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					Discount Motorcycle Tires
Article by: Steve Valentino

Discount motorcycle tires are a great buy, but only if you know how to choose the right ones. As motorcycle tires cost a
bundle, investing in a pair of discount motorcycle tires is actually not a bad idea to put a curb on your expenses.

When buying discount motorcycle tires, make sure to check the tire pressure. This is because it is the air, and not the
carcass, which supports the tire. Nowadays, underinflation of tires is considered to be a tire’s number-one enemy. For
better traction during wet conditions, increase the air pressure by 10 percent. If you are not sure of the pressure of the
motorcycle tire, you could look at the sticker found on the VIN plate, for the required pressure of the tire. Proper
alignment is important for discount motorcycle tires, as proper alignment ensures better handling and longer wears of
the tire.

Since improper balance of the motorcycle shortens tire life, it must be checked when buying discount motorcycle tires.
This is mainly because its balance changes after 500 or 1,000 miles of use. Make sure that the valve stem cap of the
discount motorcycle tire is securely fastened on the stem, as it is an important part of your tire’s sealing system. When
buying discount motorcycle tires, make sure to buy tires of the same construction. This is because tires of different
construction should never be run together; the results can be disastrous.

The best means of maintaining motorcycle tires is with soap and water. New protectants only promote cracking and
finish the deterioration of the tire. Always remember to visually inspect your motorcycle tires before using them on the
road, as setting off on a road trip with a nail in the tire could prove disastrous. It is always better to avoid potholes,
curbs and sharp objects on roads that can compromise your discount motorcycle tire’s integrity.Motorcycle Tires
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