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Student Disruptive Behavior


Student Disruptive Behavior

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									Student Disruptive Behavior: When To See The Guidance Counselor

                                   Student disruptive behavior is normal in most classroom settings. We
                                   know for a fact that students tend to be noisy and disturbing at some
                                   point in time. As teachers, we must understand them and, as much as
                                   possible, correct them of their current behavior.

                                  As a secondary parent to these children, we must be the first ones to
                                  impose proper discipline in the classroom. Since we know the students
firsthand and we interact with them in the class, we have the sole right to be the first intermediary
member to regulate their bad actions in class. We all know that there is a school guidance counselor
who is responsible in correcting behaviors from disruptive students; but we can’t just go to him or her
on a weekly basis to report the students! Thus, here are some areas that must be reflected as to when
you should really see the counselor.

1. If you can not contain the student. The first thing a teacher can do to any disruptive student is to
discipline them in a subtle manner. You have to find ways and means and maximizing all possible
disciplinary measures that you know. In the meantime, if you still see no changes on the end of the
student, then it is time to transfer the issue to the hands of the guidance counselor. At least when you
talk to an advisor at that time, you will be able to explain to him the things you've done to try to help
the student but with no avail on your end.

2. If the student disruptive behavior do not change regardless of disciplinary action. As previously stated,
it is the responsibility of a teacher to impose discipline in the classroom. But if you notice, there was no
change on the end of the student, there is a clear indication that this child does not respect your
authority no more. If they fail to recognize it, it is but timely to accelerate the matter to a higher position
in the school and the guidance counselor is the perfect fit.

Asking for help from the counselor does not mean that you are an incompetent teacher and knows
nothing how to discipline. As a matter of fact, it is suggested that you consult them from time to time
because it is their responsibility to help students to the right track. But before addressing them, impose
the preliminary steps and exhaust all possible means and ways. The student disruptive behavior, though
can’t be easy and immediate to solve but nonetheless with the right people and strategies can be

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