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									                                          Consolidators=Cheap Flights!

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Consolidators=Cheap Flights!

By Victor Pryles

Our Pauper loves to save money using an airfare consolidator. These consolidators contract with

airlines to get tickets at cheaper rates than the general public. Because they buy large blocks of tickets
the airlines love them.

Though you can get really good deals by knowing how to use consolidators, remember they are not
structured for great service. They're playing the quantity game not the hold−your−hand game. If you
need personal attention use your travel agent instead.

The best time to use consolidators is during high travel times of the year. Other than these peak travel
times consolidators don't really offer much better rates than those offered in the lowest advertised
fares. Yet, you can enjoy 20−30% off when you decide to travel during Christmas, for instance.

The other good time to turn to consolidators is if you are traveling on short notice. Unlike the airlines,
they don't penalize you for traveling on the spur of the moment.

Always use a credit card with consolidators. Some consolidators can charge high fees if you change
your plans and/or cancel your flight. So make sure you understand what the policy on cancellations
and refunds is.

In this article I'll give you a list of consolidators that are available to you directly or through your travel

In addition I'd recommend you purchase a copy of Consumer Reports Travel Letter, which is available
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                                          Consolidators=Cheap Flights!

Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10703−1057.

Let's get started:

Cheap Tickets sells more than 500,000 tickets a year for domestic and international flights. Now they
even help you with hotels and cruises. Call 800−AIR−PLUS (800−247−7587) and visit

Council Travel Service offers super fares in the USA and mostly all of Europe for cheapskates like you
and me. They also package individual travel packages for vacations, car rentals, rail passes, paid
internships, and work programs. 800−226−8634 And visit:

Far Eastern Travel if your plans include a visit to China. 800−275−3384

Fly Cheap has my favorite name among the known consolidators. They do a good job on all kinds of
flights to all manner of destinations. 800−359−2432 and visit:

Victor K. Pryles is the author of: "Travel Cheap− Travel Well"!−Confessions Of A Traveling Pauper

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The Ins And Outs Of Finding Discount Flights Online

By Frank Johnson

Discount flights to destinations all over the world are available and can save you a significant amount
of money on your trip; but how and where do you find discounted travel deals? They just don't fall out
of the sky into your lap. And we all know the airlines aren't giving discounts out like candy on
Halloween. In fact, often when you try to book a flight, months in advance, directly through the airlines
or a travel agent, the price to fly is still costly. So, where can we find discount flights for our vacations,
business trips, and weekend getaways? The answer is the Internet.

                                         Consolidators=Cheap Flights!

Discount Flights on the Internet

The Internet is your solution to finding discount flights and deals on airfare. Thanks to travel
consolidators and airfare search engine technology, discount flights to all your favorite travel
destinations can be found with a few clicks of the mouse. No longer do you need to call the airlines or
deal with a travel agent or entire agency to find a way to save on airfare. Today, all a traveler needs to
do to save on his/her trip overseas is to turn on the computer, do a quick search for "discount airfare"
on the web, and find discount flights to the destination of their choice.

If you're looking for discount flights and travel deals to lower the cost of your trip, look no further than
cFares. cFares offers some of the deepest travel discounts available on the web. With discount flights
from cFares, you'll save a bunch on airfare and get to your destination for less. Become a cFares
member today and start reaping the benefits of discount travel.

How to Find Discount Flights

Unfortunately, cheap travel tickets don't just fall out of the sky. They need to be found. And too often,
discount flights and cheap tickets are not easy to find on your own. That's where online travel sites
come into play. Online travel sites often use airfare search engine technology to scour the web and
their personal databases to find cheap airfare deals that match your itinerary. The technology these
airfare search engines use is often proprietary and quite complicated and involved, but without them,
the ability to find discount flights for your trip would be lessened. Online travel agents and agencies
often build this technology into their website, allowing visitors to utilize their airfare search engine and
find discount flights to wherever it is they want to travel.

But airfare search engines are only part of the equation to find discount flights. Some online travel sites
are actually airfare consolidators. Airfare consolidators are businesses that purchase tickets directly
from the airlines in bulk or carry a contract with the airlines so that they can get significant discounts on
airfare and pass the savings on to you. However, not all consolidators make their travel deals available
to the general public. Instead, some only sell discount tickets to travel agents and agencies.

Find Discount Flights and Save Money...and Your Sanity

The Internet has made it much easier for travelers to save on their flights. Using the latest technology
and dealing directly with airlines, online travel sites find the best deals on airfare and pass on those
savings directly to travelers. Without the Internet, finding discount flights and travel deals would be like
finding a needle in a hay stack.

cFares is the first choice thousands of knowledgeable travelers are using right now to save hundreds
of dollars on low airfares. For more information on discount flights, visit

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                            Consolidators=Cheap Flights!

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