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					Welcome to Your Exclusive Member's

             Congratulations and welcome! You are now a proud
member of the I would
like to start by welcoming You and thanking You for joining My

I'm sure you must very excited right now. Are You ready to start
earning an income from home? Well, you'd better be!

Well, I will say that You are very important to Me. I take much
pride in My members and I am here to help You.

Here you will learn step-by-step instructions on How to
make money filling up simple online survey forms!

Congratulations once Again on Your Decision to become a

You are on your way to making some nice easy cash as extra
income or even full time earnings if you are fully dedicated in
taking as many surveys.

You will find here step by step guide below about how to make
money by taking surveys online. A little time dedicated to
following these easy guidelines below will go a long way and
prepare you for maximizing your earnings potential.
So Don’t worry at all If You are new to Internet Work.

Take a deep breath, sit back and relaxed and finally go ahead and
get started below!

So before we start You need to know first What is Online Survey
Form Filling Job is?

Please read each and every word on this website to get familiar
with it. Don’t worry it’s very easy you’ll understand everything

       So read every word carefully..........................................

            What is the Actual Concept?

Many Multinational Companies all over the world need your
opinions on their products. They will send you a simple online
survey forms, where you need to fill it out and they pay you
money. It's as simple as learning 1..2..3. That's it! NO catch.
NO gimmick. Companies & corporations from all over the
world (such as Target, Sears, Yahoo, Amazon, K-Mart, Wal-Mart,
and many more) need your honest opinion about their products
and services, and they're willing to pay you for it!

You can do it all from home, in your spare time, at your own
pace! You can work (if you could call it "work") in the morning,
afternoon, or at night. Spend 30 minutes or a few hours a
day—it doesn’t matter; it’s entirely up to you!
The most remarkable thing about this paid survey program is that
anyone can make money with it.
It doesn't require any special skills, training, education or
previous business experience. You only need access to the
Internet and basic typing skills.
It is the Perfect Online Part Time Jobs for stay at home moms,
students, home makers, retirees or anyone that is in need of some
extra cash.

This paid survey opportunity is available and works
WORLDWIDE - people from all over the world make great cash
with it - everyday!

So Online Survey Form Filling Jobs means basically Taking
Surveys. So keep in Mind that From here I will use the term
“Taking Surveys” So Don’t be Confused.

                  How Much I can Earn?

Again, totally up to you! The more online surveys you take, the
more money you make. It’s as simple as that. Some people work
a couple hours a week to cover a new car payment, others do it
full-time and make enough to quit their jobs!

 There are so many surveys available, most will pay
you between $5 and $20and takes up just 10 to 30 minutes of
your time to complete the survey! You can also INSTANTLY
increase your income just by referring others.

  What makes Survey Jobs different than other Jobs!
You do NOT need a website!

You do NOT need your own products or services!

You do NOT do any selling online!

You do NOT send email to any customers!

          How do I Receive Online Surveys?

As You have already joined us, you have now
Free INSTANT and UNLIMITED access to our extensive
Survey Website Database for Free. Simply follow the links in the
Survey Website Database given by us for Free (not $46) to
register with the Survey Companies Who’ll pay you for taking
online surveys (registration is ALWAYS FREE).

In about 1 day to a week (depending on how long it takes them to
review your profile and decide which survey opportunities you
are eligible for), you should start receiving invitations to take
surveys directly to your email with which

you will register and participate in Surveys like this one shown
below ...
Here's a list of the few companies that
You may be helping by taking surveys:
 So What is ?

Through we give you links to
Genuine Survey Companies for which different other sites are
charge for $49 But Our members get this Survey Companies
Database for Free!

Once you sign up with them they send surveys to your email.

Open your email and submit your opinion to the companies and
start earning.

You can check your earnings online by logging into Member area
at any time.

        What Should Be My QUALIFICATIONS?

You should have basic knowledge of internet. You must
have your own Email Address. These are the only
requirements for doing this work

 Step by Step instructions to start work now



2. SUBMIT THE DETAILS ASKED (complete profile


So Now You are familiar with what is “Online Survey Taking
Jobs” Right!

If You still have any doubt or question feel free to ask me

Now I am going to show you everything I’ve learned and
mastered about how to make the most money possible by filling
out surveys.

As you can see, I didn’t waste your time adding a lot of flair and
flashy graphics. You aren’t here to see and artsy layout, you’re
here to make money! This site is straightforward and will get
right to the point.

You see, when companies need market research about new
products, or need to learn about people’s shopping habits in
certain markets, they turn to companies who conduct online
surveys. The number of these surveys has increased since the
dawn of new telemarketing laws. All of these companies offer
some form of compensation, whether it be cash or prizes, for
taking a survey.

Some companies will ask you to take surveys right away, while
others might want you to register first then receive emails when
they have a survey that matches your profile.

If you want to start making dollars from Make Money Taking
Surveys, then it’s a good idea to register with all of the survey
companies I have listed. It might take you a little bit of time at
first, but once You’ve registered with all of them, you can just sit
back and pick the best email surveys to complete.

If you don’t want to make a full-time living this way, or you just
want to win some great prizes, then you can just pick a few
surveys that interest you.

Please take a moment to let me walk you through the steps you’ll
need to take before you get started.

If you do these few things at the beginning, you’ll definitely be
glad you took the time.

To Your Success,

Deepak Kumar

                       First Step
Before going over to the Survey Companies Directory and
applying for the surveys we have listed some rules below for You
to follow. If You follow these rules You will become a
professional paid survey taker in no-time.

When signing up with the other market research (SURVEY
SITES) companies we highly recommend you create a separate
email address just for your survey invites. This way you don’t
flood your personal email box and you can keep your HOME
JOB separate from your pleasure.

It helps tremendously for organization purposes and is highly
recommended because your 'survey email address' should
receive a LOT of email.

You can go to the following websites and create an email account
to use solely for surveys in a matter of minutes. It’s Your choice
which one to choose but I’ll recommend

                          Second Step

I also highly recommend you download and get familiar
with Roboform, a free software program. (Don't worry.
There is NO Spyware or Adware on it) I use this tool everyday
and have for years, it's a lifesaver. This program allows you to
automate the entire registration process. It reduces the time it
takes to fill out the forms, register with companies, and take the
surveys. It will even remember ALL your user names and
passwords that you create!

You can download it HERE You will be glad you did, I guarantee

(Personally I use the pro version and for me. You can get started
with the FREE version if you are tight on cash.)


2. Install Google Pack

Before getting started, I highly recommend
downloading and installing Google Pack which is a free
software package that includes the auto fill form tool,
security and spyware detection tools, & FireFox faster
Internet browsing that will make taking surveys online
much easier and faster for You. Since a lot of the
information that You will be filling out online will be
repetitive, the Google Pack has an automated fill tool so
that You can enter Your information once and just click
a button to pre populate the fields instead of typing all
of it in each time. It's a great time saver!

                   Third Step
Your success with Make Money Taking Surveys will
primarily depend on:

1) The number of market research companies that you
register with

2) Your "profile" which determines the number and
type of invitations you get

3) The amount of time You spend participating in

4) How lucky you are when it comes to drawings,
raffles, and sweepstakes

1. The number of market research companies that you
register with
This is probably the most important factor that will determine
your "success" or "failure" - because the more companies you
register with the more invitations you'll receive, the more
surveys you can take, and the more money you will make.

The number of companies you register with should reflect your
goals and the amount of money you want to make. It really is as
simple as that.

If your goal is to make Good Money every month then You need
to register with ALL the companies. Because “The more the

Please ... you need to be realistic.

I've personally registered with all the companies and I currently
receive more invitations then before.

2. Your "profile" which determines the number and
type of opportunities you get

When you register with a market research company, you'll be
asked various questions which will make up your personal
"profile". Be honest - this is how they match you up with the
profiles desired for particular surveys.

Some surveys are very general, but others are very specific. For
example, a company may want to get the opinions of men
between the ages of 25-45 on various types of cologne. If you're a
women, you won't be selected to participate in this survey.
It is very important that you are truthful in all your answers and
responses when signing up with the market research companies,
so a lot of this is out of your control.

Our advice? Provide as much detailed information as you
possibly can, in order to give yourself the best chance of getting
selected for as many surveys as possible.

In Conclusion Update your profile on weekly basis by logging in
all survey sites you are register with.

3. The amount of time you spend participating in

Aside from #1, this is the other important factor that you have
full control over. And again, the time and effort you put into it
has to be in line with your goals.

If you only have 1 hour per week to devote to surveys that's fine -
just don't expect to make a full-time income. You'll get out of this
what you put into it, as they say.

On the bright side, you only have to register with each company
once - and then they will usually continue sending you surveys
for years! If you don't have a lot of free time every day, be like the
turtle. Slow and steady wins the race.

4. How lucky you are when it comes to drawings,
raffles, and sweepstakes

If you only want to participate in surveys that pay cash that's fine
- but we suggest you consider those that pay in prizes,
sweepstakes entries, etc.

If you have the extra time, it's well worth it to take a short 2
minute survey and be entered into a $10,000 drawing - wouldn't
you agree? Sometimes the odds are pretty good, and aside from
cash you can win nice electronic equipment, household items,

Plus, it's important to realize that market research companies
change their offerings all the time depending on what kind of
research and surveys their clients need.

A company offering prizes this month might offer a $150 paid
survey the next month, which is why we highly recommend you
register with as many companies as you can - regardless of what
they are currently offering. You just never know!

There's not a whole lot you can do to influence how lucky you'll
be, but just realize that the prizes are often significant and can
really make a difference for you.

A few more important reminders before you get started

1. Some companies will enter you into a contest or sweepstakes
when you initially register with them.This is how you build your
profile and get started with them. They will often send you
"screener" surveys, and then paid surveys will usually follow
shortly thereafter.
2. Be sure to check your email daily, and act quickly! The
companies will often send out more invitations than they need
participants, because they know some people won't respond for
one reason or another. But once they have enough people, it
might be too late for you.

3. Some of the sites and market research companies you'll be
introduced to work with various sponsors, promotional
companies, etc. and sometimes you'll be invited to purchase
products, participate in trial offers, etc. You can safely ignore
these offers if you're not interested.

4. Have some fun! You're providing a very valuable service that
will help influence new products, etc. You should be proud of
what you're doing and have some fun while making money.

   Making Sure Your Computer is Running Smoothly:

Since you will be making money on your computer taking
surveys it is highly recommended that your computer is free
from spyware and viruses so you can work at optimum levels.
You can use Registry Easy Cleaner SE to get a free virus scan to
see if your computer is infected. Click here to check if your
computer is infected by spyware or a virus that could potentially
slow down your productivity or worse share your private
information with wrong-doers.
Now that we have gotten all the formalities out of the
way let’s start taking some paid surveys and make some
good money!

Now head over to the full database of survey lists.

Finally Below is the Full Database of Survey Companies
Lists to Start!
Welcome to My Survey Database!

Here you will find My list of Companies that are ready to pay you for
completing surveys for them.

Always keep in mind that the secret to your success is to enroll with all of
these companies and update your profile on weekly basis.

This will ensure that you will receive as many paid surveys as possible.

Below is the database of survey companies. Just click on the name of the
survey companies like Survey Savvy and you will be taken to the
registration page itself. No need to type website addresses in your web
browser again and again .After you click on survey sites name you will be
taken to the registration form. Look at the site you will see 2 options on
every site “register” or “sign up” click on any of the option an fill up the
registration form to join.

Note: - Just after you join the sites login to the site with your email id and
password and take time to complete your profile survey. Because it makes
you eligible for which kind of surveys you will get.

      SURVEY                          AVAILABLE
    COMPANIES                         COUNTRIES
     Survey Savvy                        Available to ALL

       Spider Metrix                     Available to ALL

       Pure Profile                      Available to ALL

                                         Available to ALL

       Cash Crate                        Available to ALL

      Corpscan                           Available to ALL

      Planet-Pulse                       Available to ALL

      Ovago                              Available to ALL

      Morvo                              Available to ALL

       Your Say                          Available to ALL

     FGI SURVEY                          Available to ALL
    Survey Lion                  Available to ALL

        I Points                 Available to ALL

The Jewelry Consumer
Opinion Council (JCOC)           Available to ALL

India Speaks                     Available to ALL

Your Voice                       Available to ALL

E Lab                            Available to ALL

Squishy Cash                     Available to ALL

Clix Sense                       Available to ALL

Inbox Dollars                    Available to ALL

Send Earnings                    Available to ALL

Craving Cash                     Available to ALL

Cash Lagoon                      Available to ALL

A W Surveys                      Available to ALL

Final Words

I hope you have enjoyed this Instruction Guide.
The first thing you should do now is take action.

Don’t just let this Guide gather

Digital dust like all the other stuff you already have.

Just follow the blueprint and you can start working at home.

To Your Success
Deepak Kumar

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