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									Virtual Pet Logs – Rebecca L. Warner
November 2007- January 2008 Continued…

January 2008

01/03/08 - 12:05pm
Well happy new year to those I have not wished that yet :) It's already been an
interesting start, mostly good with a bit of bad but that's virtual pets for ya. Can't
always expect what will happen to them next. Anyway I start my first 2008 log with
my angelgotchi. It's changed quite a bit for this log. First picture is of it's healthy
teen character kodoten. Second picture is of it in adult form, better known as

I always enjoy getting kuriten on angelgotchies, they are just so darn adorable!
Currently angel is at home on pause until after work :D but despite that they are
doing well.
Next up are my entama and uratama. Both now have children, and Michi my
entama's tarakotchi has a dating service card baby so I don't know what gender it is
yet so I can name it lol. First picture below shows Michi with their child and second
picture below that shows Ongaku with their baby daughter from the passion group.
I'll probably name them later tonight and tend to them, but worse case scenario I'll
name the babies in my care over the weekend. As promised back in late december
logs, I would take pictures of my tamasuku and what's been going on with it. I've
nearly reached 60 students! As you can see below, and it's still gone up since that
picture was taken.

You also see my skill points for each subject, and as usual that has also increased.
What got me was this strange item a student entering my class gave me. At first
they were stilts you walk on. Upon using it, I found them to look more like fans you
see dancers use during a performance.

You dance and if you get 3 good responses from the judges, you get 2 points in all
your subjects. I thought this was pretty cool and you don't always get good
responses from the judges. At any rate it's nice to have.
My rakuraku dinokun is well. It's grown again from last time and I'm not near a
computer right now so pictures will have to come next log. It's gotten a lot bigger
though. It's looking a lot more like a triceratops :) It's very cute.

Finally some sad news in my log. Tigra, my v4.5 ura furawatchi has passed on
sometime this morning. I also lost her son which had not been named yet, so it's
quite a sad event to happen. She got sick a lot yesterday, more than usual but she
seemed fine when I would fill her back up. I guess I either did not get to her in time
when she got sick again, or something else made her leave but yeah, she's gone.
Besides Tigra, her friends Eve and Angel are okay. Eve has a daughter now, and
being now at generation 10, I'm gonna put that one away along with Tigra's v4.5
(RIP) and carry on another time with both v4.5's. I was planning on doing this
anyway before I lost Tigra. Once I get home today I'll deactivate both v4.5's. I will
still keep Angella aka Angel up though, since she's got a ways to go before I wanna
deactivate her. Besides she hasn't met up with the matchmaker yet, so I wanna get
pictures of her with hopefully her offspring.
Anyway mostly good things this log, and Tigra wherever you are, please know I did
not mean for you and your little one to go like you did. Please be well where you are
and know me and the other virtual pet crew miss you. See you next log!

01/06/08 - 6:05pm
Well despite my previous log's sadness, there is still happiness and progress going
on with my virtual pet crew of currently 6. I start with my entama named Dotabata.
He's a dating service card baby so his growth is already predetermined. Dotabata's
first picture is of his infant stage, and second picture as you can see, that's his
toddler stage. I believe his toddler stage is known as a getatchi.
Second up is my uratama who's a girl this time. I named her Arisu, japanese version
of the english name Alice. Anyway she's a baby in the passion group so her first
picture shows her as an infant, and second picture is her of toddlerhood as a
I find both children to be really cute. It's too bad I can not mate them, but it's all
good. They aren't the only cute ones on the block! My raku is now a full fledged
complete triceratops dino ^o^ It made me very happy to have them (picture below).

Sad thing is they're nine years old now, and they pass on at 11, so I might pause
raku an extra day so I can keep my triceratops. The circle of life can not be evaded
forever. Anyway speaking of somemore cute, Angel my remaining v4.5 activated
right now left her son in my care. I named him Milo. As you can see below, he
currently is a kuchitamatchi.

I'm hoping I can get a ura togetchi this generation since it's one of my favourites on
uratamas and v4.5's, and the name Milo I got off an old movie I watched when I was
young called Milo and Otis. It's a story about an orange tabby kitten and a pug
puppy who grow up together and such. It's really cool, I recommend it if you can find
Finally to conclude this log for now, here's some updated shots of my tamasuku.
First picture is the number of students (which surpassed 60 now) and second picture
is my skill points.
Funny thing when I just started to write this log, the king visited my tamasuku, gave
me a bigger classroom again AND I got new students! The kuchi twins you can get
on the famitama are also on my tamasuku :) I thought this was cool since I know
Acidiica and Seraphim from Tamagotchi Social Sphere love anything kuchipatchi like
lol. They are cute indeed :D
Anyway that's all that's happened with my remaining 6 virtual pets currently. I will
go back to 8 soon but I honestly have NO idea what to hatch next while I wait for my
famitamas so any suggestions are welcome. Worse case scenario I might just wait
until they show up, but I figure I'll have the raku and angelgotchi for only a few
rounds, so any thoughts lemme know. Later!
01/07/08 - 5:09pm
I didn't expect to do another log so soon, but had some developments yet again and
figured I should share them. Pictures this log I will apologize if the glare of my
computer room's light is a bit much. It's not dark dark out yet so with the extra light
it's a little harder to get decent pictures. Nevertheless they are satisfactory for this
log. I'll start with my entama named Dotabata and my uratama named Arisu. They
became teenagers this morning as you can see from the pictures below.
Dotabata turned into a teenaged rakugotchi...
...and Arisu turned into a young ura yattatchi. Yeah you can see where the first bit of
glare came from. Seemed like if I didn't have the light on it was too dark, and if it
was on I'd get some glare with the blue pixels. You can't win all the wars lemme tell
Anyway as mentioned in last log, I was down to 6 virtual pets and I wanted to know
what to hatch to make up for this hole or gap I was feeling. I got so used to 8, 6 felt
really weird. Anna aka Acidiica from Tamagotchi Social Sphere suggested I get
another entama AND uratama out so that I could mate same versions together
sometime (or try anyway, if you read my earlier logs on my mating troubles with
entamas, you'll know why I say TRY :P). I had no other suggestions given out to me
and I honestly was stumped so I went with her plan. Anyway I didn't wanna restart
one of my uratamas, so I am carrying off from one of them to continue on. Meet
I can see he doesn't like the glaring with blue pixels either, he's hiding LOL! Here's
his stats...
Generation: 8
Name: Masako (Child of Prosperity)
Gender: Male
Character: Yasaguretchi
Group: Gorgeous
Mate: Matchmaker Selection
You can see some things are still blank. He has no job yet, and no matchmaker has
visited him yet. Despite this, I figure I can get farther on this one. As for the second
entama started up, I decided to go fresh and hatch one of my entamas not activated
yet at all. This is the beginning for this little egg... After a minute of the egg
pulsating, it hatched and I got a baby boy in the intelligence group (hoping for a girl,
but aw well).
I named him Nodoka, which means Quiet in Japanese. Nodoka also had his birth
recorded on cam, but fucking computer and/or photobucket won't let me upload the
video so I'm not going to fight technology, so I deleted it. Shame really, but least we
see Nodoka is doing well. I'll have to check on him after this log is done, and further
pictures of him will be in my next log.
Finally for this log, again my tamasuku has had more happen with it. I got more
students and as you can see from my stat pics below, you can see this isn't going to
quit anytime soon. This keeps up I'll have to buy my own SCHOOL lol!

Seriously I didn't expect to almost reach 70 students so quickly. Also just for Acidiica
and Seraphim if they're reading right now, here's a picture of the baby kuchi twins in
my student list ;D

Aren't they just adorable? Again sorry for glare lol. Anyway one of the students who
entered my class today dropped off a gift, which you can see below. I'm very sure
it's an art canvas on a stand. It looks a lot like it.
The game on it basically is either a portrait of the art teacher is painted, or a picture
of a piece of dog turd is drawn. I'm not joking. I find this hilarious that SOMEONE
would paint a dog turd on a canvas. Modern art sure has some messed up concepts
to me at times lol. So if you get a portrait of the art teacher, you get 2 points for
math, science and language students...and you obviously know what happens if you
get the turd. Duhhhh!
So that's pretty much it today. I'm back up to 8 virtual pets right now and I continue
to wait on my famitamas and various other virtual pets I've won on ebay. Later!
01/11/08 - 11:05am
Lots has happened since my last log, and I gotta catch myself up a bit before I get
left in the dust by my own virtual pets lol. I'm gonna do this log in a bit of a different
sequence this time around and I'll start with my remaining v4.5 named Milo. Milo's
currently a teenager also known as a daiyatchi if I spelled that correctly (doing the
log at work so no charts on this computer to double check).
He's a cutie! I've been raising him in Spirit/Passion points so I'm pretty sure his adult
form will be a ura togetchi. I love those guys they are so cute ^_^ For now though
he is my little diamond. He's paused at home right now.
Next up to discuss is my green entama first generation named Nodoka. He's growing
like a weed. First picture shows him as a toddler, then next pictures after that show
him close up and normal screen as a young mametchi.
I really like his close up face he makes, he's super cute ^_^ I am aiming for a
mametchi for his adulthood by having nothing but intelligence points. So far so good!
I can't wait until he gets old enough to get work and meet the matchmaker :D
Now normally I talk about my tamasuku last, but this log as I said I'm switching it up
the order. I've achieved more than 70 students now according to my status screens
It's been on pause a bit lately as to let me catch up a bit in my logging, but you get
the idea: everytime I do the log on the tamasuku, expect the numbers to be higher
after I take the picture :P never fails lol. Anyway I got an interesting gift from a
student entering my class not too long ago.

It appears to be a flower obviously. When you select it, you play this "He loves me,
he loves me not" thing with your selected student. If you get the choice of "he loves
me" then you get 5 skill points in language studies. As with the telescope and weird
melon, you don't always get the points. What gets me is I don't think picking who
loves me or who doesn't love me is related to language studies :P but could be just
With this log, there's a bit of sad, but expected news. Few days ago I lost my raku
triceratops on my rakuraku dinokun. I saw this coming like a mile away but it still
sucks. At least he left a happy dinosaur as you can see by his screen below.

They always leave at 11 years ago. Despite this passing, I wanted to keep going with
my raku as much as I can :) So later that day I restarted raku. I lost my chance to
capture the egg hatching again for the camera, but as usual a little cute blob came
out of it and was happily floating around on the screen. This time I decided to go for
the t-rex raku so this is his diet...

Yep Burgers. Meeeeeaaaattt! LOL. Sorry for the odd shadow there in the picture.
Anyway that's all I'm feeding this guy. So currently as shown by the next screen,
he's 2ish years old and is a bigger blob than before. I continue to feed him nothing
but burgers and meat. Rawr.
This time around I wanted to conclude this log with my angelgotchi as not much else
has happened with my other virtual pets I have not mentioned this log (don't worry I
will mention them this log). My angelgotchi has been fairly quiet, but recently I
caught them taking their first stroll.

The picture is different from the North American tamagotchi angel. That one has a
blank screen as my japanese one has a door, which makes more sense to me.
Anyway I didn't think I'd get the special character you could get raising kuriten since
it took so long, but before bed not long ago they did change. No pictures yet but
expect them for my next log.

I know this log today has been very explosive with pictures everywhere, expect
somemore pics next log, but hopefully I won't have so much visuals this time to
stretch the log so much. See you guys later!

01/12/08 - 11:35am
Well another crazy amounts of pictures for you this log, but I think NOW for sure
after this one is done, I won't have to take as many pictures since catching up has
caught up lol. Anyway here's what's been going on, and I start with my entama
Masako. Masako recently got a job as an enka singer, then met up with the
As you can see he has a daughter in the gorgeous group like he was, and I'm looking
forward to having her. I'll be naming her the Japanese translation to Tiger eyes. I
got her growth process pretty much planned out. Masako is still with his daughter
right now.

My other uratama named Arisu is finally an adult. She's a ura debatchi and as you
can see from the pictures below, she's not shy to say hello to my webcam lol.
I had raise her in humour skill points to get this adult character. She is still currently
waiting for a job and the matchmaker. As for Arisu's entama counterpart better
known as Dotabata, he too is also an adult, but one of a different kind. He was born
a dating service card baby, and using the second dating service card, I got him now
as a kabukitchi.
He's a cute little hell raiser. He's also waiting for a job and a meet with the
matchmaker. I'm hoping for another intelligence baby, preferably a girl so I could
aim for mimitchi next generation. We'll have to wait and see. Funny thing is, he and
Arisu were not the only new adults in my group. My remaining v4.5 named Milo
changed right after I unpaused him coming home from work yesterday night. He's
now a ura togetchi.
I love this character on the uratamas and on the v4.5's. He's just so damn cute!
Anyway you probably recall in my last log about my rakuraku dinokun passing away
and being restarted. Well same scenario as Milo, I went to unpause raku II last night
and he had changed again.

You can see in this picture he now has a tail and a fin on his head. This means I'm
definitely getting a t-rex if I care for it right. So far so good, and looking forward to
it! I am still feeding it burgers and it continues to grow.
Anyway I wrap this log up with talking about my angelgotchi. Reason mainly is not
much has happened with my tamasuku since my last talk about it, so I'm passing on
that one. Well angelgotchi as previously mentioned is a special character and few
days before going to bed one night they changed into the twin angels, better known
as a Futagotenshi.
It's not hard to get this character at all. Just take awesome care of it and check on it
every 30 minutes to an hour. Mine's currently 13 as of this morning so I'll be curious
to see how long it stays with me this time. See you guys next log :)
01/15/08 - 7:35pm
Another explosion of pictures for you this log, but not as much to bnlow your mind
hopefully lol. I start with my rakuraku dinokun who I am currently raising to be a t-
rex. It's grown two times since logging and it's just adorable!

I really don't find this particular meat eater very scary do you? He doesn't eat
people, he eats burgers lol. This raku is currently 7 years old, and this ain't the only
virtual pet who's growing up either in life recently. Dotabata (first below) has a son
who is in the fashion group and Arisu (second) has a son who is in the passion
If you check out my entama Dotabata and my uratama Arisu who were raised at
around the same times, you can see now they got a small family of their own. Both
are making great parents to their children and I will be a little sad to see these
adults leave. At least I can get some other fun adults out of it all later on. With this
growing up and going through generations, my first generation of my newer green
entama, whom I named Nodoka is now an adult mametchi, see below for his
He usually keeps to himself for the most part, but I enjoy it when he comes up to the
camera to say hello :) And on top of that, you got my v4.5 who is a ura togetchi
named Milo who is also now a father. Talk about time going so fast!

As you can see he has a baby girl who has not been named, mainly because right
after he got his daughter I decided to give him and his v4.5 a break for a while. I'm
close to 10 generations on it and I just needed a change. I can always go back to
him later. I also am taking a break on v4.5 because I finally got my white famitama
in the mail today (Thanks again Wiggy!) and I just had to start it up. Details on my
famitama in the next log, and it'll be full of pictures!
Anyway, I also wanted to mention Masako on my blueish green uratama I brought
back to continue recently has left his daughter in my care. I did name her Tiger eyes
in honour of my Tigra whom I lost on my black v4.5. I'll be raising her very similarly
as kind of a reincarnate, and currently she is a toddler.

She has all the passion points already because I'm crazy lol. That and I enjoy the
breaking bricks game. I not only have been seeing a lot of changes lately in my logs,
but also a lot of continuing faces still pushing on. I'm talking about my angelgotchi
who is 16 years old today!

Holy crap. Most people who collect virtual pets know angelgotchis live half the lives
as normal oldschool tamagotchies do, and I have officially went over the halfway
point. I dunno how much longer this angel has with me, but I've enjoyed their
company. The neediness isn't too bad really right now and it only drops 5-10 TP/AP
an hour so it's all good.

Anyway I end my log with my tamasuku stats, and keep in mind as usual each time I
take pictures of it's progress, it always is inaccurate by a bit since it seems to always
increase every time I take pictures lol.

Thanks for reading my logs and famitama information to come for the next one!
01/19/08 - 11:40pm
Well as promised from last log, I will begin this one with my newest addition to my
group: the famitama. I like the design of the japanese one and the upcoming north
american version looks pretty cool too. First picture below shows it still in it's
packaging and second shows me holding it before untabbing it.

I took a while to actually untab because I wanted charts to help me through actually
filling out the process on a notepad stats log. Once I got that figured out, I took a
deep breath and took the tab out. After setting the time, date, my birthday, three
eggs appeared (as seen below).

I named my starting family the japanese translation to "January" since they were
born in January. So this is generation 1 of the January Family. I got 2 baby boys and
1 baby girl and I found them adorable. First picture I show below is of all three
eatting from a big plate of food, and second shows them hopping around on the
screen happily as infants.

Pardon the lighting as I realized quickly even with black pixels, photographing with
this one is tough, so I might have to do it in the daytime whenever possible. Anyway
their neediness at this stage wasn't really all that bad, and the games once with
practice, aren't hard either. As for my notepad stats log I'm keeping on this one, it's
very different than my others I've made for my entamas or connections of
tamagotchi. Take a look.
Famitama #1 - White with City Design
Family Name: Ichigatsu (January)
Generation: 1
1. Baby Boy -> Mattaritchi ->
2. Baby Girl -> Sakuramotchi ->
3. Baby Boy -> Ahirukuchi ->
You can see where I'm technically at on this thing (forgot to put up my toddler pics
but you get the idea) but yeah where I am at NOW would be teenager stages and
I'm still determining which teenagers I got. I got a picture of all of them as teens,
and here's my guess on who's what...
According to the pictures in Binary's character, the oldest looks like (and I could be
wrong, correct me if I am...) a mamekatchi who is a boy, middle child
is chamametchi is a girl and youngest is a korokotchi who is a boy. If I'm wrong,
whoever reads this please let me know so I can correct my information lol. I'm
mostly going by interpretation here. If it looks like it, that's how I'm going to
Anyway that's all so far with my famitama. I've learned to win the tea cup game, and
still working on the tv mimic game, mastering that. On to my other pets now!
rakuraku dinokun is 9ish now and will be leaving me soon, but not before I show you
my t-rex raku in final form.

Rawrish, but cute. I like that :) My green entama named Nodoka, my mametchi got
work recently as a scientist and also met up with the matchmaker to boot. He now
has a little baby boy in the same skillset as him, and he has not been named yet.
I'll eventually have to get to this at some point. Tiger eyes my uratama that's
greenish as well I forgot to take pictures of, but right now she's a teenaged young
ura memetchi. I'm aiming for a ura furawatchi with her and pretty sure she will be
turning into one soon if she's unpaused long enough lol. I had her and Nodoka on a
time change and let them sleep today so I didn't need to pause.
Also too how my angelgotchi is still with me is noone's guess lol I must be a good
care taker ;) seriously though I'm impressed by their age now. Whether they stay till
20 is anyone's guess right now.

They were also asleep with the others today as well so I didn't need to pause. Finally
the parents of my blue uratama and pink entama left a while now and I just began to
take care of the offspring today. I named the entama Bunko (first picture below) and
the uratama Nao (second).
You can see they are both toddlers right now. Bunko I am raising in kindness points
to be a shimashimatchi when he grows up, and Nao will be plummeted in gorgeous
points to be a tougyotchi.
Anyway virtual pets in my crew I didn't mention, mainly my tamasuku, not much has
really happened there except going past the 80 student mark and going for 90 now
o_O I know it's crazy lol. See you guys next log!

01/23/08 - 11:05am
Been a little while since my last log, but with all the pictures I got for this log, you
can imagine how much I got in the time away. I'll start with Tiger Eyes my green
uratama. She's finally an adult ura furawatchi as you can see from the pictures
below. Isn't she just a cutie?
She's on pause at home right now, but I'm pretty sure she will be getting a job
soon...actually if I recall correctly she did graduate school while I was in the kitchen
doing something not too far back, just haven't checked her mail yet about that.
Don't worry I'll get to it.

Next up on the discussion list this log is my green entama, now on generation two.
Nodoka left his son in my care recently, and I named him Noboru, which in japanese
means Virtuous. Anyway Noboru's picture below shows him as a toddler, as well as
additional pictures showing his generation and what skill points I'm raising him in.
Since I am raising him in kindness points mostly, his adulthood is most likely going
to be a robotchi. Not one of my favourite characters, but I like getting robotchis
sometimes :) Haven't had one in a while so I figured what the hey lol. While we're on
the topic of entama growth, my other entama whom I named Bunko is a teenager
As you can see, he's a gurumetchi, and I can't wait until he turns into an adult :D
This is one of the first teen characters I got on this entama too ^_^ Gotta love him.
Going back to uratamas, Nao is also a teenager with Bunko. He's a kometchi. I
honestly never quite understood this teenage character whenever I got him. He looks
kinda grumpy upclose as you can see below...but is that really relating to passion?
I always felt passion was more eccentric type behaviour or looks. Maybe it's just me

So yeah so far my entama and uratama group have been doing good. My white
famitama has also been progressing quite well. They're all adults now, and I got
better pictures of them this time so let's take a look. First picture below is the eldest
male in the group is a mukugetchi, the middle female in the second picture is a
potetchi, and third picture is the youngest male better known as a hatsugatchi.
They're all super cute aren't they? I like'em! And here's a picture of them together!

They've been on pause with my other guys since yesterday. I was taking a break
from virtual pets yesterday and just chillin'. Now since I still quite a few pictures to
go to update this log with, I'm going to end it here, and post the rest tomorrow.
Hope you guys can live with that. Later!

01/24/08 - 9:20am
Promised from my previous log, I'm catching you up on all the pictures you missed. I
had so many to put in my logs I had to split it into 2 logs one day apart from one
another lol. Anyway all is well. My t-rex rakuraku dinokun passed away recently, but
left me a happy guy flying on my screen, which meant he was happy when he went.
I'll miss him. This gave me the opportunity to hatch a third raku on this virtual pet,
and also capture a small video of it's birth. It's different than the dinkie dino birth
and isn't as long, but I find it more suitable. Take a look yourself!
I really thought this video turned out really well with clarity so I'm quite happy with
it :) It's a very cute way to come into the world. This raku will be raised on a diet of
apples, and apples alone. I'm going to be aiming for a brontosaurus :D I have it
sleeping with me at work right now until about noon, then I'll change the time back
to normal on it.
Before I get to mention my tamasuku next, I just wanna mention something odd
that happened yesterday with my famitama. All three of the adults turned into these
chubby sumo looking characters and I was like o_O what the hell? lol. Acidiica and I
think it could be I overfed them, but you can't see what each character's weight is,
and I fed them as normally as I do my other guys so I'm not sure what was being
aimed for. I figure at this point if it happens again on another generation, I'll know
I'm obviously overfeeding on the famitama and will need to play more games or
something *shrugs*. I'll get some pictures for next log of my famitama guys all big
and pudgy lol. Despite this weird change, they're still cute.
Now we come up to my tamasuku. In all honesty, the student number hasn't
changed much from this current stat pics you see below, but the skill points have a
bit obviously. It's on pause at home right now. I'll need to check on it later or

My other entamas and uratamas I mentioned the other day are also fine, they're
sleeping at home today so they don't need to be paused :D and still awaiting various
virtual pets in the mail including a V1, another famitama (damn you yesasia), an
english version of famitama better known as familitchi or V5, and another v4.5. See
you guys next log!
01/28/08 - 4:45pm
I got lots to show for this log and next, so without any hesitation, let's get to it. I
start with my famitama. As mentioned previously I had all adults, and not that long
ago they turned into osumotchis, all three of them! Take a look!

They're still very cute but I thought for the first while I overfed them. Turns out
according to talking to some people, the more reasonable guess would be it's a
random thing that happens. Today the matchmaker channel on their TV gave my
eldest male a chance to mate with the matchmaker's choice. Now I'm on the second
generation of the January family, and next log I'll talk about my eldest male's mate,
what he turned into and what his children are now.
This isn't the only transformation in my group. My green entama Noboru, he went
from teenager young mametchi as you can see below (first picture) to an adult
robotchi (pictures after that). As I said I like this character in moderation.
I wouldn't want robotchis all the time ;) I think Noboru is suitable to be this adult. He
has not received his graduation or his job yet so It'll be a couple days before I get
Now normally I talk about tamasuku at the end of my logs...usually...but I thought
of bringing it up sooner because of some new students and king visits. First here's
the stats...
The King not only upgraded my classroom again, but also gave me some new and
odd students which I never seen before. First picture below shows student numbered
as 32 on my student list.

It reminds me so much like a pokemon known as Gengar, but only taller and with
weird ears. I have no idea what this character is called so anyone who's had this
before, get in touch with me and lemme know. Next student shown below is labelled
as student number 73.
I honestly find this one more bizarre than the previous student. It looks like a little
fridge is on top of it's head and it has a mustache o_O;;; Soooo messed up lol Again
if anyone knows what this student's character name is, let me know. The main traits
these students share are being majors in drama classes, and just looking so odd lol.
Anyway moving on. My rakuraku dinokun has taken a different turn in growth than
as expected. I was feeding it apples as it's only food, and before you know it it's
growing a side horn again which means a triceratops is coming again ;) I ain't gonna
complain too much since I like the triceratops a bit more. I'll get the brontosaurus
another time. After this triceratops I think I'll give this rakuraku a rest and start
something else up. I like rakuraku dinokun, I really do, but I'd like to start
something else up really soon and get back to it another time. Next log I'll show you
a video capture of it with little legs and it's horn :D It's very cute.

Finally for this log I wanted to show you two pics of my ura furawatchi named Tiger
Eyes. First picture shows her in the tub enjoying a nice warm bath ^_^ And second
picture is of her with her daughter in the gorgeous group as well.
Not sure what I will be calling her yet, but next log I probably will have of named her
by then. Both pictures are really adorable aren't they? Name or not I know Tiger
Eyes's daughter I want to raise to be a ura memetchi :) Something to really look
forward to!
Well that's all from me for this log, see you in the next one!

01/29/08 - 3:35pm
Lots of progress today as promised from last log. I begin with my pink entama
named Bunko. He's recently became an adult, and he is now a shimashimatchi. This
is definitely one of my favourite characters :D It's just so damn cute! He hasn't
gotten graduation or job yet but I think in a day or so that'll be different.
As you can see he's a very happy, healthy shimashimatchi. Bunko's uratama
counterpart named Nao is also an adult as of recently, around the same time as
Bunko became one I believe. Nao is a Tougyotchi, and this character is pretty cute
for a bull like creature.

Definitely similar to robotchi just because of the fact I don't mind having this guy
once in a while, just not all the time you know what I mean? He doesn't have his job
or graduation either, but as I said, give it a day or so of unpaused time and we
should be good. I'm planning on letting Bunko and Nao sleep the day away tomorrow
when I'm at work ;)

Next up to discuss is my white famitama, the January family. Yesterday out of
curiousity I tuned into the matchmaker channel as mentioned and my eldest male
went to mate with a female potetchi. He turned into a metaboritchi and his wife then
became a mamapatchi and they had 3 eggs hatch after mating. This time instead of
2 males and 1 female, it's opposite: 2 females 1 male.
I am now on the second generation of my family. From oldest to youngest sibling
here's who I got right now...

This is the eldest daughter, she is a tororotchi.

This is the middle son and he is a mattaritchi like his father was.
Finally, this is the youngest daughter, and she is a belutchi. I like her bell shape, it's
very adorable.

Here's the parents too, first picture is papa metaboritchi and mamapatchi.

They all make such a nice family don't they? I'll be curious to see what the children
will turn into. So far they get along pretty well and the parents help the little ones do
chores and eat, it's very touching to see on the screen. I will have to look into taking
some pics of them spending time together someday when I get the chance.
Finally for this log today I give you two video captures. The first one is of my
rakuraku dinokun as a young triceratops with little legs and a tail happily moving
about on the screen. I figure I'd show you where it's at today in terms of growth.
The second video capture is of my 25 year old twin angels on my angelgotchi leaving
I was a bit sad to see it go since having them for so long, but I know they crossed
over well and they appreciated my care. I decided to tab up that angelgotchi for
another hatch sometime as I now make room for my V5 english famitama (I'll get
pics for next log).

Also keep in mind guys this is the last log for this month I'm pretty sure so I'll catch
you all up on what's been going on once february hits. See you all in february :D

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