; Importance of Good Questionnaires for Market Research
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Importance of Good Questionnaires for Market Research


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									Importance of Good Questionnaires for Market Research

Printed questionnaire is nothing but hard copy of objective type
questions whose answers have to be filled in by the respondent by shading
the bubble or ticking against the choice they find most suitable. The
technique is most accurate as it is precisely able to distinguish a mark
from erasure .Apart from being user friendly it is also the fastest and
the most efficient data collection technology

They are vastly used in market research to collect data about those
aspects of business venture that are critical in nature. The result
obtained through questionnaires is very important for the success of any
business as the data collected is very specific. Of course,
questionnaires gather and provide such information that cannot be availed
from other sources like, books, newspapers and Internet resources. The
information obtained from questionnaire is unique, fresh, crisp and too
the point.

 Businesses questionnaires are very important tools as they are
representative of the opinions of the customers about the existing and/or
proposed products or services which can be analyzed to estimate likely
performance of a product/service pre-emptively.

The questionnaires are very successful in estimating the following

The buying behaviour of prospective consumers.

The attitude of consumer    towards existing or proposed products

The   awareness amongst consumers about the product/service/business

Owing to above reasons questionnaires can be called the cornerstone for
market research. The quality as well as the structure of the
questionnaire determines the effectiveness of the questions contained
therein. If a questionnaire is improperly structured, the results so
obtained may be irrelevant, inaccurate and even inconclusive.

Following points should be kept in mind while structuring a

The data in the questionnaires should be randomized.

The questions should not try to force out answers from the participants
but should rather seek natural answers from them

Length of a questionnaire should not be more than ten questions, so that
participant’s interest and enthusiasm lasts till the very last question.

The venue of conducting a questionnaire should be properly chosen. For
example the survey for a washing powder should be conducted in a
residential society and not in a football play ground.
In order to attract the   participants and make   them participate, it is
important that they are   approached nicely and   feel comfortable about it.
The participants should   be thanked in the end   and a proper explanation
should be given to them   regarding the outcome   of the questionnaire.

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