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					                                                       Jimmy the Greek
                                                     Made to Authentic Traditional Greek Recipes

Authentic Greek Quality Dips & Soups
                 What people are saying about Jimmy the Greek
                 One of the earliest adopters of modern Med-inspired dip manufacture,
                 chef James Konstantinidis carved his niche more than 10 years ago
                 with his all-natural taramasalata (no gums or goo), eschewing the
                 pretty-in-pink look we were used to on Greek mezze platters everywhere.
                 He makes a smooth, smoky, deliciously fishy pale-cream spread using
                 hoki roe. More recently he has given in to consumers, adding
                 a pastel-pink tarama to his range, using imported Greek cod roe.
                 Both are positively fabulous for dressing up a smoked salmon open
                 sandwich on rye with a couple of capers on top or for dipping into
                 with a piece of pita. Konstantinidis also makes an authentic tzatziki,
                 plus hummous, babaghanoush and an excellent, all-natural,
                 real egg yolk garlic aioli.

                 Joanna Savill - Good Living - July 24, 2007

                 Toast Test - Spread it! “Jimmy the Greek's” Taramosalata!
                 What a wonderful glorious mouthful! And the secret ingredient??

                 Joan Campbell - Vogue 1998

                 Now, you know what to expect from Taramosalata: a thick dollop of
                 shocking pink toothpaste? Well think again! The “Jimmy the Greek”
                 white taramosalata is superbly light, creamy and white (smoked fish roe
                 is never pink unless you add dye to it). This is quite simply the best
                 taramosalata I've ever tasted, worth every cent it costs!

                 Alan Saunders - City Weekly Eating Out 1997

                 James Konstantinidis, or Jimmy the Greek, built his reputation on all
                 natural, slightly smoky taramasalata which eschews the pastel pink
                 colour we see on meze plates everywhere. Seeking greater fame and
                 fortune, Jimmy has recently created a souvlaki barbecue sauce with
                 honey, chilli and soy which is delicious brushed on chicken and beef
                 skewers. He has also created a caesar salad dressing with an anchovy
                 twist, giving it a rich, full bodied flavour.

                 Lynne Mullins, Sydney Morning Herald "In Store" - June 2008
                                                 Jimmy the Greek
                                              Made to Authentic Traditional Greek Recipes

Authentic Greek Quality Dips & Soups
                       White Taramosalata · 200g $4.80 · 1 kilo $18.00
                       Fresh smoked fish roe blended with olive oil, fresh lemon and onion (the
                       only supplier in Sydney that makes this product!)

                       Pink Taramosalata · 200g $3.30 · 1 kilo $14.00
                       Salted fish roe blended with olive oil, fresh lemon and onion.

                       Tzatziki · 200g $4.00 · 1 kilo $16.00
                       Greek style yoghurt dip made in the traditional “Greek style” with
                       cucumber and fresh mint. Great as a dip or to accompany any meat dish.

                       Tapenade · 200g $4.00 · 1 kilo $16.00
                       A blend of quality Kalamatta olives and extra virgin olive oil! Excellent as a
                       dip or as “finger food item” on our Crisp Pita Bread!

                       Garlic Aioli · 200g $4.80 · 1 kilo $16.00
                       Simply made or Simply the Best?? You decide! Rich whole egg
                       mayonnaise with fresh garlic. Try it with our Pita Bread Crisps
                       or with Crudites!

                       Hommous · 200g $4.00 · 1 kilo $16.00
                       Blend of chick peas, tahini and garlic. A great snack food or for your next
                       cocktail party.

                       Babaghanouj · 200g $4.00 · 1 kilo $16.00
                       Blended roasted eggplant, yoghurt, garlic and tahini. Made in the “Greek
                       style” Sensational flavour!

                       Pita Bread Crisps · 180g $4.00 per pkt
                       The ideal way to eat your dip! Or use as a base for a very tasty
                       and smart finger food range. Choice is yours!

                       Jimmy the Greek Style Caesar Dressing
                       200g $4.00 · 1kg $16.00
                       Rich creamy dressing with anchovies. Regular consumers describe it as
                       “the best on the market, the only Caesar we will buy”.

                       Greek Style Souvlaki BBQ Sauce
                       200g $4.00 · 1kg $16.00
                       The flavour is mind blowing! Great with meats, fish or vegetables!

                       Basil Pesto · 200g $4.00 · 1kg $16.00
                       A blend of fresh basil, pine nuts and olive oil. One of the oldest pesto’s on
                       the market and certainly the most recognised pesto brand!

                       Cannellinni Bean Soup · 280ml $3.30
                       Lentil Soup with Pasta · 280ml $3.30
                       Lamb Shank and Barley Soup · 280ml $3.30

                       Dips have a minimum of 21 days refrigerated shelf life
                       Soups have a minimum of 14 days refrigerated shelf life

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