How to Earn Above Average Google AdSense Revenue

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					Earning Above Average Google AdSense Revenue takes research,patients and skill. Creating
original content that uses top paying keywords is one of the most important skills you will need
to acquire.

Top Paying Keywords can be researched using the Google Keyword Research Tool. This
powerful tool will help determine the top paying and searched keywords related to what you are
looking for. With this Keyword tool you will also have a good idea on Advertiser Competition,
Cost Per Click and Search Volume.

If you let Google AdSense choose what Google Ads will be placed on your site or blog these
keywords will be the key to the content chosen.


To earn above average Google AdSense Revenue you must understand how the whole process
works. It this section rules apply with or without AdSense posted.

Basically the key to fame on line is based on the amount of traffic you can steer to your blog or
website. People have many theories on how this should be accomplished but there are some
things that are a MUST.

Create content that has value, something your target audience would appreciate reading. If they
feel a sales pitch or a scam then you will lose them for good.

Article sites are ok to use but don't overdue it. This practice does not really help your ranking.
The search engines are smart and do not favour duplicate content.

Keyword are words of value and carry high search numbers. Let's say in this case we chose
"AdSense Software" we could type this in using the Google keyword tool and piling together a
list of keywords we can use in our content.