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									May 1, 2008
                             From the Editor
                             by Hal Bryan
Featured Articles
                             Flight Simulator Community Evangelist
"Practicing Radio
Controlled Model Flying in
Flight Sim"
"MVP Summit 2008!"
"Your Favorite Missions?"
"Acceleration Wallpaper"
"Use the Hat Switch, Your    I absolutely, categorically and irrationally refuse to believe
Highness!"                   that it has already been a month since we sent out the first
                             issue of the FSInsider newsletter. But rather than sit here
Try this at home!            paralyzed by denial, I'll set about the business of telling

Instead of giving you one    you the things we have to tell you this month.
fun thing to try at home,
this month we're going to    First off, many thanks to those of you who wrote with
point you to a resource      feedback on the first issue. Overall, the response was quite
that's guaranteed to keep    positive! (If you missed our first issue, we now have a
you entertained for a long   Newsletter Archive for your downloading pleasure.)
while. We recently came
across SimTours.net.
                             As for FSInsider, we've posted a bunch of interesting
                             content over the past month. One item that stands out is a
                             collection of Flight Simulator X: Acceleration-themed
                             desktop wallpaper images, graciously created by Kevin
                             Greene, who developed four of the Acceleration missions
                             for us.

You'll find a catalog of
interesting places to fly,
things to see, difficult
approaches, even Easter
eggs. Also of note is the
Rewards section that lists
all the rewards available
in FSX and Acceleration
missions, as well as
rewards available in Free
Flight. Jes Sondergaard
has put together a great
resource, and with your
help it can grow and get
even better!                 If simulating flying an aircraft isn't enough fun for you,
                             then try simulating simulating flying an aircraft! We just
                             reprinted two articles from Computer Pilot magazine that
Insider Tip
                             explain how to simulate RC flying in Flight Simulator X. As
Sometimes the best
                             a long-time RC aficionado myself, I have to say that doing
insider tips come from ...
                             this in Flight Sim is challenging: both physically and
outside! FSX user Lamont
Clark recently posted        philosophically!

something on his wiki
that's so cool we just
have to share it. Lamont
discovered how to enable
an undocumented feature
in Flight Simulator X that
displays airport names
above airports while
you're flying around! All
is revealed on FSInsider.

                             Oh, and all modesty uncharacteristically set aside, I'd be
                             remiss not to point out the article I wrote about a Flight
Did you know there's an
                             Simulator X demo I recently gave to the Crown Prince of
expansion pack available
                             Belgium: "Use the Hat Switch, Your Highness!"
for FSX? Flight Simulator
X: Acceleration hit store
                             We've had some other interesting visitors this past month
shelves back in October,
and adds Red Bull and        as well. A few weeks ago four of our MVPs (Kwanseok
                             Park, Katy Pluta, Owen Hewitt, and Nick Whittome) were in
Reno-style multiplayer air    town to attend the 2008 MVP Global Summit. MVPs are
racing, an                    customers who share their deep knowledge of the product
AgustaWestland EH101          with other customers, and share their deep knowledge of
helicopter, F/A-18 aircraft   customers with us. We stole two days of their time, and
carrier operations, and       hopefully they think it was as worthwhile as we did.
30+ more missions.

                              That same week, our Audio Director David Henry and Mike
                              Singer (Director of our Top Secret Offshore Black Ops and
                              Clandestine Project Design and Deployment team) locked
                              retired F-14 Navy fighter pilot legend Dale "Snort"
                              Snodgrass in a soundproof booth for a few days. I could
                              tell you what they were up to, but I'm not going to fall into
                              that trap (yes, that's a hint).

Take an interactive tour,
then get a copy today at
your favorite retailer. Or

      Buy it online now!

Want to work                         "The further on the edge ... the hotter the inten-si-teee ...
                                                 high-way to the Danger Zone ...!"
with us?
You can read about            What I can tell you is that the MVPs caught up with Snort
current openings on the
                              and crew in Mission Designer Brandon Seltz's office and
Microsoft Careers Web
                              got a demo of something we'll be releasing for free to the
site. Help us create the
                              community (via FSInsider) this summer. They loved it, and
next version of one of the
                              we think you will too.
most successful
franchises in the history
                              Speaking of friends of ours, Professor Ray Bedard will be
of entertainment
                              hosting Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's first
                              "Aviation Simulation Summer Camp" next month. Targeted
                              at dedicated flight simulation enthusiasts, the event runs
                              June 16th to 20th at the Embry-Riddle campus in Prescott,
We want to know what
                              AZ. Have a look at www.erausimcamp.com for details.
you think! If you have
questions, concerns,        As for me, I've had my hands full lately coordinating our
feedback, ideas, hopes,     presence at the 2008 EAA AirVenture show in Oshkosh,
fears, doubts ... or just   Wisconsin at the end of July. If you have any interest in
want to say hello, here's   any aspect of aviation, you owe it to yourself to make the
how to get in touch with
                            pilgrimage to Oshkosh at least once in your life. Not just to
                            meet us (or to see our cool MotoArt booth), but because
                            it's the world's largest gathering of aviation enthusiasts.

                            With more than 10,000 real aircraft to look at, you'd think
                            people wouldn't be so interested in trying out our little
                            simulation. That's never the case though, and it's always
                            great to get to meet our customers, and make some new
                            ones. If there's a better way to spend a summer vacation,
                            I don't want to hear about it.

                            That said, if you can't join us, you'll be pleased to know
                            that we have some projects in the works that will give you
                            a taste of the Oshkosh experience ... virtually! More on
                            that in a future newsletter.

                            Keep it virtual,

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