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									The Disruptive Student: What You Need To Know

                        The disruptive student is often the top concern of many teachers out there.
                        Common classroom problems arise from this kind of student. Sometimes, the
                        entire classroom atmosphere will be compromised because of one act.

As teachers, we must uplift and discipline the disruptive student in class. As much as possible, we must
look to them firsthand. It is also part of our responsibility to change them and mold them into someone
better. Discipline will become effective if you as a teacher are able to grasp the reason and the motive
behind the action. It will only add burden on your end if you happen to impose discipline yet fail
incredibly in the end. Thus, as a teacher, there are things you must know before you draw out the right
regulation strategy.

1. The behavior. Student's behavior depends on the situation they are in. If you happen to spot a
student who already made a lot of trouble in your class, better be on the lookout as to when that bad
behavior pops in. For example, assess how the student interacts with the classmates. How is he or she
during a school activity, and how he or she is disruptive in your class? From here you can find a specific
atmosphere or an area where he or she feels comfortable and not.

2. The student’s background. The behavior of a student depends on the environment where he or she
grows. This is one great factor that influenced how he or she acts now. Some of them are their family,
how they live and even their experiences. Sometimes, we as teachers must be able to decipher the
nature of where they come from so we can tailor our disciplinary actions.

3. The environment. This is another factor that a teacher must know in line with the bad action. The
environment is one scenario that can really trigger a particular behavior. Therefore, you need to
reassess your class setting and where everything is in place. Sometimes, a dirty classroom can really
entail a bad atmosphere to the students thus unhealthy behavior can be unleashed.

Being a teacher is a definite challenge. Thus it is but justifiable that it is indeed a very noble profession.
Teaching the lesson is only a part of what your job demands from you. Life is the bigger picture of what
you really should be teaching them. But good thing the disruptive student and the behavior can be
corrected given that these factors are taken into ample consideration.

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