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           Main idea

 What is global warming
 Causes of global warming
 The effects of global warming to
   our earth and living things
 Ways to prevent global warming
What is global warming?
            • The Planet Is Heating
              Up—and Fast
            • Glaciers are melting
            • Sea levels are rising
            • Cloud forests are drying
            • Wildlife is scrambling to
              keep pace.
            • The earth heats up-
            •   rising.
            • Greenhouse gases
             Carbon dioxide
             Water vapour
             Nitrous oxide
             Methane
           Causes of Global Warming
 The trapped of heat - greenhouse gases ; comes from combustion of fossil fuels in
                             car,factory and electricity production.
Solar variation - The changes in the amount of radiant energy emitted by the Sun.
                  -This solar variation has been correlated with the changes in the
                   Earth’s climate and temperature.
 Sunspots( the number of sunspots in an area directly affects the amount of time
the nearby earth to take cool.
                     - The earth absorbs about seventy percent of the earth's solar
                     - This solar flux increases the temperature of the earth's
                       atmosphere, land and oceans
 Deforestation – increase the amount of carbon dioxide in earth.
The effects of global warming to
our earth and living things
 Ecosystems will change - Many inhabitants to leave their inhabitants.
                             - Some species will move farther or north, or become
                                more successful ; others won’t be able to move and
                               could become extinct.
 Health problems -Some diseases will spread, such as malaria and west Nile virus
                    - cardiovascular problems.
                    - exhaustion problem (respiratory),asthma
 Daily weather - increase in extreme temperature. Levels of evaporation
                      also increase.
 Rise in the sea level – Ice is melting worldwide, especially the Earths’ poles
                       - mountain glaciers
                       - ice sheets covering West Antarctica and Greenland, and
                          Arctic sea ice.
   Ways to prevent Global warming
• People should reduce the usage of electrical appliances which emits
  green house gases.
• Follow RRR-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
• Trees absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide.
• Insulation of the ceiling of a house and power saving.
• People should use only energy efficient appliances
• Usage of green power.
• Periodic maintenance of the vehicles.
• Teach your neighborhood and friends about the cause and impacts
  of global warming and methods to reduce it.
• Support Earth Hour and join others in Earth Hour facebook group or
  Reasons for choosing topic.
 Interested to know exactly what is global
warming .
 Social responsibility to the society and to the
To share the knowledge and information .
 The article is interesting.
One of the main environmental issues that
have been talk about lately.
 One of the 5 millions people in Malaysia that
Support Earth Hour.
                 Personal view
 Global warming is the major problems that happens and
it is serious.
 People should be aware and concerned about this
 I find that there are many ways to prevent the global
    warming and we can do all these thing.
 We should change our attitude such as support the
    environmental programs .

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