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					                   Describe the Hari Raya celebration.

       Hari Raya Aidilfitri is one of the most meaningful events for Muslims all
over the world. It is celebrate every year in the month of Syawal in Islamic year. It
is also known as ‘Lebaran’ or the day where we seek for forgiveness physically
and spiritually. Before we celebrate the Hari Raya, the Muslims must fast for a
month in Ramadan.

       The most meaningful time is the celebration of Hari Raya. Two weeks
before the Hari Raya celebration, the ‘Hari Raya’ songs will be played in the
radio. The town people traditionally return to their hometown to celebrate Hari
Raya with their family and friends. On the eve of the celebration, family members
especially mother and housewife will be busy preparing food, cakes, ketupat,
lemang and a various delicious to be served on the day of Hari Raya. The
favourite meal in my village is lemang, ketupat and rendang. It is compulsory to
be served on that day. If the women will busy at the kitchen, the men will busy
clearing the house compound, wash the windows and even paint the walls. At
night, I will lit up the oil lamp and the sparkling lamp all over the house.

       On the early morning of Hari Raya, when I was young, I will wake up early,
pray the Subuh prayer then help my mother preparing the breakfast. That is the
first day Muslims will take the breakfast after fasting for a month. After that, I will
put my new ‘Baju Kurung’ and go to the mosque for Hari Raya prayer. Before we
do the prayer, all the Muslims will recite ‘takbir’. Once the prayer is done, it is
also common for Muslims in Malaysia to visit the grave of their loved one.

       The rest of the day is spent visiting relatives and friends or serving visitor
who come to my house. When I was young, I used to go to the entire house in
my village to collect money or we called it ‘duit raya’. I used to take this
advantage to go all around my village to collect ‘duit raya’ with my friends. It is a
very joyous day for children.

       During the Hari Raya, all my relatives will gather at our hometown. That is
the most meaningful time where we will seek forgiveness among ourselves. It is
the time where I will train myself to become a good manner person, generous
and always respect to the elders. After that all of us will go to visit our
grandfather’s and grandmother’s grave. Then we will go to the open house.

       It is my grateful if all the event and activities in Ramadan and Syawal will
keep on. Although the celebration are different between the countries all over the
world but the main things is to thank to our God for the winning after a month


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