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Bibliography. The listing of books is of ancient origin. Lists of clay tablets have been
found at Nineveh and elsewhere; the library at Alexandria had subject lists of its books.
Modern bibliography began with the invention of printing and at first consisted of "trade"
bibliographies, i.e., lists of the publications of important publishing houses, comparable
to those in the present-day Publisher's Trade List Annual, British Books in Print, and
Books in Print. There have been efforts at universal bibilography: in 1545 at Zürich,
Konrad von Gesner published his Bibliotheca universalis; in 1895 the International
Institute of Bibliography was established at Brussels. There are national bibliographies,
such as the Library of Congress Catalog and the British Museum Catalogue; subject
bibliographies, such as Sabin's Dictionary of Books Relating to America; and lists of the
works of individual authors. Bibliographies of rare and old books include Book Prices
Current. The Cumulative Book Index is a monthly bibliography of books in the English
language that cumulates annually. The Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature is
useful for British publications, and the Bibliographic Guide to the Study of the Literature
of the U.S.A., by C. L. Gohdes, for American works. The Bibliographical Index, which is
cumulative, and World Bibliography of Bibliographies are useful compilations. The term
bibliography is also used to describe books as physical objects and their production
history, and has been expanded to include nonprint media such as microfilm.

This is intended only as a brief introductory guide to background reading for design in
the period surveyed in this dictionary of design and is framed around books rather than
articles. It should not be seen as definitive but embraces books with a spectrum of
approaches, ranging from the art historical through to texts that embrace the social,
economic, political, technological, and other viewpoints important to our understanding
of design, its conception, production, and consumption. For the most part texts have been
selected for their relative accessibility and recent publication dates. Books devoted to
individual designers, firms, and consultancies have also been avoided for reasons of
space and the fact that references to a very large number of these are included in many of
the texts listed below. Although there has been an attempt to include references that
embrace a wide geographical and cultural spread the book-based literature that is
generally available unfortunately fails to cover the histories of design that obtain in many
parts of the globe.

The bibliography is organized around the following headings:

General Introductory Texts

Design Atlas

American Design
Asian and Far Eastern Design
Australasian Design
Austrian Design
British Design
Central and Eastern European Design
French Design
German Design
Irish Design
Italian Design
Netherlands and Belgian Design
Scandinavian Design
Spanish Design

Major Design Movements

Aesthetic Movement
Art Nouveau
Arts and Crafts

Other Design Topics

Corporate and Retail Design
Critical Voices
The Design Profession
Gender and Design
Green Design

General Introductory Texts

Albrecht, Donald, et al., Design Culture Now: National Design Triennial (New York:
Princeton Architectural Press, 2000).Aldersley-Williams, Hugh, World Design:
Nationalism and Globalism in Design (New York: Rizzoli, 1989).Allwood, John, The
Great Exhibitions (London: Studio Vista, 1977).Aynsley, Jeremy, A Century of Graphic
Design: Design Pioneers of the Twentieth Century (London: Mitchell Beazley,
2001).Bowe, Nicola Gordon, Art and the National Dream: The Search for Vernacular
Expression in Turn-of-the-Century Design (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 1993).Bowlby,
Rachel, Carried Away: The Invention of Modern Shopping (London: Faber & Faber,
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Georges Pompidou, Les Années 50 (Paris: Centre Georges Pompidou, 1988).Chant,
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1989).Dorfles, Gillo (ed.), Kitsch: The World of Bad Taste (London: Studio Vista,
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Macdonald, 1986).Forty, Adrian, Objects of Desire: Design and Society 1750-1980
(London: Thames & Hudson, 1986).Giedion, Siegfried, Mechanisation Takes Command:
A Contribution towards Anonymous Design (New York: Norton, 1969).Hayward Gallery,
Art and Power: Europe under the Dictators 1930-1945 (London: Hayward Gallery,
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1980).Julier, Guy, The Culture of Design (London: Sage, 2000).Kaplan, Wendy (ed.),
Designing Modernity: The Arts of Reform and Persuasion 1885-1945 (London: Thames
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Decorative Arts 1850-1950 (London: British Museum, 1991).Shaefer, Herwin, The Roots
of Modern Design: Functional Design in the Nineteenth Century (London: Studio Vista,
1970).Wilk, Christopher, Bentwood and Metal Furniture 1850-1946 (New York:
Abrams, 1982).Winston, Brian, Media, Technology and Society: A History from the
Telegraph to the Internet (London: Routledge, 1998).Woodham, Jonathan M., Twentieth
Century Design (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997).——  Twentieth Century
Ornament (London: Studio Vista, 1990).

Design Atlas

American Design Allen, James Sloan, The Romance of Commerce and Culture:
Capitalism, Modernism and the Chicago-Aspen Crusade for Cultural Reform (Chicago:
University of Chicago Press, 1983).Bachelor, Ray, Henry Ford, Mass Production,
Modernism & Design (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1994).Bel Geddes,
Norman, Horizons (1932; New York: Dover, 1977).Bush, Donald, The Streamlined
Decade (New York: Braziller, 1968).Clark, Robert Judson (ed.), The Arts and Crafts
Movement in America 1876-1916 (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1972).——,  et
al., Design in America: The Cranbrook Vision 1925-1950 (New York: Harry Abrams,
1984).Clarke, Alison, Tupperware: The Promise of Plastic in 1950s America
(Washington: Smithsonian Institution, 1999).Darling, Sharon, Chicago Furniture: Art,
Craft and Industry 1833-1933 (New York: Norton/Chicago Historical Society,
1984).Davies, Karen, At Home in Manhattan: Modern Decorative Arts, 1925 to the
Depression (New Haven: Yale University Art Gallery, 1983).Ewen, S., All Consuming
Images: The Politics of Style in Contemporary USA (New York: Basic, 1988).Findling, J.
E., Chicago's Great World Fairs (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1995).Gans,
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Visual Culture of Everyday Life in the 1950s (Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University
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The Elements of Design: The Development of Design and Stylistic Elements from the
Renaissance to the Postmodern Era (London: Mitchell Beazley, 2003).Rydell, Robert
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Everyday Life and Consumer Taste in a Changing Society (New Haven: Yale University
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House, 1998).Cochrane, Grace, The Crafts Movement in Australia: A History (Sydney
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(Auckland: Random House, 2003).
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1995).Kallir, Jane, Viennese Design and the Wiener Werkstätte (London: Thames &
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Wiener Werkstätte 1910-1932 (London: Thames & Hudson, 1994).Wilk, Christopher,
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Major Design Movements

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Other Design Topics

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