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					                      Funny Quotes
 Laugh it up while you can. You'll be the first up against the wall
                   when the revolution comes.
                          ~Arias Finn

 What if college is a holding pen for 18 to 22 year olds? It’s like one
 of those airports that people have to stop at before they can get
      someplace else. Like prison but with a better meal plan.
                      ~Dawson, Dawson’s Creek

Dawson: Great party, huh?
Joey: Oh yeah, time of my life.
Dawson: I've had such a rocking time since I've joined the JV
football team.
Joey: Oh yeah, and cheerleading has opened so many doors.
                         ~Dawson’s Creek

   Graphic novels are great, because they're more durable than
  traditional comics, so they can be read without damaging our
 precious first printings, heavy enough to be used as a weapon in
 dire circumstances, and their shiny covers can be used to reflect
 the sunlight and signal a plane, should the reader become lost or

                ~Wil Wheaton,

                     “But it’s a thirty day pass.”

“I’m not going. I’ve already seen the states. I grew up there. That’s
 why I came to Europe. Just wish they’d told me there was a war
                           going on . . .”

~Ron Livingston as Captain Nixon, Band of Brothers – Ep. 7
Lauren: Do men do this?
Maxine: Do what?
Lauren: Get all twisted up in their stomachs worrying about
whether or not they look good enough?
Maxine: Well, men look in the mirror just as much as we do, but
they always conclude they look great.
~Judging Amy

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