you can contact me at GetAllDetails@yahoo.com
Please mention the name of the e-book while contacting, otherwise, I
will be unable to know about which method you want my help.

Morever, All screenshots in this ebook have been updated TILL 20th
July 2010. If you want to see the latest screenshots, then just send
me an email.


                                                       Adam C. Miller
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This method is so simple and even a kid can also work on it. I am
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So, you have the best opportunity to start.

In this e-book I will tell you:

  -   How to make your own FREE website with readymade pages.
  -   How to get FREE PLR articles to sell.
  -   How to get visitors to your website, FREE of cost.
  -   How to get sales and make $1000/Monthly.

As you know, that your basic problem is that, you do not know, how to
make money online, but, if you start making $1000 in the beginning
then you can also make $10000 too, by multiplying your efforts.

If you work more; then there are no limits to your earnings.

Let’s start with a positive mind and with an intention to apply
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         It’s the time to show the world the EXTRA skills you have.
So, what the PLR articles are? PLR means Private Label Rights. These
articles are written by someone other but you can use these articles,
edit them, sell them and can do anything whatever you want, with
your own label, as you have written them. People use PLR articles to
fill contents on their websites. There are millions of customers there
who are looking for PLR articles to post on their websites. I am offering
22000+ PLR articles FREE OF COST which you can sell at your

Click here to download your 22000+ PLR articles now

Just suppose, if you sell 22000+ PLR articles only @ $4.95

How much sales you can get!    ☺

But, before you start selling, I would like to tell you that you can not
sell 22000+ PLR articles by uploading on your free website.

The reasons are:
   1. Hackers can easily download from your web page without paying
      for it.
   2. A lot of customers will not be able to redirect to your website
      and download, after payment. So, you may lose revenue due to
      chargebacks for item not received.
   3. You have a FREE website and a lot of free websites do not allow
      uploading files of big size (22000 articles) in our case.
   4. You will have to send download link to every customer, after
      payment, which is really a painful task.
So, to avoid all these things, we need a proper ecommerce solution.

No, I am not going to sell you anything, LOL!

A   proper   ecommerce   solution   should   have   at   least   following

      Safety and security from hacking.
      Automatic delivery to customer after payment.
      Automatic payments to your PayPal account.
There are a lot of websites, which are providing you ecommerce
solution. So, it is very hard to choose which is the best! I am using the
best website on the internet. It is having thousands of customers and
is really user friendly. You can upload your PLR articles at this website,
to sell.

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Tutorial + Screenshots available!
As, I Am Telling Each Step In So Many Details That Only A
Person NOT Interested In $1000 Monthly Can Afford To Leave

So, after you have uploaded your product to sell, you will have
a proper sale link. You can place this sale link at your website and
customers can buy your product by clicking this sale link.

There will be:
      1. Automatic delivery of articles after payment.
      2. Amount will go to your PayPal account instantly.

So, now we need a website, of course free of cost.

      1. Open the website www.webs.com and click on ‘Get Started’ or
        ‘Sign up’ or ‘Register’ or ‘Make an account’. Different terms may
        be there, must will lead to same thing i.e. registration at that

      2. Enter your information and choose a site address. Most
        importantly, click on the option “Try using ONLY HTML Mode.”
3. You may get an option on the next page to subscribe to an offer.
  There is an option “Skip” or “No thanks” etc. and you can
  continue making your site by skipping that offer.

4. Delete ‘index.htm’ file which is already uploaded there and then
  click on “single file uploader” to upload your own files. Click
  here to download your readymade website files and upload
  them here, one by one. You need to place your sale link in your
  files, before you upload them. Click here to see how OR Send me
  an email at GetAllDetails@yahoo.com, if you need help!
Congratulations! Your website is ready. Your website address is the
same what you entered in site name while making account at
webs.com. (See step 2)
Now you need to tell the world about your website, so that people
come at your website and buy your product i.e. PLR articles.

For your information, I would like to tell you that conversion rate (rate
at which visitors convert to customers) is 3%-4% in this kind of stuff.
Means, if only 100 visitors comes to your website, then you can get 3-
4 sales.

Now, suppose if only 200 people comes to your website daily even
then you can make 6 sales a day. Means you are making $4.95 X 6 =
$30 appx. a day. So, your monthly income is $30 X 30 = $900. Just
few more sales and you will reach your $1000 monthly target.

Is it possible? Ofcourse, yes!

Achieving the target of getting 200 visitors a day is never difficult. I
am going to tell you how you can easily get 200 visitors a day and can
make $1000 monthly with your newly made website.
How to get at least 200 visitors a day, in order to make $1000

Write articles! Yes, as a newbie the most you can do is to write
articles. Thousands of people surf internet for information. Because,
you are selling PLR articles and people use PLR articles to fill their
websites with contents. So, you can write articles about PLR stuff,
website contents and traffic

Click here to download rewritable articles, rewrite them in a nice way,
quality is must! Put your website link in the article in 2-3 places or in
resource box and post them on article directories. People will read
articles and will visit at your website from the link in the article.

Here you can see a good example See the resource box of the author
in which he has mentioned its website. People will read its article and
will most probably move to its website.

A few most important article directories where you can submit articles


I am not mentioning the sites, which take time too much time to
approve your articles. Some of the websites will not allow you to post
an article with a link, but you can use author resource box, every
website gives this option.

             Remember! Your article quality should be good and do not
write articles containing more than 400 words. People do not have
much time these days.

             I would like to tell you that every website owner is related
to articles marketing in one way or the other. There are millions of
people who read articles and they will visit your website, if you article
is written well.

Your article can be on anything, but can end like that:

A lot of website owner use PLR articles, e-books etc. to post on their
websites. Because, it not only fill their website with good contents, but
sites also get indexed faster and rank well in search engines. Here is a
good source (your website link) to download 22000+ PLR articles,
really cheap!

             So, I have provided you a lot of articles to rewrite. You can
also find many articles on the internet. Just rewrite them well and post
on websites. Make a habit to post atleast 8 articles, daily. Believe me,
it will not take more than 2 hours of yours and you will be getting 200
plus visitors, if your articles are written well. I have an experience of
getting 600+ visitors with 2 articles only. Because, if your article is
well written then it will be shared by many websites automatically.
Attract More Visitors

You can visit Google to find more traffic sources and attract visitors to
your website. Remember one thing, the more visitors to your website
means more chances of sales.

Few traffic sources are:
   -   Press release
   -   Write ebooks and presentations and share them with others
   -   Join internet marketing forums and post there. This is most
       beneficial for you, if you join forums like digitalpoint
   -   Create videos and upload on sites like YouTube.com
   -   Share your website with your friends on Facebook, MySpace and
       Twitter websites. All are free to join!

   Surf internet and you will find thousands of ways to get FREE
Now, The most important concept:

What is breakeven point? Breakeven point is that point at which a
business is in the position where Total Revenue = Total Cost. Means,
no profit, no loss. In your new website business, your total cost is only
the cost you are paying to your e-commerce site, only a few dollars.
So, you should never be disappointed, in case you are not making
good amount of sales.

If you are covering your cost, you are successful, do NOT give up,
                     Just multiply your efforts and you will be in profit.

            It is NOT the time to read another e-book and waste
precious time. It is the time for beginning. You have information, you
have product to sell, you have proper support from me. If you still can
not make money, then you should never think about it. Change your
lifestyle, support your family and impress your relatives and friends by
showing extra skills you have learnt from this e-book.

            Still, there will be so many people who will think about it a
lot! Many people will be there, who will be checking the screenshots in
this e-book closely to find out the mistakes, so that they can tell
others that these are not real… LOL… This is a common practice,
because, many people make filthy reports to gain their commissions
by making some sales, from affiliate sites. Due to these unwanted
writers, people generally do not believe on genuine reports, too. Even
if you do not trust me, then it will not affect me! Because, tomorrow, I
will be starting another month of $1000 sitting in my room and most
of you might be reading another e-book for getting rich quickly!
     Think out of the box, Get out of the crowd, be the
different and let the world know about you! TAKE ACTION!

Please, also let me know your feedback about this report!

Doubts? Mail me at GetAllDetails@yahoo.com

                                                            Gud Luck!


                                                       Adam C Miller

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