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					NASA Ideal Workout Revealed April 20, 2009 Posted by ormaninstitute in Uncategorized. add a comment , edit post NASA’s scientists have designed what they refer to as the perfect workout. It is not only to keep astronauts healthy while they are staring at the earth, but may have unlocked a key to anti aging. In all started in 2001 when missions to speace became longer and astronauts neede more effective ways of staying healthy in such stressful environments. “In zero gravity, your muscle mass and bone density drop incredibly fast. Usually about 1% per month,” stated Suzane schneider, former NASA scientist and professor of physical performance at the U. of New Mexico. “Your heart atrophies and bones in the hips, spine and legs shrink, causing you to lose strength and power.” So plans were made to remedy this major issue for the astronauts aboard the International Space Station. After spending millions and millions of dollars on research, they concluded that there are 3 main rules that not only apply to this group but to all individuals who want to stay healthy and maximize their performance (even on earth!). They are: 1. Use heavy weights at least 80% of the time. In order to work the muscles to the degree they need to be worked and to slow the aging process, running or sports are not enough. Weight training - heavy weight training is needed. Scientists noted that multi joint exercises such as dead lifts are optimal. 2. Slow down. Lifting weights upwards is not nearly as important as how you lower the weight. 3. Drop the number of reps but keep the intensity high. Any of this sound familiar??!! To regular readers of my blog and eNewsletter, this is old news! My Hgh Power Plan which is found at, which includes the “HGH Diet and Exercise Program” is virtually identical to NASA’s recommendations. In short — follow the 3/5 rule as outlined in the HGH Exercise Program. I can attest that the results are outstanding. Not only have thousands of clients over the years confirmed this, but I have been using this for a long time. At 45 years old, I am stronger now that I was at 25. The program and the product are the reasons why. Your goals may not include a flight to Mars any time soon, but optimizing your health and your life are on everyone’s list. Use this program to achieve what you want. Your health is worth it.

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Description: NASA released a "perfect training" program based on research with astronauts. Turns out to be powerful anti-aging program as well.