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									Obey the Rules or Risk Loss of Adsense Revenue

Adsense really is the king of the hill when it comes to generating
revenue. When you are the king you can afford to be a little picky and
Adsense is very selective. They have more rules and regulations than most
competitors and are not afraid to throw their wait around a little bit.

That being said if you take great care to read carefully the rules and
requirements you should be fine. They do not take ignorance or
misunderstandings as an excuse though so make sure you ask for
clarifications on any questions you may have.

The problem that most people come across is that Google doesn't seem to
pay very close attention to what you've been doing until you near payout.
For some people the first payout can be weeks, months, or even years in
the making. It can be a crushing blow to lose all revenue possibilities
to close to the payout so make sure this doesn't happen to you.

Click Fraud

This almost always results in permanent bans from Adsense revenue. Don't
click on the ads on your site—even if you are genuinely interested in
them. They do not like it and seem to have a long memory about these
infractions even if they don't mention them the first time it happens.
The best option is to make sure it never happens on your Adsense
supported sites.

Soliciting Clicks

This is another act that seems to be rampant in misuse but can have
serious repurcusions. Don't ask visitors to support your advertisers or
click on your links if you want to keep making money through Adsense.
Even if you aren't referring to their links specifically, they tend to
take exception to any mention of clicking on ads.

Don't Participate in Link Schemes

Google doesn't want to defraud the advertisers that are paying in good
faith to have their products advertised on Google and if you want to keep
making money from these ads and earning the money you need to keep these
guys in business. If no one is making sales from the clicks originating
on your site, someone, somewhere down the road is going to get

So, what SHOULD you do? Create a quality site that provides useful,
relative information. Be consistent in your commitment to excellence and
do not seek only to use your site as a source of revenue without giving
something of value to your visitors. Adsense doesn't mind rewarding those
that work hard to deliver quality information. Make sure your website is
Adsense worthy and it can make a huge difference in your financial

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