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									                                    Re: Walmart Car Battery Problems

Re: Walmart Car Battery Problems


      • From: Keith Williams <krw@xxxxxxxxxx>
      • Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 11:33:02 −0500

In article <1134567306.538135.267370@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
jazon48@xxxxxxxxx says...
> PattyThompson@*hotmail*.com wrote:
> > My husband has not bought 4 or 5 car batteries from Walmart, and he
> > said he wont get anymore. They all seem to last about one month longer
> > than their warranties and die. He was furious the other day. The
> > battery died in his car so I drove him to Walmart to get the
> > replacement battery for his TWO YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT battery.
> > He took the battery in the store, and after waiting for 45 minutes, he
> > finally got someone to assist. They looked up the warranty from the
> > tag on the battery or however that works. Then they took the battery
> > in back for some sort of testing. It turned out the warranty expired
> > two days ago, so they told him they could not replace it. . . .
> > He told them to just give him the old battery. Another 15 minutes are
> > wasted when a guy comes out and tells him his battery is leaking and
> > they do not advice him carrying it. He told them it was not leaking
> > when he brought it in, and wanted to speak to a manager. Another 15
> > minutes go by. Finally the manager arrives and says "we're sorry,
> > when we determined the battery was bad, we tossed it in the junk
> > battery pile, and it cracked, but that $7 off slip would be good for
> > one year. I can not think of the last time my husband was so angry.
> > I thought he was going to punch that store manager right then, and he
> > does have a bad temper. He told the manager they had 5 minutes to
> > give him a free new battery or he was going to call the police. He
> > was screaming at the top of his lungs how he will never shop at
> > Walmart again and people were leaving tbe department. . . .
> > Patty Thompson
> I have been buying Wal−Mart batteries for years with excellent
> results. Michigan is very unkind to batteries but my Wal−Mart
> batteries in both cars have lasted the full warranty periods.
> However, Michigan is too tough on batteries to take a risk on the
> bottom line 2−year batteries.

Contrary to popular opinion, cold weather isn't hard on batteries.
Hot weather is harder on batteries, but full capacity isn't needed

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                                      Re: Walmart Car Battery Problems

until cold weather so people *think* they went bad in the winter.
Batteries fail faster in AZ than MI.

Your point about 2−year batteries is right on though. A dead
battery is a PITA when it's −20F.

> There aren't many battery manufacturers in the U.S., Wal−Mart is
> supplied by the U.S. company, Johnson Controls, which is a good
> company. They also make the Sears Die−Hard

Just because JC made the battery doesn't mean it's the same battery
as one made for another retailer. They're made to the retailer's
specs. I tend to buy Interstate batteries because they know more
than WallyWorld about the care and feeding of batteries.

> My experience with Wal−Mart auto part warranties has been very good.
> This summer, I walked in with a 2−yr old tire with 3 nails in it,
> and walked out with a new tire, installed and balanced, no charge,
> no fuss, no bother.

I think you'll find this sort of thing is dependent on the
particular store/manager.

> Batteries almost always die young because there is something wrong with
> the car, usually the charging system. Sometimes it's a short or
> malfunctioning accessory which drains the battery during the night.
> Standard car batteries do not survive repeated deep discharges. You
> have to buy a boat battery if your car is prone to deep discharges.

Boat (marine or deep−cycle) batteries won't have enough energy or
deliver enough current. There is a reason for the two different
types of batteries (deep cycle and starting).

> They damaged your returned battery and you are entitled to some sort of
> compensation. However, that compensation would be about $7, the
> value of a no−good battery. Or, they could supply you with an
> equivalent. . .which they did.

They should give a battery that's at least good enough to go to
another store. Clearly the OP has no interest in remaining there.

> Demanding a new battery in that situation is way out of line.

Agreed, but WalMart is on the hook to make them "whole".
least good enough to go elsewhere. Trapping them into buying
another battery isn't acceptable either. OTOH, neither is
"screaming at the top of his lungs."


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                                 Re: Walmart Car Battery Problems

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