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fiberglass go kart bodies

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                                                     September 2006
                                                     23119 287 Street
                                               Platte Center, NE 68653-5055
                                                   Phone: 402-246-2355
                                                 Toll-Free: 888-246-0900

                                                Shell Valley East: Willimantic, CT
     E-Mail:                       Phone: 877-221-1970                   E-Mail:
      Web:                    E-Mail:             Web:

                                                                                                          with a token of
                                                                                                          appreciation for Shell
                                                                                                          supporting the

                                                                                                          Anderson Earns
                                                                                                          Archway Award
Come Join Us at Run ‘n Gun!                                                                              In addition to being a
The date is October 12-14 and the place is Gateway                     leader/spokesperson in our industry, Rich continues to
International Raceway in Madison, Illinois (greater St.                serve the community and was honored at the annual
Louis area). It consists of road course, autocross, and                Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce banquet with the
drag strip venues. All events are “time only” events,                  2006 Archway Award. The beautiful (and heavy!) award
meaning you race the clock, not other participants                     is given to the
(except on the drag strip). For newcomers, there’s a                   outstanding
new “novice” class, also a “controlled speed” session for              businessman who
those who want to get the feel of their car on the track.              demonstrates significant
Details on the events, motels, registration, etc. can be               support of his
downloaded at If you plan to                   community through
attend, please let us know!                                            volunteerism and
                                                                       community involvement.
35th Anniversary Customer Event Well Attended                          The award is a replica of
The attached article from the August issue of Kit Car                  the arches that stand
Builder says it all. Thanks to Jim and Carolyn Youngs                  over the highway in Columbus denoting the city of power
                                 for taking time from their            and progress. Shown here is Rich with his wife, Robin.
                                 busy schedule to join us              Congratulations, Rich!
                                 and for such nice
                                 coverage, and special
                                 thanks to all the                                      New Offerings!
                                 wonderful customers
                                 who attended our early                New American Racing Wheels
                                 June event. (Kit Car                                     American Racing, a leader in
                                 Magazine will be                                         aftermarket wheels for over 50 years,
featuring the story in its November issue, thanks to                                      has just released their new 427 Cobra
Harold Pace.) Those who traveled from as far as Arizona                                   wheels. With their classic styling,
and California seemed rather envious of our “Little Shop                                  these wheels are a great choice for
on the Prairie” in rural Platte                                                           anyone looking for the original
Center and of the community                                                               Halibrand style wheel for their 427
of 23,000 that we call home in                                                            Cobra replica. Spinners, lugnuts, and
nearby Columbus. Shown is                                              valve stems are included, and they are available in
the plaque that                                                        almost any width and back spacing. Standard retail
friends/customers Tim and                                              pricing through Shell Valley/Midstates is $1,120 for a set
Debbie Booth of Littleton, CO                                          of four 15” wheels (17” also available).
gave Rich to show appreciation
from them and the entire group                                         QA-1 Shocks
for hosting events such as this. Shown also is Dean                                                  We’ve teamed up with QA-
Hornbacher, President of the A.H.A. (Ass’n. of                                                       1 Motorsports, the leader in
Handcrafted Automobiles), at Rich Anderson’s lake                                                    advanced shock
home during the Sunday brunch and presenting Rich                                                    technology. If you’re
looking to upgrade the ride quality of your Cobra replica,   Are You Aware of Other Products We
QA-1 has you covered. Let our tech experts help you          Manufacture?
decide which spring and shock package is right for you.      In addition to manufacturing replica kit cars, we also
Coilover shock/spring packages are available for as low      produce the following: ’41 Willys coupe and pickup
as $398 per pair!                                            manufactured for Auto Classics; Dragon Car kits;
                                                             numerous fiberglass parts for Speedway Motors such as
Bump Steer Kit (improves rack and pinion steering            racecar roofs, seat shells, fenders, hood scoops, and
characteristics) -- Bump Steer is when your wheels           racecar bodies; hundreds of fiberglass go-kart bodies for
                       steer themselves without input from   Uncle Frank’s; track & field and football equipment for
                       the steering wheel, caused from       Blazer Manufacturing; fiberglass repair work for jet skis,
                       bumps in the track interacting with   boats, trucks, etc.; and a huge amount of business
                       improper length or angle of your      selling hot rod parts on a wholesale basis to hot rod
                       suspension and steering linkages.     dealers & shops through our International Wholesale
                       To accomplish zero bump, the tie      division.
                       rod must fall between an imaginary
line that runs from the upper ball joint through the lower   Future Projects
ball joint and an imaginary line that runs through the       A few of the projects we hope to introduce in the near
upper a-arm pivot and the lower control arm pivot. The       future include: ’32 Ford 5-window coupe, ’32 Hi-boy
centerline of the tie rod must intersect with the instant    roadster, Track “T”, possibly a ’34 Ford, and possibly a
center created by the upper a-arm and the lower control      muscle car.
arm. The instant center is an imaginary point created by
drawing a line from the upper a-arm ball joint through the
                                                             Watch for our “New” Website!
a-arm pivot where it is intersected by an imaginary line
                                                             Darci Anderson, wearing a new hat of Manufacturing
that extends from the lower ball joint through the inner
                                                             Coordinator, has also assumed the additional
control arm pivot. Where the two imaginary lines
                                                             responsibility of updating our website. You’ll see much
intersect is the instant center. Sound complicated?
                                                             more information in a user-friendly format. Added
Really, it’s very simple. To achieve zero bump, the tie
                                                             features will include an extensive parts catalog, cars for
rod must travel on the same arc as the suspension when
                                                             sale, a photo gallery and a Shell Valley/Midstates forum.
the car goes through travel, simply matching lengths and
                                                             (Please e-mail your photos for the gallery to her at
arcs to prevent any unwanted steering of the front tires.
Call for pricing!

23119 287th Street
Platte Center, NE 68653

“Celebrating 35 Years of Business!”

Please refer your friends looking for a Cobra replica or
replicas of the Jag C-Type, Daytona Coupe, Model A
Roadster, or Cheetah, to our friendly sales team for

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