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					   “Going smoke-free in 1993…..it was                   Secondhand Smoke (SHS)
 the best business move I ever made.”                      Facts and Findings
        Laura Blake, Bayview Restaurant
                     Port Townsend, WA             SHS Facts:
                                                   �� Group A carcinogen (the deadliest of all)
                                                   �� known to cause cancer in humans
         Reasons to Become
                                                   �� linked to lung cancer and heart disease in
         Smoke-free Today!                            nonsmokers
                                                   �� causes serious respiratory problems in kids
��Educated Consumers! For the health and
                                                   �� increases the risk for Sudden Infant Death
  safety of family and friends, parents and
                                                      Syndrome (SIDS) and middle ear infections in
  caregivers choose smoke-free establishments.
��A Fresher, Cleaner Establishment!
  Intoxicating aromas drift—no more tobacco
                                                   �� toxins cannot be removed by ventilation
                                                      systems                                                                            100%
  smoke destroying the odor of house
  specialties...it’s a good thing.                 SHS Findings:
                                                   �� 64% of Washington State respondents think
��Healthier Happier Employees! No
  more complaints about working in the
  smoking section and less absenteeism
                                                      that breathing secondhand smoke is very
                                                      harmful.¹                                                                          Indoor
  due to secondhand smoke exposure.                �� 83% of Washington State respondents think
                                                      that all CHILDREN should be protected
 Free Advertising! Your establishment
  will be listed in future Smoke-free
   Drinking, Dining, & Desserting in East
                                                      from secondhand smoke.¹
                                                   �� 79% of Jefferson County residents report that
   Jefferson County updates. Your establishment
   can also be listed on the following websites:
                                                      smoking is not allowed inside their homes.²
                                                   Visit http://www.doh.wa.gov/tobacco to
                                                                                                                                      & Desserting
   Jefferson County Health & Human Services        learn more about the Washington State
                                                   Tobacco Prevention and Control Program.
   Washington State Department of Health
                                                   ¹2001 Washington State Department of Health, Tobacco Prevention & Control
                                                    Program Adult Telephone Survey, Olympia, WA Fall 2000
                                                                                                                                         In East
                                                   ² Jefferson County 2001 Behavioral Risk Factor Survellience Survey, Jefferson
                                                     County Health & Human Services                                                 Jefferson County
How do establishments qualify as a
smoke-free environment? The inside area of            Need some help quitting tobacco?
the entire restaurant must be 100%
smoke-free at all times.                                                FREE HELP
                                                                    is keystrokes away
Restaurants that have an adjoining bar where
                                                                   WASHINGTON STATE                                                           Compliments of:
smoking is permitted are not considered 100%
smoke-free.                                                        TOBACCO QUITLINE                                                  Tobacco Prevention and Control Program
                                                                                                                                    Jefferson County Health & Human Services
                                                   1-877-270-STOP (7867)                                                           615 Sheridan · Port Townsend · WA · 98368
For corrections and updates please contact:        1-877-270-2NO-FUME                                                                     www.co.jefferson.wa.us/health
Tobacco Prevention and Control Program                  QUITLINE.COM                                                                              360·385·9400
360·385·9446 or kragan@co.jefferson.wa.us                                                                                                                       updated June 2003
                     100% Smokefree Drinking, Dining, Desserting in East Jefferson County
In Port Townsend
Bayview Restaurant      Belmont                  Blue Moose Café           Boiler Room               Bread & Roses         Bunker Café/Chevy Chase
1539 Water Street       925 Water Street         311 Haines Place          1025 Lawrence Street      230 Quincy Street     7401 Cape George Road
360-385-1461            360-385-3007             360-385-7339              360-379-8247              360-385-1044          360-385-0704

Burrito Depot           Cyber Bean Café          Day Star Café             El Sarape                 Elevated Ice Cream    Fins Coastal Cuisine
609 Washington Street   2021 Sims way            711 Water Street          628 Water Street          627 Water Street      1019 Water Street
360-385-5856            360-385-9773             360-385-1336              360-379-9343              360-385-1156          360-379-3474

Fountain Café           Fresh Press              Galatea Café              Jordini's                 Khu-Larb              Kinetic Koffee
920 Washington Street   1300 Water Street        842 Washington Street     920 Washington            225 Adams Street      520 Kearney Street
360-385-1364            360-385-4757             360-385-5225              360-385-2037              360-385-5023          360-379-4972

La Isla Restaurant      Landfall                 Lanza's                   Lighthouse Café           Lonny's               Manresa Castle
1145 Water Street       412 Water Street         1020 Lawrence Street      955 Water Street          2330 Washington       7th & Sheridan
360-385-1714            360-385-5814             360-379-1900              360-385-1165              360-385-0700          360-385-5750

Lehani’s                Nifty Fifties            Osamu Sushi               Otter Crossing Café       Pizza Factory         Plaza Soda Fountain
221 Taylor Street       816 Water Street         1208 Water Street         130 Hudson Street         1102 Water Street     1151 Water Street
360-385-3961            360-385-1931             360-379-4000              360-379-0592              360-385-7223          360-385-2622

Portside Deli           Port Townsend Pie        Public House              Salal Café                Sentosa Sushi         Silverwater Cafe
2800 Washington         940 Water Street         1038 Water Street         634 Water Street          218 Polk Street       237 Taylor Street
360-379-6683            360-385-5747             360-385-9708              360-385-6532              360-385-2378          360-385-6448

Siren's                 Spruce Goose Café        Subway Sandwiches         Sweet Laurette Café       Tony’s Café           Tyler Street Coffee House
823 Water Street        310 Airport Road         1300 Water Street         1029 Lawrence Street      600 Sims Way          215 Tyler Street
360-379-1100            360-385-3185             360-385-1463              360-385-4886              360-379-1619          360-379-4185

Underground Market      Upstage Restaurant       Waterfront Pizza          Wild Coho Café            Wild Sage             Zhang's Garden
940 Water Street        923 Washington Street    953 Water Street          1044 Lawrence             227 Adams Street      2001 Sims Way
360-385-5747            360-385-2216             360-385-6629              360-379-1030              360-385-1222          360-385-6175

In Port Hadlock, Chimacum, Port Ludlow, Quilcene, Discovery Bay & Seabeck
Ajax Café               Bagel Haven              Ferino's Pizzeria         Flagship Grill & Lounge   Hook-Up Corner/Deli   Java Port Café
271 Water Street        227 W. Patison           846 Ness' Corner Road     310 Alcohol Loop Rd.      51 Chimacum Road      67A Oak Bay Road
360-385-3450            360-385-6916             360-385-0840              360-344-3883              360-385-2448          360-379-8903
Port Hadlock            Port Hadlock             Port Hadlock              Port Hadlock              Port Hadlock          Port Hadlock

Joy Luck                � Go Smokefree �         On Common Grounds         Harbormaster Restaurant   Heron Beach Inn       Niblick’s Deli
81 Chimacum Road        See your establishment   8971 Beaver Valley Road   200 Olympic Lane          One Heron Road        751 Highland Drive
360-379-1009            listed here              360-732-4467              360-437-0411              360-437-0411          360-437-0272
Port Hadlock                                     Chimacum                  Port Ludlow               Port Ludlow           Port Ludlow
Dabob Café              Twanda Road House        Original Oyster House     Whistle Stop Deli         Snug Harbor Café      Seabeck Pizza
294963 Hwy 101          294793 Hwy 101           280417 Hwy 101            282032 Hwy 101            281732 Hwy 101        Pleasant Harbor Marina
360-765-3857            360-765-6485             360-385-1785              360-379-3776              360-379-9131          360-830-4839
Quilcene                Quilcene                 Discovery Bay             Discovery Bay             Discovery Bay         Seabeck