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									               Marine Corps

            Separation and Retirement Branch
            Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps
            3280 Russell Road
            Quantico VA 22134-5103

                                                                     PCN 10001332300
DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.
                                                                 NAVMC 2642
                                                                 30 Jun 05


The Marine Corps Retirement Guide, NAVMC 2642 contains information
on the entitlements, benefits, and privileges afforded to retired
Marine Corps members and their families.

NAVMC 2642 of 27 October 1997.

The contents of this Retirement Guide are current as of date of
publication. Changes in laws and regulations will be announced in
the quarterly publication: Semper Fidelis, Memorandum for Retired
Marines. Use the Memorandum to keep your copy of the Retirement
Guide current. The Retirement Guide will be updated annually by
HQMC MMSR-6. You can obtain this document on line at

4.   SCOPE

The Marine Corps Retirement Guide is general in nature and should
not be cited as authority for specific actions. Official
determinations can only be based on proper regulations and laws.

Reviewed and approved this date.

                                      C. L. O’CONNOR
                                      By direction

DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for public release; distribution is

                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

       Directory Assistance
       A Visit on the Web
       Retired Activities Section (MMSR-6), Headquarters, U.S.
       Marine Corps
       Semper Fidelis Memorandum for Retired Marines
       Notification of Change of Address

CHAPTER 1 — Retired Marine Corps Personnel and Recall
            to Active Duty

1-1.   Categories of Retired Marine Corps Personnel
1-2.   Mobilization Considerations
1-3.   Recall to Active Duty

CHAPTER 2 — Marine Corps Retired Pay and Taxes

2-1.   Retired Pay General Information
2-2.   Retired and Retainer Pay Correspondence
2-3.   Retired and Retainer Paychecks
2-4.   Lost or Missing Paychecks
2-5.   Missing Checks Located
2-6.   Direct Deposit Program
2-7.   Discretionary Allotment System
2-8.   Federal and State Income Tax
2-9.   Garnishment and Similar Proceedings

CHAPTER 3 — Benefits Administered by the VA

3-1.   General
3-2.   VA Disability Compensation
3-3.   VA Guaranteed Home Loans
3-4.   Educational Benefits
3-5.   Servicemember's Group Life Insurance (SGLI) and The
       Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI)
3-6.   VA Medical Care
3-7.   VA Dental Care

CHAPTER 4 — Benefits Administered by Other Agencies

4-1.   Social Security
4-2.   Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society
4-3.   American Red Cross

CHAPTER 5 — Miscellaneous Information

5-1.  Uniform Clothing
5-2.  Political Activities
5-3.  Publication of Articles and Public Speaking Engagements
5-4.  Applicability of the Uniform Code of Military Justice
5-5.  Awards
5-6.  Lapel Button
5-7.  Foreign Employment
5-8.  Replacement of Lost Documents
5-9.  Educational Opportunities and Scholarships
5-10. Appointments to the U.S. Naval Academy
5-11. Travel, Residence, Loss of Citizenship, Effects on Retired
5-12. Record of Emergency Data Form
5-13. The Armed Forces Retirement Home

CHAPTER 6 — Action Required for Surviving Members

6-1.    Burial Benefits
6-2.    Arlington National Cemetery (Department of the Army)
6-3.    Reimbursement of Burial Expenses
6-4.    Burial Flags and Military Honors
6-5.    Headstones or Grave Markers
6-6.    Social Security Death payment
6-7.    National Cemetery Administration (NCA)
6-8.    Retired or Retainer Pay
6-9.    Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card
6-10.   Medical Care
6-11.   VA Dependency and Indemnity Compensation
6-12.   Death Due to NonService-Connected Cause
6-13.   NonService-Connected Death Pension
6-14.   Death Gratuity
6-15.   Other Federal Benefits Available to Surviving Spouses

CHAPTER 7 — Identification Cards

7-1.    Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)
        and the Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification
        System (RAPIDS)
7-2.    Your Retired Identification Card
7-3.    Your Family Members' Identification Cards
7-4.    Replacement of Family Members’ Identification Cards
7-5.    Eligibility for Identification Cards
7-6.    Authorized Privileges

CHAPTER 8 — Medical Care

8-1.    General
8-2.    Retiree Dental Program
8-3.    VA Medical Care
8-4.    TRICARE For Life (TFL)
8-5.    Civilian Health Care/TRICARE

CHAPTER 9 — Travel and Transportation Allowances

9-1.    Travel Incident to Retirement
9-2.    Authorizations and Restrictions Summary for Shipping and
        Storage of Household Goods
9-3.    Space-Available Travel

CHAPTER 10 — Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)

10-1.   General
10-2.   Annuity Payments
10-3.   How Other Federal Benefits Affect the SBP Annuity
10-4.   What To Do If Circumstances Change After Retirement

CHAPTER 11 — The Retired Activities Program

11-1.   Overview
11-2.   Mission
11-3.   Retired Activities Program
11-4.   Installation Commanders
11-5.   Retired Activities Program Manager (RAPM)

CHAPTER 12 — Secretary of the Navy's Retiree Council

CHAPTER 13—Personal Affairs Record

DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE             format. The Web consists of
                                 millions of home pages,
Throughout the Marine Corps      documents with text, graphics,
Retirement Guide, you will be    and links that serve as the
instructed to write for          guide to the site. Some sites
additional information from      are small, only consisting of
the Commandant of the Marine     a main or home page, while
Corps (CMC) or the Defense       others contain thousands of
Finance and Accounting Service   related pages connected to
(DFAS) (formerly the Marine      them. Users access the web by
Corps Finance Center). These     entering a Uniform Resources
contact addresses are            Locator, or URL for short.
mentioned quite frequently,      The URL is a web site's
they are listed here to          address. It always begins
eliminate reprinting them in     with http, which stands for
                                 hypertext transfer protocol.
the guide. In order to avoid
                                 The following URLs provide
any delays in correspondence,
                                 additional information to this
it is important you include
                                 retirement guide. As a handy
the office code following CMC.
                                 reference, a brief description
CONTACT ADDRESSES                of the web site is included.
                                 In addition, the chapter and
Commandant of the Marine Corps   subheading where the topic was
Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps   first mentioned is provided
Code (      )                    here in italics.
3280 Russell Road
Quantico, VA 22134-5103          AMERICAN RED CROSS:
Toll Free 1-800-336-4649
Fax (703) 784-9834               (Chapter 4-3. American Red
Retired Marines:
Defense Finance and Accounting   DEFENSE FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING
Service                          SERVICE (CLEVELAND)
US Military Retirement Pay
PO Box 7130                      By clicking on “Money
London KY 40742-7130             Matters,” you will view a
Toll Free 1-800-321-1080         variety of information such as
Commercial (216) 522-5955        myPay, information about
Fax 1-800-469-6559               retired and annuitant pay,
                                 garnishment, out-of-service
                                 debt, etc. You can also
                                 submit your request for change
                                 of address by clicking on
The World Wide Web is a
                                 “Retired and Annuitant Pay”,
program running on the
                                 then clicking depending on
Internet that allows people
                                 your status “military retiree”
around the world to share
                                 or “annuitant”.
information in a standard

(Notification of Change of       IVRS, customers will be able
Address)                         to obtain specific account
                                 information in the following
About DFAS…                      areas:
The Defense Finance and
Accounting Service is the             Correspondence address
world’s largest finance and           Allotments
accounting operation. It              Certificate of
provides responsive,                  Eligibility or Report of
professional finance and              Existense
accounting services to the men        Deductions
and women who defend America.         Gross and net pay
For more information about            Survivor Benefit Plan
DFAS, visit                           coverage               Federal and state taxes
How to avoid indebtedness to     The IVRS is available 24 hours
DFAS! Contact DFAS to stop       a day, 7 days a week.
retired or annuitant pay upon
death at 1-800-269-5170. If      MYPAY ACCOUNT:
you do not, DFAS will contact
the bank directly to recover     spx
any electronic payments. This    MyPay is an innovative,
rule also applies for payments   automated system that puts you
from other sources such as the   in control of processing
VA or OPM.                       certain discretionary pay data
                                 items without using paper
DFAS expands automated           forms. You can also get your
services for retirees and        pay statements, tax forms and
annuitants. By using the DFAS    travel advice of payment using
Interactive Voice Response       myPay. MyPay saves time, is
System (IVRS), retirees and      convenient, and reliable. You
annuitants can obtain specific   can access myPay nearly 24
account information. When        hours a day, 7 days a week to
customers call 1-800-321-1080    change or review your current
or (216) 522-5955, they will     information, or to check your
hear a new menu option to use    most recent pay statement.
this feature. Customers
choosing to use this new         Obtaining a PIN is very easy.
feature will be prompted to      On the web site select NEW PIN
enter their social security      unter the NEED A NEW PIN
number and Personal              option on the myPay home page.
Indetification Number (PIN).     The process will issue a new
                                 random temporary PIN for your
Those who have an account with   account, which will be mailed
myPay can use the same PIN to    to your address of records
access the IVRS. By using the    currently contained in your

pay system. Please allow 10       Pamphlet” (2005 edition) to
days for delivery. For            access the annual handbook.
assistance and/or customer        (Chapter 3 - Benefits
support contact the DFAS          Administered by the VA)
Centralized Customer Support
Unit toll-free at 1-800-390-      DIVISION OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS,
2348 or commercial at (216)       HQMC:
DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE:        (Chapter 5-3. Publication of    Articles and Public Speaking
/common/indiv intro.htm           Engagements)
The Rural Housing Service
helps rural communities and       MARINE CORPS INSTITUTE:
individuals by providing loans
and grants for housing and        i/
community facilities. The         By clicking on this site, you
Rural Housing Service also        will access the catalog of
provides funding for single       courses offered by MCI.
family homes, apartments for      (Chapter 5-9. Educational
low-income persons or the         Opportunities and
elderly, housing for farm         Scholarships)
laborers, childcare centers,
fire and police stations,         NATIONAL CEMETERY SYSTEM:
hospitals, libraries, nursing
homes, schools, and much more.    (Chapter 6-1. Burial Benefits)

At this web site you can get
information on Federal Student    (Chapter 4-2. Navy/Marine
Aid, educational opportunities    Corps Relief Society)
and scholarships for students
and parents (i.e. how to plan     RETIRED ACTIVITIES SECTION
for college, pay for it and       (MMSR-6):
help the student prepare for      https://lnweb1.manpower.usmc.m
college success).                 il/manpower/mi/mra_ofct.nsf/mm
DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS:   (Retired Activities Section,                 Headquarters, U.S. Marine
Click on “Compensation &          Corps)
Pension Benefits”, then click
on “A Summary of VA Benefits”     SOCIAL SECURITY
or “Federal Benefits for          ADMINISTRATION:
Veterans & Dependents   
                                  Click on “Site Map” to view
                                  from a listing of several

topics (i.e. Appeals, Applying   Marines, the Inactive Ready
for Benefits, Applying for a     Reserve (IRR) and Retired
Social Security Number,          Marines. If you fall into one
Benefits, Computing your         of the categories just
benefits, etc.) (Chapter 4-1.    mentioned, and you want to
Social Security)                 register on MOL, visit the
                                 Marine OnLine web site and
THE ARMED FORCES RETIREMENT      click on “register online”.
frhhome.htm                      RECORDS (BCNR):
At this web site, you can get
information on the eligibility   nr.htm
criteria, resident fees,         At this web site, you can
frequently asked questions       obtain information on how to
section, etc.                    contact the BCNR (telephone
(Chapter 5-13. The Armed         numbers and address); you can
Forces Retirement Home)          download and print the
                                 required application (DD Form
TRICARE SUPPORT OFFICE:          149) in order to submit your      case to BCNR, etc. Congress
At this web site, you can get    created the Board for
information on enrollment,       Correction of Naval Records
claims, benefits, etc.           (BCNR) in 1946 to provide a
(Chapter 8 - Medical Care)       method for correction of
                                 errors or removal of
MARINE FOR LIFE:                 injustices from current and   former Navy and Marine Corps
l/                      member’s records without the
This website provides            necessity for private
information about transition     legislation.
assistance to Marines who
honorably leave active service   PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT SUPPORT
and return to civilian life      BRANCH MMSB-12:
and to support injured Marines
and their families.              .htm
                                 The Personnel Management
MARINE ONLINE:                   Support Branch, under the   Director, Personnel Management
/                        Division, directs and controls
Marine OnLine (MOL) is           the functions necessary to
designed for Marines with        create, maintain, and archive
personnel records in the         Official Military Personnel
Marine Corps Total Force         Files (OMPFs) (i.e. DD Form
System (MCTFS). This includes    214, Retirement orders, etc.).
Marines on Active Duty,
Reserve, Active Reserve

CENTER:                          (MMSR-6), HEADQUARTERS
                                 U.S. MARINE CORPS
onnel_records.html               We are part of the Separation
The National Personnel Records   and Retirement Branch of the
Center, Military Personnel       Manpower and Reserve Affairs
Records (NPRC-MPR) is the        Department. Our
repository of millions of        responsibility includes all of
military personnel, health,      your administrative matters
and medical records of           exclusive of pay. During your
discharged and deceased          active-duty career, every time
veterans of all services         you needed administrative
during the 20th century. NPRC    support, you notified your
(MPR) also stores medical        company office and appropriate
treatment records of retirees    measures were taken. If you
from all services, as well as    needed this support, and did
records for dependent and        not report it, it was
other persons treated at naval   discovered during one of many
medical facilities.              periodic audits of your
Information from the records     records. Now that you are
is made available upon written   retired, it is your
request (with signature and      responsibility to keep the
date) to the extent allowed by   Marine Corps current with
law. This site is provided       regards to administrative
for those seeking information    reporting.
regarding military personnel,
health and medical records       This is our Mission:
stored at NPRC (MPR). If you     We provide a “one-stop”
are a veteran or the next-of-    records update and advice
kin of a deceased veteran, you   service. Whenever you have a
may now use                      question concerning any of to order    your entitlements, benefits,
a copy of your military          or privileges, let us know
records. For all others, your    either by phone, mail, fax, or
request is best made using a     internet. We will advise you
Standard Form 180. It            on appropriate measures.
includes complete instructions
for preparing and submitting     Our address is:
                                 Commandant of the Marine Corps
                                 Separation and Retirement
                                 Branch, Retired Activities
                                 Section (MMSR-6), 3280 Russell
                                 Road, Quantico, VA 22134-5103

Our phone numbers are:           appear on yor screen. The
     1-800-336-4649              links are located next to the
     (703) 784-9310              slogan, “The Few. The Proud.”
Fax: (703) 784-9834              Click on the link “Career”,
                                 then “Retired Marines”, which
Whenever you see instructions    will direct you to the
in this guide to contact us,     “Retired Activities Home
you can always call unless we    Page”. There, you should see
specify a requirement to         the link to the “Semper
write.                           Fidelis Memorandum” and other
                                 retired-related information.
                                 RETIREE COUNCIL (RC)
The Semper Fidelis memorandum
is a quarterly publication       retireecouncil
distributed to all retired       This web site contains useful
Marines and their survivors      links on benefits, programs,
who receive an annuity from      and related areas of interest
the Marine Corps. Formerly       for military retirees and
entitled the Newsletter for      their families, as well as for
Retired Marines, it was first    those considering retirement.
issued in February 1956. Its     (Chapter 12 – Secretary of the
mission then, as it is now, is   Navy’s Retiree Council (RC))
to keep you abreast of current
laws and regulations, which      NOTIFICATION OF CHANGE OF
may affect your entitled         ADDRESS
benefits and privileges. The
information provided in Semper   Address changes are your
Fidelis is furnished as an       responsibility!!
update to this guide.
Remember, the information        General. A dual address is
contained in the pay system      kept in each pay account: the
files is the source for the      mailing address of your
addresses used in mailing        financial institution (if you
Semper Fidelis, so it is vital   are enrolled in the Direct
that you keep this information   Deposit Program) and your home
current through correspondence   address. DFAS will mail all
with DFAS and CMC (MMSR-7) as    items such as Retiree Account
mentioned on the Notification    Statements, 1099R forms, and
of Change of Address section.    other correspondence to your
                                 home mailing address.
How to access the Semper
Fidelis Online…                  If you receive your check
Go to Note that     through the mail, you must
it may take several seconds      submit a change of address
before eleven links will         request in writing. Send a

written request with your        monetary benefits from another
signature to DFAS. For your      Government agency, you must
protection, however, DFAS will   also notify that agency of any
not honor any change of          address change.
address reported by telephone
or third party.                       If you are in receipt of
                                 disability compensation or
Procedures for Reporting a       pension payments from the
Change of Address.               Department of Veterans Affairs
                                 or the Office of Personnel
Retired Marines who have a       Management and Budget instead
Direct Deposit account must      of retired or retainer pay,
contact DFAS at:                 you may notify DFAS of any
                                 mailing address change.
Defense Finance and Accounting
Service, US Military
Retirement Pay, PO Box 7130,
London, KY 40742-7130
Toll Free 1-800-321-1080
Commercial (216) 522-5955
Fax 1-800-469-6559

Also retired Marines must
contact Headquarters Marine
Corps (MMSR-7) at:

Commandant of the Marine Corps
Separation and Retirement
Branch, Retired List
Maintenance and Support
Section (MMSR-7), 3280 Russell
Road, Quantico, VA 22134-5103
Toll Free 1-800-715-0968
Fax (703) 784-9834

Concerning address changes,
you will need to remember:

     If you are or will be
temporarily absent from your
permanent residence, do not
report an address change
unless you want to receive
your check(s) and official
mail at the temporary address.

     If you are in receipt of

                                        are retired. Upon
CHAPTER 1                               retirement, the Marine will
                                        receive retired pay.
                                        Retainer and retired pay
RETIRED MARINE CORPS                    usually will be the same
PERSONNEL AND RECALL TO                 amount. However, in cases
ACTIVE DUTY                             where the member has previous
                                        commissioned service, and has
1-1. CATEGORIES OF RETIRED              served satisfactorily as
     MARINE CORPS PERSONNEL             determined by the Secretary
                                        of the Navy, the member will
The following are categories            be advanced to the highest
of retired Marine Corps                 commissioned grade and
personnel. Under applicable             receive that retired pay.
provisions of law, you were             Members of the FMCR are not
transferred to one of these             retired by definition, but
lists. Which one reflects               are specifically treated as
your current status?                    such under Title 10, United
                                        States Code. Therefore, they
     Marine Corps Retired               are subject to recall
List: Consists of active or             identically as retired
Reserve enlisted personnel              Marines.
with 30 years active service
and active or Reserve                        Temporary Disability
officers with more than 20              Retired List (TDRL):
years of active service who             Consists of Marines who are
are transferred directly to             not physically qualified for
the Retired List upon                   duty and according to
request. These retired                  accepted medical principles
Marines receive retired pay.            and standards may be
                                        permanently disabled.
     Fleet Marine Corps                 Placement on this list
Reserve (FMCR): Consists of             prevents them from being
active and Reserve enlisted             permanently retired with a
Marines who have completed at           condition that could develop
least 20 but less than 30               into a more serious
years of active service or              disability. By statute,
active constructive service,            these Marines are required to
and have requested transfer             undergo periodic physical
to the FMCR. The FMCR has no            examinations every 18 months
connection with the Marine              and may only remain on the
Corps Reserve. Enlisted                 TDRL for a period of five
Marines serve in the FMCR on            years. Before that time,
a retainer basis and receive            they must either be found fit
retainer pay until they                 for full duty, separated with
complete a total of 30 years            severance pay, or placed on
of service, after which they


the Permanent Disability
Retired List.                           1-2. MOBILIZATION
     Permanent Disability
Retired List (PDRL):                    All retired Marines are
Consists of Marines who are             placed in one of three
not physically qualified for            categories for mobilization
duty and according to                   purposes:
accepted medical principles
and standards are permanently                Category I: Non-
disabled.                               disability retired Marines
                                        under age 60 who have been
     Retired List of the                retired less than five years.
Marine Corps Reserve:
Consists of Reservists who                   Category II: Non-
have less than 20 years of              disability retired Marines
active service but at least             under age 60 who have been
20 years of qualifying                  retired five years or more.
service who are transferred
to the Retired List of the                   Category III: Non-
Marine Corps Reserve upon               disability retired Marines
request. These retired                  age 60 or older and all
Marines do not receive                  disability retired Marines.
retired pay until their 60th
birthday.                               1-3. RECALL TO ACTIVE DUTY

     Retirement of Reservists           Retired Marines may be
Not Qualified for Retired               recalled to active duty on
Pay: Members previously                 either a voluntary or an
transferred to the Retired              involuntary basis:
Reserve in an honorary status
will maintain their retired                  Voluntary: The
status per SECNAVINST                   Secretary of the Navy may
1820.2C. Reservists who                 order any retired or FMCR
possess special                         member to voluntary active
qualifications or critical              duty at any time with the
professional skills, or are             retired member’s consent.
required by law to maintain
status, are not eligible for                 Involuntary: The
non-Regular service retired             Secretary of the Navy may
pay, and are subject to                 order any retired or FMCR
mandatory removal from an               member with at least 20 years
active status, may be                   of active service to active
transferred to Retired                  duty at any time to perform
Reserve status in lieu of               duties deemed necessary in
discharge as approved by DC/S           the interests of national
M&RA or CHNAVPERS.                      defense (Title 10, Section


12302-12318 of the United
States Code (U.S.C.)). The
Secretary of the Navy may
order any retired member of
the Marine Corps Reserve to
active duty provided a war or
national emergency has been
declared by Congress and the
Secretary of the military
department concerned, with
approval of the Secretary of
Defense, determines there are
not enough qualified Reserves
in an active status to
fulfill national requirements
(Title 10, Section 672(a) of
the U.S.C.).


                                       occur. Correspondence will be
CHAPTER 2                              returned to you if this
                                       important number is not
MARINE CORPS RETIRED PAY               included.
                                       2-3. RETIRED AND RETAINER
2-1. RETIRED PAY GENERAL                    PAYCHECKS
                                       Your monthly retired,
Retiree Account Statement              retainer, or SBP annuity
(RAS). You will receive a RAS          paycheck is processed by DFAS
on the initial establishment           to reach you on the first
of your retired or retainer            business day of the following
pay account, when a pay action         month (e.g., you should
is requested by you, or                receive your September payment
initiated by DFAS, or when             on 1 October). If you are
cost-of-living increases or            enrolled in the Direct Deposit
statutory changes occur. A             Program, payments are
RAS is generated each time a           transmitted through the
monetary adjustment is made to         Federal Reserve System and
your account. It is important          will arrive at your bank on
you keep it because it                 the first business day of the
contains your gross pay                following month.
entitlement and any applicable
deductions from that pay such          2-4. LOST OR MISSING
as withholding tax,                         PAYCHECKS
allotments, or survivor
annuity.                               If you do not receive your
                                       monthly check on the normal
Questions Concerning Your Pay.         receipt date, contact your
If you have any inquiries              local post office first. If
about retired or retainer pay,         they cannot locate your check,
call DFAS at: 1-800-321-1080           request a stop payment to
or (216) 522-5955.                     DFAS. For retired/retainer
                                       pay, an SBP annuity write a
2-2. RETIRED AND RETAINER PAY          letter to: Defense Finance
     CORRESPONDENCE                    and Accounting Service, US
                                       Military Annuitant Pay, PO Box
Whenever you write to DFAS,            7131, London KY 40742-7131 or
include your signature and             fax 1-800-496-6559. Ensure
Social Security Number. Your           that it includes your Social
Social Security Number is              Security Number, signature,
essential because it correctly         and telephone number. By
identifies your pay account.           providing your telephone
DFAS maintains a large number          number, DFAS will be able to
of accounts and duplication or         call and confirm non-receipt
similarities of names often            of a particular check. If you


make this request by                   retired, retainer, or SBP
telephone, you will still need         annuity pay. Enrollment will
to submit a letter to verify           ensure your money is
your request. Stop-payment             electronically deposited into
requests should properly               your financial account by the
identify the missing check(s)          first business day of the
(e.g., the payment issued for          following month. If for some
July will be dated for the             reason that does not happen,
first business day of August.          notify DFAS. To enroll in the
This represents the settlement         program, visit your financial
of your account for the month          institution (bank, credit
of July—and is the July                union, or savings and loan)
payment—not the August                 and complete an SF-1199A
payment, even though it is             (Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form).
dated and received in                  Mail it to DFAS. The change
August.). Do not write to              will normally become effective
DFAS about lost checks you             within 30 days of receipt.
receive from other Federal             Helpful hint: Do not close
agencies such as the                   your old account until your
Department of Veterans Affairs         next check is deposited in
(VA) or the Social Security            your new bank account.
Administration. Contact those
agencies directly.                     2-7. DISCRETIONARY ALLOTMENT
                                       Authorized Allotments. As of
If you report your retired,            1 October 1997, the
retainer, or SBP annuity               Discretionary/Non-
paycheck as lost or stolen,            Discretionary Allotment System
and it arrives later,                  replaced the Voluntary
immediately notify DFAS. Do            Allotment System. You may
not negotiate both the                 continue or discontinue the
original and successor check           allotments that were active
because this will result in an         when you transferred to the
overpayment to you. If                 retired list or the FMCR. The
necessary, the Government will         new system limits you to a
take action to recover any             total of six (6) discretionary
overpayment by deductions from         allotments. Examples of
your pay.                              discretionary allotments
                                       include, but are not limited
2-6. DIRECT DEPOSIT PROGRAM            to:

Electronic Funds Transfer                   Payment of insurance
(EFT) Program. As of July              premiums for various types of
1996, you are required by law          commercial insurance. This
to enroll in the Direct                includes life, dental and
Deposit Program for your               health, and vehicle insurance.


                                               Charitable contributions
     Payments to family                   or loan repayment to Army
members. This may be a                    Emergency Relief, Navy and
spouse, child, or a relative              Marine Corps Relief Society,
not legally considered a                  and Air Force Aid Society.
                                          Where possible, the allotment
     Payment to a financial               payment should be made by
institution, mutual fund                  direct deposit to a financial
company, or investment fund               institution for credit to the
for a savings, checking, or               allottee. This may require
trust account.                            the recipient to make
                                          satisfactory arrangements with
     Payment of a personal or             a financial institution to
car loan.                                 accept DDS before starting the
                                          allotment. Current retired
        Payment of mortgage or            military are not grandfathered
rent.                                     under this mandate, meaning
                                          that they must also comply
     Payment of loan to repay             with the six (6) discretionary
consumer credit.                          allotment limit effective 1
                                          October 1997. Those with more
As long as the retired member             than six (6) discretionary
certifies that the allotment              allotments will be notified of
is within the limits of the               action pending.
law, it may be started for
almost any reasonable purpose.            Allotment Procedures. To
For example, an allotment may             request an allotment action,
be established for a gambling             submit a written request to
debt as long as gambling is               DFAS and ensure it includes:
legal in that state. Examples
on non-discretionary                            Your signature,
allotments are:
                                                Social Security number,
     Purchase of U.S. Savings
bonds.                                         The type of required
     Voluntary liquidation of
An indebtedness to the U.S.,                    The amount of allotment,
such as a defaulted note for
FHA of DVA, delinquent Federal                 The month of the first or
taxes, a debt to any                      last deduction from your pay,
department or agency of U.S.              and
Government, or pay delinquent
state or local or employment                   The name and address of
tax.                                      the allottee.


Provide your policy number             the Survivor Benefit Plan
whenever you request a start           (SBP) to provide a survivor
or change in the amount of             annuity to an eligible
allotments for the payment of          recipient(s) is also excluded
life insurance premiums.               from gross income for Federal
                                       income tax purposes. The
Effective Date of Change. If           excluded amounts are not
your request to start or               included in the “gross amount”
change an allotment is                 report annually on the IRS
received at DFAS by the 15th           Form 1099R. Retired members
of the month, the first                and annuitants will be issued
deduction will normally occur          1099R forms, which replaces
the following month. If your           the old W2-P forms. Retired
request to stop an allotment           members or annuitants who do
is received by the 15th, the           not get their 1099Rs by 15
stop will normally occur with          February, have questions about
the last deduction of the              their 1099R forms, or need to
month when it is received.             update their mailing addresses
DFAS can only permit changes           may contact DFAS.
when they are beyond your
control and are of an                  Withholding Tax. The monthly
administrative nature dictated         withholding tax deduction is
by events incidental to the            computed under the percentage
purpose of the allotment.              withholding tables prescribed
                                       by the IRS. It is based on
2-8. FEDERAL AND STATE INCOME          the marital status and number
     TAX                               of exemptions claimed on the
                                       IRS Form W-4 (Employee’s
General. The Internal Revenue          Withholding Certificate) or
Service (IRS) requires DFAS to         your signed letter. For the
withhold Federal income tax            purpose of withholding state
from the taxable portion of            tax, you may also have
retired or retainer pay.               additional amounts withheld
Disability retired pay based           each month in multiples of $1,
on the actual percentage of            without regard to the number
disability assigned may be             of exemptions claimed. The
excluded from gross income for         minimum amount is $10. The
Federal income tax purposes.           disbursing officer settling
Factors affecting exclusion of         your retired or retainer pay
disability pay are discussed           account is merely a
under the Tax Benefits heading         withholding agent and the
of this section.                       final determination of your
                                       tax liability is a matter
Exclusion. The monthly cost            under the jurisdiction of the
of participation in the                IRS.
Retired Serviceman’s Family
Protection Plan (RSFPP) and/or


Exemptions. The data you               Exemption from Withholding
furnish on the IRS Form W-4            Tax. If you did not have a
pertaining to number of                tax liability for the previous
exemptions, marital status,            year and do not expect any for
and/or additional                      the previous year, you may
withholdings, will remain in           avoid Federal income tax
effect until you submit an             withholding by submitting an
updated IRS Form W-4. DFAS             IRS Form W-4E (Exemption Form
furnishes these forms on               Withholding Certificate) to
request or you may obtain them         DFAS. You may obtain this
from any IRS office.                   form from any IRS office.

Increase or Decrease in                Federal Insurance
Exemptions. You may file an            Contributions Act. Retired
IRS Form W-4 at any time if            and retainer pay are not
the number of your exemptions          subject to withholdings under
increases. If the number               the Federal Insurance
decreases, you must file the           Contributions Act (FICA) tax.
form within 10 days for any of         This means your retired or
the following reasons:                 retainer pay is not taxable
                                       for Social Security and
     You divorce or legally            Medicare.
separate from your spouse for
whom you have been claiming an         IRS Form W-2. IRS Form 1099R
exemption, or your spouse,             replaces IRS Form W-2.
claims his or her own                  Helpful hint: Your 1099Rs are
exemption on a separate IRS            mailed to your correspondence
Form W-4,                              address on file as of
                                       December. To ensure you
     The support of a family           receive your 1099R in a timely
member for whom you claim an           manner, ensure your
exemption is assumed by                correspondence address is
another individual, and you no         correct by 1 November of the
longer expect to furnish more          previous year. Your 1099R
than one-half of that family           will cover your entitlement
member’s support for the year,         for December through November
or                                     of a year, while the payments
                                       are dated 2 January through 1
     A family member for whom          December of a year. You will
you claim an exemption, will,          not receive an IRS Form 1099R
during the year, receive               if the full amount of your
sufficient income in his or            retired pay is excluded from
her own right that you no              gross income for Federal
longer provide over half that          income tax purposes because of
family member’s total support.         physical disability. A
                                       special request for your IRS
                                       Form 1099R is not necessary


and only delays the timely             only that amount of your
mailing of the forms to all            retired pay that is in excess
applicable members. Requests           of the amount you would have
for a duplicate W-2 issued for         received if you had elected
active-duty pay should be send         computation based on
directly to: DFAS-KC (Code             disability percentage is
FLB), 1500 E. Bannister Road,          taxable. Exempted pay is not
Kansas City, MO 64197-0001 or          reported by DFAS on your IRS
call 800-449-3327.                     Form W-2P and you do not have
                                       to include it on your Federal
Tax Benefits. There are                income tax return. If you are
several tax benefits available         awarded VA disability
to you if you were retired for         compensation, and waive an
disability or if you are               amount of retired pay equal to
awarded VA disability                  the amount of the VA award,
compensation. If you were:             the VA will pay such
                                       compensation directly to you.
     Retired for or entitled           VA disability compensation
to retired for disability              payments are Federal income
before 1 January 1977,                 tax exempt (i.e., not included
                                       in your Federal tax return and
     On active duty or   a             the amount is not included on
member of the Reserves   before        any IRS Form issued by the VA
25 September 1975, and   are           or DFAS). If you are in
retired for disability   after 1       receipt of VA disability
January 1997, or                       compensation, the amount of
                                       retired pay that you waive is
     You entered military              subtracted from that portion
service after 25 September             (if any), of your retired pay
1975, and are retired for a            that is tax exempt due to
combat-related disability              disability. If your are
after 1 January 1977, part or          permanently and totally
all of your retired pay may be         disabled (defined as being
excluded from Federal income           unable to engage in any
taxation.                              substantial gainful activity
                                       by reason of any medically
The manner in which your               determinable physical or
retired pay is computed                mental impairment which can be
determines whether any of it           expected to result in death or
is subject to Federal income           which has lasted or can be
tax. If your retired pay is            expected to last for a
computed by multiplying the            continuous period of not less
percentage of disability times         than 12 months) and are under
basic pay, all retired pay is          age 65, you may qualify for
exempt. If you chose to have           Disability Income Exclusion.
your pay computed on the basis         If you feel you may qualify
of length of service, then             for this benefit, you are


encouraged to seek                     The applicability of the
professional counsel from a            Former Spouses’ Protection Act
legal assistance officer or            and garnishment procedures
tax expert.                            associated with the Act
                                       involve a number of complex
2-9. GARNISHMENT AND SIMILAR           legal issues, many of which
     PROCEEDINGS                       revolve around state laws.
                                       Because of this, you are
The “Uniformed Services Former         encouraged to seek legal
Spouses’ Protection Act” (10           counsel. With the exception
U.S.C., sec. 1408) permits             of the Former Spouses’
retired and retainer pay to be         Protection Act, a private
garnished for alimony and              party may not garnish your
child support payments as a            retirement or retainer pay.
result of a court order
arising from divorce
proceedings. The Act limits
the maximum garnished amount
to no more than 50% of
disposable pay for one divorce
or 65% for two or more
divorces. Authority to
garnish retired and retainer
pay for child support or
alimony payments is provided
in 42 U.S.C., sec 659.

The following payments are
deducted from retired and
retainer pay to determine
disposable income subject to
garnishment in divorce

     Fines and forfeitures due
the United States as a result
of court-martial,

     Federal, state, or local
income taxes,

     SBP payments, and/or

     The disability percentage
of your retirement pay.


                                         that were other than
CHAPTER 3                                dishonorable. Disability
                                         compensation varies with the
                                         degree of disability and the
BENEFITS ADMINISTERED BY                 number of dependents, and is
THE VA                                   paid monthly. The benefits are
                                         not subject to federal or state
3-1. GENERAL                             income tax. The payment of
                                         military retirement pay,
The Department of Veterans               disability severance pay, and
Affairs (VA) will send you               separation incentive payments
information on benefit programs          known as SSB and VSI (Special
available to you after you               Separation Benefits and
retire. You may check with a             Voluntary Separation
local VA representative any              Incentives) also affects the
time you have questions on your          amount of VA compensation paid.
entitlements. The VA has                 All retiring Marines may apply
certain eligibility criteria             to the VA for a disability
based on your amount of                  rating. This rating provides
military service, type of                the retired member:
discharge, and percentage of
disability, if applicable. The                A priority for treatment
following information                    in the VA Medical System,
highlights some of the basic VA
entitlements, but it is                       Establishes a record for
recommended that you obtain              Future medical evaluations,
individual counseling specific           should your medical condition
to your situation. Individual            deteriorate, and
counseling is available at any
local VA office; contact them                 Could mean you receive a
for an appointment. To reach             tax-free annuity to
the nearest VA regional office,          “compensate” you for medical
call 800-827-1000 or visit the           problems experienced while on
VA web site at:                          active duty.
                                         The VA will assign you a
3-2. VA DISABILITY                       disability rating based on your
     COMPENSATION                        degree of disability. This may
                                         range from 0%-100% and is
Disability compensation is a             always based on increments of
monetary benefit paid to                 10% (e.g., 10% disability, 20%
veterans who are disabled by             disability, etc.). Law sets
injury or disease incurred or            the dollar amount for each VA
aggravated during active duty            disability percentage
military service. The service            established. If the VA rates
of the veteran must have been            you 10% disabled, it does not
terminated through separation            mean that you will receive an
or discharge under conditions            amount equal to 10% of your


retired pay as many retired              guaranteed home loan to
members mistakenly believe.              purchase, improve, or refinance
Current rates may be obtained            a home or condominium. VA
from your local VA office. VA            guarantees part of the total
compensation will reduce,                loan, permitting the purchaser
dollar for dollar, the amount            to obtain a mortgage with a
of retired pay you receive;              competitive interest rate, even
however, the VA compensation is          without a down payment if the
tax-free. Review your medical            lender agrees. With a VA
records thoroughly and record            guarantee, the lender is
all the medical problems                 protected against loss up to
experienced during your active           the amount of the guarantee if
duty. These problems will form           the borrower fails to repay the
the basis for your medical               loan. Those eligible must make
review by the VA. After filing           their own arrangements for
the proper forms, you will be            loans through the usual lending
contacted by the VA and                  channels, such as banks,
directed to the nearest VA               savings and loans associations,
medical facility or contract             building and loan associations,
medical facility for a medical           and mortgage loan companies. A
review and evaluation of the             VA guaranteed home loan could
medical items for which you are          be used to:
seeking compensation. If you
served in the Persian Gulf War,                 Buy a home,
ask the VA to do a Gulf War                     Buy a residential
Exam in conjunction with this                   condominium,
procedure. Forms to file your                   Build a home,
application for VA disability                   Repair, alter, or
compensation may be obtained                    improve a home,
from your local VA office or                    Refinance an existing
you can also apply on line                      home loan,
through the VA website at                       Buy a manufactured home                 with or without a lot,
napp/main.asp. This procedure                   Buy and improve a
takes some time and effort on                   manufactured home lot,
your part, but is extremely                     Install a solar heating
important. It establishes your                  or cooling system or
record in the VA which can be                   other weatherization
helpful to your family or                       improvements,
survivors, should they apply                    Purchase and improve a
for VA benefits based on your                   home simultaneously with
service.                                        energy-efficient
3-3. VA GUARANTEED HOME                         Refinance an existing VA
     LOANS                                      loan to reduce the
                                                interest rate and make
Qualified veterans and                          energy-efficient
surviving spouses may use VA-                   improvements, or


      Refinance a manufactured           you receive 120 days of free
      home loan to acquire a             SGLI coverage, during which you
      lot.                               will have the opportunity to
                                         convert SGLI to VGLI in an
For more information visit the           amount equal to or less than
VA web site at                           the SGLI coverage you had. .           VGLI costs more than SGLI, but
                                         VGLI may be renewed every five
3-4. EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS                years for life. The VGLI
                                         premium increases every five
The VA administers a wide                years at renewal time, based on
variety of programs for                  your age at the time of
retired, veterans and their              renewal; however, coverage
dependent members seeking                under VGLI is guaranteed,
assistance for education and             regardless of your current
training. These programs                 health. This is an important
include vocational                       feature, especially for those
rehabilitation and special               retired members who are
training programs for                    uninsurable because of
handicapped veterans. The VA             disabilities or other health-
education benefit web site also          related problems. For more
provides documents and forms             information visit the VA web
which will aid school                    site at
officials, veterans and        
dependents. For more                     iSite/VGLI/VGLI.htm .
information call toll-free
number 1-888-GI-BILL-1 (1-800-           3-6. VA MEDICAL CARE
442-4551) to speak with a
Veterans Benefits Counselor or           The most visible of all VA
visit the VA web site at                 benefits and services is VA's          health-care system. From 54
ion/benefits.htm .                       hospitals in 1930, the VA
                                         health-care system has grown to
3-5. SERVICEMEMBER’S GROUP LIFE          include 171 medical centers;
     INSURANCE (SGLI) AND THE            more than 362 outpatient,
     VETERANS GROUP LIFE                 community and outreach clinics;
     INSURANCE (VGLI)                    128 nursing home care units and
                                         35 domiciliary units. VA
The Servicemembers’ Group Life           health-care facilities provide
Insurance (SGLI) covers Marines          a broad spectrum of medical,
on active duty and ready                 surgical, and rehabilitative
reservists. SGLI is a program            care. With approximately
of low cost group life                   80,000 medical center beds, VA
insurance. The VA supervises             treats nearly a million
the program. Premium costs               patients in VA hospitals,
while on active duty are                 71,000 in nursing home care
extremely low. After you                 units, and 26,000 in private
retire from the Marine Corps,            homes. VA's outpatient clinics


register approximately 23                For more information visit the
million visits a year. An                VA web site at
estimated 2.7 million          
individual veterans receive              its/ .
care annually. VA currently is
affiliated with 104 medical              3-7. VA DENTAL CARE
schools, 48 dental schools, and
more than 850 other schools              Dental care is distinct from
across the country. More than            medical care. As a result, the
half of all practicing                   types and amounts of coverage
physicians in the United States          are different, as noted below.
have had part of their
professional education in the            • Before you separate: Early
VA health-care system. Each              in your transition process, you
year, approximately 100,000              and your family should have
health professionals receive             routine dental checkups. You
training in VA medical centers.          should also ensure that your
                                         family members obtain necessary
The VA may provide hospital              treatment under the TRICARE
care covering the full range of          Family Member Dental Plan prior
medical services. Outpatient             to your expiration of
treatment is available for all           eligibility for the program.
service-connected conditions or          If problems are found early
non-service-connected                    enough, work can be completed
conditions in certain cases.             prior to separation, at little
Co-payments may be required              or no cost to you. Emergencies
depending on your degree of              will also be taken care of
disability and your ability to           until your separation.
pay. There is no special
category for treating retired            • Shortly after you separate:
members; they are treated as             Within 90 days of your
veterans. Medical care is                retirement, the VA will fix, on
based on the limits of the VA            a space-available basis, dental
facilities in your local area.           conditions existing at the time
Eligibility for care is based            of your retirement; however, if
on your status as determined by          you received complete dental
VA eligibility criteria. Your            treatment from the military in
local VA office can provide              the 90 days preceding your
specific information and will            retirement, you will not be
help determine your                      able to use the VA dental
entitlements under the VA                benefit. Your DD 214, Record
medical system. Family members           of Release from Active Duty,
are not eligible for treatment           will note whether or not you
in VA facilities unless they             are eligible to obtain the
are also veterans.                       space-available dental
                                         treatment from the VA. Once
                                         the VA provides the space-
                                         available dental treatment,


dental treatment is not
available through the VA except
in certain cases. Contact your
local VA office for more
information at 1-877-222-8387
or visit the VA web site at
nefits.asp#6 .


                                       and veterans receive an extra
CHAPTER 4                              $300 credit for each quarter in
                                       which they received any basic
                                       pay for active duty or active
BENEFITS ADMINISTERED BY               duty for training after 1956
OTHER AGENCIES                         and before 1978. After 1977, a
                                       credit of $100 is granted for
4-1. SOCIAL SECURITY                   each $300 of reported wages up
                                       to a maximum credit of $1,200
Monthly retirement,                    if reported wages are $3,600 or
disability, and survivor               more. No additional Social
benefits under Social                  Security taxes are withheld
Security are payable to a              from pay for these extra
veteran and dependents if the          credits. Also, noncontributory
veteran has earned enough              Social Security credits of $160
work credits under the                 a month may be granted to
program. A one-time payment            veterans who served after
of $255 also is made upon the          September 15, 1940, and before
veteran's death and can be             1957. Further information
paid only to the veteran's             about Social Security credits
eligible spouse or child               and benefits is available from
entitled to benefits. In               any of the more than 1,300
addition, the veteran may              Social Security offices. For
qualify at age 65 for                  the address and phone number,
Medicare's hospital insurance          look in the telephone directory
and medical insurance.                 under Social Security
Medicare protection also is            Administration or U.S.
available to people who have           Government. A toll-free
received Social Security               number, l-800- 772-1213, also
disability benefits for 24             is available. You can also
months and to insured people           visit the Social Security web
and their dependents who need          site on the Internet at:
dialysis or kidney           
transplants. Active duty or
active duty for training in            Supplemental Security Income.
the U.S. uniformed services            For those age 65 or older and
has counted toward Social              those who are blind or
Security since January 1957,           otherwise disabled,
when taxes were first                  Supplemental Security Income
withheld from a                        (SSI) is provided in monthly
serviceperson's basic pay.             payments, if they have little
Since January 1, 1988, work            or no income or resources.
as a member of the Armed               States may supplement the
Services reserve components            federal payments to eligible
while on active duty training          persons and may disregard
also counts toward Social              additional amounts of income.
Security. Service personnel            Although VA compensation and


pension benefits are counted
in determining income for SSI              Active duty and retired
purposes, certain types or             members of the regular Navy and
amounts of income do not               Marine Corps Reserves on
count. Also, not all                   extended active duty, and
resources count in                     certain retired reservists.
determining eligibility. For
example, the person's home                 Dependents and dependent
and the land it is on do not           Survivors of the above members.
count, regardless of value.            Indigent mothers (65 years or
Personal effects or household          older) of deceased service
goods, automobiles, and life           members who have limited
insurance may not count,               resources and no family to
depending on their value.              provide for their welfare.
Information and assistance in
making application for these               Ex-spouses “20-20-20”
payments may be obtained at            (un-remarried former spouses)
any Social Security office or          whose marriage to a service
by calling the toll-free               member lasted for at least 20
number, l-800-772-1213.                years while the service member
                                       was on active duty.
     SOCIETY                               Uniformed members of the
                                       National Oceanic and
The purpose of the Navy-               Atmospheric Administration
Marine Corps Relief Society            (NOAA).
is to provide emergency
financial assistance to                NMCRS has a full-time budget
active duty and retired Navy           counselor to help. Three
and Marine Corps personnel             visiting nurses are available
and their families. NMCRS              to visit new mothers, and to
provides assistance with               assist with other health
basic living expenses such as          problems. Education loans are
food, rent, utilities,                 available for dependent spouses
assistance with emergency              and children. Some locations
transportation, funerals,              have thrift stores that offer
medical and dental bills,              second-hand merchandise,
essential car repair, pay              including military and civilian
problems, and other emergency          clothing, small appliances,
needs. Assistance is                   household items, and baby
provided with loans or                 furniture. If you wish to
grants, depending on                   donate to the shop, check with
financial need. The                    your local office for details.
following personnel are
eligible for financial and             Educational Programs.
other assistance provided by           Educational financial
the Society:                           assistance helps Navy and


Marine Corps families pursue                    Travers Loan: This
their academic goals.                       Program provides an
Assistance is limited to                    interest-free loan of up to
full-time undergraduate                     $3,000 to the active duty
studies and vocational                      service member for students
training. The amount of                     in the same categories as
assistance provided is based                the Travers Scholarships,
on need and determined on a                 who are undergoing
case-by-case basis. Some of                 undergraduate training.
the programs available are:                 Loans are to assist with
                                            college-related costs and
    Grants of up to $2,000 per              must be repaid in full by
academic year, available to                 allotments within 24 months.
dependent children of Navy or
Marine Corps service members           For more information, contact:
who died after retirement.             Navy-Marine Corps Relief
                                       Society, 4015 Wilson Boulevard,
    Grants to unmarried,               10th Floor, Arlington VA
dependent children of Navy or          22203-1977
Marine Corps personnel who             Hours: Mon. - Fri. 0815-1615
died while on active duty.             Phone: (703) 696-4904
                                       If you need emergency
    Vice Admiral E.P. Travers          assistance after hours, please
Scholarship and Loan:                  call: Society Headquarters
                                       Casework Pager: (877) 600-0582
       Travers Scholarship:            or ARC Armed Forces Emergency
   Grants of up to $2,000 per          Service Center (877) 272-7337
   academic year are         
   available for dependent
   children and spouses of             4-3. AMERICAN RED CROSS
   active duty members of the
   Navy or Marine Corps, as            The American Red Cross, a
   well as dependent children          humanitarian organization led
   of retired personnel.               by volunteers guided by its
   Applicants must be                  Congressional Charter and the
   enrolled or accepted as             Fundamental Principles of the
   full-time undergraduate             International Red Cross
   students at post-secondary          Movement, will provide relief
   institutions whose                  to victims of disasters and
   accreditation is accepted           help people prevent, prepare
   by the U.S. Department of           for, and respond to
   Education, and have a               emergencies.
   minimum cumulative GPA of
   2.0.                                Red Cross disaster relief
                                       focuses on meeting the
                                       emergency disaster-caused needs
                                       of individuals and families.


When a disaster threatens or           For additional information
strikes, they provide                  contact your local Red Cross
shelter, food, and health and          Chapter or call the Disaster
mental health services, which          Assistance information line at:
address basic human needs.             (866) GET-INFO
In addition, they help                 (866-438-4636)
individuals and families to             To make a donation:
resume their normal daily              (800) HELP-NOW
activities independently.              (800-435-7669) or
This may include a referral            visit the Red Cross web site at
or a way to pay for what is  
needed most: groceries, new            tml
clothes, rent, emergency home
repairs, transportation,
household items, medicines,
and occupational tools.

The Red Cross may also help
those needing long-term
recovery assistance when all
other available resources,
including insurance,
government, private, and
community assistance, are
either unavailable or
inadequate to meet the needs.
All assistance is based on
verified disaster-caused
needs and all assistance is
free—literally a gift as a
result of the generous
support of the American

Many local Red Cross chapters
provide transportation to and
from medical appointments and
other essential trips for
people who cannot provide
their own transportation.
This service is normally
provided to seniors or
persons with chronic
illnesses, such as dialysis
patients or persons with HIV
or AIDS.


                                      ribbons, medals, and/or other
CHAPTER 5                             decorations authorized or
                                      awarded to you in accordance
                                      with the uniform directives.
MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION             Foreign decorations cannot be
                                      worn without at least one
5-1. UNIFORM CLOTHING                 U.S. military decoration or
                                      service medal worn at the
You are entitled to wear the          same time.
of the grade held when you            According to DoD Directive
were placed on the retired            1334.1,
list. Occasions when wearing          wearing the uniform is
the uniform is considered             prohibited:
appropriate include:
                                           At any meeting or
     Military funerals,                    demonstration
                                      which is a function of, or
     Memorial services,               sponsored by an organization,
                                      association, movement, group,
     Military weddings,               or combination of persons
                                      which the Attorney General of
     Inaugurals,                      the United States has
                                      designated as totalitarian,
     Patriotic parades on             fascist, communist, or
     national or state                subversive, or as having
holidays or other parades or          adopted a policy of
ceremonies of a patriotic             advocating or approving the
nature when any active or             commission of acts of force
reserve United States                 or violence to deny others
military unit is taking part,         their rights under the
or                                    Constitution of the United
                                      States, or as seeking to
     Meetings or functions            alter the form of Government
     where the                        of the United States by
majority of the membership is         unconstitutional means,
composed of honorably
discharged or retired                      During or in connection
military members.                          with the
                                      advancing of political
You have the choice of                activities, private
wearing the                           employment or commercial
uniform currently worn   by           interests, when an inference
Marines or the uniform   worn         of official sponsorship for
at the time of your                   the activity of interest
retirement - but never   mix          could be drawn,
the two! You may wear    any


     Except when authorized           directives. Articles may be
     by                               purchased for your use.
competent service authority,          Prices established by the
when participating in                 Marine Corps pricing
activities such as public             publications will apply to
speeches, interviews, picket          all sales. Send applications
lines, marches, rallies or            for the purchase of enlisted
any public demonstration              clothing to: Commanding
(including those pertaining           General (MAU), Marine Corps
to civil rights), which may           Logistics Base, Albany, GA
imply service sanction of the         31704-5000.
cause for which the
demonstration or activity is          Do not forget to include
conducted,                            documentation to verify
                                      entitlement, such as a copy
     When wearing the uniform         of your DD Form 214 (Armed
     would                            Forces of the United States
tend to bring discredit upon          Report of Transfer or
the Armed Forces, or                  Discharge) or DD Form 256
                                      (Honorable Discharge
     When specifically                Certificate). Forward
     prohibited by                    applications for the purchase
Department of the Navy                of officer uniform items to
regulations.                          the nearest Marine Corps
                                      Exchange. Include your name,
With the exception of the             grade, Social Security
Marine                                number, and home address.
Corps Junior Reserve
Officers’ Training Corps              5-2.       POLITICAL
program, you are not allowed          ACTIVITIES
to wear the uniform if
employed by a military school         Unlike your active-duty
unless the Commandant of the          counterparts, you are not
Marine Corps specifically             subject to certain
authorizes you. Send your             restrictions on political
requests for such authority           activities imposed by
to Marine Corps Uniform               Department of Defense
Board, 2200 Lester Street,            directives and Marine Corps
Quantico, VA 22134. Include           regulations. The Hatch Act
a written statement from              (5 U.S.C., secs. 7324-7327)
school officials verifying            applies to you only if an
the position you held and the         executive agency or the
length of employment. As              government of the District of
long as there is not a                Columbia employs you.
shortage of uniforms, you may
purchase any item of uniform
clothing by following current


5-3. PUBLICATION OF ARTICLES          prohibited in any article,
     AND PUBLIC SPEAKING              book, or related material for
     ENGAGEMENTS                      public dissemination by
                                      military personnel, retired
Do you plan to do any writing         military, and civilian
now that you are retired?             employees of the Marine
Maybe you would like to write         Corps. The policy of
an article, book, or script           security at the source
on a professional, political,         applies, and in all cases the
or international subject              final responsibility of
based on your military                material intended for
experience. Although not a            publication is yours.
requirement, you can have
your writings reviewed for            5-4. APPLICABILITY OF THE
security and policy by the                 UNIFORM CODE OF MILITARY
Director of Public Affairs at              JUSTICE
Headquarters U.S. Marine
Corps. If you plan to use             Even though you have retired,
this service, submit a                you are still subject to
typewritten, double-spaced            Article II of the Uniform
original and six copies to            Code of Military Justice and
CMC (PA),                             to trial by court-martial for
Headquarters Marine Corps,            violation of the Code.
3000 Marine Corps, Pentagon
4B548,                                5-5. AWARDS
Washington, DC 20350-3000.
Articles less than 3,000              Did you receive all of your
words are normally cleared in         authorized awards and
two weeks. There is no                decorations before retiring?
specified time limit for              If you did not, or if some
longer articles. Writing a            items were lost or destroyed,
speech instead? The same              you can still obtain them by
service is available.                 writing to the Navy Personnel
Forward a copy at least two           Command, Retired Records
weeks before you are                  Section (PERS 312D2), 9700
scheduled to deliver the              Page Avenue, Room 5409, St.
speech. Material for                  Louis, MO 63132. Effective 1
publication on professional,          January 1999 the Personal
political, or international           Management Support Branch
subjects must state: “The             (MMSB) began maintaining
opinions or assertions                retiree’s records digitally
contained are those of the            vs. retiring them to the
writer and are not to be              National Personnel Record
construed as official or              Center. If your records are
reflecting the views of the           digital and have not been
Marine Corps.” Inclusion of           retired to the National
classified material is                Personnel Records Center,


send your request to                  Marines with 30 years of
Headquarters, U.S. Marine             active service; a gold button
Corps, Military Awards                is issued to Marines with
Branch, 3280 Russell Road,            less than 30 years of active
Quantico VA 22134. All                service and to those
request should contain full           transferred to the FMCR. You
name used while in the                can purchase duplicate or
service, Social Security              replacement buttons from the
number, Military Service              Marine Corps Exchange or
Number (if applicable), Date          authorized military shops.
of Birth, and period of
service. Any request                  5-7.        FOREIGN EMPLOYMENT
received at the Military
Awards Branch from personnel          Article I, Section 9, Clause
whose records have been               8, of the Constitution
retired to the National               prohibits any person “holding
Personnel Record Center will          any Office of Profit or
be readdressed to the Navy            Trust” under the United
Personnel Command for                 States from accepting any
appropriate action.                   present, office or title, “of
                                      any kind whatsoever,” from a
5-6.      LAPEL BUTTON                foreign government without
                                      the consent of Congress.
There is a single basic               Because you retain status as
design for the Honorable              a member of the Marine Corps,
Discharge Button, FMCR Lapel          thus continuing to hold an
Button, and Retired Personnel         office of trust, this
Lapel Button. Only the                constitutional prohibition
wording has been changed to           applies to you.
fit each category. If you             As a result, the Comptroller
were transferred to the FMCR          General has permitted DFAS to
after 4 January 1963, you are         withhold retirement pay in an
entitled to a gratuitous              amount equal to the payments
issue of the FMCR Button; if          received from a foreign
you were transferred before           government if you accept
that date you are authorized          employment from that
to purchase the button from           government without the
Marine Corps Exchanges; and           consent of Congress. The
if you were retired                   same prohibition applies if
permanently on or after 1             your employment by a private
July 1955, you are entitled           contractor requires you to be
to the Retired Personnel              placed under the direction or
Button. The button is not             control of a foreign
issued gratuitously to                government. In 37 U.S.C.,
honorary retired personnel            sec. 908, Congress granted
but may be purchased by them.         automatic consent to any
A silver button is issued to


request for employment by a                Require that you swear
foreign government provided                any
the retired naval member              allegiance to another
first gained the approval of          government.
the Secretary of the Navy and
the Secretary of State. In a          If your job meets these
letter dated 1 June 1981, the         criteria, you will be given
Secretary of the Navy                 approval only for the job
delegated authority to                described in the original
approve foreign employment            request. If the nature of
requests to the Commandant of         the employment changes, but
the Marine Corps. If you              the employer remains the
wish to accept such                   same, you will have to obtain
employment, apply directly to         additional consent.
CMC (MMSR-6) for approval.
Include a full description of         5-8. REPLACEMENT OF LOST
the duties associated with                        DOCUMENTS
the proposed employment and,
if under the auspices of a            Submit requests for
private contractor, the               replacement of lost or
nature of foreign government          destroyed separation
control over the position.            documents to CMC
Your request will normally be         (MMSB-10). You can obtain
approved if the foreign civil         the form to make this request
employment will not:                  from your local VA office or
                                      local veterans service
     Adversely affect foreign         organizations. Ask for form
     relations of                     SF-180 (Request Pertaining to
the United States, in light           Military Personnel Records).
of your status in
relationship to the United            5-9. EDUCATIONAL
States,                                           OPPORTUNITIES AND
     Enable a foreign
     government to exert              As a retired Marine or FMCR
undue influence upon the              member, you are eligible to
United States,                        enroll in courses offered by
                                      the Marine Corps Institute
     Jeopardize the United            (MCI). The MCI offers
     States’                          correspondence-type courses
security,                             of a non-tactical nature
                                      designed to complement the
     Violate any laws of the          formal technical school
     United                           program and to assist you in
States, or                            maintaining and increasing
                                      technical proficiency. If
                                      you are interested in taking


a course or two, contact MCI          2008 Elliot Road, Quantico,
at 1-800-MCI-USMC (800-624-           VA 22134-5030.
8768) or visit the MCI web
site at                               To request an official         transcript for high school or
ci/                                   college courses completed
Send any correspondence to:           through off-duty study, write
Marine Corps Institute, 912           to the educational
Charles Poor Street SE,               institution where the courses
Washington Navy Yard, DC              were taken.
                                      Under certain conditions,
Many civilian educational             some states provide
institutions and agencies             scholarships for veterans,
will grant academic credit            their children or both. The
for off-duty courses, tests,          veterans’ agency of your
or in-service training                local state government can
completed while serving on            provide additional
active duty. If you plan to           information. If you are
continue your education and           looking for information about
want to obtain credit for             available scholarships for
your military education and           your children, you can obtain
training experience, you              the current college financial
should discuss this                   aid handbook, “Need a Lift?”
possibility with officials of         The handbook is updated
the educational institution           annually, is a complete
you plan to attend. To                financial aid reference guide
obtain academic credit, you           for veterans, their
will need to provide evidence         dependents and members of The
of successful completion of           American Legion family. It
courses, tests, and military          contains information such as
training. Ensure that a               Federal and state veterans'
current copy of your DD Form          benefits, possible
295 (Application for the              scholarships for veterans and
Evaluation of Learning                their dependents, possible
Experiences During Military           scholarships for Legionnaires
Service) is kept in your              and their families, "Tips" on
permanent records. You can            how to apply for admission to
request to have official              college and assistance with
transcripts sent to                   the financial aid process.
educational institutions by           Also a comprehensive listing
contacting CMC (MMSB-12) by           of colleges and universities,
calling (703) 784-3920 or by          to include: basic information
mail at Commandant of the             on tuition, room and board
Marine Corps, Headquarters            cost, and admission and
U.S. Marine Corps (MMSB-12),          financial aid deadlines and
                                      information on careers and a


bibliography of resource              aid. By calling them, you
materials. In order to                may receive “The Student
receive a copy of "Need a             Guide,” a free booklet about
Lift?" Call 1-888-453-4466 or         financial aid. The telephone
send a $3.95 check or money           number is 1-800-433-3243 or
order to: Need a Lift?,               visit the web site at
National Emblem Sales, P.O. 
Box 1050, Indianapolis, IN            ALSWebApp/students/english/pu
46206                                 blications.jsp
                                      Hours of operation are
You can also obtain                   between 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.
information regarding                 (Eastern Time), Monday
military scholarships,                through Friday.
student’s loans and student
financial aid resources for           5-10.       APPOINTMENTS TO THE
students who are interested                   U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY
in pursuing careers in the
military and for veterans and         Presidential. The President
their dependents by visiting          of the United States can
the FinAid web site at                appoint 100 midshipmen each         year. These appointments are
y/veterans.phtml . FinAid             limited by law to children
was established in the fall           and adopted children of
of 1994 as a public service.          officers or enlisted Marines
This site has grown into the          who are retired or who died
most comprehensive annotated          while retired with pay or
collection of information             granted retired or retainer
about student financial aid           pay, other than those granted
on the web. Access to FinAid          retired pay under 10 U.S.C.,
is free for all users and             sec. 6954. If you are
there is no charge to link to         eligible for selection in the
the site. FinAid has a                Sons of Deceased/Disabled
stellar reputation in the             Veterans category, you will
educational community as the          not be eligible for selection
best Web site of its kind.            in the presidential category.
It's comprehensive, it's              Adopted children must have
informative, it's objective--         been adopted before age 15.
and it's the first stop on            The Secretary of the Navy is
the Web for students looking          authorized to approve waivers
for ways to finance their             of this policy in cases where
education.                            adoption proceedings have
                                      been initiated, but the
The Department of Education,          adoption had not occurred
Federal Student Aid                   before age 15 because of
Information Center in                 circumstances beyond the
Washington, DC, provides              control of the foster
information about student             parents. Stepchildren are


not eligible. For additional            Naval and Marine Corps
information, write: Candidate           Reserve, whether on active or
Guidance Office, United                 inactive duty, are eligible
States Naval Academy, 117               to compete for 85 available
Decatur Road, Annapolis, MD             appointments.
21402-5018 or call at (410)
293-4361. You can also visit            From the Honor Military and
the web site at                         Naval Schools. Each        designated honor military or
teps.htm                                naval school may nominate
                                        three honor graduates or
Congressional. The Vice                 prospective honor graduates
President of the United                 each year to compete among
States, each United States              themselves for ten midshipmen
Senator, each Congress                  vacancies. The school
Representative, and the                 concerned and the Chief of
Resident Commissioner of                Naval Personnel handle
Puerto Rico may have five               submission of nominations.
appointees at the Naval
Academy at any one time. The            From the Naval Reserve
Vice President makes his                Officers Training Corps
appointments from the United            Units. No more than three
States at large. Congressmen            candidates may be nominated
make their nominations from             yearly by each of the
residents of the                        educational institutions in
congressional district, which           which an NROTC unit is in
they represent. Send your               operation to compete among
applications for nominations            themselves for vacancies at
directly to the Vice                    the Naval Academy.
President, your Senators, or
your Representative.                    Children of Deceased Veterans
                                        and Children of Holders of
From the Regular Navy or                the Medal of Honor. Those
Marine Corps. Each year,                applying under the law
enlisted members on active              providing for the children of
duty in the regular Navy or             personnel falling in this
Marine Corps are eligible to            category may write to:
compete for 85 available                Superintendent, United States
appointments. Appointees                Naval Academy, ATTN:
must be graduates of the                Nominations and Appointments
Naval Academy Preparatory               Office, 117 Decatur Road,
School at Bainbridge,                   Annapolis, MD 21402-5019.
Maryland.                               Include the full name, grade,
                                        and organization of the
From the Naval Reserve or               deceased veteran or the
Marine Corps Reserve. Each              holder of the Medal of Honor;
year, enlisted members of the           the full name of the


candidate for appointment of             inconsistent with the
midshipman, date of birth,               member’s oath to bear true
and such other pertinent                 faith and allegiance to the
information that will assist             United States.
in a positive identification
of both parents and the                  5-12.        RECORD OF EMERGENCY
candidate.                                       DATA FORM

5-11.        TRAVEL, RESIDENCE,          You should keep your Record
        LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP,             of Emergency Data (RED) form
        EFFECTS ON RETIRED PAY           current because the Marine
                                         Corps will refer to it in
You are not required to                  case of an emergency. The
obtain permission from the               RED contains your designated
Commandant of the Marine                 beneficiary who will receive
Corps to travel or reside in             unpaid pay and allowances to
foreign countries; however,              which you are entitled. It
you must keep DFAS informed              may also contain information
of your current home address             that will be of future
for correspondence purposes              benefit to your family
(see Chapter 2). If you lose             members. Any changes in the
your citizenship or acquire              number or status of your
foreign citizenship by your              family members (due to your
voluntary action inconsistent            marriage, divorce, spouse's
with your oath of enlistment             death, or the marriage or
to bear true faith and                   death of your children),
allegiance to the United                 requires you to submit an
States and thus contrary to              updated RED. Obtain this
your status as a member of               form at any Marine Corps
the U.S. Armed Forces, you               administrative support office
may lose both your status on             or contact CMC (MMSR-7) at
the retired list or in the               800-715-0968. Also, you may
FMCR and entitlement to                  update it via Marine OnLine
retainer or retired pay. You             (MOL) at
can obtain guidance through    
the nearest U.S. Naval                   S/
Attaché or other U.S.
Diplomatic Consular Office.              5-13.     THE ARMED FORCES
Citizenship in the United                     RETIREMENT HOME
States is not forfeited by
prolonged residence abroad;              The Defense Authorization
affirmative action by the                Act, Public Law 101-510,
U.S. citizen is required,                which took effect in 1991,
such as acquiring foreign                established the Armed Forces
citizenship, expressly                   Retirement Home (AFRH), which
renouncing U.S. citizenship,             combined the United States
or some other overt action               Naval Home (USNH) and the


United States Soldiers’ and              healthcare provider.
Airmen’s Home (USSAH) under              Applicants must also provide
the unified management of the            additional documents, such as
Armed Forces Retirement Home             the DD Form 214, to establish
Board.                                   their eligibility. Upon
                                         receipt of all the documents,
AFRH is considered a model               it usually takes about one
retirement community complete            week for the admissions
with facilities and services             council to review the
conveniently located in                  application.
Gulfport, MS and Washington,
DC.                                      Applicants must be free of
                                         drug, alcohol, and
Veterans are eligible to                 psychiatric problems, and
become a resident of the AFRH            never have been convicted of
if their active duty service             a felony. Married couples
in the military was at least             are welcome, but both must be
50 percent enlisted, warrant             eligible in their own right.
officer or limited duty                  At the time of admission
officer and who are:                     applicants must be able to
                                         live independently. As an
     Veterans with 20 or more            example of this, they must be
     years of                            able to take care of their
active duty service and are              own personal needs, attend a
at least 60 years old, or                central dining facility for
                                         meals and keep all medical
     Veterans unable to earn             appointments. If increased
     a livelihood                        health care is needed after
due to a service-connected               being admitted, assisted
disability, or                           living and long term care are
                                         available at both campuses.
     Veterans unable to earn
     a livelihood                        Resident Fees for Armed
due to non service-connected             Forces Retirement Home –
disability, and who served in            Washington DC are as follows:
a war theater or received
hostile fire pay, or                          Independent living
                                              residents, 35
        Female veterans who              percent of total current
        served prior to                  income, but not to exceed
1948.                                    $1,063 each month.

There are two parts to the                    Assisted living
application process; an                       residents, 40 percent
application filled out by the            of total current income, but
individual and a medical                 not to exceed $1,595 each
certification completed by a             month.


     Long-term care
     residents, 65 percent
of total current income, but
not to exceed $2,658 each

Resident fees for Armed
Forces Retirement Home –
Gulfport, MS shall be capped
as follows until such time as
residents either occupy
renovated rooms at the
Gulfport facility or until
December 31, 2006:

     Independent living
     resident fees are
capped at $800 per month.

     Assisted living resident
     fees are
capped at $1,300 per month.

     Long-term care resident
     fees are
capped at $2,658 per month.

To obtain additional
information and an
application contact:

1800 Beach Drive
Gulfport, MS 39507
Tel: (800) 332-3527 or

3700 North Capital Street NW
Washington, DC 20011-8400
Tel: (800) 422-9988
Fax (202) 730-3492

visit the AFRH web site at


                                       applications can only be made
CHAPTER 6                              at the time of death of the
                                       member or eligible family
                                       member. A VA pamphlet,
ACTION REQUIRED FOR                    “Interments in National
SURVIVING MEMBERS                      Cemeteries” is available from
                                       any VA regional office. For
6-1. BURIAL BENEFITS                   more information call toll free
                                       1-800-827-1000 or you can also
Burial in a National                   visit the VA web site at
Cemetery. National           
cemeteries are under the               m.
jurisdiction of the
Department of Veterans                 Eligible Family Members. A
Affairs (VA), National                 spouse may be buried before or
Cemetery Administration.               after the retired member in a
Services for burial include            national cemetery. This
the gravesite, headstone or            requires certification that the
marker, opening, and closing           retired member will be buried
of the grave, and perpetual            in the assigned gravesite. An
care. Many national                    unremarried spouse may also be
cemeteries have columbaria or          buried in the same site if the
gravesites for cremated                member dies before the spouse.
remains. National cemeteries           The same gravesite may be
do not conduct burial on               reserved for the member or the
weekends or holidays.                  spouse of the member, providing
                                       the request is made at the time
Providing space is available           of burial.
at a national cemetery, you
should make arrangements with          If space is available, eligible
a funeral director to handle           children under age 21 and under
the remains. The director              certain conditions, unmarried
will contact the                       adult children (at the
superintendent of the                  discretion of the Secretary of
cemetery to receive                    the Army for Arlington National
instructions about the                 Cemetery, or the Chief,
required procedures. The VA            Memorial Affairs Directorate,
will provide assistance in             VA) may be buried in the same
filing burial request                  gravesite where the parent has
applications; however, you             been, or will be, buried.
must submit your application           Again, certification is
to the superintendent of the           required (with the exception of
national cemetery for                  Arlington Cemetery for
processing.                            adjoining graves). Burial of
                                       additional eligible children
Gravesites are not assigned            may be made before the death of
in advance for burial in a             the service-connected parent.
national cemetery; therefore,          Gravesite and actual burial


including opening, closing,            reimbursement from VA. There
and marking of the grave are           is no time limit for filing
provided without charge.               reimbursement claims in
Visit the web site for more            service-connected death cases.
information at          VA will pay a burial and
e.htm.                                 funeral expense allowance for
                                       veterans who, at time of death,
6-2. ARLINGTON NATIONAL                were entitled to receive
     CEMETERY (DEPARTMENT OF           pension or compensation or
     THE ARMY)                         would have been entitled to
                                       compensation but for receipt of
This cemetery is under the             military retirement pay.
jurisdiction of the                    Eligibility also may be
Department of the Army.                established when death occurs
Burial is limited to specific          in a VA facility, a nursing
categories of military                 home under VA contract or a
personnel and veterans except          state veterans nursing home.
in the case of cremated                Additional costs of
remains to be placed in the            transportation of the remains
columbarium. For scheduling            may be paid. In non-service-
funeral arrangements please            connected death cases, claims
contact the Superintendent,            must be filed within two years
Arlington National Cemetery,           after permanent burial or
Arlington, VA 22211 at (703)           cremation.
607-8585. For additional
information call (703) 607-            VA will pay a plot allowance
8000. You can also visit the           when a veteran is not buried in
web site at                            a cemetery that is under U.S.
http://www.arlingtoncemetery.          government jurisdiction under
org/.                                  the following circumstances:

6-3. REIMBURSEMENT OF BURIAL                 the veteran was
     EXPENSES                          discharged from active duty
                                       because of disability incurred
The VA will pay a burial               or aggravated in the line of
allowance if the veteran’s             duty; or
death is service-connected.
In some instances, VA also                   the veteran was in
will pay the cost of                   receipt of compensation or
transporting the remains of a          pension or would have
service-disabled veteran to            been except for receiving
the national cemetery nearest          military retired pay; or
the home of the deceased that
has available gravesites. In                 the veteran died in a
such cases, the person who             VA facility.
bore the veteran’s burial
expenses may claim


The plot allowance may be              for a member who was missing in
paid to the state if a                 action and is later presumed
veteran is buried without              dead.
charge for the cost of a plot
or interment in a state-owned          You can apply at any VA
cemetery reserved solely for           regional office or most local
veteran burials. Burial                post offices. If requested by
expenses paid by the                   the surviving member, military
deceased’s employer or a               honors may be provided by a
state agency will not be               Marine Corps activity or a
reimbursed.                            local veterans organization in
                                       proximity to the place of
The VA will pay the cost of            interment.
transporting the remains of
the service-disabled veterans          The funeral honors ceremony
to the national cemetery               detail shall, at a minimum,
nearest to their home having           perform at the funeral a
available grave space. The             ceremony that includes the
funeral director, if unpaid,           folding of a United States
may claim reimbursement for            flag, presentation of the flag
burial expenses. Otherwise             to the veteran’s family, and
the person who bore the                the playing of Taps. Unless a
veteran’s burial expenses may          bugler is a member of the
claim reimbursement. For               detail, the funeral honors
more information call the VA           detail shall play a recorded
at 1-800-827-1000 or visit             version of Taps using audio
the VA web site at                     equipment that the detail shall          provide, if adequate audio
e/index.htm, click on                  equipment is not otherwise
“Federal Benefits for                  available for use at the
Veterans and Dependents (2005          funeral. For more information
Edition)” and select “Burial           visit the web site at
Benefits”, also you can visit          http://www.militaryfuneralhonor
another section of the VA web
site at          6-5. HEADSTONES OR GRAVE
htm.                                        MARKERS

6-4. BURIAL FLAGS AND                  The VA, National Cemetery
     MILITARY HONORS                   Administration will provide a
                                       headstone or marker upon
An American flag is available          request for the graves of
to drape the casket of an              deceased eligible veterans,
eligible member, after which           retired, and active duty
it may be given to the next            service members at no charge to
of kin, a close friend, or an          survivors (this benefit is
associate of the deceased.             offered regardless of whether
The VA may also issue a flag           placement is in a national or


private cemetery). The VA              documents, to request a
will also provide a headstone          Government-provided headstone
or marker upon request for             or marker. Do not send
the graves of spouses or               original documents, as they
other eligible family members          will not be returned to:
buried in a military, state            Memorial Programs Service
veteran, or national                   (41A1), Department of Veterans
cemeteries.                            Affairs, 5109 Russell Road,
                                       Quantico, VA 22134-3903
An application is not
required for national                  6-6. SOCIAL SECURITY DEATH
cemeteries. Eligibility is                  PAYMENT
the same as for burial in a
national cemetery. The                 The Social Security
headstone or grave marker is           Administration may make a lump-
provided without charge and            sum payment not to exceed $255
shipped at Government expense          to the eligible spouse or child
to the consignee designated.           entitled to benefits. The
The applicant must assume the          lump-sum death benefit can be
cost of placing the marker in          paid upon the death of the
a private cemetery.                    insured person even if they
                                       were not receiving retirement
Applicants are cautioned to            or disability benefits at the
ensure that all information            time of death. The person
to be placed on the marker is          entitled to the lump-sum
correct before they provide            payment has two years after the
it to the VA. Headstones and           date of burial to file a claim
markers are also available             for payment. Contact the
for eligible members of a              Social Security office about
veteran’s family who are               eligibility and filing
buried in national                     procedures at 1-800-772-1213 or
cemeteries, without                    visit the web site at
application, and for state-  
owned veterans cemeteries.
This benefit does not apply            6-7. NATIONAL CEMETERY
to family members buried in                 ADMINISTRATION (NCA)
private cemeteries. If you
have questions concerning a            The National cemetery
headstone or marker                    Administration (NCA) honors
application you may call 1-            Veterans with a final resting
800-697-6947 or for more               place and lasting memorials
information you can visit the          that commemorate their service
web site at                            to our nation.
                                       The purpose of the National
Send your application (VA              Cemetery Administration is:
Form 40-1330) along with
veterans military discharge                   To provide burial space


for veterans and their                 settlement of these arrears
eligible family members                must be made to the beneficiary
                                       entitled to the settlement as
      To maintain national             authorized by law. You must
cemeteries as national                 return any other unnegotiated
shrines, sacred to the honor           U.S. Treasury checks payable to
and memory of those interred           the deceased member to the
or memorialized there                  originating Federal agency.
                                       Attempting to cash this check
      To mark veterans’                after the member’s death may
graves with a Government-              result in a financial hardship
provided headstone or marker           for you because of the
and to provide Presidential            necessity to recover the
Memorial Certificates in               proceeds of the check.
recognition of their service
to a grateful nation                   The determination about the
                                       beneficiary who is entitled to
      To administer grants             the payment of arrears of
for establishing or expanding          retired or retainer pay due and
state veterans cemeteries.             unpaid on the date of the
For more information you can           member’s death is under the
call toll free 1-800-827-1000          jurisdiction of CMC (MHP-10).
or visit the web site at               That activity will send you the          appropriate claim form with
                                       instructions for the arrears of
6-8. RETIRED OR RETAINER PAY           pay settlement. Your
                                       beneficiary will be sent
Entitlement to retired or              appropriate claim forms with
retainer pay ends on the date          instructions for the arrears of
of the member’s death. The             pay settlement. If you have
retired or retainer paycheck           questions about your Record of
that the surviving spouse              Emergency Data (RED), contact
receives after the member’s            CMC (MMSR-7) at 1-800-715-0968.
death, it must be returned
immediately to DFAS, because           6-9. UNIFORMED SERVICES
the check is not legally                    IDENTIFICATION AND
negotiable. It will be                      PRIVILEGE CARD
canceled and the appropriate
portion of the proceeds will           The Uniformed Services
be credited to the member’s            Identification and Privilege
pay account for subsequent             Card, DD Form 1172, provides
payment to the designated              eligible family members with a
beneficiary.                           distinct ID card that
                                       identifies the holder as an
The arrears of retired pay             authorized patron for the
due and unpaid on the date of          benefits and privileges
the member’s death is not              indicated on the card, such as
part of the estate. The                medical care, theater,


commissary and exchange                retirees and dependents that
privileges.                            are enrolled in Medicare
                                       Part B.
Upon the death of a retired
Marine, the surviving spouse           By law, TRICARE is second payer
and eligible children should           to Medicare on all services
take the DD Form 1172 to the           covered by both Medicare and
nearest Realtime Automated             TRICARE. TFL is an entitlement
Personnel Identification               and does not require an
System (RAPIDS) site for               enrollment fee, but you do need
reissuance. They will need             a valid military ID card.
to take a copy of the retired
Marine’s death certificate to          To take advantage of TFL, you
support a change in the                and your eligible family
sponsor’s status. If the               members' personal information
nearest RAPIDS site is                 and Medicare Part B status must
unknown, call CMC (MMSR-6) at          be up-to-date in the Defense
800-336-4649 for this                  Enrollment Eligibility
information.                           Reporting System (DEERS).

A parent or parent-in-law of           You may update your information
a deceased member who was, at          by phone (1-800-538-9552) or by
the time of the member’s               visiting your nearest ID card
death, dependent on the                issuing facility. Visit
member for over one-half of   to locate
his or her support and was             the nearest ID card facility.
living in a dwelling provided
or maintained by the member            Here's how TFL works for
may request a verified                 medical services:
application for an
identification card from CMC                 Covered by Medicare and
(MMSR-6).                              TRICARE: Medicare pays the
                                       Medicare allowable amount;
6-10. MEDICAL CARE                     TRICARE pays your Medicare
                                       cost-share, as well as your
Surviving unremarried spouses          Medicare deductible.
and eligible children
continue to be eligible for                  Covered by Medicare,
the same medical care under            but not by TRICARE: Medicare
the Military Health System             pays its normal amount, and you
that they were receiving               pay the Medicare cost-share and
before the retired Marine’s            deductible. TRICARE makes no
death.                                 payment.

TRICARE For Life (TFL), which                Covered by TRICARE, but
became effective October 1,            not by Medicare: TRICARE pays
2001, offers TRICARE benefits          the same as it would for a
to Medicare-eligible military          retiree not covered by


Medicare. You pay the                  connected disability that was
TRICARE deductible — for               rated as totally disabling
individuals and a different
amount for families — and a                      for at least 10
20% cost-share of the                  years immediately before death,
allowable amount. The
deductible is separate from                      since the veteran’s
and in addition to your cost-          release from active duty and
share. Medicare makes no               for at least five years
payment.                               immediately preceding death, or

TFL's call center is ready to                    for at least one
answer your questions.                 year before death if the
They'll also help you educate          veteran was a former prisoner
your doctor about your new             of war who died after September
TFL benefits. Call toll-free           30, 1999.
1-888-DOD-LIFE (1-888-363-
5433) or visit the TRICARE             The eligible survivors for DIC
web site at                            are:
rnet/tric/tri/tricare.nsf/PGS          The surviving spouse if he or
/TRCRBscs_Prgrms_8 or                  she:                validly married the
l/default.cfm.                         veteran before January 1, 1957,
      INDEMNITY COMPENSATION                 was married to a
                                       service member who died on
Dependency and Indemnity               active duty, or
Compensation (DIC) is a
monthly benefit paid to                      married the veteran
eligible survivors of a                within 15 years of discharge
                                       from the period of military
      military service member          service in which the disease or
who died while on active               injury that caused the
duty,                                  veteran’s death began or was
                                       aggravated, or
      veteran whose death
resulted from a service-                     was married to the
related injury or disease, or          veteran for at least one year,
      veteran whose death
resulted from a non service-                 had a child with the
related injury or disease,             veteran, and cohabited with the
and who was receiving, or was          veteran continuously until the
entitled to receive, VA                veteran’s death, or
Compensation for service-


                                       is housebound or in need of aid
      if separated, was not            and attendance. VA also adds a
at fault for the separation,           transitional benefit to
and is not currently                   surviving spouse’s monthly DIC
remarried.                             if there are children under age
*Note:   A surviving spouse
who remarries on or after              The amount is based on a family
December 16, 2003, and on or           unit, not individual children.
after attaining age 57, is             It is paid for two years from
entitled to continue to                the date that entitlement to
receive DIC.                           DIC commences, but is
                                       discontinued earlier when there
The surviving child(ren), if           is no child under age 18 or no
he/she is:                             child on the surviving spouse’s
                                       DIC for any reason. Benefit
      not included on the              rate tables, including those
surviving spouse’s DIC                 for children alone and parents,
                                       can be found on the Internet at
      unmarried and          
                                       tes, or call the toll-free 1-
      under age 18, or                 800-827-1000.
between the ages of 18 and 23
and attending school.                  Claimants should complete VA
(Note: Certain helpless                Form 21-534 (Application for
adult children are entitled            Dependency and Indemnity
to DIC. Call toll-free 1-              Compensation, Death Pension and
800-827-1000 for the                   Accrued Benefits by a Surviving
eligibility requirements for           Spouse or Child), and submit it
those survivors).                      to the VA regional office
                                       serving the claimant’s area.
The surviving parent(s) may            Call the toll-free 1-800-827-
be eligible for an income-             1000 for information about
based benefit. See our fact            supporting materials that VA
sheet, Parents’ DIC,                   may need to process a DIC
(          claim.
or call the toll-free 1-800-           6-12. DEATH DUE TO A
827-1000 for more                            NONSERVICE-CONNECTED
information.                                 CAUSE

The basic monthly rate of DIC          Dependency and Indemnity
will vary per year for an              Compensation (DIC) payments
eligible surviving spouse.             also may be authorized for
The rate is increased for              surviving spouses, unmarried
each dependent child, and              children under 18, helpless
also if the surviving spouse           children, and those between 18


and 23 if attending a VA               fault of the surviving spouse.
approved school, of veterans
who were totally service-                   Surviving Spouse
connected disability, if               Remarriage. Remarriage makes a
                                       surviving spouse ineligible
      the veteran was                  based on the death of that
continuously rated totally             veteran unless a court makes
disabled for a period of 10            the remarriage void or
or more years immediately              annulled. A surviving spouse
preceding death; or                    also may be ineligible if,
                                       after the death of the veteran,
      the veteran was rated            the spouse lived with another
for a period of not less than          and was held out openly to the
five years from the date of            public to be the spouse.
discharge from military
service.                                    Deemed-Valid Marriage. If
                                       she or he meets the other
DIC Payments under this                qualifications, a spouse who
provision (Death due to                married a veteran without
Nonservice-Connected Cause)            knowing that a legal impediment
are subject to offset by the           to the marriage existed may be
amount received from judicial          eligible for compensation.
proceeding brought on account
of the veteran’s death. When           Aid and Attendance. Surviving
death occurred after service,          spouses and parents receiving
the veteran’s discharge must           DIC may be granted a special
have been under conditions             allowance to pay for jail and
other than dishonorable.               attendance if they are patients
                                       in a nursing home or require
Definition of Surviving                the regular assistance of
Spouse:                                another person. The allowance
                                       is $195 monthly, in addition to
     Date of Marriage. To              the DIC rate for a surviving
qualify, a surviving spouse            spouse, and $197 monthly
generally must have been               additional for a parent
married to the veteran one             receiving DIC.
year or more, for any period
of time if a child was born            6-13. NONSERVICE-CONNECTED
of the union.                                DEATH PENSION

     Residence with Veteran.           Surviving spouses and unmarried
The surviving spouse must              children under age 18, or until
have lived continuously with           age 23 if attending a VA-
the veteran from the time of           approved school, of deceased
marriage until the veteran’s           veterans with wartime service
death, except where there was          may be eligible for a
a separation not due to the            nonservice-connected pension
                                       based on need. Pension is not


payable to those with estates          designated by the deceased.
large enough to provide                This is paid as soon as
maintenance.                           possible by the last military
                                       command of the deceased. If
The veteran must have been             the beneficiary has not been
discharged under conditions            paid within a reasonable time,
other than dishonorable and            application may be made to the
must have had 90 days or more          service concerned. The death
of active military service,            gratuity is payable in case of
at least one day of which was          any death in active service, or
during a period of war, or a           any death within 120 days
service-connected disability           thereafter from causes related
justifying discharge for               to active service.
disability. If the veteran
died in service not in line            6-15. OTHER FEDERAL BENEFITS
of duty, benefits may be                     AVAILABLE TO SURVIVING
payable if the veteran had                   SPOUSES
completed at least two years
of honorable service.                  Home Loan Guarantees.
                                       The unmarried surviving spouse
Children who became                    of a veteran who died on active
permanently incapable of               duty or as the result of a
self-support because of a              service-connected disability is
disability before reaching             eligible for the home loan
age 18 may be eligible for a           benefit. If you wish to apply
pension as long as the                 for the home loan benefit as a
condition exists, unless the           surviving spouse, contact one
child marries or the child’s           of the VA Eligibility Centers.
income exceeds the applicable          In addition, a surviving spouse
limit. A surviving spouse              who obtained a VA home loan
who is a patient in a nursing          with the veteran prior to his
home, is in need of the                or her death (regardless of the
regular aid and attendance of          cause of death) may obtain a VA
another person or is                   guaranteed interest rate
permanently housebound may be          reduction refinance loan. For
entitled to higher income              more information, contact one
limitations or additional              of the VA Eligibility Centers
benefits, depending upon the           at
type of pension received.    


Military services provide a
death gratuity payment to a
deceased servicemember’s
spouse or children. Parents,
brothers or sisters may be
provided the gratuity, if


                                      The DEERS database and RAPIDS
CHAPTER 7                             application are integrally
                                      linked because RAPIDS is one
IDENTIFICATION CARDS                  of the primary means for
                                      updating information in DEERS.
7-1. DEFENSE ENROLLMENT               The DEERS Division of the
     ELIGIBILITY REPORTING            Defense Manpower Data Center
     SYSTEM (DEERS) AND THE           (DMDC) maintains the DEERS
     REAL-TIME AUTOMATED              database. The DEERS/RAPIDS
     PERSONNEL IDENTIFICATION         Operations Division (D/R Ops
     SYSTEM (RAPIDS)                  Div) of the DMDC is
                                      responsible for the RAPIDS
The Defense Enrollment                program.
Eligibility Reporting System
(DEERS) is a computerized             Registration in DEERS
database of military sponsors,
families, and others worldwide        Active-duty and retired
who are entitled under the law        service members are
to TRICARE benefits. DEERS            automatically registered in
registration is required for          DEERS, but they must take
TRICARE eligibility.                  action to register their
                                      family members and ensure
DEERS was developed by the            they're correctly entered into
Department of Defense in              the database. Mistakes in the
response to a congressional           DEERS database can cause
mandate to improve the control        problems with TRICARE claims,
and distribution of available         so it is critical to uphold
military health care services.        and review your DEERS
DEERS provides computerized           information.
information services for the
enrollment of individuals             To update your DEERS
eligible for Uniformed                information visit your local
Services Benefits. To reduce          uniformed services personnel
potential fraud, waste, and           office or contact the Defense
abuse associated with                 Manpower Data Center Support
obtaining benefits available          Office (DSO) at 1-800-538-
to members of the Uniformed           9552. You can find the
Services and their family             nearest uniformed services
members, the Realtime                 personnel office at:
Automated Personnel         
Identification System (RAPIDS)
was established in 1981 and           7-2. YOUR RETIRED
implemented a more secure                  IDENTIFICATION CARD
method for producing
identification cards.                 Upon retirement, you will be
                                      issued a DD Form 2 Retired
                                      (Blue) ID card to replace your


active-duty ID card. If your          dissolving prior marriages,
retired ID card is lost or            birth certificates, etc.)
damaged, you may get a
replacement card from the             7-5. ELIGIBILITY FOR
nearest RAPIDS site. If you                IDENTIFICATION CARDS
are not shown in the DEERS,
the issuing activity may              Those eligible to receive an
request verification of your          identification card include:
entitlement by contacting CMC
(MMSR-6) at 1-800-336-4649.                    Spouses,

7-3. YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS’                     Unremarried surviving
     IDENTIFICATION CARDS             spouses,

You and your family were                      Unmarried
enrolled in DEERS while you           children/stepchildren under
were on active duty, but once         age 21,
you retire, the ID cards must
be reissued. Enrollment is                    Unmarried
accomplished by completing the        children/stepchildren under
DD Form 1172 and furnishing           age 23 who attend college
legal documents to establish          full-time and receive more
proof of dependency. Failure          than 50% of their financial
to enroll eligible family             support from you,
members will result in refusal
of benefits and privileges.                   Unmarried
                                      children/stepchildren of any
7-4. REPLACEMENT OF FAMILY            age, if the child is incapable
     MEMBERS’ IDENTIFICATION          of self-support because of a
     CARDS                            mental or physical incapacity
                                      which existed before reaching
You may apply for renewal or          age 21,
replacement of the DD Form
1172 for your family members                   Legal wards,
at any RAPIDS site. The DEERS
representative at Headquarters                Parents, parents-in-law
Marines Corps may verify              or stepparents-in-law who
eligibility if there are any          receive over 50% of their
discrepancies found during the        financial support from you and
renewal or replacement                who live in your household or
process. If the family member         a household provided by you,
is not listed in DEERS, you
must provide sufficient                       Unremarried former
documentation to show                 spouses who meet 20 years of
entitlement (e.g., retirement         service/20 years of
orders, DD Form 214, marriage         marriage/20 years overlap
certificate, documents


(service with marriage                      Eligible children must
criteria), or                         live in your household for
                                      authorization of commissary
        Unremarried former            privileges and must receive
spouses who meet 20 years of          more than 50% of financial
service/20 years of                   support from you if not living
marriage/15 years overlap             in your household for
(service with marriage                authorization of theater and
criteria).                            exchange privileges.

7-6. AUTHORIZED PRIVILEGES                  Parents or parents-in-
                                      law are never entitled to
Your identification card and          medical care under TRICARE.
those of your eligible family
members serve not only as a           For additional questions
means of identification, but          regarding your DEERS record,
also indicate certain entitled        call the Defense Manpower Data
privileges, which may include         Center Support Office (DSO) at
Uniform Services medical care;        1-800-538-9552.
civilian medical care; and
commissary, exchange, and
theater privileges aboard
military installations. The
issuing office will determine
the privileges authorized.

General entitlement provisions

     You and your lawful
spouse (including your
unremarried surviving spouse)
remain eligible for all
privileges throughout your
life except at age 65, you
lose entitlement to civilian
medical care if you become
entitled to Medicare, Part A.

     Eligible unremarried
former spouses are not
entitled to medical care if
they have employer-sponsored
health coverage.


                                      Retirees under 65. The
CHAPTER 8                             retiree under 65 has decisions
                                      to make about which TRICARE
                                      program is best for him/her
MEDICAL CARE                          and eligible family members.
                                      Persons under age 65 who
8-1. GENERAL                          become entitled to Medicare
                                      Part A because of a disability
Who is entitled to                    or End Stage Renal Disease
hospitalization and medical           (ESRD) and who are enrolled in
care?   Active duty and               Medicare Part B receive health
retired service members;              care under Medicare and
spouses and unmarried children        Tricare for Life (TFL)
(including stepchildren) of           (
active duty or retired service        l/default.cfm). Also check
members; reserve component            the web site to view the Fact
members on active duty for            sheet that explains changes
more than 30 days – under             when a sponsor retires or dies
Federal orders; retired               (
reserve component service             ctsheets/viewfactsheet.cfm?id=
members and their family              175).
members; widows or widowers
and unmarried children of             Retirees 65 and older. When
deceased active duty or               the military retiree reaches
retired service members; Medal        age 65, his/her health care
of Honor recipients and their         coverage changes from TRICARE
family members; and certain           to Medicare and TRICARE for
eligible former spouses of            Life (TFL). There are
active duty or retired service        important decisions to be made
members.                              about purchasing Medicare Part
                                      B when one first becomes
When the military service             eligible for Medicare Part B,
member retires from active            which is a necessary component
duty, he/she and eligible             of TFL. When a retired
family members will experience        sponsor reaches age 65 and
the TRICARE benefit in a              becomes eligible for TFL,
different way than previously.        his/her spouse maintains
Remember that a change in             regular TRICARE eligibility
status, from active duty to           until he/she (spouse) becomes
retired, requires updating            65 years old. Also check the
one's personal information in         web site to view the Fact
DEERS and enrolling yourself          sheet that explains changes
and your family on TRICARE as         when a sponsor retires or dies
a retired family.                     (

                    CHAPTER 8 – MEDICAL CARE

8-2. RETIREE DENTAL PROGRAM           retired reservists who are
                                      entitled to retired pay but
The TRICARE Retiree Dental            will not receive it until age
Program (TRDP) is a voluntary         60. Enrollment is also open
dental benefits program first         to certain surviving family
authorized in the National            members of deceased active
Defense Authorization Act of          duty sponsors and Medal of
1997. When the program began          Honor recipients, and their
in February 1998, it offered          immediate family members and
limited basic and preventive          survivors.
dental coverage to Uniformed
Services retirees and their           There is an initial 12-month
family members. On October 1,         commitment for new enrollees
2000, the scope of coverage           after which enrollment may be
was enhanced to form a more           continued on a month-to-month
comprehensive dental benefits         basis. During the 30-day
program never before available        grace period from the coverage
to this population. While the         effective date, voluntary
basic program is still in             termination of enrollments is
existence today, no new               allowed without further
enrollments are being                 enrollment obligation provided
accepted.                             that no benefits have been
The TRDP benefits are enhanced
under the current TRDP                The TRDP offers dental
contract to form the most             coverage throughout the 50
comprehensive dental benefit          United States, the District of
program available to uniformed        Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam,
services retirees and their           the U.S. Virgin Islands,
family members. The TRDP              American Samoa, the
contract is administered by           Commonwealth of the Northern
Delta Dental Plan of                  Mariana Islands, and Canada.
California. The TRDP is               All premiums are paid by the
separate from the TRICARE             enrollee and vary depending on
Dental Program (TDP), which is        where the enrollee lives.
available only to active duty         Enrollees in the TRDP are
family members and reserve            advised that although they may
members and their family              receive dental services from
members.                              any licensed dentist they
                                      choose, there are advantages
The TRDP enrollment is                to receiving treatment from a
voluntary and open to retired         participating network dentist.
uniformed services members and
their family members and              Eligible retirees and their
National Guard and Reserve            family members can find
retirees and their family             answers to their questions
members, including “gray area”        about the program as well as

                    CHAPTER 8 – MEDICAL CARE

enroll using Delta's dedicated           compensation who is in need of
TRDP web site at,           treatment for some ailment not
or by calling the toll-free              connected with their service.
number at 1-888-838-8737 or 1-
888-336-3260.                                 PRIORITY #3: War veterans
                                         who were not separated for
DoD will terminate the                   disability and who apply for
enrollment of any enrollee,              treatment of a nonservice-
and any eligible family                  connected disability (includes
members of the enrollee                  veterans of the Korean
covered by the enrollment in             conflict period and the
the following cases:                     Vietnam era).

     Termination of the                  Contact your local VA office
member’s entitlement to                  for additional information or
retired pay,                             toll-free 1-800-827-1000. You
                                         can also visit the VA web site
     Termination of the                  at
member’s status as a member of 
the Retired Reserve,                     fits/.

     A dependent child who               8-4. TRICARE FOR LIFE
loses child dependent status,
or                                       TRICARE For Life (TFL), which
                                         became effective October 1,
     Remarriage of the                   2001, offers TRICARE benefits
surviving spouse.                        to Medicare eligible military
                                         retirees and dependents who
Enrollees will be responsible            are enrolled in Medicare Part
for paying the full cost of              B. By law, TRICARE is second
the premiums; there will be no           payer to Medicare on all
government subsidy.                      services covered by both
                                         Medicare and TRICARE. TFL is
8-3. VA MEDICAL CARE                     an entitlement and does not
                                         require an enrollment fee, but
Only retirees are eligible for           you do need a valid military
medical care in VA facilities.           ID card. If your military ID
The three priorities for                 card has expired, simply go to
admission are:                           your nearest military base to
                                         have a new one made.
     PRIORITY #1: Service-
incurred or aggravated disease           Here's how TFL works for
or injury.                               medical services:

     PRIORITY #2: Disability             Covered by Medicare and
retired military eligible to             TRICARE: Medicare pays the
receive VA disability                    Medicare allowable amount;

                       CHAPTER 8 – MEDICAL CARE

TRICARE pays your Medicare               under age 10 must also be
cost-share, as well as your              entered into the system, but
Medicare deductible.                     they can be treated on the
                                         basis of your identification
Covered by Medicare, but not             card or that of your spouse.
by TRICARE: Medicare pays its            To obtain claim forms,
normal amount, and you pay the           pamphlets, or other necessary
Medicare cost-share and                  information, call TRICARE’s
deductible. TRICARE makes no             Information Toll-Free Customer
payment.                                 Service Line at 1-888-DoD-CARE
Covered by TRICARE, but not by
Medicare: TRICARE pays the               DoD TRICARE Managed Care
same as it would for a retiree           Program. TRICARE is the DoD
not covered by Medicare. You             regional managed care program
pay the TRICARE deductible —             for members of the uniformed
$150.00 for individuals and              services and their families
$300.00 for families — and a             and survivors and retired
20% cost-share of the                    members and their families.
allowable amount. The
deductible is separate from,             The main challenge for most is
and in addition to, your cost-           deciding which TRICARE option
share. Medicare makes no                 - Prime, Extra, or Standard -
payment.                                 is best for them. Enrollment
                                         is only required for TRICARE
For more information you can             Prime. Active-duty families
call toll-free 1-888-DOD-LIFE            who are assigned to a civilian
(1-888-363-5433) or visit the            Primary Care Manager (PCM)
web site at                              under TRICARE Prime or who use           TRICARE Extra will save money
net/tric/tri/tricare.nsf/PGS/T           compared to what they would
RCRBscs_Prgrms_8.                        spend if they used TRICARE
                                         Standard. There are no
8-5. CIVILIAN HEALTH                     enrollment fees for active-
     CARE/TRICARE                        duty families, however, they
                                         must complete an enrollment
You, your spouse, and your               form to select Prime as their
eligible children are entitled           coverage plan. Retired
to necessary medical care                military families have to
(both inpatient and                      consider expected savings from
outpatient) from civilian                TRICARE Prime against the
sources under the TRICARE                annual enrollment fees ($230
umbrella. To obtain benefits,            for a single retired military;
you must have a valid                    $460 for a family). If you
identification card and be               have other primary health care
entered into the DEERS                   insurance, TRICARE Prime may
database. Eligible children              not be your best option.

                       CHAPTER 8 – MEDICAL CARE

TRICARE Prime. This option is              Small fee per visit to
similar to a civilian Health          civilian providers, and no fee
Maintenance Organization              for active duty members.
(HMO), which serves as a
central source for all your                    No balance billing.
health needs. The heart of
your “HMO” is a Military                   Guaranteed appointments
Treatment Facility (MTF),             (access standards).
along with the TRICARE
contracted Civilian Medical                 Primary Care Manager
Providers called Preferred            supervises and coordinates
Provider Network (PPN).               care.

Your care will be guided by a              Away-from-home emergency
Primary Care Manager (PCM).           coverage.
This is a qualified health
care provider or group of                  Point-of-Service option
providers that supervises your        (Very expensive to receive
care. A Health Care Finder            care outside Tricare Prime).
(HCF) at the TRICARE Service
Center will make                           Reduced catastrophic cap
test/specialty appointments           for retired military ($7,500
for you. All active-duty              now decreased to $3,000).
service members will be
enrolled in Prime and will            TRICARE Prime Disadvantages:
continue to receive most of
their care from military                   Enrollment fee for
medical personnel. TRICARE            retired military and families.
eligible family members may
enroll in Prime. Each person                   Provider choice limited.
who enrolls in Prime has a
military or civilian PCM who               Specialty care by
provides non-emergency routine        referral only.
medical care. The PCM also is
the one who authorizes                     Not universally
referrals for specialty care.         available.
For active-duty families,
there is no enrollment fee for        TRICARE Extra. Under this
TRICARE Prime. Cost shares            option, Extra can be used by
are less than under the other         any TRICARE-eligible
two options.                          beneficiary, who is not active
                                      duty, not otherwise enrolled
TRICARE Prime Advantages:             in Prime, and not eligible for
                                      TRICARE for Life. Extra goes
     No enrollment fee for            into effect whenever a
active duty and families.             Standard beneficiary chooses

                    CHAPTER 8 – MEDICAL CARE

to make an appointment with a              Provider choice is
TRICARE network provider.             limited.
Standard, requires no                      Patient pays deductible
enrollment and involves no            and co-payment.
enrollment fee.
Extra is essentially an option        statement required for areas
for TRICARE Standard                  surrounding MTFs.
beneficiaries who want to save
on out-of-pocket expenses by          TRICARE Standard. A new name
making an appointment with a          for the traditional Standard
TRICARE Prime network provider        CHAMPUS. TRICARE Standard is
(doctor, nurse practitioner,          the basic TRICARE health care
lab, etc.). The appointment           program, offering
with the in-network provider          comprehensive health care
will cost 5% less than it             coverage, for people not
would with a doctor who is a          enrolled in TRiCARE Prime
TRICARE authorized or                 (Active duty service members
participating provider. Also,         are automatically enrolled in
the TRICARE Extra option-user         prime, and many other
can expect that the network           beneficiaries choose to
provider will file all claims         enroll). TRICARE Standard
forms for him.                        does not required enrollment.

TRICARE Extra Advantages:             TRICARE Standard is a fee-for-
                                      service plan that gives
     Co-payment 5% less than          beneficiaries the option to
TRICARE Standard.                     see any TRICARE-
                                      certified/authorized provider
     No balance billing.              (doctor, nurse-practitioner,
                                      lab, clinic, etc.).
     No deductible when using
retail pharmacy network.              TRICARE Standard Advantages:

     No enrollment fee.                    Broadest choice of
     No forms to file.
                                           Available throughout the
     May use TRICARE Standard         world.
if you want.
                                               No enrollment fee.

TRICARE Extra Disadvantages:               May use TRICARE Extra if
                                      you want.
     No Primary Care Manager.

                    CHAPTER 8 – MEDICAL CARE

TRICARE Standard                                     Maryland, New Jersey, New
Disadvantages:                                       York, Pennsylvania, District
                                                     of Columbia, Virginia, North
         No Primary Care Manager.                    Carolina, West Virginia,
                                                     Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois,
     Patient pays deductible,                        Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky,
co-payment, and balance if the                       1-877-TRICARE (1-877-874-
bill exceeds TRICARE allowable                       2273).
and provider is non-
participating.                                       South Region. South Carolina,
                                                     Georgia, Florida, Alabama,
         May have claims forms to                    Mississippi, Tennessee,
file.                                                Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas,
                                                     and Texas, 1-800-444-5445.
statement required for areas                         West Region. New Mexico,
surrounding MTFs.                                    Arizona, Nevada, Colorado,
                                                     Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho,
What will TRICARE cost? On the                       North Dakota, South Dakota,
next page is a chart that                            Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota,
provides examples of cost                            Iowa, Missouri, Washington,
shares for families under                            Oregon, California, Alaska,
TRICARE. Representatives at                          and Hawaii, 1-888-TRIWEST (1-
the TRICARE Service Centers                          888-874-9378).
(TSC) can assist you and your
family in obtaining the care
and services you need.

If you have questions about
TRICARE, you can contact your
TRICARE region at:

Region                      Telephone
North                       1-877-874-2273
South                       1-800-444-5445
West                        1-888-874-9378
Overseas Pacific            1-888-777-8343
Latin America and Canada    1-888-777-8343
Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands 1-888-777-8343
Europe                       1-888-777-8343

North Region. Maine, New
Hampshire, Vermont,
Massachusetts, Connecticut,
Rhode Island, Delaware,

                                   CHAPTER 8 – MEDICAL CARE

                     Active-Duty Family Members
                      TRICARE Prime         TRICARE Extra          TRICARE Standard
Annual Deductible                          $150/individual or     $150/individual or
                           $0            $300/family for E-5 &   $300/family for E-5
                                        above; $50/$100 for E4     & above; $50/$100
                                                 & below            for E4 & below
     Civilian                           15% of negotiated fee     20% of allowable
 Outpatient Visit          $0                                    charges for covered
Civilian Inpatient                        Greater of $25 or       Greater of $25 or
     Admission             $0                 $13.90/day              $13.90/day
Civilian Inpatient    $0 per diem              $11/day               $11/day
  Skilled Nursing      charge per      (25 minimum) charge per (25 minimum) charge
   Facility Care        admission             admission           per admission
Civilian Inpatient
   Mental Health           $0                  $20/day                 $20/day

           Retired Military and Family Members
                       TRICARE Prime         TRICARE Extra       TRICARE Standard
                                                                (Standard CHAMPUS)
Annual Deductibles          $0              $150/individual       $150/individual
                                              $300/family           $300/family
 Annual Enrollment    $230/individual              $0                    $0
          Fees          $460/family
  Civilian copays:
  Outpatient Visit     $12 per visit       20% of negotiated     25% of allowed
   Emergency Care      $30 per visit             fees                charges
    Mental Health      $25 per visit
Civilian Inpatient                        Lesser of $250/day Lesser of $512/day
      Cost Share           $11/day                or 25% of    or 25% of billed
                       ($25 minimum)      negotiated charges charges plus 25%
                         charge per             plus 20% of       of allowed
                          admission              negotiated   professional fees
                                           professional fees
Civilian Inpatient         $11/day         $250 per diem co- 25% cost-share of
  Skilled Nursing      ($25 minimum)         payment or 20%    allowed charges
   Facility Care         charge per           cost-share of   for institutional
                          admission          total charges,  services, plus 25%
                                          whichever is less,    cost-share of
                                              institutional     allowable for
                                          services, plus 20% separately billed
                                              cost-share of      professional
                                           separately billed        charges
Civilian Inpatient      $40 per day                20% of    Lesser of $169/day
   Mental Health                           institutional and       or 25% of
                                           professional fees    allowable fees

                        CHAPTER 8 – MEDICAL CARE

                                        You may select a home located:
                                             Any place within the
TRAVEL AND TRANSPORTATION               United States.
                                             Outside the United States
9-1. TRAVEL INCIDENT TO                 if you were called or ordered
RETIREMENT                              to active duty to the first
                                        duty station.
You can select a home and
receive travel and                           Any other place that will
transportation allowances from          not exceed the cost the
your last duty station to that          Government would incur had you
address. You are eligible if            selected a home at a CONUS
you are a member of the                 location specified by the
regular Marine Corps or the             Marine Corps. Government
Marine Corps Reserve on active          transportation must be used
duty who is retired for                 where available for travel
physical disability or placed           outside the CONUS. Therefore,
on the Temporary Disability             for transoceanic travel to
Retired List (without regard            your selected home, send an
to length of service), or               application to the nearest
retired with pay for any other          Marine Corps installation for
reason (includes transfer to            transportation arrangements or
the FMCR) with eight or more            guidance. Include a
years of continuous active              certification on the original
duty that precedes retirement           retirement orders that a
or transfer. The term                   specific city and country has
“continuous active duty” means          been selected as your home
successive periods of active            upon retirement.
duty with no single break of
more than 90 days.                      Upon your retirement or
                                        transfer to the FMCR, if you
You have one year from the              qualify for travel and
date your active duty service           transportation allowances to
ends to take advantage of the           your selected home, you will
travel allowance entitlement            also be entitled to travel and
unless you have an extension            transportation allowances for
granted by the responsible              your family members under the
Origin Personal Property                same conditions and
Shipping Officer (ORIGIN TMO)           limitations as prescribed for
(as delegated by CMC (LPD).             you. You may elect advance
You can elect advance payment           payment of these allowances.
of travel and transportation            The finance office and/or
allowances or transportation-           administrative office (CPAC,
in-kind (GTR or tickets).               IPAC, etc.) will provide
                                        transportation claim forms and


filing instructions before              You may contact the American
retirement.                             embassy as an initial point of
                                        contact for those governments
After you reach your selected           that maintain diplomatic
home, be sure to immediately            relations with the United
send a claim to the finance             States. Send written
office who last maintained              inquiries to the
your pay account, or if                 Noncommissioned Officer in
applicable, paid advance                Charge (NCOIC), Marine
separation travel and                   Security Battalion of the
transportation allowances. If           American Embassy concerned.
you fail to file a final
settlement claim within the             9-2. AUTHORIZATIONS AND
time specified by the finance                RESTRICTIONS SUMMARY FOR
office, indebtedness                         SHIPPING AND STORAGE OF
collection action will be                    HOUSEHOLD GOODS
initiated against you for the
total amount of the advance             AUTHORIZATIONS:
paid. You and your family
members must complete the               You may select a home of your
travel from the point of                choice within CONUS and have
departure to the selected home          your household goods (within
for entitlement to separation           authorized weight allowances)
travel and transportation               shipped from your last, or any
allowances. If you are paid             previous duty station, from a
an advance and fail to                  designated place in the United
complete the travel or only             States, from storage, or any
travel to a point less distant          combination, to your selected
than the advance was paid for,          home.
you will owe the Government
for the unearned portion of             RESTRICTIONS:
the advance payment.
                                             Once you have selected a
If you are moving to a foreign          home and received travel
country, familiarize yourself           allowances, your selection is
with the foreign government’s           irrevocable as far as
policy about customs                    reimbursement for travel or
requirements, allowable and             shipment of household goods.
restricted items, and
documentation required by                    See your Personal
customs authorities for                 Property Transportation
importation of personal                 Officer about cost limitations
property (e.g., household               if you want shipment sent to a
goods, privately owned                  location other than your
vehicles). Arrangements will            selected home in CONUS (48
depend on the laws of the               contiguous states.
foreign country concerned.


     Household goods must be            qualify for acceptable
turned over to a carrier for            civilian employment, or begin
shipment within one year after          education or training during
termination of active duty.             the one-year period following
This one-year time limitation           retirement. If applicable,
for shipment and/or                     when education or training is
nontemporary storage of                 involved, payment for
household goods may be                  nontemporary storage cost for
extended only under the                 any period in excess of one
following specific conditions:          year from the date of
                                        retirement will be at your
     a. When you are confined           expense. The only benefit
in, or undergoing treatment at          received under these
a Government or civilian                circumstances is that the
hospital when you retire.               storage cost will be based on
Entitlement accrues only until          the Government storage rate.
one year after the date of
discharge or termination of                  d. When an unexpected
medical treatment. Further              event beyond your control
extension of the time limit             prevents you from moving to
may be authorized on a case-            the home of selection within
by-case basis.                          the specified time limit.
                                        Extension of the time limit
     b. When you are confined           for shipment may be authorized
in, or undergoing treatment at          only for the specific time
a Government or civilian                period you anticipate is
hospital for any period of              needed to complete the move.
time during the one-year                Such authorization in no way
period following retirement.            extends the Government’s
Entitlement accrues until one           obligation for storage costs
year after the date of                  for longer than a period of
retirement plus a period equal          one year from the date of
to the period of                        retirement.
hospitalization or treatment
accruing within that year. An           Requests for extensions of the
extension of the time limit             one year time limit for
for shipment may be                     shipment and nontemporary
authorized; however, further            storage of household goods
extension of the time limit             (for the reasons just cited)
for nontemporary storage at             should be submitted as
Government expense may not be           follows:
                                              1st request will be
     c. When you are                    submitted to the local TMO.
undergoing education or
training on the date of                       2nd/3rd request will be
termination of active duty to           submitted to Albany, GA.


Include a copy of your                  AUTHORIZATIONS:
retirement orders with these
applicable statements:                  You may have your household
                                        goods that were placed in
     A signed statement from a          nontemporary storage shipped
medical official indicating             to your selected home. See
the inclusive date(s) of                your transportation officer
hospitalization or treatment            about entitlement to temporary
and if applicable, the                  storage, when necessary,
anticipated date of release             incident to shipment from
from the hospital, or date the          nontemporary storage.
treatment will end.
     A signed statement from
an official of the educational               Household goods must be
or training facility                    turned over to a carrier for
indicating the inclusive                shipment within one year after
date(s) you attended the                termination of active duty.
educational or training
facility and if applicable,             AUTHORIZATIONS:
when the training will be
completed.                              You are authorized temporary
                                        storage that is cumulative and
AUTHORIZATIONS:                         may accrue at place of origin,
                                        in transit, at destination, or
You may place all or any                any combination thereof in
portion of your household               connection with the shipment
goods in nontemporary storage.          of your household goods.

RESTRICTIONS:                           RESTRICTIONS:

     The transportation                      This type of temporary
officer will select                     storage is limited to an
the most economical storage             initial period not to exceed
facility (commercial or                 90 days at Government expense.
Government) nearest to the              Additional storage, for not
place the household goods are           more than an additional 90
located on the date of                  days, may be authorized when
issuance of your retirement             household goods cannot be
orders.                                 withdrawn because of
                                        circumstances beyond your
     Nontemporary storage               control. For this extension,
cannot exceed one year from             you must submit a written
your date of retirement.                request including the
                                        justification for the 90-day
                                        period to the appropriate


Personnel Property                      The six categories are:
Transportation Officer.
                                             Category I – Emergency
AUTHORIZATIONS:                         Travel. Emergency
                                        travel on a round-trip basis
You may have articles,                  in connection with serious
classified as unaccompanied             illness, death, or impending
baggage, which are required             death of a member of the
for immediate use shipped to            immediate family.
your selected home by an
expedited mode.                              Category II –
                                        Environmental Morale Leave
RESTRICTIONS:                           (EML). Morale is affected
                                        when personnel must perform
     See your Personal                  duties at certain overseas
Property Transportation                 installations where adverse
Officer for entitlement.                environmental conditions
                                        exist. Therefore, DoD
9-3. SPACE-AVAILABLE TRAVEL             military and civilian
                                        personnel and their authorized
Military personnel, their               family members may be afforded
spouses and bona fide family            space available travel
members who travel with them,           privileges on military
are eligible for Space                  aircraft, for leave purposes,
Available (Space-A) travel on           from these installations
DoD owned or controlled                 to a more desirable place, at
aircraft on flights to, from,           periodic intervals.
and between overseas areas.
Under the Space-A program,                   Category III – Annual
eligible passengers can fill            Leave/House Hunting Permissive
unused seats on DoD-owned or            TDY/Medal of Honor
controlled aircraft once all            Holders/Foreign Military.
the space-required (duty)               Members of the uniformed
passengers and cargo have been          services in an annual or
accommodated. Space-A                   reenlistment leave status,
travelers are placed in one of          uniformed Services patients on
these six categories based on           convalescent leave, military
a combination of two criteria:          personnel traveling on
your status (for example,               permissive temporary duty
active duty Uniformed Services          (TDY) orders for house
member, retirees, DoDDs                 hunting, Medal of Honor
teacher, etc.), and your                holders and foreign military.
situation (for example,
emergency leave, annual leave,               Category IV –
etc.).                                  Unaccompanied dependents on
                                        EML and DoDDS Teachers on EML
                                        during summer. Unaccompanied


family members (18 years or             stop) is involved. For
older) traveling on EML                 example: Family members may
orders, DoDDS teachers or               travel on a mission which
family members (accompanied or          operates from Hickam AFB,
unaccompanied) in an EML:               Hawaii, to Offutt AFB,
status year round.                      Nebraska, even though an
                                        enroute stop is made in
     Category V – Permissive            California. They may travel
Temporary Duty (Non-House               on a mission that operates
Hunting) and Students.                  from Andrews AFB, Maryland, to
Students whose sponsor is               Howard AFB, Panama, even
stationed in Alaska or Hawaii,          though an enroute stop is made
military personnel traveling            in Florida. Dependent travel
on permissive TDY orders for            beyond the first CONUS point
other than house hunting,               is contingent on the
command sponsored dependents            aircraft’s mission.
(18 years of age) of Uniformed
Services members who are                Members may personally report
stationed overseas may travel           to the Space-A Passenger
unaccompanied from the                  Service Center in the
sponsor’s PCS duty location to          passenger terminal to register
the CONUS and return.                   for Space-A flights or may
                                        mail or fax their travel
     Category VI – Retirees.            request to the locations from
Retired military members who            which they plan to depart.
are issued DD Form 2 and                The fax should provide the
eligible to receive retired or          first names of family members
retainer pay, family members            traveling with them, a
(with a valid identification            statement that required border
card) of retired members when           clearance documents are
accompanied by a sponsor, and           current and a list of up to
National Guard/Reserve                  five country destinations.
components/members of the               Travelers remain on the Space-
Ready Reserve and members of            A list up to 60 days or until
the Standby Reserve who are on          their leave expires, whichever
the Active Status List.                 is first. A valid ID card is
                                        required for all passengers.
Once accepted for movement, a           Passports, visas, and
Space-A passenger may not be            immunization records are also
“bumped” by another space               required for overseas travel
available passenger,                    along with leave orders or
regardless of category.                 other travel authorizations.
Family members are permitted
to travel on DoD owned or               Once registered, the traveler
controlled aircraft to or from          must wait for notification
an overseas location when a             that his/her travel category
CONUS leg segment (enroute              and date/time of sign up has


been reached. When selected             information is rare, and don’t
for a flight, the traveler              be surprised if you are
must be ready to proceed.               required to sign-up in person.
Space-A travelers are not               Remember, the mission of any
required to be present for all          flight takes a higher priority
scheduled departures.                   than accommodating Space-A.
                                        Space-A should not be your
In addition to frequent long            first choice if you
waiting periods, it should be           absolutely, positively have to
noted that the Government is            be somewhere on time. Space-A
not obligated to provide                travel offers incredible
return or continuing                    discounts if you have the
transportation to Space-A               time, patience, and
passengers. Adequate funds              flexibility.
should be available to procure
commercial transportation for           SPACE AVAILABLE TRAVEL FAQ
return flights or lengthy
stays awaiting Space-A                  Q: As a retired Marine, where
flights. Successful Space-A             may I fly?
journeys require patience and
flexibility. There may be               A: A retired Marine with a DD
some charges involved.                  Form 2 (Blue) identification
Transportation officers and             card may fly anywhere the Air
terminal personnel may provide          Mobility Command (AMC) has
the traveler with more                  flights operating, including
specific information regarding          the continental United States
these charges e.g., Federal             (CONUS).
Inspection fees and commercial
gateway head tax.                       Q: As a Reservist, where may I
General Space Available
Information. Space-A air                A: A Reservist with a DD From
travel seats are normally               2 (Red) Identification card
available after all official            and a DD Form 1853 may fly to,
duty passengers have been               from, and between Alaska,
accommodated. You may find              Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the
that a bargain flight is a              Virgin Islands, Guam, American
better way to go than taking            Samoa, and the CONUS.
the scheduling risks
associated with flying Space-           Q: Is Space-A travel a
A. While Space-A flights can            reasonable substitute for
save you money, a ticket in             travel on a commercial
hand does provide a peace of            airline?
mind. Before 9/11 it was
common to get Space-A                   A: The answer depends on you.
information over the phone or           If your travel schedule is
on the Web. Now such                    flexible and your finances


permit for a stay (sometimes            “ALL” sign-up which makes you
in a “high-cost” area), while           eligible for all other
awaiting movement, Space-A              destinations served. This
travel is a good travel                 gives you a greater selection
choice. While some travelers            of destinations from which to
sign up and travel the same             choose.
day, many factors could come
together to make buying a               Q: What is self sign-up?
commercial ticket your best or
only option. Remember, Space-           A: Self sign-up is a program
A travel success depends on             that allows passengers to
flexibility, patience, and              sign-up at a terminal without
good timing.                            waiting in line. Most
                                        locations now provide self
Q: Who determines eligibility           sign-up counters with easy-to-
to fly Space A?                         follow instructions for
                                        registration. If your travel
A: The four services jointly            will take you a foreign
establish Space-A eligibility.          country, ensure border
The AMC’s first responsibility          clearance documentation is
is airlifting official DoD              current. If you are unsure,
traffic. Space-A passengers             verify it with a passenger
are accommodated only after             service representative on
official duty passengers and            duty.
                                        Q: How may I find where my
Q: How long does my name stay           name is on the Space-A
on the Space-A list?                    register?

A: All travelers remain on the          A: Each terminal maintains a
register 60 days after                  Space-A register (organized
registration, or for the                alphabetically, by priority
duration of their travel                and the date and time of
orders authorization, or until          registration for travel) that
they are selected for travel,           is updated daily. The
whichever occurs first.                 register is conveniently
Revalidation has been                   located in the terminal and is
eliminated.                             directly accessible to you.
                                        Travelers may call the
Q: What is “country sign-up”            terminal direct to find where
and how does it affect me?              they stand travel wise.

A: Under this program, you may          Q: I am disabled. May I have a
sign up for five different              brother, sister, or friend
countries rather than five              accompany me to help me?
different destinations. You
are also eligible for the


A: The only persons permitted           A: In general, no. Some
to accompany you are your               terminals must collect a head
family members (dependents)             tax or a federal inspection
(not in the CONUS) or other             fee from Space-A passengers on
persons eligible for Space A-           commercial contract missions.
travel. Every effort shall be           Meals may be purchased at a
made to transport passengers            nominal fee out of most air
with disabilities who are               terminals while traveling on
otherwise eligible to travel.           military aircraft.
Passenger service personnel
and crewmembers shall provide           Q: May I call the bases for
assistance in boarding,                 flight information? If so,
seating, and deplaning                  what are the phone numbers?
passengers with special needs.
                                        A: We encourage you to call
Q: How much baggage may I               the passenger terminal you
take?                                   plan on traveling through 30-
                                        60 days before travel. The
A: You may check two pieces of          terminal will be happy to
luggage at 70 pounds each per           discuss their flight schedule,
person. Family members                  Space-A backlog, movement
traveling together may pool             forecast, etc. Visit the web
their baggage allowance as              site for base phone numbers at
long as the total does not    
exceed the total allowance.             ary/SPACEA/24_203.htm#Contact.
You may hand carry only what
fits under your seat of in the
overhead compartment, if                Q: May my pet travel with me
available.                              on a Space-A flight?

Q: Do you have any                      A: No. DoD has reserved pet
recommendations on baggage?             shipments for passengers in
                                        permanent change of station
A: Yes. Travel light and take           (PCS) status. Additionally,
only essentials. Do not place           travel with pets would be
valuables, medicine, or                 difficult at best due to
important documents in your             limited aircraft pet spaces,
check baggage. Be sure your             pet import documentation
name and current address are            requirements, and the
on and inside your bags. AMC            possibility of quarantine in
terminals have baggage ID tags          the event of an aircraft
available for you use.                  divert.

Q: Will Space-A travel cost             Q: What facilities are
much?                                   available at the Air Mobility
                                        Command (AMC) terminals such


as a nursery, BX, or snack              Q: Is it easier to go to some
bar?                                    destinations?

A: Facilities at most military          A: Yes. Places where they fly
terminals are generally the             often such as Germany are much
same as commercial facilities.          easier than low frequency
Facilities include exchanges,           areas such as Australia or New
barbershops, snack bars, pay            Zealand.
television (free television
lounge in some military                 Q: May people travel Space A
terminals), traveler                    to Alaska or South America?
assistance, baggage lockers or
rooms, United Services                  A: Yes. Travelers may obtain
Organization lounges (USO),             Space-A travel to Alaska,
and nurseries (at major                 South America, and other
terminals). The type of                 interesting locations. Travel
facility available will vary            to Alaska is relatively easy
according to the terminal size          when departing from the West
and location.                           Coast (i.e., Travis AFB,
                                        California and McChord AFB,
Q: What are the trends in the           Washington). Travel to South
availability of Space-A                 America and other remote areas
travel? Does it seem as if              is much more difficult.
there will be more or less              Infrequent flights to remote
Space-A travel in the coming            areas are primarily cargo
year?                                   missions and have few seats
                                        available for passenger
A: Although the AMC has led             movement. Expect long waiting
efforts to improve Space A              periods for movement.
travel in the past few years,
movement still remains a                Q: I am retired and am
result of unused seats.                 traveling on a passport and my
Present DoD personnel and               flight originated overseas.
budget trends are effecting             Where in the continental
Space-A movement opportunity.           United States (CONUS) may I
The AMC is dedicated to                 fly into?
putting a passenger in every
available seat.                         A: When traveling on a
                                        passport (family members,
Q: What is the best time of             retired Uniform Service and
the year to travel Space A?             Reserve members, etc.), you
                                        may return to the CONUS only
A: Any time other than peak             through authorized ports of
travel and holidays (December-          entry where customs and
January and June-July)                  immigration clearance is
periods.                                available. While you may
                                        depart the CONUS literally


from any military airfield,             you may register with your
reentry locations for passport          original date and time of
holders are limited.                    registration. The AMC
                                        passenger agents will assign a
TIPS FOR TRAVELING SPACE A:             new date and time to any
                                        country you change or add on
Plan you trip, be flexible,             your application.
and be patient. As a rule of
thumb, military ports offer             Names of all originating
more travel opportunities than          space-available passengers who
commercial gateways (i.e.,              depart on a flight will be
travel chances are better to            removed from all destinations.
Europe from Dover AFB than              Always be prepared to purchase
Philadelphia IAP PA). If                onward or return commercial
possible, travel at off-peak            transportation, meals, and
Space-A travel periods (i.e.,           lodging. Space-A is just
peak periods are the summer             that-space that is available
months after school is                  after all mission requirements
dismissed and Christmas                 are fulfilled. Military
holiday season).                        aircraft are subject at all
Historically, February-March            times, first and foremost to
and October-November are low            DoD mission response.
travel periods. Be as
flexible as possible in                 Military personnel planning to
choosing a destination. If              use Space-A transportation
you want to get to Ramstein             should check with the Space-A
AFB Germany, consider a flight          Passenger Service Center at
into Rhein-Main, Germany, or            the nearest Aerial Port to
even RAF Mildenhall, United             obtain specific information
Kingdom, as an alternative.             regarding eligibility, attire,
At Mildenhall, try for another          priorities, baggage, etc.,
flight bound for Germany.               before proceeding. Here is a
                                        list of military and
When traveling Space-A with             commercial gateways from which
young children, prepare for             Space-A travelers may attempt
possible delays along the way           to travel and overseas areas
where baby supplies may not be          they serve. Commercial
readily available. A good               telephone and fax numbers are
supply of games and books is            also provided. For a full
also recommended. Be aware              list of gateways, visit the
that a baby’ ears, like an              Headquarters Air Mobility
adult’ are sensitive to                 Command (AMC) web site at
altitude pressure changes.    
Space required passengers or            ary/SPACEA/24_203.htm#FAQ.
cargo may require the removal
of Space-A passengers at any
point. If removed en route,


     ANDREWS AFB, MD:                        MCCHORD AFB, WA:
(301) 981-1854, fax: (301)              (253) 982-7259, fax: (253)
981-4241 (Europe, Caribbean,            982-6815 (Alaska and the
and South America)                      Pacific)

MD: (410) 918-6800 or 1-877-            (757) 444-4148/4118, fax:
429-4262, fax: (410) 918-6932           (757) 445-7501 (Europe,
(Europe, Caribbean, and South           Caribbean, Iceland)
                                             SCOTT AFB, IL:
     CHARLESTON AFB, SC:                (618) 256-2014/3017/4042,
(843) 963-3083, fax: (843)              fax: (618) 256-1946
963-3060 (Caribbean and South           (Europe/Pacific)

(843) 963-5794/95, fax: (843)
963-3845 (Panama and Europe)

(302) 677-4088, fax: (302)
677-2953 (Europe)

(907) 552-8588/4616, fax:
(907) 552-3996 (Pacific)

(808) 449-1515/6833, fax:
(808) 448-1503 (Pacific)

(310) 363-0714/0715/0716, fax:
(310) 363-2790 (Pacific)

(813) 828-2440/2485, fax:
(813) 828-7844 (Europe)

(609) 754-5023/2864, fax:
(609) 754-4621 (Europe, Lajes
Field, Greenland and Iceland)


                                     continuous income replacement
CHAPTER 10                           both before and after they
                                     become eligible for Social
                                     Security Benefits. There is
SURVIVOR BENEFIT PLAN                no longer any reduction in the
(SBP)                                annuity paid to any
                                     beneficiaries. If you have
10-1. GENERAL                        SBP coverage, the survivor
                                     annuity paid to your
Public Law 92-425 enacted the        designated beneficiary (when
SBP on 21 September 1972.            death occurs) is equal to 55%
This Plan, which replaced the        of the base amount you chose.
Retired Serviceman’s Family
Protection Plan (RSFPP),             10-3. HOW OTHER FEDERAL
allows you to give a portion               BENEFITS AFFECT THE SBP
of your retired pay to                     ANNUITY
protect designated survivors.
Per DoD publication, DD Form         The other Federal benefit that
2656 is the required form            affects SBP annuity is
that must be completed prior         entitlement to Dependency and
to retirement!!! Your                Indemnity Compensation (DIC)
administrative office will           from the VA. If you die of a
forward the DD Form 2656 to          service-connected cause
DFAS. If problems occur,             certain members of your family
please contact CMC (MMSR-6).         may be eligible for monthly,
Your SBP decision is                 non-taxable DIC payments from
irrevocable. If you have a           the VA. If your surviving
spouse and/or child(ren) at          spouse is covered by SBP and
retirement and decided not to        is eligible for DIC, the
elect coverage, you may not          payment under SBP will be
enroll in SBP at a later             reduced by the amount of the
date. If you did not have            DIC payment and your surviving
any eligible family members          spouse will receive a
when you retired, you may            proportionate refund of the
cover a spouse and/or                costs. The total of the two
child(ren) acquired after            monthly payments (DIC and SBP)
retirement as long as you do         will be equal to the full
so within one year of the            amount otherwise payable under
acquisition of the spouse or         the SBP election you made upon
child(ren).                          retirement. If the DIC is
                                     greater than the SBP payment,
10-2. ANNUITY PAYMENTS               your surviving spouse will get
                                     a refund of all or a portion
When Congress created the            of the SBP cost.
SBP, they wanted to ensure
your survivors would be
provided reasonable and


10-4. WHAT TO DO IF                  youngest child reaches age 18
      CIRCUMSTANCES CHANGE           if that child is not attending
      AFTER RETIREMENT               college full time.

     If you elected spouse                If you have spouse only
coverage and your spouse dies        SBP coverage and later divorce
or you are divorced, send a          that spouse, you must make a
copy of the death certificate        deemed election to voluntarily
or the document dissolving           change the coverage from
the marriage to DFAS-CL              spouse to former spouse with a
immediately at: Defense              DD Form 2656-1, "Former Spouse
Finance and Accounting               Election Certificate;" or you
Service, US Military                 can decline coverage
Retirement Pay, PO Box 7130,         altogether with a DD Form
London, KY 40742-7130. You           2656-6, “Survivor Benefit Plan
can also fax the decree to           Election Change Certificate”
(800) 469-6559. The cost             by sending DFAS-CL a copy of
reduction of your retired pay        the document dissolving the
will be suspended. If you            marriage. This must be done
remarry, send DFAS a copy of         within one year of the date of
the marriage certificate and         divorce.
tell them whether or not you
want to cover your new                    If you have SBP coverage
spouse. If the marriage              and are recalled to active
certificate and the statement        duty for more than 30 days,
are not received within one          the cost will be suspended
year of the remarriage, the          until you again receive
new spouse will be                   retired pay, but the coverage
automatically enrolled in the        will remain in effect.
SBP at the same level of
coverage you had for your                 If you have no spouse
previous spouse. Your new            when you retire, you may cover
spouse will not be covered           any later acquired spouse
under SBP until you have been        under the SBP by sending a
married for one year and the         copy of the marriage
cost will not be deducted            certificate with a completely
from your pay until the 13th         filled out DD Form 2656-6,
month of the marriage.               “Survivor Benefit Plan
                                     Election Change Certificate”
     If you have child               to DFAS-CL. The new spouse
coverage (either child only          will not be eligible for an
or spouse and child) and you         annuity until you have been
acquire a new child after            married for one year and the
retirement; send a copy of           cost will not be deducted from
the birth certificate to             your pay until the 13th month
DFAS-CL. You should also             of the marriage.
notify them when your


     If you do not have
sufficient pay remaining
after other deductions to pay
the SBP cost, or are not
receiving retired pay for any
period (i.e., pay is waived
in the full amount for VA
disability compensation), you
must pay the SBP cost by
direct remittance to DFAS.
The law requires that the
interest be charged on all
delinquent SBP costs. If you
owe SBP costs and die, the
costs and interest, will have
to be deducted from the
annuity until the
indebtedness is paid. If you
are on a full VA waiver, you
can ask the VA to withhold
the SBP cost from your
disability compensation
payments and send the monthly
remittance directly to DFAS-
CL. If you have any
questions concerning your SBP
election and options, you
should contact CMC (MMSR-6).


                                          changed the name of the
CHAPTER 11                                program to the Retired
                                          Activities Program and renamed
THE RETIRED ACTIVITIES                    the SECNAV's CRP to the
PROGRAM                                   SECNAV'S Retiree Council (RC)
                                          to coincide with other service
11-1. OVERVIEW                            department programs.

In 1979, the Secretary of the             11-2. MISSION
Navy’s Advisory Committee on
Retired Personnel (ACRP)                  Throughout years of service to
called on the Navy and Marine             the Corps, Marines and their
Corps to emphasize the value              families have selflessly
of the Retired Activities                 served and sacrificed as a way
Office (RAO) to local                     of life. The Corps has always
commanders, to direct their               honored its Marines and their
support in working with                   families by providing support
selected retired military                 and assistance at a level that
volunteers, and to help                   has earned us the right to
organize and operate an RAO on            say, “we take care of our
their installations and a                 own.” This feeling of
Retired Advisory Committee in             “family” commitment should not
their geographical areas. The             be lessened upon the
Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV)            retirement of our Marines or
convened a working group which            their relocation to areas away
transformed these ideas into              from Marine Corps
Department of the Navy (DoN)              installations.
policy in the form of SECNAV
Instruction 5420.169H.                    Retired Marines, their family
                                          members, and survivors are
SECNAV Instruction 5420.169H              entitled to a myriad of lawful
formally established the                  benefits, and privileges;
Retired Affairs Program and               therefore, it is imperative
the ACRP. This program                    they be kept informed of
provides an avenue to ensure              changing programs, policies,
that the relationship between             and legislation that affect
our retired Marines and the               the retired military
active force is reinforced and            community. The Retired
remains mutually beneficial               Activities Section (MMSR-6) is
and is part of the overall                provided as the agency to act
strategy to maintain                      as the retired liaison with
responsibility to and for our             internal and external
retired forces. In 1995, the              Department of Defense,
SECNAV's ACRP was renamed the             government, and veteran
SECNAV's Committee on Retired             affairs agencies.
Personnel (CRP). In 1996,
SECNAV Instruction 5420.169H


11-3. RETIRED ACTIVITIES                (DEERS); certifying
      PROGRAM                           applications for the Uniformed
                                        Services Identification and
The Retired Activities Program          Privilege Cards (ID cards) for
(RAP) consists of four                  retired service members and
principal elements: (1) HQMC,           their family members;
Retired Activities Section              processing requests and
(MMSR-6), (2) Retiree                   determining eligibility for ID
Councils, (3) Retired                   cards and benefits for former
Activities Offices (RAO’s),             spouses of Marines; serving as
and (4) Retired Personnel               the focal point for military
Seminars and/or Luncheons.              Real-Time Automated Personnel
                                        Identification System (RAPIDS)
     HQMC, Retired Activities           sites worldwide for the
Section (MMSR-6). MMSR-6 is             issuance of ID cards to
responsible for ensuring that           retired service members and
retired Marines, their family           their family members;
members, and survivors, are             determining eligibility for
provided with the requisite             continuance of ID card
support and assistance in               privileges for children of
matters dealing with their              retired Marines who are full-
benefits and entitlements.              time college students over age
MMSR-6’s functions include,             21; serving as the liaison
but are not limited to:                 between the Chief, Bureau of
                                        Medicine and Surgery,
        Providing direct and            Department of the Navy, and
indirect support to retired             family members in the
Marines, their family members,          establishment of privileges
and survivors through phone             for incapacitated dependent
calls, e-mails, personal                children over age 21; and
interviews, and formal                  serving as the liaison to the
correspondence.                         Personnel and Family Readiness
                                        Division (MR) for
        Publishing quarterly,           determination of parent’s
the “Semper Fidelis,                    dependency affidavits for
Memorandum for Retired                  retired Marines.
Marines”, pertaining to
current issues affecting                        Sponsoring agency for
retired Marines, their                  the Navy and Marine Corps
families, and survivors.                Retirement Guide (NAVMC 2642).
                                        This guide provides
        Determining the                 comprehensive information on
eligibility of retired Marines          entitlements, benefits, and
and their family members for            privileges for retiring
medical care and enrollment in          Marines and informs both
the Defense Enrollment                  regular and reserve component
Eligibility Reporting System            career Marines of options


about long-range plans for             of significant importance to
their retirement years.                retired military personnel,
                                       their families, and their
        Maintaining liaison            survivors. The Principal
with the Secretary of the              Deputy for Manpower and
Navy’s Retiree Council                 Reserve Affairs, Force Support
(SECNAV’s RC); attending               and Families, serves as the
annual meetings with committee         Executive Director of the RC.
members and advertising                The members are appointed to
committee member vacancies in          the RC per SECNAV Instruction
the “Semper Fidelis,                   5420.169H and tasked to:
Memorandum for Retired
Marines.”                                      o Participate in all
                                       aspects of the Retired
        Providing                      Activities Program.
administrative oversight of
the Survivor Benefit Plan                      o Act as a liaison
(SBP), and the Reserve                 between the SECNAV and the
Component Survivor Benefit             Marine Corps retired
Plan (RCSBP), for the Marine           community.
                                               o Assist in planning,
        Processing and                 implementing, and
submitting for approval,               participating at Retired
requests for foreign                   Personnel Seminars.
                                               o Participate in
        Interacting and                regional retired military
coordinating with internal and         councils and assist local
external Department of                 installation RAOs.
Defense, government, and
veteran affairs departments                    Local Retiree Councils.
and agencies in regard to              Local Retiree Councils are
retired service member issues.         made up of retired service
                                       members, their family members,
     Retiree Councils.                 and survivors. They are
Retiree councils consist of            established for the purpose of
two components; the Secretary          providing a communications
of the Navy’s Retiree Council          link between the retired
(SECNAV’s RC), and the Local           community and the installation
Retiree Councils established           commander.
by designated installation
commanders.                                 Retired Activities
                                       Offices (RAOs). The Retired
        SECNAV’s RC. The               Activities Office’s
SECNAV’s RC was established by         responsibility is to provide
the SECNAV to consider issues          the most effective and


efficient support for our              11-4. INSTALLATION COMMANDERS
Retired Community.
Accountability and supervision         Installation Commanders
are essential for the future           provide the necessary
success of this program. The           leadership for the
following are installations            establishment of the local
that have been designated as           RAO. The installation
sponsoring commands for the            commanders will:
RAO program:
                                            Ensure availability of
        MCAS Yuma, AZ                  funds for the
        MCLB Barstow, CA               establishment/operation of the
        MCAGCC Twentynine              Installation’s Retired
        Palms, CA                      Activities Office.
        MCB Camp Pendleton, CA
        MCRD San Diego, CA                  Provide funding to meet
        MCLB Albany, GA                operational requirements by
        MCB Kaneohe Bay, HI            ensuring each office is
                                       furnished with desks, chairs,
        MCB Camp SD Butler,
                                       and phones, plus suitable
        Okinawa, JA
                                       seating for visitors.
        MCSA Kansas City, MO
                                       Critical items required, such
        MCB Camp Lejeune, NC           as a computer, a modem, and
        MCAS Cherry Point, NC          printer should also be
        MCAS Beaufort, SC              installed. Additional funding
        MCRD Parris Island, SC         support for office supplies,
        HQMC Henderson Hall VA         printing, and postal charges
        MCB Quantico, VA               should also be provided.

     Retired Personnel                      Meet quarterly (or as
Seminars and/or Luncheons.             deemed appropriate) with the
The Retiree Seminars and/or            Retired Activities Program
Luncheons are utilized to              Manager (RAPM)/Retired
assist in the dissemination of         Activities Office Director
information and policies of            (RAOD) to discuss retired
concern to retired military.           service member issues as they
These seminars should be               impact the local area.
conducted semi-annual by the
RAO at each Marine Corps                    Appoint retired service
installation. The annual               members as members of advisory
Retiree Seminars provide an            councils (commissary, clubs,
excellent forum for two-way            etc.) on the recommendation of
communications for retired and         the RAPM/RAOD.
active duty military
personnel.                                  Establish local retiree
                                       councils as designated.


11-5. RETIRED ACTIVITIES               Appreciation Day aboard Marine
      PROGRAM MANAGER (RAPM)           Corps Installations.

The foundation of this program              Developing and
is the most critical.                  implementing an aggressive
Continuity and commitment are          volunteer program with
the key elements to this               continuous recruitment efforts
process; therefore, seven              within the base, and local
regional program managers have         community. Supervising the
been designated to provide an          volunteer program with current
organized approach and                 listing of volunteers, and
maintain a strong volunteer            maintaining an accurate
force. The major duties and            account of volunteer hours.
responsibilities of the
Retired Activities Office                   Attending committees in
Director (RAOD) should consist         the community on military and
of but are not limited to:             retired activities issues.

     Counseling retired                     Coordinating and
service members (all services)         conducting semi-annual retiree
and their family members on            seminars.
issues dealing with adjusting
to retired life, survivor                   Updating files, points of
benefits, casualty assistance,         contact records, phone
and other personal service             numbers/e-mail addresses,
requirements faced by retired          diary of daily appointments
service members.                       and visits/contacts with
                                       customers (retired service
     Administering and                 members and family members).
coordinating the retired
activities program for their
area of responsibility, and
providing services unique to
retired service members and
their families.

     Creating and maintaining
the Standard Operating
Procedures (SOP) for the
Retired Activities Program
specifically to their
geographical area.

     Preparing, planning,
publicizing, and coordinating
the Annual Retired


                                     retired community. The
                                     Council has two
CHAPTER 12                           Co-Chairpersons: one is a
                                     Flag/General Officer, and
SECRETARY OF THE NAVY’S              the other is a Master
RETIREE COUNCIL (RC)                 Chief/Sergeant Major. Each
                                     position is filled by a
The RC was established in            member of the service
1968 as the Secretary of             opposite from that of the
the Navy’s Advisory                  other position. The tenure
Committee on Retired                 for each office is normally
Personnel (ACRP). Its                three years. About one-
mission is to advise the             third of the membership
Secretary of the Navy on             rotates off of the Council
matters relating to retired          each year (usually 7-9
personnel and review the             members).
effectiveness of retirement
programs and policies. The           In selected issues of the
primary function of the              Semper Fidelis, prospective
Council is to make                   applicants are asked to
recommendations concerning           submit a brief biographical
improvements to benefits,            sketch covering their
privileges, quality of               civilian endeavors to
life, and morale aspects of          include involvement with
the retired community along          civic and service-oriented
with other pertinent                 organizations. When
matters relating to retired          received, the applicants
personnel.                           are logged into an RC
                                     database. The original
The Assistant Secretary of           applications are then
the Navy for Manpower and            forwarded to the Co-
Reserve Affairs, Force               Chairmen. The Co-Chairmen
Support and Families,                select at least three
serves as Executive                  applicants per vacancy
Director and provides                based on experience and
coordination, guidance and           expertise in the areas of
administrative support.              transition/ mobilization,
The 24-member Council                the Survivor Benefit Plan,
consists of three Marine             TRICARE, and retired pay.
officers, three Marine               Residency in areas of a
enlisted members, nine Navy          high density of retired
officers, and nine Navy              military personnel is also
enlisted members, all in a           criteria for favorable
retired status (regular,             consideration.
reserve, or fleet).
Membership includes a broad          Information on the best-
representation of the                qualified candidates is


then submitted for final
selection (three nominees
are submitted for each
vacancy). Each applicant
will be notified whether or
not selected as a member of
the RC.

The RC meets annually in
the spring of each year in
the Washington, D.C. area.
Members are recalled to
active duty for this
meeting. Civilian attire
is worn.

Visit the web site for
additional information as
well as other useful links
benefits, programs and
related areas of interest
for military retirees and
their families



You should leave certain vital and necessary information for
your family so that in the event of your death, important
documents may be found with a minimum of effort. Some of the
following information may not apply to you at this time. When
you have completed your record, explain it to the members of
your family and advise them where you will keep it on file.

NAME: __________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________

CITY: ______________________________       STATE: ___________________

ZIP CODE: _________-________

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER:     ______-_____-________

VA CLAIM NUMBER:   C-____________________________________________


1. Place and date of birth:

2.   Naturalization (if applicable):

                 (Certificate Number/Date Issued)

       (Name and location of court granting naturalization)

3.   Parents' names:

     Father: ____________________________________________________

     Mother: ____________________________________________________


4.    Marriage:

      To whom: __________________________________________________

      Place and date: ____________________________________________

5. Previous marriages:
                   (date/place/to whom married)
       (date and place of dissolution of previous marriage)

6. Spouse’s previous marriages:
                   (date/place/to whom married)
             (how marriage ended: death/divorce/etc.)
       (date and place of dissolution of previous marriage)

7. Name and address of your lawyer or trusted friend who may be
consulted in regard to your personal or business affairs:
                    (name of lawyer or friend)
                   (street/city/state/zip code)

II.    FAMILY RECORDS (location):

1. Birth certificates or other proof of date of birth of
yourself and of each member of immediate family (required by
insurance companies and Social Security Administration):

2.    Naturalization (if applicable):

                 (Certificate Number/Date Issued)

       (Name and location of court granting naturalization)


3. Marriage certificate:

4. Divorce papers or certified copies thereof:


1.   Will

        I have not executed a will, or
        I have executed a will:

        (1) Location:

        (2) Lawyer's name and address:

        (3) Executor's name and addresses:

        (4) Witnesses' names and addresses:

2.   Power of Attorney (expires on death of member):

        I have not executed a power of attorney, or
        I have executed a power of attorney dated
        ______/______/______, naming
(agent or attorney)
                   (address/city/state/zip code)

3.   Federal Income Tax:

    a. Copies of my Federal income tax returns and related
papers are located at:

    b. Copies of my Spouse's income tax and related papers are
located at: ____________________________________________________


4.    State and/or other taxes:

    a. Copies of my ___________________ tax returns and related
papers are located at:


1.    Retirement/Transfer Date: __________________________________

2.    Type of election coverage: _________________________________

3.    Beneficiary Information:

      a.   Name: __________________________________________________

      b.   Social Security Number: ________________________________

      c.   Date of Birth: _________________________________________

      d.   Date of Marriage (if applicable): ______________________

      e.   Place of Marriage (if applicable): _____________________

4.    Level of Coverage: _________________________________________

5. Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RCSBP) Option:

6. Copy of DD Form 2656 - Data For Payment of Retired Personnel
(SBP enrollment form) is located at:


1.    My life is insured as follows:

                      (type/policy no./amount)
                  (company name/policy no./amount)

                    CHAPTER 13 – PERSONAL AFFAIRS RECORD

The policies are located at:

Premium receipts are located at:

Add in any additional information you think would be helpful in
the settlement of your estate:


1.    Social Security Number:   ______-_____-_______

2. Location of Social Security card or stub:

3. Location of current Social Security employment record:


1. Real estate located at:

    a. The property is encumbered by a:

    b. Taxes on the property are paid to:

    c. The property is insured with:
                       (insurance company)

against ________________________________________________________


    d. My important papers are located at:
   (location of deed/abstract/mortgage/insurance/contracts and
                          other papers)

2. Add as many other entries as may be required to complete
your record as to each piece of real estate in which you have an

3.   Automobile Record:


     b.   Under _______________ dated:___/___/_____       ____________
                (title no.)                                  (state)

    c. This car is now licensed for use by:

    d. The automobile is insured with:
                       (insurance company)

         (1) Against:
   (fire/theft/damage/collision/personal injury/property damage
                  resulting from operation, etc.)

        (2) The premiums are paid to:

        (3) When is the premium due:
      (every 1st of the month/quarterly/semi-annually, etc.)

    e. Important papers are located at:
     (location of title/mortgage/insurance and other papers)


1. Checking account:
 (account number, name of bank and location, joint or individual)


2. Savings account:
 (account number, name of back and location, joint or individual)

3. Add as many similar entries as may be required to show all
bank accounts.


1. Name of bank or trust company:

2. Location of key:
Key No:____________________


                         (where located)

1.  Person(s) designated as: ___________________________________

2. Savings bonds by serial numbers and denominations:

                 (serial numbers/location/amount)



1. Enter any additional data regarding insurance, allotments,
military record, instructions to family members, etc:

Signature:   ____________________________________________________


2. If a copy of this statement has been given to your lawyer,
trusted friend, etc., list that person's name and address:
                      (name and relationship)
               (street address/city/state/zip code)

Signature: _____________________________________________________



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