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                         Healing Scabs on Your Face - Tips For Dealing With Acne

Many people suffer from acne or other disfiguring marks on the facial area, which may lead to scabbing. The
scabs left from acne and other disfiguring marks lead people to try healing scabs on face on their own at
home. There are many techniques to use at home to try to heal scabs on the face. Here is a list of methods to
try at home.

Warm Compresses
Scabs on the facial area sometimes heal by using warm compresses. First, find the softest washcloth you
can locate. Fold it into a small square and wet the washcloth with warm water (not hot). Place the warm
compress directly on the scab on the face. Hold it there for several minutes. Try to keep the washcloth warm
by running warm water over the washcloth every few minutes. Repeat this process several times a day. Be
very careful not to get the water too hot to avoid burning the skin. This process will help heal the scab and
reduce the scarring from the scab.

Apply Vaseline to the Scab
Healing scabs on face can also be accomplished through the use of a product called Vaseline. Vaseline can
be purchased at any grocery store or drug store chain. Scabs on the face are often very dry and itchy.
Vaseline is a product that will provide some relief from the dryness and itchiness of the scab. The Vaseline
will also heal the skin around the scab while keeping the scab and skin surrounding the scab moisturized as
well. Follow the directions on the Vaseline jar for application information.

Do Not Touch
Do not touch the scab or the skin surrounding the scab. Do not pick at the scab or scarring will occur. Try to
keep hands off of the face and away from the wounded area. Touching or picking at the scab can result in
spreading infection. Leave the scab alone for faster healing time. Picking at the scab will also increase the
chances for scarring from the scab.

Over the Counter Medications
Try shopping at the local drug store or grocery store for an over the counter product to help heal the scab.
Remember to look at the list of ingredients to choose the right one based on individual needs. Read and
follow the directions carefully when using over the counter products.

Healing scabs on face can be done at home with the right products and a little time to heal. Not picking at or
touching the scab will help the scab heal faster with less scarring. Using the warm compress, applying
Vaseline, or applying another over the counter medication may also decrease healing time and reduce
scarring. Hopefully, these tips will help heal the scabs on the facial area and reduce the scarring from the

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