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funny games for groups by daftpunk

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									                                             Fun Games

Divide the group into 3. Place 2 ropes (or any dividing lines) parallel to one another and about 8
ft apart, creating 3 spaces. 1/3 of the group goes into each space. GOAL: for one of the outer
groups to send a 4 word message to the other outer group, with the center group doing its best to
interfere with the process. Facilitator can place time limits on it, or create a competitive
atmosphere for the best time. Groups get alotted planning time. "Sender" group must let
facilitator know the message, "receivers" must send a representative to the facilitator
with the correct message for the clock to stop.. Groups rotate through all three roles.

Pearls of Wisdom
Everyone sitting in a circle behind a rope. They each have a plastic drinking cup placed face up
between themselves and the rope. Marbles act as "pearls of wisdom" that are scattered on the
floor inside the circled rope. The object is to "gleam wisdom" from their community, put they
can not pick up the marbles with their fingers, touch their cup, or move from their sitting
position. After about 30 seconds of going "huh!", I give each person a 5 foot wooden dowel
with a plastic spoon taped on the end. At the other end of the dowel is a "black mark" about six
inches up from the end. They must keep their hand(s) behind that mark at all time. First
they have to work with others in their "community" in order to get a "pearl of wisdom" (marble)
in their spoon. But then (if they obey the rules above) they still can not get the "pearl" in their
own cup. But quickly they learn that if they reach out to others in their community and give
them a pearl (Model the Way) then someone is just as likely to reach over to them and place a
"pearl" in their cup. I find this very effective in facilitating a discussion around "give and take",
sharing with those around you, how it feels when we help others, how we feel when others help
us, "gleaming wisdom" from the community also means I must be willing to give / help those
around me, and that classic "win-win" we are all looking for in leaders, etc.

Materials:     paper cup per participant
               Wooden dowel- tape mark 1/3 of the length
               Plastic Spoon- attached to dowel

Pass a Gift
In a circle, each whispers a tangible or intangible gift to the person to their left. Then, each
participant whispers a way to use the gift to the person to their right. After each person has
shared and received a gift and a use for that gift, share the results. (The person giving the use
should not know what the gift is)

Name’s the game (material: an object)
In a circle. “It”, in the middle, points to a person and says -: name ___ things that start with the
letter ___. “It” then hands the object to the person sitting to the left of the player chosen. Object
is passed around the circle. Person pointed to must complete the task before the object gets to
her/him. If successful, “it” continues; otherwise palyer pointed too becomes new “it”
Zip Zap
X stands in the center of circle and needs to get out of the center and back onto the circle by
pointing to someone and saying either zip or zap.
If      Zip- person pointed to must name the person sitting immediately to their left before X
             can say her/his full name with middle name included, if applicable)
        Zap- person pointed to must name the person sitting immediately to their right
After 3 or more missed switches, X calls a Zoom! and everyone finds a new place to stand in the

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