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					                                  Trinity Kennel
                                                  Home of Angela’s Angels

                                                    Champion Bred Pugs
                         239 Angela Drive           Shepherdsville, Ky 40165                (502) 955-7047
                                   Contract for Purchase

Seller: Angela Smith                        Buyer(s):____________________________________.
    This AKC registered puppy has been bred with loving care and a selective pedigree. Seller guarantees this puppy to be in
good health to the best of my knowledge at the time of sale. It is recommended and requested that the Buyer take this puppy to the
veterinarian of their choice, at their expense, within 72 hours of purchase for a routine health examination. If the puppy is found to
have any serious defect, Please return it immediately with a statement from the veterinarian confirming the defect, for a replacement
puppy (if available) or a full refund of purchase price. Any such health problems must be present at the time of sale and not caused
by careless handling or improper care. No refund will be made if the puppy suffers accidental injury of any kind during the 72 hour
period, or if the puppy becomes ill after 72 hour period. Death to a puppy within 72 hours must have an autopsy to confirm reason of
death at Buyers expense.
     This Puppy is sold as PET QUALITY only. He or She must be spayed or neutered within five (5) months of purchase and
the AKC papers for this puppy will be held until the Buyer offers proof of spay or neuter in form of statement from Buyer’s
     This Puppy is sold as BREEDING QUALITY. The Buyer agrees to breed only to a dog or bitch of comparable quality and
pedigree. The Buyer understands and agrees not to use the dog or bitch for breeding until proper age is reached, Dogs: 1 year or after.
Bitches: on or after (not before) 2nd heat cylce. The Buyer agrees to register the puppy under prefix “Trinity” to its name.
      In the event Buyer is unable to keep this puppy for any reason, Buyer is responsible to return puppy to Seller, at Buyers
expense. Seller will only be responsible for refunding half of the purchase price as long as puppy is up to date on vet care, visually in
good health and has been in buyer’s custody for less than 30 days. Refunds will only be given after Puppy/Dog is returned and
he/she has been seen by Seller’s vet and given health clearences on any envrionmental diseases, or injuries. After a 30 day period,
Seller is not responsible for any refunds, but puppy must and is still under contract to be returned to Seller *At NO time, during he
/she’s Lifetime is this puppy for “resale” to any other person, pet shop, kennel, or to be given away to friends, rescue, or shelter etc..
Seller retains the right of First Refusal and must be contacted if unable to keep this puppy/dog.*
     Seller promises that this puppy is AKC registered by the parents stated below. All shots and deworming have been performed
as stated on shot record. The Buyer has read and agrees to the above Contract for purchase and its Terms of Sale, failure to comply
with the standards set forth above will result in breech of contract and Buyer will be subject to penalty fee of $2500, any and all legal
action, which may arise under any provision of this Agreement, will be brought in the State, County and City of Seller’s residence.
Buyer Will Be Responsible for All Court Costs and attorney’s fees involved.

Date of Puppy’s Birth:_________________________Sex:____________Price of Puppy:$__________________________________


Seller Signature________________________________________________________________________Date:___________________

Buyer(s) Signature:_____________________________________________________________________Date:___________________



Email:_____________________________________________D.L.State/Number:___________________________(attach photocopy)
                               Trinity Kennel
                                          Buyer’s Acknowledgement
    Buyer(s) signing of this contract, acknowledges that he/she is aware that there are many health problems that are not uncommon
to the Pug breed, Such as stenoic nares (narrow nasel passages), elongated soft palete, Luxating patellas, Leg perthes, encephalitis,
pigmentary keratitis, demodectic mange, allergies etc... Some of these potential health problems are known to be genetic, some are
believed to have some genetic predisposition, and the cause of others is unknown or is random in occurrence. Buyer further
understands that the technology does not exist to predetermine the genetic outcome of any breeding as respects to health,
conformation, temperament or performance ability.

    Sellers have, to the best of their knowledge and ability, made a good faith effort to determine that the Puppy’s sire and dam is
free of inherited genetic disease. Buyer understands and acknowledges that Sellers can NOT predetermine the outcome of the breeding
and therefore can make NO assurances that the Puppy will be free of inherited genetic or other disease, nor that the Puppy will meet
Buyer’s expectations as respects to conformation, performance, or temperament.

     If puppy is purchased for Breeding or showing, in the event that the dog or bitch is not of show or breeding quality due to
genetic/hereditary problems a replacement puppy will be offered upon the return of the orginal puppy or when one is available. If
Buyer wishes to keep orginal puppy and have them spay/nuetured, then sellers agrees to refund the differences in pet and breed quality
price upon proof of spay/nueture. We do not provide any guarantees against Demodectic Mange, beucase all dogs carry this mite, and
when the body is under stress (due to puberty, travel, change in enviornment, etc..) this can surface on the skin, it is treatable and
rarely reoccurs.

    Our Puppies are fed high quality puppy food and are started on NuVet Plus Vitamins. Because of the variety and quality of
dog foods available (which some canine illness are NOT covered by vaccination),and the environmental issues and differences within
each household and yard that can be cause of so many allergies, coat and skin problems, sellar highly recommends buyer to continue
to give puppy 1 NuVet Plus wafer each day which is a powerful antioxidant that gives a tremendous boost to the immune system to
prevent skin and coat problems and creates a defense against over fifty major diseases including hip and elbow displasia, and
extending the life span of your dog.

    This nutritional supplement is only available through breeder or holistic veterinarian recommendation. The order line is 1-800-
474-7044. Your order code is 11694. (There is also a direct link on our puppy page to Nuvet’s website to make ordering your
supplement easy and convienant.)

    This agreement has been read and understood and signed on the ____________day of _______________of the
year____________ .

Buyer(s) signature____________________________________________________________________________________________

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