; Residual Income and Google AdSense
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Residual Income and Google AdSense


Residual Income and Google AdSense

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									Residual Income and Google AdSense
Google AdSense is the most popular ad displaying program that web publishers use to generate
money from their blog or website. Most web publishers use this as their primary source of
income and build their content to bring in traffic to their website or blog. If you want to start
building your success with your blog or website, follow these few tips:

Sign up for a free blog account Find a niche that is engaging to readers Posts good content on
your blog or website Link your posts to social media websites or directories Update your blog or
website each week with links and posts Write articles and link them to your blog Sign up with
Google AdSense Find the best ads to display for your blog or website Generate your residual
income each month Keep updating your blog or site regularly to get ads for the best CPC (Cost
Per Click)

Finding A Niche

Find a good niche to put towards your blog or websites. There are so many to choose from but
there are a few that many people mostly search for. Here are a few niches that people look for in
the search engines:

Making Money Insurance Quotes Mortgage Notes Student Loan Consolidation Relationships

Choosing a great niche will bring you traffic if you bring some traffic to it with marketing your
blog or website. There are plenty ways to market your blog and here is a few:

Writing Articles

If you like writing this will be the best part for you to earn with Google AdSense because the
more you write articles leading towards your blog, the more visitors you have going to your blog
or website. The main goal is to get visitors to your blog or website. Build good content to link
them to your blog or web posts. Once you start getting traffic, your blog or web posts should
start pulling up in the search engines. The more you write articles the better. There are many
websites you can post your articles to and the more article sites you post to, the more back links
you get to your website or blog.

Social Media Sites

Using social media sites, will give you a better chance to bring people to your website or blog.
Posting a few links every time you post something will let your visitors know about you updating
your website or blog. Using RSS feeds will also bring visitors and it provides your visitors with
e-mail updates to let them know you have updated your website or blog.
Making sure you get traffic and bring good content will equal your residual income to Google
AdSense. Keep posting good content and promoting your website or blog will bring you success.

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