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					                               Miller Enterprises
                               Miller Middle School
                               2608 Junction Street
                               Durango, Colorado 81301
                               970-247-1418 ext.2545

                                           Now Selling
                                        Gift Baskets
      We have exceptional gift baskets with Durango flair! All are filled with items produced by
 entrepreneurs here in Durango. Support our partnership with your local entrepreneurs by ordering
                                          your gifts today!

                                Bounty of Durango
                               Gift Basket Collection
Each basket is carefully packed with delectable items produced in Durango, and decorated by Miller
                                      Middle School students.

Good Morning Durango                                Bean Me Up Delight
$30.00                                              $25.00
This basket will make every morning a delight to    Tantalize the senses with the fresh aroma and
wake up to. It is filled with all you need to get   smooth taste of coffee and just baked scones:
the day started:                                        Snow Mountain Coffee
    Snow Mountain Coffee                               Scone mix
    Baby Bear Honey                                    Baby Honey Bear
    Honey Mountain Bakery Biscuit Mix              Choice of:
    Wild Chokecherry Jelly                             Bean Me Up Tee Shirt or Coffee Mug
    8 oz. Original Peanut Butter
                                                    Taste of Durango
Durango Sizzling BBQ                                $50.00
$35.00                                              The bounty of Durango all in one basket:
All the flavors you need to make a great BBQ:           Snow Mountain Coffee
     Stingin’ Honeyaki Marinating Sauce                Baby Honey Bear
     Orange Chipolte-BBQ Sauce                         Scone Mix w/Currents
     San Juan Mustard Caliente Cream                   Wild Chokecherry Jelly
        Mustard                                         San Juan Mustard Caliente Cream
     Texas BBQ Sauce Trio                                Mustard
     Green Chile                                       Green Chile
     Spice Rub                                         8oz Original Peanut Butter
                                                        Zuberfizz Root Beer
                                                        Zuberfizz Vanilla Cream
                                                        Bean Soup Mix
Create your own basket or purchase single     Rocky Mountain Peanut Butter
items provided by our fellow Entrepreneurs:     Original Peanut Butter 8 oz. --$5.95

Durango Diner
  Durango Diner Green Chile --$5.50

                                              Serious Texas Barbeque
                                                    BBQ Sauce Trio ----------$12.00
Durango Soda Company Inc.
  Zuberfizz Root Beer 12 oz. ---$2.50         Bean Soup Mix ----------------------$5.00
  Zuberfizz Vanilla Cream
     Soda 12 oz. ------------------$2.50      Rosemary Lemon Spice Rub-----$3.50

                                              Willow Basket with fill and tissue
                                                 14” x 10” Basket ---------------$10.00
                                                 15” x 11” Basket ---------------$10.00
                                                 17” x 13” Basket ---------------$10.00

Desert Sun Coffee Roasters                    Order by calling, e-mail, or mail
  Snow Mountain Coffee --------$9.50
                                              Request to:
  Baby Honey Bear 12 oz. ------$4.45                         Miller Enterprises
   Stingin’ Honeyaki                                       2608 Junction Street
      Marinating Sauce -----------$6.35                  Durango, Colorado 81301
  Honey Mountain Bakery                              Phone: 970-247-1418 ext. 2545
      Biscuit Mix --------------------$4.95       E-mail:

                                              Orders may be picked up at Miller Enterprises
                                              on Wednesdays 3:45 to 4:15 p.m. Full payment
                                              of cash or check is expected at pick up.

O’Hara’s Jams and Jellies
   Wild Chokecherry Jelly --------$5.50
   Orange Chipotle-
      BBQ Sauce ------------------$5.50
   Scone Mix ------------------------$6.50
   Scone Mix w/Currants ---------$6.50
   San Juan Caliente Cream
      Cascade Creek Mustard --$5.50